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Video Editing Freebies

Video editing freebies created by FixThePhoto to speed up and simplify your video editing workflow. All professional videographers and filmmakers have a bundle of video editing effects and plug-ins in their toolkit. 

Our 100+ Free and High-Quality LUTs and overlays are suitable for all kinds of projects and will help you expand your personal video editing collection.  Video editing is an important part of creating an appealing and memorable clip. It doesn’t matter if you are editing a wedding or marketing video, a library of video clips. To make your footage more unique, FixThePhoto’s Video Editing Freebies will always come in handy.

In case you are a beginning or amateur videographer, you probably don’t have plenty of money to invest in various filters and effects. That’s why we have gathered this collection of video editing freebies.


Free LUTs

The majority of filmmakers don’t know a lot about how to do video color grading properly, but the specifics of their job requires them to learn it. Videographers should be aware of how to fix white balance and create the final look of the video in the software. To simplify all of these tasks, many filmmakers prefer applying LUTs (look-up-tables) to achieve a certain effect and adjust it to their taste. FixThePhoto experts have developed over 250 different LUTs that are compatible with Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, FCPX, Luminar and more. Now we offer more than 20 effects and the collection is constantly updated.


Free Video Overlays

When you want to distort the footage or make the rough cuts more smooth with the help of transitions, apply these freebie video overlays. These are helpful for adding creative effects to the videos, such as smoke or glitch. If you need to achieve a film-like style of the raw video footage, film grain overlays will be a perfect choice. Our overlays are suitable for different genres (promos, wedding films, real estate footage, etc.) and are compatible with all popular video editing programs.


Freebies for Videographers

Each freebie for video editing in this collection has been developed by professionals in the sphere of videography. All of the tools are universal and are ready to be used by both experienced and beginning video editors. 

For your convenience, the freebies are divided by themes. They come with a description of technical characteristics and examples of use.

With the help of LUTs, you can apply proper color correction and color grading to your videos. Overlays will add various effects to your videos, enhancing their overall look.

Our video freebies are suitable for different genres – from wedding to real estate and home videos, footage recorded on professional cameras and other non-professional devices and smartphones. Bloggers, travelers, wedding videographers and basically everyone who deals with filmmaking and editing will benefit from these LUTs and overlays. Download and apply video editing freebies from FixThePhoto with ease. Bring to life your creative projects and don’t spend a lot of time on it.