If you need the best photo editor to correct the body shape, then this Body Editor is a great choice for you. This reshape photo editor allows you to make the body slimmer, improve hips, enlarge breasts, remove a double chin, slim down the waist and make face contours thinner. Moreover, it includes tools for adding tattoos, six-pack abs and other muscles.

If using the Body Editor online seems too complicated or time-consuming, then you can outsource body reshaping. The cost of professional photo enhancement varies from $5 to $10 per picture.

FAQ: Body Editor Online

Which tools are the most powerful for body editing?
The Online Body Editor includes several important tools for high-quality photo editing. Firstly, you can make significant changes in body shape or eliminate minor imperfections with the Liquify option. This tool is located under the “Filters”.
To correct the posture, you can use Puppet Wrap instead of Liquify. If you need to improve the skin look, then the Healing Brush (J), Spot Healing Brush Tool (J) and Clone Tool (S) will be useful for you.
What other manipulations should I do to make my body look better in photos?
Of course, Liquify and similar tools do an excellent job. But adjusting the brightness of separate areas will help give the picture a polished look. You can use the Dodge and Burn Tools (O) to make the basic edits look perfect. Cropping can also enhance images.
However, you should not forget that body editing is only one of the stages in photoshopping portraits and other shots with people. To achieve the most amazing results, you need to perform complete photo editing.
How to avoid over-editing in Body Editor online?
Sometimes trying to improve the body takes a lot of time and you make one change after another until you are happy with the result. However, striving for excellence you can overdo it. As a result, after using body slimming photo editor online, your image may look unnatural. Not to go too far, you should compare the original picture and the edited one. Be careful with your edits in order not to ruin the overall quality and sharpness of the photo.
Should I download and install Body Editor to use it?
No, the program is used online and you do not need to download it. This Body Editor Online is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices with html5 support.
Unfortunately, unlike powerful programs, this tool does not have a History Brush.

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