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What kind of video would you like us to edit?
How much footage are you going to send?
How long should your final video duration be?
Do you need color correction?
Attach the link to a video sample with the color grading style you want
Are you planning to add photos/pictures in the video?
Will you upload your own music?
Please, keep in mind the rules of copyright (Facebook and YouTube might block your video). We can always choose licensed music for your footage.
Please, describe your video editing project in your own words:
Could you please indicate which video editing style we need to follow while working with your raw footage. Attach a link to the photos/pictures, text, music, etc. that should be added. Describe in your own words how the final video should look like after video editing as detailed as possible.
You may also attach links to the videos which style or effects you’d like us to repeat.
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