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Product Retouching Services

Product retouching is a process of ecommerce photo editing, which includes adding new details or touches to images for correction or improvement. Its aim is to make the photo more attention grabbing that the customers want to buy the product without thinking twice. To achieve the perfection, the product photography retouchers use different tools and take into consideration the importance of color, shape, and texture. The appealing photos of products are the result of their work. The product retouching is used by photographers who work with food photography, advertising photography, fashion photography and everything that is connected with purchasing.

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The online purchasing is becoming more popular every day. Currently, people buy everything through the internet from food to clothing. There are many advantages of buying online. You are not limited in time. The variety of articles is overwhelming. The prices are lower and even there are many discounts. You always have an opportunity to read the description of the article and choose the necessary one.

How Does Product Retouching Enhance the Photo?

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In this case, the question “How to get the product photography with removing tags?" raises. There are two ways. You can use yourself the Photoshop and edit your product photography. The product photographers spend hours for taking the articles from the right perspective to show all advantages of them. They waste two-times more hours for pictures retouching.

The e-commerce photographers’ work is their hobby. But sometimes, late at night, when you are fully exhausted, you do not have enough time to change photo background or you forget to add a logo to the photo. That can spoil you product photo fully.

Another way is online photo editing services that help you to get success. Product retouching companies will do your work quickly and the result will not make you doubtful. To be exact, we strongly recommend our cheap photo editing company that provides various photo retouching services, including product photo retouching services.

We provide editing services for everybody, who needs it. Our company has professional photo editors, who work round the clock to satisfy the customers’ needs. As you understand, product photo editing requires much time, but we are ready to get quits in no time.

We have experience with various online e-commerce retailers or storefronts selling – Fashion Apparels & Accessories, Jewelry, Furniture, Sports Products, Cars, Electronics, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Online Property Stores etc. We can say for sure that we are professionals product photo retouching service.


Our Product Retouching Pricing

Basic Level

US $2.00 per photo
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Services applied:

  • E-commerce:
  • Simple Items Background Removal
  • Backdrop Color Changing (Simple Objects)
  • Add the Borders
  • Resizing
  • Change File Format
  • Watermarks Adding
  • DPI Correction
  • Rotation
  • Compression



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Additional Services

US $ per photo
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  • Natural Shadows +1$
  • Drop Shadows +0,5$
  • Cast Shadows +0,5$
  • Reflection +1$
  • Recoloring Elements +2$
  • Remove Mannequin +1$
  • Ghost Mannequin +10$
  • Retouching:

  • Basic Retouch +2$
  • Pro Retouch +5$
  • Extra Retouch+10$
  • Clipping Path/Masking:

  • Background Removal (Simple Object) + 2$
  • Background Removal (Complex Object) + 5$
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Product Retouching

However, there is one drawback. People can’t touch or smell the product to judge the quality of it. In this case, the producers and companies use manipulation of people’s attention - product photo retouching services. They place only appealing professional products photography with a clear background and adjusted colors. They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And we agree with this expression. The quality of the picture is important for online shops. They are a pledge of profitable sale.


What Does Product Image Editing Service Include? 

clipping path service product photo online before clipping path service product photo online after clipping path service product photo online png

Color Correction

clipping path service product photo online shoes before clipping path service product photo online shoes after clipping path service product photo online shoes png

However, sometimes it is more preferably to use clean background and photographers ask to remove the white background. The right choice of the background plays a weighty role. How to make a background transparent? The transparent clear background is the best choice to emphasize the object. Professional photo editors who are responsible of product retouching will cut out disgusting backgrounds at ease.

Noise Reduction

online photo editing background change food before online photo editing background change food after online photo editing background change food png


The image may be looked unclear and blur. In this case, the professional photo retouchers eliminate extra luminance and color noise. The great view of the article is an important aspect that should be focused on. The noise reduction and studio background removing will make your product photography as appealing that the buyers can’t avert the eyes and will want to buy it right away.

Tags Removal

To cut the unwanted elements on the product photos is the photo editors’ ordinary doing. The models with various accessories and jewelry are presented on the online shops. The photo editor should endeavor to get rid of skin blemishes and smooth fabric wrinkles. Remain natural texture to make the accessories more attention grabbing. Especially we recommend it, when the matter concerns eyeglasses or earring.

Usually, it is a portrait of the model with wearing accessories only. Using professional portrait editing tools will be suitable here.  It is better to remove spots, unnecessary lens glare, and scratches. Also, add shadows to make the model naturally looking. Sometimes, the customer prefers invisible models. You don’t digress and focus on the product. The invisible models are used for such goods as apparel for men, women, and kids.


The masking will make your photos livelier and natural. We suggest using layer masking, translucency/transparency masking and alpha channel masking techniques to lend your product images a life like a feel. Our product image editing services’ professionals will also create shadows around your product images so that they look three-dimensional.


Our Range of High-Quality Product Photo Retouching Services Includes:

photography retouching for e-commerce before photography retouching for e-commerce after photography retouching for e-commerce png

  • Jewellery retouching services
  • Luxury watches retouching
  • Toys
  • Baby products
  • Digital cameras
  • Apparel of men, women, and kids
  • Kitchen utilities
  • Home accessories
  • Electronic equipment
  • Automobiles and  accessories photo editing
  • Cosmetic products retouching
  • Furniture retouching
  • Medical equipment etc.

If you have any product photos, listed above, we are ready to edit them and cope with different levels of demands. We are fully confident, the buyers will not leave the goods that were edited by our professional photo retouchers. You might have the question “Why I should choose exactly your company’s services?” and we try to convince you that you are on the right way to success.

Setting Margins 

This aspect is not as necessary as previous ones. You can add or remove margins from e-commerce photography as you wish. The setting margins will give your product photo a unique look. Here are the main aspects of product editing photography which you have to take into consideration.


With well-edited and high-definition product images, you can not only make the store more persuasive, but even build a successful brand image and gain a competitive advantage in the market. You can rely on yourself and do this work. But we recommend you to trust our high-professional photo-editors. They are experienced in all areas of retouching and have a good reputation. The customers are always contented with the ideal results. We will make every your photo appealing and perfect.

What Are the Advantages and Proposes of Our Company?

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The photography industry is very developed today and it is continuing to develop every day with a greater power. Many photographers both professional and amateur are fond of their job. They are inspired and exert every effort to create a masterpiece. Hours of shooting in different conditions make them exhausted. The almost do not have free time for family and friends. To leave this occupation is not the exit in this situation. As you understand, the photography is their passion and what is more, it is the main source of income.  Shooting is the one part of the job, but do not forget about product photo retouching services. The photography editing may take the amount of time. You might be sitting late at night, doing this work, without granting a respite. Sometimes you do not over your work in time, and it can adversely affect your reputation. The incomplete photos editing will not satisfy your customers. The aim of our outsource photo retouching firm is to end up with poorly captured images through editing them.

We have already edited thousands on images and we are continuing to edit them. You can be the next who will get our help and will be fully confident of our accuracy and highly appreciated result.

We have the first-rate photo manipulation services. We work with photographers from different countries and edited photos from different areas. We provide such services, as real estate photo editing, headshot retouching, wedding photography post production etc. These services are used widely. The services as wedding retouching, family retouching, and old damaged photo restoration enjoy wide popularity. Our photo editors are trained to work with all these services and know how to get perfection. The result of their painstaking work is appealing photos.


Product Photo Retouching Services

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The photo retoucher who works with product photo retouching services always finds a loophole to make your image eye-candy. The can skillfully and quickly edit dozens of photos. They know how to replace studio background or to change the background of the photo to white.

Our professional editors will do it without any problems. The buyers always pass shabby images of purchases. The product image must be vivid and of a kind that can induce a purchase. In addition, our best retouchers will help you enhance the quality of your images.

Our wedding photo retouchers make brilliant photos with the help of wedding photos retouching services. They emphasize emotion of the couple with the help of color temperature and remove the unwanted elements. You get ideal images of the greatest day in your life.

We want to help you with your family images. We get many photos of family photo sessions and holidays celebrating. Using our family photo editing online, our photo editors make photos candid.


Ecommerce Image Editing Service

photography retouching product shoes change photo background before photography retouching product shoes change photo background after photography retouching product shoes change photo background png

Another pleasant point that attracts new customers is reasonable prices. We also have retouching packages that presume discounts for definite quantity of images.

All our users are satisfied with our product photo retouching services, work, and offers. An approach to everybody and high qualified of the result of our work are two main positive aspects, considered our customers. They described our services as fair priced, quick and convenient. If you like accuracy, order, and perfect production, strongly recommend you our post processing services for photographers. If you appreciate everything to be done quickly and clearly, we are waiting for you.

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Need a fast product photo retouching services quotation? Attach some photos you need to edit, mention all recommendations to our retouchers, add a sample photo with the photographic style you need, and send us right now. You may even select and mark out the areas you need to edit by means of a pen. We accept all file formats and can follow all requirements you have. Send your photos and get a reply in 1 hour.

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