Clipping Path Services

  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample
  • clipping path ervices sample

    Only $2 per photo editing. Fast 1-3 day clipping path services. Learn more >>

    Need clipping path services for your ecommerce photography look great on the pure white background, address FixThePhoto. A full packet of clipping path services includes replacing background, resizing, adding necessary borders, picture rotating, etc.

    Clipping Path Services We Provide:

    • Clipping path

    clipping path service provider sample clipping path service provider sample
    Our retouchers replace an existing background with a white one to make the product shot perfectly match the e-commerce requirements.

    • Image masking

    clipping path company sample clipping path company sample
    Accurate background removal is performed in shots that feature complicated objects, like hair or fur.

    • Shadow and reflections making

    photo clipping before sample photo clipping before sample
    The experts will precisely mirror the shadows and the product itself as if it is standing on the glass surface.

    • Ghost mannequin

    clipping path mprovider sample clipping path mprovider sample
    If the part of the real-life mannequin is featured in the photos of clothes/accessories, it will be seamlessly and realistically removed.

    • Image retouching

    clipping images online sample clipping images online sample
    If the camera captured the reflected light from a window on the main subject of the shot, the retouchers will neutralize this issue.

    • Background remove

    clipping path outsource sample clipping path outsource sample
    Our retouchers will remove the background replacing it with a white or a transparent one. The outline of the cut-out object will be accurate.

    • Color matching

    photo clipping service sample photo clipping service sample
    In case the color of the product rendered in the photo is incorrect, it will be replaced with a proper one indicated by the client.

    • Color correction service

    outsource clipping path sample outsource clipping path sample
    With this service it is possible to get rid of yellow or pinkish undertones in photos and achieve accurate color correction.

    • Borders adding

    image clipping path services sample image clipping path services sample
    The retouchers will cut out the object from the photo and add borders of the desired colors around it.

    • Items colors changing

    clipping path services india sample clipping path services india sample
    No need to take photo of the entire color range of your product line – FixThePhoto will make a number of color variations in separate pictures based on just one photo of the product.

    How Does It Work

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    Get your ecommerce photos back
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    Submit for revision if you need

    In ecommerce photography a white background is a must. Many online stores have a strict photography policy to the photos displayed and demand it from their sellers.

    Almost 90% of orders we receive in product photography connected with clipping path, getting completely white (invisible) background. It is the best technique to remove everything that distracts potential buyers from the product.

    Our Clipping Path Photoshop Pricing

    Basic Level

    Clipping Images Online
    Clipping Path Outsource
    Photo Clipping Service
    $ 2.00 per photo
    View Examples
    Services applied:
    • E-commerce:
    • Simple Items Background Removal
    • Backdrop Color Changing (Simple Objects)
    • Add the Borders
    • Resizing
    • Change File Format
    • Watermarks Adding
    • DPI Correction
    • Compression

    Additional Services

    Outsource Clipping Path
    Image Clipping Path Services
    Clipping Path Company
    US $ per photo
    View Examples
    • Natural Shadows +1$
    • Drop Shadows +0,5$
    • Cast Shadows +0,5$
    • Reflection +1$
    • Recoloring Elements +2$
    • Remove Mannequin +1$
    • Ghost Mannequin +10$
    • Retouching:

    • Basic Retouch +2$
    • Pro Retouch +5$
    • Extra Retouch+10$
    • Clipping Path/Masking:

    • Background Removal (Simple Object) + 2$
    • Background Removal (Complex Object) + 5$

    Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

    headshot retouching discount
    Discount who orders from 50-250 product pictures per 1 order.
    headshot retouching discount
    Discount for all E-commerce photo retouching service during a month who orders from 250-1000 product pictures per 1 order.
    headshot retouching discount
    Discount for all E-commerce photo retouching service during a month who orders from 1000-5000 product pictures per 1 order.

    Free Quote for Clipping Path Service

    Upload your photos, mention all clipping path and photo editing requirements, attach some sample photos for us to tell you the exact prices for your order. We accept all image formats. To set an accurate price, mark out the areas on your photos that should be edited more detailly. Write your name, leave the e-mail address and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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    Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Shoes Photography

    Our company suggests the highest quality photo enhancement for shoes images. If you want shoes, boots images look wonderful on the listing’s pages, online pages order this service to receive remarkable outcomes.

    Clipping Path Services Applied:

    • Making white backdrop
    • Smoothening the image’s borders
    • Natural small shadows dropping

    Forget about unprofessional clipping images online, trust experts and let your websites pages, listings, magazines be full of professionally edited ecommerce photographs.

    FixThePhoto specialists provide flawless clipping path services as well as general enhancing of the photographed product. In our bundle of services we included backdrop cutting/color changing, picture compression/rotating and all sorts of work with image borders, adding shadows/reflections.

    Check out the “Examples” tab on our website to ensure we provide Clipping Path services of the highest quality. Your shoes photos will look ravishing and make buyers open their purses to buy the desired pair. The original colors and textures are preserved!

    Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Furniture Photography

    To give the photos of furniture an elegant and luxurious look, we recommend applying professional photo retouching.

    No matter where you will use these photos, on your online food delivery website or a product catalogue, good looking products on the white background will increase the percentage of your sales.

    Clipping Path Services Applied:

    • Removing backdrop
    • Borders fixing/smoothening
    • Color correction

    There is a set of reasons why this clipping path service in USA is worth your attention. Stop watching useless Photoshop clipping path tutorials on YouTube, address our service right now.

    We are deeply concerned about the quality of clipping path outsource. To be confident that our deliveries meet top quality requirements, we hire only professional stuff and still spend much time for their education and training.

    If you are tired of dealing with average Clipping Path services and are looking for professionals who can meet your specific requirements and deliver professional results, address FixThePhoto team and we’ll make your food images look their best.

    Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Cosmetics Photography

    Want to make your cosmetics photos luxury and look expensive, FixThePhoto will help you.

    Let us make your cosmetic product photography be professionally retouched, so you can use it for online stores or your own one. The main emphasis on your product is guaranteed.

    Clipping Path Services Applied:

    • Background removal
    • Borders fixing
    • Reflection adding
    • Color correction
    • Shadows adding
    • Reflection on the product removal
    • Product retouching

    Our team is experienced clipping path service specialists that have numberless examples of clipping path in their portfolios. We can easily cope with the most comprehensive tasks as clipping path around hair.

    We have easy ways of payments, care a lot about security of your online payments. We accept PayPal for the convenience of our customers.

    Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Product Photography

    On this example you can see the basic clipping path without additional corrections. This technique is used before placing your product photograph on Amazon or eBay. If you need this kind of services for your website, mention the bulk order discounts described above.

    Clipping Path Services Applied:

    • Background removing
    • Borders fixing
    • Color correction
    • Basic shoe retouch
    • Elements cloning

    We guarantee fast transfer of results.

    Our preference is DropBox which guarantees fast picture interchanging all over the world. Your folders will be auto synchronized with FixThePhoto system, so we can copy/paste images any time we need it within several seconds. You may also use addition file managers under condition of before-hand agreement.

    We work around the clock. That guarantees fast delivery. FixThePhoto tries to complete every order within not more than 2 working days (except bulk orders).

    Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Ecommerce Photography

    All product photos submitted to Amazon or other online stores must meet the special technical specifications. A pure white background is the main demand.

    Our clipping path service includes all a perfect product images should have – from snow white backdrop to product defects removal.

    Clipping Path Services Applied:

    • Background removal
    • Borders fixing
    • Shadows adding
    • Shoes retouching
    • Defects removing

    We have all possible types of clipping path in combination with additional services. You may ask for multi clipping path, color correction, creative retouching, etc.

    The biggest advantage is that you deal directly with a retoucher, whose aim is understanding your needs and advising the most appropriate ways out.

    The best thing that may convince you to choose exactly this clipping path service company is our portfolio. On the pictures attached below you will see possible variants of creating clipping paths in Photoshop in big resolution.

    Fix The Photo Clipping Path Services Reviews

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