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Free Video Overlay

The FixThePhoto team has gathered Free Collections of Video Overlays for professional work. Scroll down and you will see the most popular and trendy effects – glitch, light leak, lens flares, sparkles and others. We constantly update our collections of free video overlays with new effects.Each video overlay from all bundles is equally suitable for clips recorded on professional cameras and amateur videos shot on mobile devices. Feel free to apply our video overlays to wedding, holiday and event footage, videos for personal blogs, use them for commercial purposes and more.

All Video Overlay Effects by FixThePhoto are developed for novice and experienced videographers, vloggers and basically everyone, who deals with video content and wants to enhance the footage, giving it an entirely new look.Regardless of your video editing skill level, you are sure to put these video overlays free to good use. After you add overlay to video, it acquires a more sophisticated look, as if the footage has been edited by a real professional.

A video overlay can make a huge difference to the way your video looks. Making your footage look perfect can take you hours, so if you want to save time and see a stunning result, download and try our Free Video Overlay Effects.

Video Overlay Packs by FixThePhoto




What Are Video Overlays?

A video overlay is a clip that is “layered over” another clip in order to produce a certain effect. Video overlays are in high demand among videographers. That is mainly because they are rather easy to master and apply. 

Video overlays are available in the MP4 format and may be used in all video editing programs.

Examples of effects:

How to Use Video Overlays?

Free Video Overlays by FixThePhoto are very easy to use. You just need to drag and drop an overlay on the video, and that is it. But keep in mind that sometimes you might have to adjust the blending mode to see the video and the applied effect simultaneously.

The process of adding video overlays differs from one video editing software to another. The explanation above is a general one. Regardless of the program you are dealing with, it should not take you long to import and add video overlay effects to the footage.