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Best Photo Editing Freebies

Just beginning a photography business or want enhance your photo editing workflow? FixThePhoto shares thousands of photo editing freebies to speed up and make your work creative. Photography is a nice hobby, but if you got into this hobby seriously, and not just taking the photos on your phone, it turns out to be really expensive. Just imagine all these lenses, tripods, cameras, softwares! So, having paid for all these things, why not to save money on image editing stuff? Use a professional collection of photo freebies for you free.

Plugins are known to be the best friends for beginning photographers and photo editors, who used to take photos, and then open Photoshop or Lightroom software, apply some pre-installed filters and finally get professional shots. The professional photographers in their turn can use these plugins for the basic photo editing, the more complex work and retouching. The plugins are very essential tool for everyone.

Specially for our customers we have created an wonderful free collection of freebies for photographers connected with photo editing. It includes Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, brushes, textures, flyers and overlays. 

Using these freebies will help you shorten the time spend on photo enhancement, moreover, it will add a special charm to the photos. We offer to your attention more than 50 astonishing collections of the best photo editing freebies that will make the photos incredible and pop up. You can download any of this pack absolutely for free via email address. As soon as you download them, you can try to experiment with applying the filters together or separately, they are fully adjustable. All these freebies for photographers are designed to give a motivation to your creativity and skills. 


Photo Editing Freebies

Each bundle was developed by the team of FixThePhoto professionals, who took into account all the nuances of editing photos of various styles and genres. They have been also tested on a great number of pictures, you can see it on examples attached to each bundle.

You will find different filters, including those, which correct the exposure, adjust the tones and tints, add or remove some colors, and also give you the chance to do various corrections with your photos with a single click. If you use the brushes together with presets, your photo will seem like a real professional work.

On each page of our photo editing freebie, you will find a clear information about the genre of photo and application of the filter, their descriptions, examples, technical characteristics and recommendations for using, tips from profs. To download any of the filters you are interested in, you have to indicate your name and e-mail address, where you can receive the link for downloading. 

Free Lightroom Presets

Enjoy using about 100 Lightroom presets designed by FixThePhoto service. You will be able to work with free Lightroom presets for portraits, vintage film, matte, pastel, light&airy, black&white effects, presets for food and interior photography and many others. Cut your photo editing time using them. All of LR presets are designed to help you correct light, shadow, colors and contrast on your photos. These photo editing freebies are also suitable almost for all types of photography, including street style and lifestyle photo presets, product or action sports effects. 

You will find 10 free presets in every collection. You will have no difficulties with installing each Lightroom preset on your Adobe LR version. You can also apply whether RAWs, JPEGs, or other formats using Mac or Windows.






Free Photoshop Actions

Here you can download Photoshop Actions freebies and photo filters. Select your perfect style among film, retro effect, B&W style, natural light glares and many others.

Each package is suitable for such software versions as Photoshop CS3, up to CS6 and CC as well as with every new version of Adobe Creative Cloud. You will find 6 best Photoshop actions in each collection that can be applied for different themes of pictures. Take advantage of these best photo editing freebies to speed up your Photoshop working manner and enhance the pictures faster. 



Free Photoshop Overlays

This kind of Photoshop freebies for photographers represents photography overlays for Photoshop. These tools will help you to add some extra elements, which weren’t available for you during the shooting or you just didn’t have the opportunity to cooperate with them (for example, bubbles or butterflies).  These photo freebies can work with JPEG or PNG format and are created to layer over the top of the picture. So if you work with the PNG format, the overlays have the diaphanous edges and they can easily be placed right into your photo and then positioned as you wish. And if the overlay has a JPEG format, you will have to use a Blend Mode to put it directly on your photo. Each pack of photography overlays has 10 points and also includes some specific tips to explain how to use this Photoshop freebie to make your photos incredible but natural.


Free Photoshop Brushes

A Photoshop brush is a ready-made image outline, which gives you the opportunity to create a real artwork with no need to draw all the elements by yourself quickly. You can find here such brushes as watercolor, gunge, smoke, grass brushes and many others. There are 10 brushes in .abr format in each collection of these photographer freebies. They are compatible for any Photoshop version from 4-6 edition. To preserve quality, you should transform your photos into JPG or RAW formats. 


Free Photoshop Textures

The Photoshop textures is a kind of free Photoshop freebies that are designed to give some charm and artistry to your photos, their backgrounds, add color toning to make the high-quality and charming photo. These collections can be fairly called as one of the best among photo editing freebies because they can be used for projects, designing as well as for digital photography. The textures are images that are applied to the main photo by means of Blend Modes or Opacity to create different effects on the picture. So use these free textures without hesitation if you want to give your photo a vintage look, or some abstract effect. As usual, every set contains 10 textures that has a convenient .jpg format of all files. They will be perfect for RAW and JPG pictures, and what about versions of Photoshop, they are compatible for any version from 4-6 edition as well as for Abode Creative Cloud. Both PC and Mac owners can use these freebie downloads for photographers with confidence and enjoy them.  


If you want to make greeting cards or wedding invitations or something else, these free Photoshop freebies PSD templates is all you need for this. A PSD template itself means a Photoshop file with a .psd extension that includes images, effects, layers and other settings. What will you love about such templates is that the whole image is divided into layers for you to be able to change, add or remove any detail you want.



We provide you with a source of RAW files that can be useful for everybody in personal purposes. If you want to become perfect in photo editing, you have to improve yourself constantly by means of practicing Photoshop and Lightroom editing. In our case, for improving your skills, you need to work with RAW photos. There is not always the opportunity to go to some locations and shoot your own RAWs, and we are here to help you. 



Want to show yourself as a pro photographer? Create your own business cards, pricing guide, or photographer flyers with our help free. Actually, it is very easy. Just try to use one of our designs! With the help of our Photoshop templates for photographers, it will be much easier to get different high-quality flyers, cards or guides without hiring a specialist. Choose your own shape and edge design you are interested in and then think about your brand and select suitable templates that reflect your individual style and sphere. Utilize our Adobe Photoshop PSD templates, free download them and add your own elements, text, anything you want.


Free LUTs


Free PNG Overlay


Free Photoshop Online



It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to use Lightroom or Photoshop, or whether you are a professional or beginning photographer, retoucher, designer, it also doesn’t matter what kind of photography do you prefer – wedding, portraits, fashion, landscape, ecommerce or something else, you will find something for you among these photography freebies. Enrich your design store with professional unique brushes, textures, presets and others best photo editing freebies and they will become an integral part of your photo editing workflow.