Iwltbap LUTs

Iwltbap LUTs

Iwltbap LUTs are the most popular products for video color grading nowadays. The creative team offers more than 10 different paid and free packs of filters for videographers, ranging from the film effect to bright Orange & Teal colors.

iwltbap luts

In this article, I will review all Iwltbap LUTs packages, as well as offer 5 FREE alternatives to these filters.

FREE Iwltbap LUTs Review

Iwltbap offers a lot of free LUTs download links. The developers even give you the opportunity to try 10 LUTs from the paid Cinematic collection for free, so you can check the quality of the product and test it before you make a purchase.

Free Cinematic LUTs

iwltbap luts cinematic Download Cinematic LUTs

You can test 10+ LUTs from the Cinematic collection and marvel the unique color gamut they give to your clips. Any Cine LUT from this pack is created to reproduce the effect you usually receive with first-class film color grades. If your video colors seem dull, just download this set and receive that Hollywood-worthy color gamut easily and fast.

Free LUT "Aspen"

aspen lut Download Professional LUTs

This unique effect was created as an alternative to ultra-vivid color films such as Kodak Ektar 100 and Kodak Vision color print film 2383. It will give your footage an extraordinary color grades, especially if it contains the sky. This Aspen LUT accentuates cyan/juniper tones and makes them darker and saturated.

The LUT brings a melancholy mood to the video as the colors look colder. It isn’t recommended to apply this filter to the clips recorded at twilights or in cloudy weather in order not to make the scenes too gloomy.

Free LUT "Sedona"

sedona lut

Sedona LUT is worth special attention. This LUT is similar to Lomography CN 100 35mm. The developers added a special warm touch to make a beautiful sunset atmosphere. The filter makes skin tones warmer preserving the natural look.

The Sedona is designed for traditional color profile such as sRGB and Rec.709 as well as for LOG (or other flat profiles). This pack comprises a complete set of LUTs to convert all LOG color profiles to standard video such as Rec.709.

This filter works with videos from different cameras, for example, Canon 5D Mark III, Samsung NX1, Lumix LX100, Samsung NX500 and other models.

Free LUT "Arapaho" For SmallHD

iwltbap luts arapaho

In cooperation with SmallHD, Iwltbap created this original LUT. It gives your footage a special touch, makes the colors warmer and the tones more saturated.

Also, this LUT boosts the contrast. Moreover, the filter improves skin tones making them warmer. Apply this LUT to the clips recorded outside in the daytime to give the footage a warm touch and unique atmosphere.

Log 709 LUTs Conversion Pack

iwltbap luts log

This package is full of beautiful filters, which are capable of converting all LOG video profiles to standard videos like sRGB and Rec.709. Each profile includes several versions of LUTs.

Download LUTs and see how your footage becomes more appealing with gorgeous magenta tone dominated. It makes the colors softer and adds a gentle touch to the footage.

However, these effects will not be suitable for all videos. It is better not to apply them to the scenes which contain red objects.

Free 4K Film Grain

cine luts film

If you are all about the atmosphere of those good old days, make use of this free LUT download link to improve your footage. It is a versatile filter that will work great with all types of clips.

This film-inspired LUT intensifies colors and enhances skin tone. It works effectively with close-ups and event videos.

The effect simulates 35mm film scans with digital post-production. In the ZIP file, you'll find a video lasting 10 seconds about how to use it in After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Free LUT "Humble"

iwltbap luts humble

Being inspired by talented Jaime O'Bradovich, this LUT imitates the look of Kendrick Lamar "Humble" music video. It intensifies green and blue colors giving the scenes an unforgettable atmosphere.

This sample of Iwltbap LUTs adds a beautiful antique look to your footage. It accentuates blacks, makes the blue hues deeper and highlights warmer.

This LUT will work great with videos recorded in bright sunlight to make the colors less vibrant. If the scenes contain some white elements, apply this filter to preserve their natural look.

False Color LUTs

iwltbap luts false color

If you want to show in-camera false color, download this collection of Iwltbap LUTs. The pack includes 4 LUTs for Rec.709 and V-Log L. Being optimized for Panasonic GH5, these filters will effectively expose the videos.

Exposing your footage helps track the exposure of your footage. Combine in-camera false color with zebra tools and immediately determine all potential problems with exposure.

By the way, a lot of modern monitors feature the false color function by default.

Iwltbap LUTs – 3 Bestselling Packs

The most popular products on the site are Iwltbap Luts packs. With a relatively low price ($15+) and an impressive number of filters in the set (starting from 50+), these LUTs stand out on the market, providing high-quality video processing of any type.

LUTs Color Grading Pack

color grading presets for premiere pro

Price: $25

These are 250+ exclusive 3D LUTs, which are created to simplify the color grading process. These filters are inspired by the most well-known cinematic looks and are created to enhance skin tones.

The professionals who developed these cine LUTs used various color slides and negative films to create unique effects. Each filter from the pack has a certain film feature, so you will definitely find the look according to your preferences.

You can experiment with settings and adjust the LUT to get a gentle or a bright effect. This pack is effective for all kinds of scenes. If you need to change the visual tone of the entire film and make color grading more balanced, feel free to download this set.

LUTs Pack for GoPro & Drones

iwltbap luts gopro

Price: $15

This collection of +50 unique filters will give an original look to your GoPro footage. They support Protune and DJI D-Log color modes. Vloggers and travelers will surely appreciate the effect these LUTs produce.

No matter what device you use, GoPro, action camera or drone, your footage will be nicely improved with the help of these filters. In the set, there is a LUT, which is capable of converting your video from Protune to standard color profile.

Both amateurs and professionals choose GoPro or action cameras due to their sturdiness and compactness. However, to perfect your footage and make it more appealing, you will need to edit your video additionally.

These cameras produce first-class videos but usually, the footage requires high-quality color grading. Each GoPro owner has a lot of interesting videos but it is rather time-consuming to enhance them manually. That is why you need to download this collection to simplify your workflow and boost color grading.

Psychedelia LUTs Pack

psychedelic luts

Price: $20

These are the most creative and extraordinary free LUTs on the market! They are created on the basis of infrared photography and are designed to preserve neutral colors and skin tones.

This package comprises 70+ exclusive color grading filters. With their help, you can give an artistic finishing to your clips.

About Iwltbap LUTs Company

iwltbap luts site

The company was founded by Benjamin Lambinet. He is a French filmmaker who creates LUTs for professional videographers to simplify their work and give a beautiful look to their movies. His Instagram fan page has more than 29.8K followers. He always seeks to share his experience with beginning videographers.

In 2007, Benjamin began a career of an independent graphic designer. At that moment, he worked on web design and book design projects. Also, he created logotypes and worked as an art director. Benjamin was all about photography and did small photo sessions to help other clients. That is why he wanted to learn everything about color correction and color grading to give a special touch to the amateurish videos.

In 2015 he decided to produce his collection of LUTs. It has a strange name IWLTBAP (I would like to be pony). It was rather risky to choose the unpronounceable name, but he thought it would be funny. At first, the set included only 25 filters. He wanted to create something affordable, easy-to-use and practical. Nowadays, the Cinematic collection includes 200+ beautiful effects.

Iwltbap LUTs Free Alternatives

Want more cool Iwltbap LUTs alternatives? Download these three incredible filters to help your video acquire new, trendy colors. Try the cinematic effect or film. All LUTs can be changed and adjusted according to your style.

Canon LUTs City Building

canon free lut downloadscanon free lut downloads

The type of LUT is for footage with great landscapes or cityscapes, as its main function is tone correcting and produce high contrast. With the help of this LUT, you will be able to make the sky and water brighter and your whole footage bright and saturated. Check out this LUT if you want to achieve LUT "Aspen" effect.

Color Grading LUTs Chill Out

color grading free lut downloadcolor grading free lut download

Color Grading LUTs Chill Out is perfect if the colors in the video a bit dull and simple. You can use it while editing clips recorded in the forest or at the beach. This is the perfect alternative to LUT "Sedona" by Iwltbap.

Teal and Orange LUTs Skin

free luts for photoshop downloadfree luts for photoshop download

In case you feel like your film looks muted, this LUT inspired by LUTs Pack for GoPro & Drones is exactly what you need. The LUT is excellent at intensifying the blue colors of sky and see to give them more saturated look. Also this LUT gives the skin a tanned look.

LUTs for Premiere Green Push

free color grading presets for premiere profree color grading presets for premiere pro

This is a brilliant LUT if you want to achieve not only the color improving of the footage but special atmosphere. This LUT is perfect alternative to LUT "Humble" as it creates dramatic and mysterious atmosphere.

Mavic Pro LUTs Art House

free luts for premiere pro ccfree luts for premiere pro cc

After applying Mavic Pro LUT, you will get more saturated and bright colors, especially it will appear in cold blue shades. Even the smallest details will be emphasized. The contrast and sharpness remind the effect of Cinematic LUTs.

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