Free Mavic Pro LUTs

Free Mavic Pro LUTs for video color grading are in great demand nowadays. The main reason is that recording video with the help of drones is becoming more and more popular. These free LUTs for Mavic Pro suit different video styles (wedding, cinematic, vintage, etc.). They can change colors and tones in a matter of seconds in Vegas Pro, FCPX, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, DaVinci Resolve, etc.. You can use the best LUTs for Mavic Pro to make hues warmer or colder and add blue tints. While applying a chosen Mavic Pro free LUT in .CUBE and .LOOK formats, you can adjust such parameters as contrast, light and shades.

Mavic Pro LUTs #1 "Blockbuster"

mavic pro luts

Mavic Pro LUT #2 "Cool Mist"

mavic pro lut

Free Mavic Pro LUTs #3 "Forest"

free mavic pro luts

Mavic Pro Free LUT #4 "Breeze"

mavic pro free lut

Mavic 2 Pro LUT #5 "Craft"

mavic 2 pro lut

Mavic LUT #6 "Depth"

mavic lut

Mavic LUTs #7 "Contrast"

mavic luts

Best Free Mavic LUT #8 "Tropical"

best free mavic lut

Mavic Pro LUT Free #9 "Sharpen"

mavic pro lut free

Free LUT for Mavic Pro #10 "Art House"

free lut for mavic pro

Best Free LUT for Mavic #11 "Landscape"

best free lut for mavic

LUT for Mavic #12 "Retro View"

lut for mavic

LUT Mavic #13 "Clean White"

best mavic por lut

Mavic Pro 2 LUT #14 "Morning Nature"

lut mavic

Free Mavic LUT #15 "Deep Shadows"

mavic pro 2 lut

Mavic LUT Download #16 "Greenscape"

free mavic lut

LUT FOR Mavic Pro #17 "Cityscape"

mavic lut download

Mavic 2 Pro LUT Free #18 "B&W"

lut for mavic pro

Mavic Pro LUT Download #19 "Contrast"

mavic 2 pro lut free

Mavic 2 Pro LUTs #20 "Colorful Scape"

mavic pro lut download

LUTs for Mavic Pro #21 "Action Day"

mavic 2 pro luts

Best LUTs for Mavic Pro #22 "Shadow Tone"

luts for mavic pro

Mavic 2 Pro Free LUTs #23 "Blue Hawaiian"

best luts for mavic pro

Free LUTs for Mavic Pro #24 "Matte"

mavic 2 pro free luts

Mavic Pro LUTs Free #25 "Aura"

free luts for mavic pro

Free Mavic LUTs #26 "Contrast"

mavic pro luts free

LUTs for Mavic #27 "Soft Purple"

free mavic luts

Mavic Pro LUTs #28 "High Tide"

luts for mavic

Mavic Pro LUT #29 "Old Movie"

mavic pro luts

Free Mavic Pro LUTs #30 "Night Vision"

mavic pro lut

More Free LUTs by FixThePhoto

If you want your drone footage to be really stylish and deep, then pay attention to these Free Drone LUTs. They were designed by the team of experienced FixThePhoto video editors and can be easily used for clips recorded with Mavic Pro devices. Both experienced and amateur filmmakers can use these Mavic Pro LUTs. All in all, these free Mavic Pro LUTs perfectly suit any type of video footage such as traveling, romantic, city, nature, etc. Clips captured with Mavic Pro are detailed and deep.

Mavic Pro Free LUT #31 "DJI"

free mavic pro luts

Mavic 2 Pro LUT #32 "Kodachrome"

mavic pro free lut

Mavic LUT #33 "Ground Control"

mavic 2 pro lut

Mavic LUTs #34 "Best"

mavic lut

Best Free Mavic LUT #35 "Cities Skylines"

mavic luts

Mavic Pro LUTs #36 "Vlog"

best free mavic lut

Tips for using Mavic Pro LUTs

  • This LUT for Mavic Pro has bright colors and higher contrast. It makes the footage lively and more inspiring. The tool suits dark and night frames best of all. Using it, you can bring into life any available idea.
  • Such Mavic Pro free LUT will make your footage recognizable. It adds a blue tone and increases the contrast. The frames become deeper, more impressive and involving.
  • This LUT for Mavic Pro has beautiful rich colors and impressive depth. You will notice the tiniest details which look nice. The LUT suits nature and wildlife videos.
  • This tool adds contrast and depth. The greens become darker and more natural. As a result, the attention is drawn to the main subject of the footage.
  • After applying the Mavic Pro LUT, the colors of the footage will become colder. Even the smallest details will be emphasized. The contrast and sharpness are increased.
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