Adobe Alternative

Adobe Alternative

You’ll definitely download these free Adobe alternatives if you don’t like its month subscription. Check out these powerful programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere Pro. InDesign, After Effects, etc.

adobe alternative

The price is probably the only thing that pushes creatives away from using Adobe Creative Cloud apps and makes them search for free Adobe software alternatives. The lowest price of $20/month for all apps except Photoshop and Lightroom ($9.99/month) makes users look for cheaper or even free Adobe alternatives.

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop is known to users all over the world even if they are not professionally engaged in photo editing.

 Download Photoshop Free to test the software before subscription.

It is a professional photo retouching software that you can use for basic color correction and for creative photo manipulations as well.

1. Pixlr

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Mac / Win / Linux | Read Pixlr review
  • The web version is absolutely free
  • Perfect choice for non-professional tasks
  • Need a permanent Internet connection
  • Advertising in the free version

Pixlr is a stunning cloud-based image editor that you can access through your browser without downloading. If you're already familiar with Photoshop, you'll see how similar Pixlr tools and features are. In general, its capabilities are suitable even for professional portrait editing, so Pixlr can be rightfully called a simplified version of Photoshop for Mac.

pixlr adobe photoshop alternative
  • View more free Photoshop alternatives.


Editors' Rating (4.2/5)
Mac / Win / Linux | Read GIMP review
  • Absolutely free
  • Updates are released regularly with fixes
  • It works perfectly on almost every platform
  • User-friendly and customizable due to plugins and scripts
  • The absence of 16-bit per channel color support
  • Feature development can be terribly slow

The Gimp graphical editor allows you to perform a wide range of image editing operations. Among all the Photoshop analogs, Gimp has the most similar functionality. It supports many formats, has a lot of preset filters, brushes and templates. If you are not satisfied with the original functionality, it can be expanded using additional modules.

gimp adobe photoshop alternative

3. PhotoScape

Editors' Rating (3.8/5)
Mac / Win | Read PhotoScape review
  • Free version with basic functionality
  • Modern interface
  • Large library of effects and stickers
  • Fast work
  • Function limitations in the free version
  • Demanding to the amount of RAM

PhotoScape X Pro is a program for image post-processing. It offers tools for easy viewing of pictures collections, creating collages and composite images, generating animated gifs and printing processed images, screenshots, batch renaming of files and color picker. There is also a drawing function in the arsenal of PhotoScape X Pro. Besides, users appreciate the ability to apply customized changes to multiple images in batch mode and also to fragments of one picture.

photoscape x adobe photoshop alternative

Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

Adobe Lightroom is the most popular program for deep color correction, raw photo editing, and image management.

 Download Lightroom free to test the app before subscription.

The following alternatives to Adobe Lightroom are pretty good but they are still not of the same level of functionality and flexibility. But if you need a program for simple operations and don't want to buy Lightroom, then you may use the ones described below.

4. RawTherapee

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Mac / Win / Linux | Read RawTherapee review
  • Saves the photo editing history in a hidden file
  • Very slow due to no caching
  • Does not save EXIF

RawTherapee provides a set of tools for color correction, white balance, brightness and contrast adjustment, as well as automatic image enhancement and noise reduction. There are several algorithms for balancing image quality, lighting adjustment, noise reduction, detalization, correction of shadows, edges and perspective, automatic removal of dead pixels, changing of exposure, sharpening, elimination of scratches and dust marks.

rawtherapee adobe lightroom alternative

5. Darktable

Editors' Rating (3.5/5)
Mac / Win / Linux | Read Darktable review
  • All tools for working with RAW files
  • Nondestructive image editing
  • Open source
  • Many available formats
  • Not quite an intuitive interface
  • Unstable work

Darktable is a photo editing software and open source cross-platform RAW Converter. It is designed primarily for photographers and Insta bloggers. The program can maintain a database of original photos, carry out visual navigation through the images, correct distortion, change the quality without modifying the original image. Also, it maintains a complete history of all operations.

darktable adobe lightroom alternative

6. Lightzone

Editors' Rating (3.5/5)
Mac / Win
  • Quick, non-destructive picture editing
  • Good for photo organization
  • Too simple for pro users, the main target
  • Has paid functions

LightZone helps you enhance photos and fix their flaws, make color correction, fix the white balance, selectively blur or sharpen the image, remove dust and noise. All operations that are performed in the program are reversible and do not affect the original picture. Developers position the app as a professional. However, unlike many other ‘serious packages’, this program is very simple and pleasant to work with, so dealing with its functions will not be difficult even for a beginner.

lightzone adobe lightroom alternative

Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

One of the greatest advantages of vector graphics is that they don’t involve pixels. This gives you a chance to export the image you have drawn once to any size without losing any pixels or unnecessary pixelization.

 Download Adobe Illustrator free to create logos, icons, and sketches.

Adobe Illustrator is the best program to work with graphic editing, but if you don’t want to pay a month subscription, choose one of the following apps.

7. Inkscape

Editors' Rating (4.5/5)
Mac / Win / Linux | Read Inkscape review
  • Absolutely free
  • Great tools
  • Graphics tablet support
  • Ability to export to many common formats
  • Slow work
  • No possibility to work with CMYK color model
  • No module to import images directly from the scanner

Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor. The Inkscape project adheres to the open source ideology and uses the SVG format as the main standard for its work. It is ready to offer a growing user community along with the program. This alternative to Adobe Illustrator for Mac allows you to work with layers and gradients, and offers many other tools that are common in most graphics editors.

inscape adobe illustrator alternative

8. Affinity Designer

Editors' Rating (4.7/5)
Win / iOS
  • Convenient Smart Shapes
  • The program supports multi-touch control
  • Zoom in 1,000,000%
  • Supports Drag and Drop layers
  • Not enough lessons and detailed tutorials
  • No meshes, not enough scripts and actions
  • No trace

Affinity will allow you to work on promotional materials, websites, concept arts, icons and other user interface elements. The application provides the opportunity to make sketches anywhere and anytime on your iPad, give a vector shape to your imagination and export the finished project in any popular graphics format.

affinity designer adobe illustrator alternative

9. Vectr

Editors' Rating (4.2/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • User-friendly
  • Has many tutorial videos on YouTube
  • Excellent functionality tools
  • Need to sign up to save files
  • Advertising in the workspace

Vectr is a free program for creating and modifying vector drawings, which can be used directly in the browser or as a desktop application. With its help, you may produce both simple images (logos, emblems, icons) and complex vector illustrations. An important advantage of Vectr is the ability to work together. You just need to send your colleagues a link to your project so that they can join to its discussion and editing.

vectr adobe illustrator alternative

Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives

Premiere Pro is the most popular program for non-linear video editing and color grading.

 Download Free Premiere Pro before subscription.

It works perfectly with other Adobe programs and is designed for professional use. Despite this, there are some problems that force users to look for Adobe Premiere versions and even free alternatives.

10. DaVinci Resolve

Editors' Rating (4.7/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • Well-designed tools
  • Complete audio editing kit
  • Extended color correction
  • The free version lacks some features

If you need a professional non-linear video editor and it should be free, then DaVinci Resolve may be the best choice in your case. It took me no more than 15 minutes to understand how to perform basic tasks (5-7 of which I tried to understand why DaVinci Resolve does not see my AVI). Besides, in the folder with the installed program, in the subfolder ‘Documents’, you will find the file ‘DaVinci Resolve.pdf’, which is a 1000 pages tutorial on the use of all functions of the video editor.

davinci resolve adobe premiere pro alternative

11. HitFilm Express

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Mac / Win | Read HitFilm Express review
  • Professional tools
  • Can be extended through the add-one application
  • High system requirements

HitFilm Express is a popular Adobe alternative designed for users, who need a truly powerful set of video editing tools. Together with an abundance of useful functions, it offers a lot of built-in templates that will help you do the necessary work without any extra effort. Moreover, it provided better possibilities to study the program's features in practice. After creating a video, you can quickly export it in a high quality.

hitfilm adobe premiere pro alternative

12. VideoPad Video Editor

Editors' Rating (3.2/5)
  • Capturing video from the screen, digital video camera, external sources
  • Batch video editing
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Creating video in Full HD
  • Limited functionality in terms of formats support in the free version
  • Possible errors when working with GIF files

VideoPad Video Editor is a compact alternative to Adobe. The application is suitable for multifunctional editing of video clips and audio. It allows you to easily process video clips, including your own ones, recorded on a digital, cassette or web camera. Additionally, you can use video transitions and effects, create and edit musical compositions. You can fine-tune all transitions: changing the duration, angle, color, and speed. VideoPad Video Editor works with all popular formats, including 3D.

videopad adobe premiere pro alternative

Adobe InDesign Alternatives

Are you interested in doing anything related to desktop publishing? Then InDesign is the best choice.

 Download Adobe InDesign Free to test the program before purchase.

If you can’t afford to buy InDesign, try its free alternatives. The best analog is one of the following apps.

13. Scribus

Editors' Rating (4.5/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • Excellent WYSIWYG PDF compressing option
  • Windows compatibility
  • Free and quick
  • No "spell check" option
  • Not intuitive enough
  • It can take much time to fix problems because of open source

Scribus is the desktop publishing software (DTP), or in other words, a program for visual layout of printed documents (newspapers, magazines, brochures, literature, etc.). Unlike many open-source applications created by enthusiastic students, Scribus InDesign alternative was originally developed by typography and printing professionals. Therefore, it has quite a wide range of professional text layout and prepress.

scribus adobe indesign alternative

14. Lucidpress

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • Possibility to work online
  • Very simple management
  • Free capabilities are limited
  • It occupies no more than 25MB on the server

Everything is done online. Simple functioning saves much time, which is usually required in case you work with serious professional programs.

lucidpress adobe indesign alternative

Adobe After Effects Alternatives

Adobe After Effects is a professional software for creating visual effects and motion graphics.

 Download Adobe After Effects Free to test program before purchase.

If you don’t need all these professional functions or don't want to buy Adobe After Effects, download one of the following After Effects alternatives that are a good choice for beginners.

15. Blender

Editors' Rating (4.5/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • Sculpting, UV unwrapping, and raster graphics editing
  • A huge number of add-ons
  • Many pre-programmed keyboard shortcuts
  • Complicated interface

Blender is a free pack for creating open-source 3D content. It can be used for modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering. This alternative to Adobe After Effects has a fluid simulator, which enables users to create the effects of flowing bodies, such as smoke or liquids. In real-time, it is possible to calculate physical tasks, for example, simulate the behavior of soft solids.

blender adobe after effects alternative

16. Natron

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • GPU rendering for acceleration
  • Community plug-ins
  • High system requirements

Natron is an open-source video editor. A huge community of software developers is constantly working to improve this product for non-linear editing of video and audio tracks. With a relatively little experience, users will be able to edit video files at a fairly professional level. Among other advantages of this Adobe alternative is work with high-definition, 2K, and 4K video. User can also combine several graphic and audio objects into one.

natron adobe after effects alternative

Adobe Animate Alternatives

You can create excellent interactive animations using Adobe Animate.

 Download Adobe Animate Free for creating apps, ads, and multimedia content that animates.

They will work on all devices starting from mobile gadgets and ending with ultra-high resolution monitors. But if you don’t want to pay, choose a suitable Adobe Animate alternative from those described below.

17. Synfig Studio

Editors' Rating (4.4/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • Free
  • A large set of tools
  • A big learning curve
  • Few video tutorials

Synfig Studio is an open-source application used to create professional 2D animations. The program allows you to use vector and raster images to create animations instead of the "frame by frame" method. This Adobe Animate free alternative uses various types of layers, gradients, distortions, filters, and transformations to create your animation. This storyboard software also provides full support for gradient paths, making it easy for you to add a soft hue to animation without having to draw it in each frame.

synfig studio adobe animate alternative

18. Animatron Studio

Editors' Rating (4/5)
  • “Drag-and-drop" function
  • Plenty of assets
  • A wide choice of adjustable graphics
  • User-friendly
  • Heavy animations slow down the UI

Animatron is one of the best Adobe alternatives. This whiteboard animation software helps create fantastic videos and animations, but requires powerful animation tablets for efficient work. This Adobe Animate free alternative has a user-friendly interface and fascinating characters. Everyone can use the software thanks to “Drag-and-drop" function. You just need to choose the figure from the integrated library and place it in the blank area.

animatron studio adobe animate alternative

Adobe Stock Alternatives

You can find more than 90 million images, templates, videos, graphics as well as 3D, editorial, and Premium assets in Adobe Stock. It is possible to choose either a monthly or annual plan and get access to images, 3D assets, and templates. Unfortunately, the price is too high, so check out one of the following Adobe alternatives.

 Try Adobe Stock Free for One Month.

19. Shutterstock

Editors' Rating (4.2/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • Images almost on any topic
  • The keyword searching system
  • Pictures can be used without attribution after paying for the license
  • Compensation for artists is low
  • The slow approval process for participants

Shutterstock can boast of the largest collection of images, music, video, and editorial assets. The custom content is just impressive. In general, this Adobe alternative has over 200 million units. You can purchase pictures using a subscription or individually. Shutterstock’s Editor tool will also let you customize the photo quickly and perform operations like cropping pics and adding filters.

shutterstock adobe stock alternative

20. Dreamstime

Editors' Rating (4/5)
Mac / Win / Linux
  • Opportunity to publish photos at once after the registration
  • User-friendly interface
  • No ID is required during registration
  • Images are accepted in several formats
  • Long photo checkup
  • A limited number of loaded pictures a day

Dreamstime stands out from other Adobe alternatives. Originally, it was created as a royalty-free stock photography site. Now this resource is a popular place for getting pictures for magazines, advertising agencies, and media companies. Users can buy images either via credit (pay per download) or on subscription (time-based). The collection contains over 81 million pictures, music, video, vectors, sound effects, and illustration.

dreamtime adobe stock alternative

Adobe XD Alternatives

Adobe XD (Experience Design) is a vector-based tool created by Adobe. The main aim is designing and prototyping user experience for mobile and web apps.

 Download Adobe XD Free to design apps without much experience.

21. Sketch

Editors' Rating (4.6/5)
Mac / Win
  • A highly professional Interface Design Tool
  • User-friendly interface
  • Convenient work with text
  • Is not compatible with Adobe products
  • Problems while working with large files

It seems that Sketch developers have taken a powerful vector graphics editor and removed everything superfluous. Then they thought and added all necessary features to create graphics. Exactly this set of convenient options differs the program from other Adobe XD free alternatives. It is worth noting that Sketch doesn’t offer only graphics for software. It can be used, for example, for web-design (functions like “copy style as CSS” help with this).

sketch adobe xd alternative

22. InVision

Editors' Rating (3.8/5)
Mac / Win
  • Opportunity to order all projects on a single screen
  • Ability to update the designs via integrated Craft plug-in in Sketch
  • Boards are used for making a quick portfolio or as a style guide
  • Some limitations in the web app

InVision is a new product for designing graphical interfaces. Originally, it was created as an addition to Photoshop for cooperative work. However, the company went further and raised the issues of interactive prototyping and animation. This Adobe alternative resembles Sketch very much but is developed by another company. It has the same interface and Symbols, which are called Component. Of course, it has many small, but pleasant improvements, like working with a Pen and naming artboards during duplication.

invision adobe xd alternative

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