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Sky Gradient Free

Download this collection of 10 Sky Gradients Free and add a magical touch to your photos and designs. Photoshop gradients are a gradual and smooth transition from one color to another or simply fading out to the transparent. It’s used to create different light effects. The gradient color palette is widely represented in the web design and graphics. When you have a big collection of gradient background Photoshop filters, you enhance photos fast and easy.

You can create a gradient background Photoshop effect on your own or download gradient templates.

Today we offer 10 sky gradients for Photoshop that you can download for free and use in your designing. They are perfectly customizable and are able to convey the various sky mood. 

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Free Sky Gradients :



How to Install Sky Gradient Photoshop

These Photoshop sky gradients can be installed the same way you install Photoshop brushes, patterns, contour lines and so on.

  1. Go to Edit > Preset > Preset Manager. Choose the Sky Gradients preset type. 
  2. Press Load. Place the file(s) ending in .GRD, and click open. 
  3. Your Sky Gradients are now available to apply with your Gradient tool, or where gradients are found in Layer Styles (Window > Tools or Layer > Layer Styles).

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Free Photoshop Sky Gradients

• 10 Sky gradients 

• All files are in the *.grd format that is very convenient

• They are compatible with all Photoshop versions (fourth, fifth and sixth) and Adobe Creative Cloud

• Fast download and installing 

• They work both on the PC and MAC devices

• RAW and JPG are supported





Sky Gradients for Photoshop

It’s a typical practice for web- and graphic designers to work with Photoshop gradients. The goal is to manipulate the colors of the differently shaped objects or spaces. It’s especially relevant when working with the sky on the photos. This image editing technique is one of the most actual trends today. 

PS Gradint #1 "Turquoise Sunset" 


PS Gradient #2 "Purple"


PS Gradient #3 "Evening"


PS Gradient #4 "Saturated"


PS #5 "Dawn"


PS Gradient #6 "Blue"


PS Gradient #7 "Colorful"


PS Gradient #8 "Unbelievable" 


PS Gradient #9 "Aureate"


PS Gradient #10 "Rainbow"