Straighten photo online with this free tool easy and fast. Fix perspective distortions, curved areas, expand and align your photos horizontally/vertically for free, without downloading specialized photo editing software on PC.

FAQ: Straighten Photo Online

How to straighten photo online?
There are quite a lot of ways to align the horizon in a photo online. The easiest one is the following: pick the Perspective Crop tool on the toolbar via the hotkey “C”, select the image area and rotate it so that the horizon corresponds to the line, press Enter. This free tool will automatically expand and crop the photo along a flat horizon line.
Can I save a straightened photo in the RAW format?
Yes, the editor allows you to export photos in RAW, JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, TIFF, etc. for free.
How to crop the straightened photo for sharing on Instagram?
Select the Crop tool via the hotkey “C” or go to the Image → Image Size tab and enter the desired size. The maximum and optimal size of an Instagram photo in pixels is 1080 x 1080 px.
Can I add a watermark to my photo?
Yes. Firstly, add the desired text to the straightened photo. Then, using layers, adjust the transparency, thereby making a watermark. See 20 more ways how to create a watermark.

Straighten Photo Online – Video Tricks