Free Video Glitch Overlay Pack

Whether you are a professional or amateur videographer, these free video glitch overlays will allow you to add grain, scratches, distorted lines, and other effects for creating a special atmosphere in your videos. They are available in MP4 format, which makes them compatible with the most popular video-editing tools.

You can apply each digital video glitch overlay in a few clicks. Download this bundle for achieving unique color combinations, creating the effect of an old-fashioned television with a bad signal, or adding some geometric abstract patterns. You can use them to create a stunning promo, event video, or presentation.

Each video glitch overlay from this collection is compatible with a great variety of professional video editing tools so you will be able to produce amazing content for personal or commercial use, as well as share it on different social media networks.

Video Glitch Overlay #1 "Old Film"

video glitch overlay

Glitch Video Overlay #2 "Broken Glass"

glitch video overlay

Glitch Overlay Video #3 "Interference"

glitch overlay video

Glitch Overlay Video Effect #4 "Abstraction"

video glitch overlay file

Digital Video Glitch Overlay #5 "Matrix Glitch"

video glitch overlay pack

Free Glitch Video Overlay #6 "Green Screen"

glitch overlay video effect

Related Glitch Video Overlays

We have a great variety of glitch video overlays for creating professional-looking videos on different topics. They are easy to use and customize meaning that you can adjust the intensity of glitches or grains to get the result that will satisfy you.

Use one filter or combine a couple of them to create an eye-catching media project. Our bundles contain the most popular filters for creating original clips.

Glitch Effect Video Overlay #7 "Scratched Film"

digital video glitch overlay

Glitch Effect Video Overlays #8 "Grainy"

free glitch video overlay

Video Glitch Overlays #9 "Retro Feel"

glitch effect video overlay

Glitch Video Overlays #10 "Submerged"

glitch effect video overlays

Free Video Glitch Overlays #11 "Grunge"

video glitch overlays

Video Glitch Overlay #12 "Vintage"

glitch video overlays

Glitch Video Overlay #13 "Particles"

free video glitch overlays

Glitch Overlay Video #14 "Dust Bunnies"

transparent video glitch overlays

Glitch Overlay Video Effect #15 "Signs of Time"

video glitch overlay

Digital Video Glitch Overlay #16 "Specks of Light"

glitch video overlay

Free Glitch Video Overlay #17 "Decay"

glitch overlay video

Glitch Effect Video Overlay #18 "Traces"

video glitch overlay file

More Free Video Overlays by FixThePhoto

Here, you will find a great array of other effects for editing wedding, travel, or promo videos. With them, you can achieve various types of effects that will enhance your video and make it unique.

Feel free to share your content on social media networks, import a video to your personal blog or simply keep it in your archive for later viewing with your friends and relatives.

Glitch Effect Video Overlays #19 "Film Grain"

video glitch overlay pack

Video Glitch Overlays #20 "Smoke"

glitch overlay video effect

Glitch Video Overlays #21 "Sparkle"

digital video glitch overlay

Free Video Glitch Overlays #22 "Light Leak"

free glitch video overlay

Tips for Using Free Glitch Overlay Video Bundle

These free video glitch overlays are quite versatile and work well with various types of videos. Use them to add a dramatic look to some urban scenes, underline the beauty of landscapes, adjust colors, add grains, scratches, glitches, and some abstract elements. These transparent video glitch overlays are great for light and dark backgrounds.

This bundle contains the effects that can meet all your video-editing needs. Adjust the transparency of each overlay, the intensity of color noise, ripples, apply one effect, or try their combinations to edit your videos in an artistic way and improve your footage with stylish effects.

We recommend this pack for videos with a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere. However, this bundle is hardly suitable for enhancing documentaries.

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