How to Get Adobe Illustrator for Free (Latest 2024 Version)

By Ann Young 11 days ago, Software Reviews

Adobe Illustrator

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  • Reviews: 415
  • License: Free Trial
  • Downloads: 9.3k
  • Version: 2024
  • Compatible: Mac/Win

Using Adobe Illustrator for free on a regular basis is unfortunately impossible, although you may test this vector editor for 7 days completely free of charge, or install a free Adobe Illustrator on your smartphone.

illustrator interface

Free Illustrator Benefits

  • Professional designing tools
  • Simple learning curve
  • Can be integrated with other Adobe products
  • Supports all kinds of formats
  • Easy access to Adobe Fonts
  • Can be used for presentations
Download Adobe Illustrator Free for Windows


adobe_illustrator_free_for_windows.exe (download)



Download Adobe Illustrator Free for Mac


adobe_ illustrator_free_for_mac.dmg (download)



Adobe Illustrator Free Trial is a great way to test the program's performance without any limitations for a week. This variant is suitable for those who have not decided what vector editor to download.


  • Is Adobe Illustrator worth the money?

If you are a professional illustrator, Adobe Illustrator is definitely a worthy purchase, as this program is the industry standard. Those who mastered the software won’t have trouble finding a job in the graphic design industry.

However, the hobbyists or novice users had better look for simpler and cheaper solutions. For instance, if you only need a tool for drawing, try Procreate. Canva is the most appropriate solution for creating banners or ads for social media networks.

  • Can I use Adobe Illustrator for free?

The developers offer a one-week trial for testing the program’s functionality. Then you can select a Single App plan with Illustrator only or a subscription that comes with more apps.

  • Does Adobe offer a perpetual subscription?

Adobe doesn’t offer lifetime licenses anymore since Adobe CC replaced Adobe CS6. You should purchase a subscription to get All Adobe CC apps.

  • Is Adobe Illustrator free trial a full version of Illustrator?

Yes. It has all the functions and updates of the recent Illustrator version.

  • Is Adobe Illustrator free for students or are there any discounts?

Yes. Students and teachers may buy a subscription to the whole Creative Cloud Collection with a 60% discount.

  • What to do if the trial period is over?

Go to the "Buy" section and select one of the available plans.

  • What should I do if the Adobe Illustrator doesn’t run on my PC?

It is possible that your PC doesn't have the minimum system requirements to run such a program. So, before making the purchase, you had better clarify this.

Another reason for this problem is the viruses that infect your computer. Anyway, you need to get in touch with the support team to solve these issues, as each case may require a different approach.

Free Version for iPad

Adobe Illustrator for iPad

  • Rank
  • Reviews: 455
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 10mln
  • Version: 14.0
  • Compatible: iPadOS
adobe illustrator for ipad interface

Illustrator for iPad Benefits

  • Comprehensive functionality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to customize brushes
  • Comes as a part of the Creative Cloud package
  • Works with other Adobe applications and CC Libraries

Install the free version of Adobe Illustrator on the iPad to enjoy the seamless creation process offered by an Apple Pencil. As the program is compatible with many other Adobe applications (like Capture and Illustrator Draw) and provides you with access to your sync docs and assets libraries, it offers more benefits if compared to a standalone app.

With these tools, you can draw not only in your cabinet but also on the go. Considered an industry standard, Adobe Illustrator is a must-have tool for those who produce graphics for print, screens, animation, or video.

Free Cross-Platform Version

Adobe Fresco

  • Rank
  • Reviews: 765
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 5mln
  • Version: 16.0
  • Compatible: iPad, iOS, Windows, Microsoft Surface
adobe fresco interface

Adobe Fresco Benefits

  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Let you paint and draw realistic compositions
  • A collection of brushes and tools for a seamless creation process
  • Offers layers, blending modes, and color correction options
  • Integrates well with other Adobe programs

Adobe Fresco offers the functionality of Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch for iPad, which are not available for download nowadays. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool to create using vector and raster brushes, this one is an ideal solution.

Fresco supports Photoshop files via Creative Cloud and can export to PDF for editing in Illustrator.

The appearance of the UI and toolbar is also similar to Adobe Photoshop for iPad. By importing Photoshop brushes, you can paint with familiar tools.

Adobe Illustrator Legal vs Pirated Version:

Legal Pirated



Customer support




Bugs and lags


Adobe software integrations


Free trial


Some users may think that there is nothing wrong with downloading and using pirated versions of the program. Pirate sites offer users to download Adobe Illustrator for free. However, that’s where the benefits end and criminal responsibility begins.

illustrator pirated vs license version

Lawsuit. I believe that the most important consequence resulting from using pirated software is criminal liability. Probably, many of you haven’t even guessed about such a law, although ignorance of the law is no excuse, as you know.

The thing is that if you download unlicensed software, you will get several warning messages in your e-mail describing the consequences of the illegal downloading. In case you don’t stop and continue misusing the pirate tool, your Internet provider will deactivate the connection to the web and you will get a summons.

As a result, you will have to pay a fine of $5000.

Viruses. Having downloaded Adobe Illustrator for free from an unreliable source, you may get different viruses. The most harmless thing that may happen is the automatic installation of different unnecessary programs.

Moreover, viruses may slow down the performance of your PC. The most serious consequences are that your operating system will be damaged or your personal data may be even stolen.

No updates. Adobe company constantly pleases us with updates for correcting various performance issues, as well as enhancing or adding new tools. By installing hacked Adobe Illustrator, you won’t have the ability to update it to the recent version, so you’ll have to use it till you get a fresher unlicensed version (which rarely happens).

Limited functionality. To hack the program, cyber terrorists find weak points in the program to get access to the source code and crack it. When the software is cracked, hackers change the source code to damage some tools. As a result, they will not function correctly, or stop working at all. It is really common for hacked programs.

No customer support. Adobe is rather a serious company that takes care of its users. By purchasing their product, you will get 24/7 support, which you can address with various questions.

The support team will assist while handling some program issues or explain how this or that tool works. Downloading a pirate image editor, you will not be able to take advantage of this possibility.

Free Alternatives

Not everyone can afford to pay from $10 to $80 per month for vector graphics software. If you’ve just started studying vector graphics, the programs that I have chosen as free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator can satisfy all your needs.

Without a doubt, Illustrator wins in all respects, although I tried to pick up the image editors with practically identical functionality for basic vector operations.


inkscape logo
  • Hotkeys
  • Convenient image edit functions
  • Completely free
  • System resource-demanding
  • File import issues

Inkscape is a special program that is designed to create and process vector illustrations. It’s a perfect software, which is frequently used to design business cards, posters, schemes, logos, and diagrams.

Inkscape allows the creation and editing of vector images with various tools. You may draw objects using a pencil, pen, and calligraphy. Moreover, there are different rectangles, ellipses, polygons, spirals, text possibilities, and much more. You may also open and save graphics in GZIP format.

In addition, the program allows editing images of many popular formats, for example, SVG, PNG, OpenDocument, DXF, sk1, PDF, EPS, PostScript, etc. Inkscape is a great utility with many useful functions and a simple interface. I recommend this product for those, who need a reliable program to create and edit graphics.

Corel Vector

corel vector logo
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-end drawing features
  • Object styles for formatting
  • Runs on all OS
  • Small content library
  • Does not support many plugins

Corel Vector attracts editors with user-friendly and intuitive UI. Unlike Adobe Illustrator, this alternative is simpler to navigate and has a low learning curve.

The program offers an extensive editing toolkit that contains multiple drawing tools and support for object styles. Such comprehensive functionality allows designers to create original projects and graphics without trouble.

In addition, Corel Vector works with various file formats and is compatible with many OS, so it is one of the most versatile solutions.


vectr logo
  • Absolutely free
  • Straightforward
  • Compatible with various platforms
  • Integrates with WordPress
  • Limited functions
  • A personal account is a must

Vectr is a relatively new app, which is rapidly developing, gaining various enhanced functions, which makes it a better option than the free version of Adobe Illustrator. It’s a simple and understandable picture editor, that allows you to perform standard vector operations such as creating and editing geometric figures, curves, etc.

It has several levels and pages, which help organize the project. Vectr allows importing such format files as AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, and JPEG.

It is frequently used for annotation, image correction, and drawing mockups and diagrams. What is more, it may be used as a free logo maker or for creating watermarks, user interface design, website mockups, social network banners, icons, and 2D images.

Thanks to Vectr, you can create zoomed vector illustrations using simple and understandable functions. The program is easy to master and suitable for those, who start working with a vector and are completely satisfied with basic functions for editing illustrations.

FREE Bonus Tools

free illustrator brushes for drawing

Take advantage of these extra tools for adding some spice to your graphic design projects sprucing them up with various effects.

With their help, the creators can use artistic techniques to draw complex and repeated objects with ease, as well as design original patterns.