Video Editing Services

FixThePhoto is a professional video editing services company, doing all kinds of video editing with your raw footage. If you are looking for a trustworthy video editing company to have your videos professionally and quickly edited, we will gladly fulfill the task.

You can send us any kind of video footage – home videos from your family holidays, adventure clips recorded with your action camera, touching moments of your children taking their first steps or corporate training footage – actually whatever you have. Address our customer support and find out more details concerning video editing services you need.

video editing services

We are fond of video editing and guarantee that the results will exceed your expectations. You can order video editing services at FixThePhoto without worrying that your file format isn’t accepted, as we edit footage recorded on any type of device (DSLRs, smartphones, tablets, camcorders, etc.).

Knowing how fast-evolving video editing industry is, we are constantly developing our skills and boosting knowledge, so if you outsource video editing to FixThePhoto, you can be sure that your footage is in safety. We are ready to handle different levels of video editing, especially creative ones, but most of the requests fall into one the subtypes below. Drop a message and let us make your video look gorgeous!

Top Quality
The highest quality of the edited footage. We work hard to give your clips a professional look. Just specify the style, duration and aim of the clip.
With 15+ years of experience in video editing online, we know how to turn ordinary footage into a fascinating video.
Fast Delivery
Send us your order and get a video professionally edited in the shortest possible time. On average, it takes from 8 to 10 days.
Affordable Prices
We have a reasonable pricing policy and many pleasant bonuses & discounts for returning clients.

We ensure confidentiality to all our clients. If needed, we can add a fitting soundtrack to your video (we have a library of copyright-free audio) or you can send us your personal preferences. If you order online video editing at FixThePhoto, your footage will be stabilized and the colors will be corrected according to modern standards or your style. We add titles and transitions if this is something you want to get in the end.

If you have a rush order and want to receive the result as soon as possible, choose the level below and we will start editing your video immediately.

Video Editing Pricing

Basic Level
US $80.00
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Services applied:
  • 30 Min of the Source Video
    (RAW Video)
  • Pro Cut & Transitions
  • Image Stabilization
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Adjustment
  • Music Adding
  • Add Simple Header
  • Following Clients' Style
  • 1 Final Edited Video
Additional Services
US $ per option
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Services applied:
  • Every Next 30 Min + 60$
  • Up to 50 Photos Adding + 50$
  • Animated Text/Titles Adding +50$

Bulk Video Editing Services for Permanent Clients

total cost is more
than $1500.00 US
total cost is more
than $3000.00 US
Receive 15% OFF and 30% OFF discounts to the basic price of all video editing services during one month if the total cost of your order is more than $1500.00 - $3000.00 US.

Video Editing Samples:

    #1 Wedding Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 5,5 hours RAW video
  • Following on the individual style of a customer
  • Time lapse effect
  • Music adding
  • Visual effects adding
  • Total cost US $230


#2 Drone Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 4 hours RAW video
  • Add logo
  • Add music
  • Color correction
  • Add different video effects
  • Total cost US $500


#3 GoPro Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 3 hours RAW video
  • Add text
  • Add music
  • Drone video adding
  • Sound fixing
  • Total cost US $380


#4 Home Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 5 hours RAW video
  • Drone video adding
  • Add music
  • Clean up sound
  • Color correction
  • Total cost US $500


#5 Product Video Editing Sample:

  • Add text (+ US $50)
  • Add music
  • Photo collage
  • Add effects
  • Color correction
  • Total cost US $50


#6 Corporate Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 3,5 hour RAW video
  • Add music
  • Clean sound
  • Color correction
  • Total cost US $440


#7 Vlog Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 2,5 hours RAW video
  • Add text (+ US $50)
  • Add music
  • Color correction
  • Sound cleaning up
  • Total cost US $370


#8 Real Estate Video Editing Sample:

  • Editing of 1 hours RAW video
  • Add plain text
  • Add music
  • Drone video adding
  • Time-lapse effect
  • Color correction
  • Total cost US $140


Video Editing Services by Fixthephoto:

What Do Our Video Editing Services Include?

When the filming is over, you can send us the raw footage straight away. No need to rename the files or arrange them. Trust us your video editing services completely. Choose the most suitable cloud storage to send us your file via, we prefer using Dropbox.

When we get your order, it is examined by our head video editor and then assigned to a video editing specialist, who is engaged in handling that particular task. Our video editing team unites creative and hardworking people, specializing in drone, wedding, corporate, vlog, product, and travel video editing. It means there is always a skillful professional video editor who is ready to edit your footage.

Once we have finished editing your videos, we will send you a message with a direct download link. You can evaluate our work and show it to your relatives, friends, colleagues or clients. If the footage is commercially-targeted, you need to warn us in advance, so that we can take care of copyright.

If you have a pack of photos and want to turn them into an interesting video or slideshow, we can also realize this video editing order. Just write what you expect to see in the end and how long the clip should last.

If you feel doubtful about the video editing service that matches your needs, get in touch with our managers. They will explain the details and send you a quote.