110 Free Wedding LUTs

These Wedding Video LUTs enhance skin tone and make colors vivid. The collection includes 110 free wedding LUTs that may be applied to videos recorded in any light. No matter where you are (in the forest, at the beach, in the desert or mountains) and what the lighting is (natural or artificial), our filters are here to make your movies perfect. LUTs wedding in CUBE and .LOOK file formats compatible with Premiere Pro CC, Sony Vegas, FCPX, After Effects CC, DaVinci Resolve, and more.

Wedding LUTs #1 "Sunrise"

wedding luts

Free Wedding LUTs #2 "Nighttime"

free wedding luts

Wedding LUT #3 "Wild Wind"

wedding lut

LUTs Wedding Free #4 "Dessert"

luts wedding free

Wedding LUTs Free #5 "Memories"

wedding luts free

LUTs Wedding #6 "Coastal Haze"

luts wedding

Free Wedding LUT #7 "Adventure"

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Wedding Video LUTs #8 "Saturation"

free wedding lut

LUTs Wedding Photo #9 "Contrast"

wedding video luts

LUTs for Wedding Video Free #10 "Darken"

luts wedding photo

LUTs for Wedding Video #11 "Shine"

luts for wedding video free

Best LUTs Wedding Video #12 "Matte"

luts for wedding video

Wedding Video LUTs Free #13 "Deep"

best luts wedding video

LUTs for Wedding Videos #14 "Frosted"

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LUT Packs Wedding #15 "Dimension"

wedding video luts free

Best LUT for Wedding #16 "Enchanted"

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Wedding Video LUT #17 "Flavin"

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Wedding LUT Free #18 "Evolution"

best lut for wedding

Best Wedding LUTs #19 "Ultra Water"

wedding video lut

Wedding Color LUTs #20 "Wipe"

wedding lut free

Best Free LUTs for Wedding Videos #21 "Obsidian"

best wedding luts

Best LUTs for Wedding Video #22 "Creamy Sun"

wedding color luts

Best Video LUTs for Wedding #23 "Vibrant Colors"

wedding luts pack

Free Wedding Video LUTs #24 "Desaturated Style"

best free luts for wedding videos

Wedding LUTs #25 "Dramatic"

best luts for wedding video

Free Wedding LUTs #26 "Filmic Contrast"

best video luts for wedding

Wedding LUT #27 "Venice"

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LUTs Wedding Free #28 "Blush"

free wedding video luts

Wedding LUTs Free #29 "Green Push"

wedding luts

LUTs Wedding #30 "Bashful"

free wedding luts

More Free LUTs by FixThePhoto

Designed by professional videographers, our Free Wedding LUTs will add a spirit of romance and tenderness to your videos. They will make your movies original paying attention to each particular detail. Being warm, bright and gentle, these luts wedding free will help you color grade your wedding clips easy and professionally in several clicks. Don’t waste your time looking for ideal filters, since our video LUTs are available for download here and now.

Free Wedding LUT #31 "VSCO"

wedding lut

Wedding Video LUTs #32 "Film"

luts wedding free

LUTs Wedding Photo #33 "Premier"

wedding luts free

LUTs for Wedding Video Free #34 "Kodachrome"

luts wedding

LUTs for Wedding Video #35 "Canon"

wedding luts free download

Best LUTs Wedding Video #36 "Iphone"

free wedding lut

Tips for using Wedding LUT Free

Creating these Wedding Video LUTs, our experts aimed at producing universal filters suitable for various light conditions. Our goal was to transform a blue-toned city wedding movie into an impressive piece of video featuring light effects of the perfectly lit ceremony. We were interested in designing wedding photo retouching and video LUTs that are equally powerful in the green forest and in the studio. These are filters that balance the colors in your video, making them harmonically enhance your video footage while the sun is hiding over the horizon. We are completely confident in the quality of these wedding LUTs since they’ve been already tested on different cameras, such as Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc. The results were really impressive! 

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