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Photo Restoration Services

A lot of people know that photo restoration programs provide a great chance to improve and modify digital photos. But still the range of operations that can be done using these software is much wider. For instance, you can resort to these programs and make use of their tools and features to restore old photos. This implies repairing damaged parts of a picture, removing scratches from images or masking different damages caused by water, age or other factors.

Old Photo Restoration

Our company has been providing post processing services for photographers, including old photo restoration, for more than 15 years and has already gained success in this sphere. We have gathered one of the most skilled and enthusiastic teams of specialists.

We realize that one person cannot hold constant leadership in photo restoration services. That is just impossible, so we have organized the work in such a way, that every retoucher is responsible for a certain part of a task, thus the whole order is delivered quicker. Our photo restore services may be classified according to the type of the image restoration asked or according to the severity of the damage.

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While restoring old photos, we use lots of professional techniques, which help sort out bad-quality pictures and fix the problem, damaged areas. The most important here is the quality of a raw image. Our experts in old photo restoration can work with both printed examples and scans in case their quality is satisfactory.

Prices for Our Old Damaged Photo Restoration Service


Bulk services for permanent customers

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Discount for all restoration services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US.

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Discount for all restoration services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500 US.


Realistical Photo Restoration Services

Our retouchers will paint in shadows and define highlights to raise the contrast in the picture and separate the backdrop form the foreground. The natural results are worth all the efforts.








Photo Restoration Services


Photo Restoration Services

Old Damaged Photo Restoration Services Quotation Without Registration

To know the price for our photo restore order fast, you need to use an image quotation box below. Select several pictures you need to repair, tell us what you want to get, mark some areas that require a specific approach, and send the photos. No matter what image format you have, we will quote any scanned picture for you to know an accurate photo restoration services prices. After entering your email address, you will receive a message with a detailed rate for our work within 1 hour.

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What Our Old Picture Restoration Services Include?

Old photo restoration services are the most extensive and challenging level that we offer to our clients.

For you to understand the importance of this type of work, let’s compare an old photo with a favorite toy from childhood. It is already torn and shabby. But still it is the most valuable among other toys, so people do not want to lose it or to change it for new ones. And just imagine that there is a thing that can turn this old and threadbare toy to life again. Isn’t it amazing? Something similar we have with fixing old photos.

Surely, the range of provided techniques to restore old photos is really tremendous. All of them depend on the quality of the offered picture and the goal that is needed to achieve. When the picture was damaged by water or time, and it needs a colorizing or photo renovations, photographers resort to the photographic restoration to save their faded photographs.

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We know how to restore your old/damaged images realistically, so you can keep your precious memories for the future.

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Our team has more than 15 years of photo restoration experience and can revert your damaged photos to its original look using various techniques and tools.

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Regardless of the severity of the damage, we will cope with the task according to previously discussed terms.

photo restoration

Moderate prices and discounts on batch photo restoration orders, as well as special bonuses for regular clients.


Our repairing old photos services incorporate different levels of work. They are Standard Level with basic restoration operations, Premium Level, and Extreme Level. Old photo restoration is deservedly called one of the most difficult tasks any specialist has to fulfill concerning the number of provided photo restoration techniques.

Old photo recovery becomes necessary when people want to admire the beauty of not only contemporary photographs, but also of such pictures that were taken decades ago. Modern photograph restoration services have proved that they are powerful enough to turn this desire to life.

So, if you need help with repairing damaged photographs or want to colorize old images, FixThePhoto company is ready to help with that. You can access our website 24/7. We will do our best to perform everything in accordance with your demands and deliver the result as quick as possible.

If you want, you can write your specific instructions concerning your photographic restoration order. For example, you can write guidance like: "make a picture clearer," "remove an object from the background," "improve hair," etc. We are totally open to hear and understand all your demands about restoring old photographs, as the value of such pictures cannot be neglected.

We accept files for picture restoration in various formats. If needed, our retouchers can change the output image’s format for you to download it with ease.

As a part of old photo restoration, we are often asked to add missed parts of pictures, which is not a problem for our skillful retouchers. Performing several advanced manipulations, we will insert those areas of a photo that have been torn or lost, so that the result will look absolutely natural.

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One more thing that we are often asked to deal with while restoring photos is to save pictures damaged by water. Such images may seem to be lost forever, but you should not despair. Sometimes colors are washed out or merged into one spot and the faced are completely unrecognizable. But in most cases, we are able to help our clients.

If you think, that your damaged photos can’t be repaired, or you don’t know where to get old photographs restored, FixThePhoto is ready to help. We are here to bring your memories back with the help of high-quality old picture restoration techniques. Total face rebuilding, water damaged photo restoration and complicated faded photo fixing are on the list of services provided by our experts.

We have a big client base in the USA, the UK, Canada, Europe, and China with over 25,000 satisfied beginner and professional photographers. That shows the undeniable level of our experience in the old picture restoration sphere. Having worked with so many people, we know for sure how an excellent digital photo restoration should be done.

Our company always preserves the unique form of your pictures. We work with negatives, slides and photographs. You can view many before and after restored photo examples before placing an order. That will help you to see the professionalism of our specialists, who fix old pictures.

As we have already mentioned, we can fix fading, cracks, tears, discolorations, and nearly any defect that time have had on your photograph. Smoothing of visible fold lines, for example, if a picture has been carried in a bag or a pocket for a long time, restoring water damaged photos and many other operations connected with repairing old photos will be done at the decent level.

You may attach photos in JPEG format or upload them via Dropbox. Normally it takes from 1-2 business days to a week from the time you upload your photos for us to restore them. If the degree of damages or fading is really high, time required for professional old photo restoration may be longer. But still we will try to cope with the order as quickly as possible. After your order has been accepted, you may contact us any working day to monitor the status of your ordering.

Cost of our photo restoration services starts from $25 per picture. That is not cheap, but still taking into consideration the number of image restoration techniques used, the rate for one saved photo is really reasonable. High quality has its own price. If you are eager to get only the best quality result and do not want to risk your old pictures, you should not economize on choosing proper photo restoration and retouching services.

  • Old black and white photo restoration
  • Restoring heavily damaged images
  • Retouching & repairing vintage pictures

As you can see, the main part of pictures, which we have worked with, have been visibly damaged over time. Most clients, who asked for fixing old photo services, were sure that their images were beyond any repair. But still they used their chance and trusted their photo treasures to us. The final picture result has exceeded all clients` expectations.

If you want to restore old family photos or renew your old pictures, our experts are here to help you. We have proved to be the best photo restoration company in the USA, with a wide range of services, picture restoration included, and the most affordable prices. That is not all benefits that have made our photo restoration service really popular and constantly chosen by various clients.

We offer a breathtaking combination of friendly attitude, reasonable prices and photo restoration results that do not leave any chances for choosing other agencies that specialize in damaged photo repair.

We have many years of experience in providing restoration photo services. Just sign in, attach your photos, write necessary instructions to each shot, and we will turn your works into visually appealing, natural images. Definitely, you will not regret choosing exactly this old picture restoration company. We are proud of numerous positive reviews from clients that are satisfied with our old photo restoration. Read them and that will help you to decide whether to trust your old images to us or not.

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