Free LUTs by FixThePhoto

Would like to have universal and free LUTS for fast color grading? Understanding the growing competition between video editing specialists and filmmakers, FixThePhoto team has designed an impressive number of free LUTs for you to create eye-catching, vibrant footage and stand out from the crowd. These free LUTs will come in handy for both experienced videographers and those only learning the video editing and color grading process. Here you can find more than 200+ LUTs for free and turn your video color correction routine into a fast and pleasant activity.

Free Film LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free luts film

Free Film Emulation LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free luts film emulation

Free Cinematic LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free luts cinematic


10 Free LUTs
free vsco cinematic

Free Color LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free color lut

Free Color Grading LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free color grading lut

Free Color Finale LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free color finale lut

Free Black and White LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free black and white lut

Free LUTs for Premiere

10 Free LUTs
free premiere lut

Free Davinci Resolve LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free davinci resolve lut


10 Free LUTs
free fcpx lut

Free S-LOG2 LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free slog2 lut

Free Wedding LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free wedding lut

Free Teal and Orange LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free teal and orange lut

Free Canon LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free canon lut

Free Sony LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free sony lut

Free Fujifilm LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free fujifilm lut

Free Kodachrome LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free kodachrome lut

Free GoPro LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free gopro lut


10 Free LUTs
free bmpcc lut

Free Gh5 LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free gh5 lut

Free LUTs for Drone

10 Free LUTs
free drone lut


5 Free LUTs

Free Photoshop LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free photoshop lut

Free Vintage LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free vintage lut

Free LUTs for iPhone

10 Free LUTs
free iphone lut

Free Koji LUTs

5 Free LUTs
free koji lut

Free Vision Color LUTs

3 Free LUTs
free Vision Color LUTs


10 Free LUTs
free dji lut

Free Mavic Pro LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free mavic pro lut

Free Vlog LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free vlog lut

Free Blackmagic LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free blackmagic lut

Free Ground Control LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free ground control lut

Free Cities Skylines LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free cities skylines lut

Free LUTs inspired by Peter McKinnon

10 Free LUTs
free peter mckinnon lut

Free After Effects LUTs

10 Free LUTs
free after effects lut

Best Free LUTs

We have collected the best free LUTs that will turn any piece of footage into a masterpiece, namely, make the overall toning of the video more saturated, enhance the lighting, accentuate prominent details and shadows. Our LUTs are available in the .cube format. These LUTs are ready to be used in Premiere Pro CC, Sony Vegas, FCPX, After Effects CC, DaVinci Resolve, etc. The best LUT package is an essential tool for those who often edit travel or lifestyle footage, as well as event or wedding videos. Even if you are involved in creative videography, you will definitely put these best LUTs to good use.

Best Free LUT "Boost Shadows"

free ground control lut

Best LUTs "Sun Shine"

best free lut packs

Best LUT "Powerful Tonning"

best free lut pack

Best LUT Packs "Contrast"

best video editing luts

Best LUT Packages "Limit Color"

best free luts to download

Best Free LUT "Colorful"

best luts free download

Best LUT Package "Depth of Field"

free luts best

Best Free LUT Packs "Blue Sky"

best luts download

Best Free LUT Pack "B&W"

luts download best

Best Video Editing LUTs "Art Sharpness"

luts download best

Using a certain free LUT from presented bundles, you can easily add brightness and liveliness to your footage, thus attracting more viewers’ attention. People like beautiful and cinematic colors and with these free LUTs you can quickly achieve such a result. Evaluating the demands of modern videographers and fast-developing video editing standards, FixThePhoto professionals worked hard to create the best free LUTs that can satisfy the needs of artists engaged in different genres. Looking through the collections, you can find Film, Color, Wedding, Canon, GoPro Free LUTs and many more bundles with first-class tools. Since they are all distributed for free, don’t miss a chance to add them to your toolkit. All free video LUTs from FixThePhoto are a must-have for every filmmaker, colorist, motion designer, cinematographer, and video post-production specialist, who want to bring more flexibility and creativity to his/her regular work!

What Are LUTs?

A LUT also known as Look Up Table holds a set of numbers that are looked up by the video editing program you are working in to intentionally change colors in videos. Whenever you need to perform color grading, free LUTs from our bundle may greatly speed up the task.

These tools are very easy to use, while the effects they deliver are beyond any expectations. Professionals like increasing their personal collections of LUTs with new filters, because it enables them to approach video editing in a more artistic way without much effort. Less experienced users can’t also do without nice LUTs free collections, as it is better to automate the video editing process rather than make all the changes on your own, especially if you can boast of top-notch skills. Every LUT in these collections produces a bit different effect, but all of them are absolutely free and of high quality! Free LUT files included in these packs offer non-destructive video editing, so nothing will damage your original clip. For your convenience, we have divided the LUTs into 2 groups – stylistic and camera-specific.

Download any collection of free LUTs to test it and see whether it suits your needs. There won’t be any OS compatibility issues, as these tools work smoothly on Windows, Mac and Linux. They come in a .Cube file extension, meaning you can use them in most video editing programs, including Premiere Pro CC, After Effect CC, Sony Vegas, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, FCPX, Luminar and more.

The biggest advantage of these free LUTs is that they are available absolutely without hidden payments. Download the pack you like the most or even all of them for future use and create a stylized, catchy look in your videos. Hope you like this rundown of cool freebies and recommend them to your friends!

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