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Face the problem of digital headshot retouching of your photos? Need it to be done quickly and naturally? Fix The Photo has a new service for actors, photographers, agents, studios and models providing digital headshot retouching according all photography standards.

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Our team provides retouching headshots support which usually takes about 2 office days. The aim of this service is to clean the final headshot of flaws, zits, under-eye circles, stray hairs, yellow teeth, visible scars, skin smoothing, including removal of face shine, grease, sweat, etc.  Removing or replacing the background on the headshot is an additional technique, which also can be applied.

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How to edit headshots naturally and without visible changes? Trust this work to our company. The retouchers will make the pictures more attractive, highlight the face features and hide the imperfections.

Headshot retouching refers to the portrait post processing and fashion industry. Not only workers require this service, many beginning and famous actors, top and photo models and other public people need headshot retouching support. Thank to our friendly staff, cheap photo editing and fast turnaround, every client of ours will het what he/she wants.

Scroll down to learn about the specifics our headshot retouchers provide.

Professional Retouching Headshots

Many beginning photographers can make the picture look fake during headshot retouch. The main challenge is not making skin look very smoothened and plastic. Fix The Photo guarantees to keep the headshots natural while still getting rid of the unnecessary things on the face and the background. Every picture we receive from our customers is personally checked by our head retoucher before they go out. The biggest benefit of outsource photo retouching is that you can use it everywhere with the Internet access.

Many photographers don't offer retouching as part of their package. With our company you should not worry about how to make a headshot look professional in Photoshop. This will be our task.

We are happy to inform you that our customers come to us many times for our headshot retouch service and fast turnaround. The quality of our work is unparalleled at the cheap price we have. Below you can read about the main steps in the headshot editing and what exactly our team offers you.


Our Headshot Retouch Pricing:

Pro Level

$5.00 per photo
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Services applied:

  • Adjustment Red-Eyes Effect
  • Skin Imperfections, Acne, Scars Removal
  • Face Skin Airbrushing
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Color Correction
  • Images Resizing/Cropping
  • Body/Face Reshaping
  • Background Retouching
  • Stray Hair Fixing
  • Solid color Background Extending
  • Blur Background
  • Some Small Objects Cutting Out
  • Clipping Path (Black/White/Transparent Backdrop)
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Extra Level

$10.00 per photo
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Services applied:

  • Pro Beauty Retouching
  • Two Images Merging
  • Braces Removing
  • Unwanted Objects Removing
  • Glasses Glare Fixing
  • Swapping Heads/Body Parts
  • Colors of Clothes/Image Items Changing
  • Clothes Smoothen
  • Background Changing
  • Dodge and Burn Effect
  • Complex Background Extending
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Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

15% off discount for all headshot retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US
30% off discount for all headshot retouching services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500.00 US

If you still have questions about the volume discounts or want to receive them – mail us or write in the chat box.


Headshot Editing – Colors

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Any picture needs this type of editing, particularly portraiture, headshots, family and wedding pictures. You cannot do post processing services for photographers  avoiding the color enhancement step. If you are not going to view headshot retouching tutorials to master it, ask Fix The Photo for help. When we work with the color correction, the retouchers are looking for the best looking tints and shades to create perfect photos. Here you will get reducing or minimizing shadows, adjusting lighting levels, making necessary contour shadowing and even shading. Our aim is to bring the attention to the model’s face and look.  The retouchers who produce our service are professionals in this field. We work until you are satisfied with results and can trust your headshots us if you need to edit colors.

How to Edit Headshots - Skin

You can find majority of ways to retouch a portrait or a headshot picture. To get rid of all visible problems of the skin is the main step that should be applied. Remove acne, zits and blemishes are a must-have in the retouching headshots procedure. Please note, if you did not write us to delete them, the retouchers just leave the skin drawbacks unretouched. It is important that your finished headshot still looks like how you look today. We make only naturally looking skin and pretty face.

Headshot Retouching – Wrinkles Removal

This type of headshot retouch should always be made carefully. You will not receive your headshots look like a porcelain doll. Amateur photographer can spend painstaking hours retouching headshots realistic, but our specialists can do it better, faster and for affordable rate. Our retouchers will help you to forget about wrinkles, acnes, zits, visible scars, pigmentation marks and dark spots on your photos.


Hollywood Smile

retouching headshots by Fixthephoto before retouching headshots by Fixthephoto after retouching headshots by Fixthephoto png


Teeth looking dull and yellow in your headshots? Use our headshot editing service which can quickly whiten teeth and brighten your smiles with Photoshop. How to make a headshot look professional in Photoshop is obviously our main goal and the teeth whitening is a real challenge for photographers, but not for Fix The Photo. To whiten one’s teeth in headshots  is the most frequently asked request we receive everyday. No matter it is a photo from wedding photoshootings, everyday shots, or anything in between – it’s very easy to make the necessary digital headshot retouching to the teeth in Photoshop and make them shine bright and stand out. People always look at your smile and teeth on the photograph. That is why we offer our services. If you want a “Hollywood smile” on your headshot, turn to us right now.

The Best Headshot Retouching for Hair

The next step is devoted to removing clusters of stray or fly-away hairs from a background and a face. In portraiture, hair is one of the most central details. Thinking about removing stray hairs in any photo editing software conjures up thoughts that are equal to torture. Fix The Photo has much experience in the wedding photography post production and working with portraits, and we understand and saw, how often can hair ruin the photograph. Our team of retouchers will enhance your hair’s look and make it look healthy and shiny. If you want to change the color of your hair – no problem, mention it in the instructions. This is a very usual headshot retouch task for our skilled retouchers. If it is a corporate headshot, we do not advise you color changing. Removing unwanted stray hair from a headshot is a regular part of photo post production. To tackle all the small individual strands might seem like a daunting task at first, but trust this time consuming work us.


Natural Headshot Retouching - Makeup

headshot retouching service before headshot retouching service after headshot retouching service png


Many photo retouchers often do not pay attention to a good looking makeup on the photograph. This step can become beneficial while retouching headshots. Here Fix The Photo provides eye makeup retouch to enhance eye color and sharpness.  We fix your makeup closely and carefully, so it would still look natural, but better, and we make sure we remove all your skin wrinkles. Along with background removal, color correction, makeup is a necessary component that influences on the headshot photography. The makeup adds emphasis on style and drama to the pictures.

Why Our Headshot Retouch Service Differs From Others?

• Our good reputation for being a professional headshot retouch company is based on the work we have done for over 14 years. The experienced photo retouchers will enhance your headshots, giving the natural and invisible retouch. Above you can see just several of our before and after examples for this headshot editing service to ensure in the quality we give in use.

• The prices for the headshot retouching services are still the most affordable without additional rates and fees. Our range of retouching services is large – from real estate photo editing to old photo restoration services. We solve every photo retouching problem you have.

• Our company is open to any fresh photo editing ideas, feedback and discussions. In our blog box you will find the headshot retouching tutorials and videos about post production. If you are a qualified photo retoucher and know how to make a headshot look professional in Photoshop, you can send your resume and become the part of our friendly team.


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