Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

Are you a beginner who’s looking for comprehensive wedding photography tips? Books by are useless and personal consultations will cost you more than $400 per day?

Look though these short but useful tips for wedding photography to become a top wedding shooter in your area.

How to Take Wedding Photos: 100+ Wedding Photo Tips

The reason why photographing a wedding may be difficult is because it combines all genres into one. Prepare to take portraits, still life, action, sometimes travel and landscape, or even crazy underwater images. These tips will help you handle everything and produce stunning results.

1. Put Together a Shot List

Every photographer has a set of successful wedding photography poses, but always ask your clients if they have their own ideas on how they would like to be photographed.

If the couple wants to have individual pictures with some guests, you must know about it and realize how to organize everything in the best way possible. Think about all details worthy of being captured and write your Wedding Roundup Photos down.

2. Find a Wedding Family Photo Coordinator

The most stressful section of the photoshoot is the family photo. People are running around, you are not acquainted with anyone, visitors are in a ‘festive spirit’ often encouraged by a few drinks, for an outsider, it looks like a chaotic mess.

Ask the couple to name a responsible person from each side who will be helping you organize the merry crowd for a pleasant shot. This works great because the couple can enjoy their celebration and the assigned person is more familiar with the rest of the invited.

3. Scout the Location Beforehand

photographing a wedding location

If it isn’t familiar to you, go there earlier and try to plan where the light and background will benefit the dress, rings, newlyweds separately, and with their family members.

Perfect if you do your investigation a few days prior to the event, with a calm mind and plenty of time. Check out these 8 best places for a destination wedding.

4. Know Your Gear Inside Out

gear tips for wedding photography

Canon 5D Mark III + Speedlite Flash + Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 + Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 + Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 + Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 + Battery Charger + Memory Card Folder + Memory Cards

Before the event check wedding photography camera settings, study and test available modes. Get sure that all options and functions work properly.

5. Always Have a Back-Up Camera

You can purchase a cheaper camera model or rent the camera body if buying new is too expensive. It may feel like you’re literally chopping off a large part of your profit for no reason until one day this actually saves you.

6. Change Lenses While Wedding Shooting

The biggest section in any wedding photography guide is on natural and real emotional shots. Noticing that the newlyweds look stiff and uncomfortable in front of the camera, switch to a longer lens (like 200mm) to move a bit further away.

Intimidated in your company, they will feel immediate relief and behave naturally. Cropping the extra is nothing compared to working around fake smiles.

7. Hire an Assistant

photographing a wedding with assistant

A great difference between professional and amateur wedding photography is the ability of the former to afford paying an assistant to arrange the lights, perform tests, or even shoot anything you are missing behind your back.

Collaborate with a colleague so that he/she helps with your clients and you do the same with his/hers; a great way to share the experience.

8. Get to Know the Couple

The key to the best weddings photo shoots is to get acquainted with the future newlyweds. Work out some questions for them, the answers may inspire you for certain shots or a photo-story.

9. Set Expectations

One of the crucial wedding photography tips is to figure out precisely what your clients want. Show them examples of your portfolio, pinpoint which specific moments are to be covered fully, the picture quantity they expect, how the photos should be delivered (printed or not). Take time to settle all technical aspects and the total price.

10. Prepare Documents

wedding photography contract

Remember that you need a proper wedding photography contract. It must specify what photography for weddings services are included, what is expected from both parties, fees, contacts and payment details. In case any serious disputes arise, everything can be settled with the lawyer’s assistance.

11. Know the Wedding Ceremony Program

Investigate how to photograph a wedding of a different culture, to make sure you don’t miss important symbols and rituals that differ from what you’re used to. Specify which wedding type you’re hired for and ask to be forwarded the celebration plan where you highlight the main events and their timing to plan your work accordingly.

12. Schedule the Day

Ask the couple about the most significant and sweet moments at their wedding, which mustn’t be missed. They would probably like to have the picture of the first dance or the bouquet toss and you have to be ready to capture this moment.

13. Shoot Engagement Session

pre weddings photo shoots

Not many couples actually request this service, so encourage them. It does wonders not only helping you find ways how to shoot a wedding that is taking place, but also introducing the couple to the particularities of such shootings.

Getting a chance to understand each other beforehand results in the wedding day going smoother in terms of photography.

14. Turn OFF the Sound on Your Camera

The smallest but most relevant tip is to turn off any sounds because all those beeps during the vow and first kiss steal from the moment.

15. Use a Tripod

wedding photographer with a tripod

Numerous wedding photography tips and tricks involve a tripod. With it, you’re free to shape the group shot with your own hands, tinker with lighting and accessories. Plus, in different shooting conditions, you will be grateful for extra stability that brings out finer details.

16. Capture the Details

how to take wedding photos of details

Imprint the little elements of the festivity that the bridal couple spent their time arranging. Certainly, wedding rings photographs deserve separate attention, but also take close-ups of corsages, flowers, shoes, jewelry, and special little details that are unique in the ceremony.

17. Select Comfy Clothing

what to wear for photographing a wedding

Don’t know what should a photographer wear to a wedding? You have to choose your outfit in accordance with the style of the wedding.

Actually, there is no perfect attire for such an event. You just have to choose something neat and comfortable.

Give preference to the neutral colors and loose fit. Usually, a photographer has to work many hours from early morning till sunset, so mind to have some warm clothes.

18. Capture the Firsts

firsts wedding photography tips
firsts wedding photography tips

The sole task of wedding day photography is to save forever those delicate moments like the first kiss, dance, look, etc. The problem is that these moments are very fleeting and unless you’re fully alert and ready they could pass uncaptured.

Professionals always discuss the itinerary with the couple singling out the important moment and when they take place.

19. Shoot the Reaction

photography for wedding emotions

See someone in the crowd reacting expressively to the tender rituals of the ceremony? Such warm emotions are a treasure for the newlyweds, too.

Get the assistant’s lens focused on the viewers and capture such reactions while you’re busy with the couple.

20. Know the Guests

group wedding photography tips and tricks

A big wedding would have all sorts of people attending it, from close relatives to important colleagues or friendly neighbors. Go over the names of those invited, mark the people relevant to the newlyweds, learn their names to establish contact and take nice portraits.

21. Be Bold but Not Obtrusive

Being too timid will deprive you of interesting opportunities and shots so be determined but also plan ahead. Predict the right spot when important rituals are carried out so that you don’t miss them and remain invisible for the guests.

For me, the best way to take wedding photos is to change 4-5 positions during the ceremony and use moments like songs or readings for relocation.

22. Set Proper Lighting

night wedding photography settings

Practice indoor wedding photography without flash because in certain churches it is banned to use it. When it is allowed, think of how the light can help you.

Mind that bouncing the flash off the colored church interior will tint the image, so in many cases, a flash diffuser would work better.

23. Shoot in RAW

Arranging the wedding photography shooting, take into account the differences between GPEG and PNG. The RAW format gives more discretion for the photo editing, especially as you cannot change the lighting at the wedding. GPEG is better for fast photographing. I recommend the last format for a wedding photoshoot.

24. Use a Simple Background

Remember, you have to concentrate on the couple and choose something rather plain to get a cool shot. Very colorful backdrops will distract the attention and you’ll have to spend lots of time on editing.

25. Try to Get an Accurate Exposure

wedding photography exposure tips

A large discussion is always revolving around wedding photography exposure tips because with as much white in the photo as the bride’s dress makes things get harder.

If you choose the middle exposure value, the photo could look too dark, so that can be corrected by a minor positive compensation.

It really has to be minor, though, because highlights are harder to restore than shadows when you start editing the image. My way is to peek at the screen to see how the exposure I’m setting looks like.

26. Experiment with the Shooting Angle

shooting angle wedding photography tips

A light tilt can add dynamics to an image. There is no rule to photograph strictly horizontally or vertically. Experiment, turn horizontal and vertical lines into diagonal ones, thereby adding expressiveness to your pictures. Keep within limits, just a couple of weird-angled shots are enough.

27. Take Beautiful Group Shots

wedding photography group shots

Every wedding guest would aspire to get a professional shot with the newlyweds, so most wedding photography tips relate to taking group shots.

Work with a partner to organize people in groups and line them up. Don’t hesitate to take multiple shots of each group as spotting if someone blinked or made a weird face on the small camera screen is hard.

28. Use Wireless Radio Triggers

What all wedding photography tips constantly tell you is to keep everything organized and highly efficient. If you start tinkering with your flashes or selecting settings you waste time and miss interesting wedding moments, so use technology like radio triggers for more efficiency.

29. Bring Enough Batteries and SD Cards

When it comes to photographing a wedding, batteries and SD cards play an important part in the overall success. There is hardly a shooter who likes dealing with these questions. In the case with batteries, it is easy to decide how many of them you need.

As for SD cards, you’d better give preference to quality instead of quantity. There is no need to purchase many cards. Investing in several good 128GB storage cards will be your best decision.

30. Don’t Forget about Battery Grips

One of the most suitable variants can be Promaster grips. Though this item costs less than its equivalents, it has the same options and features.

31. Look for Smiles

wedding photography tips for brides
wedding photography tips for brides

These are some unique and unplanned moments. For example, laughter from the corner, children playing around or any other similar moments. You just need to be more attentive to capture these moments during the whole day. Believe me, the couple will surely like these shots.

32. Stay Close to the Bride

wedding tips for brides

The wedding day goes by quickly so it is important not to waste even a minute. Most wedding photography tips will recommend you being close to the bride all the time.

In this case, you will not miss any opportunity to capture genuine emotions which are so easy to forget. Such shots will be a great reminder.

33. Take Photos of the Bride Alone

wedding photography tips for brides

Most ladies are dreaming of being a bride. They wait for the wedding ceremony and want to make it perfect. Brides choose a dress and do other preparations very carefully. That’s why it is very important to take a few pictures with a bride only.

34. Expect the Unexpected

Every couple is eager have a perfect wedding day. However, it something may go wrong. The best man may lose the ring for a moment, it may start raining suddenly or anything like that.

Of course, the groom and the bride will be sad because of these unexpected things. However, exactly they create special memories.

35. Photograph Men

how to take wedding photos of groom

Shooting males differs greatly from taking pics of women. Men want to look cool, strong, tall and tough. Of course, a lot can be done with the proper lenses and the photography perspective.

For instance, a larger focal length lens can make big noses look smaller. Remember two important things you should focus attention on when shooting men. These are the ‘V’ frame and jawline.

The ‘V’ frame means broad shoulders and a small waist. As for the jawline, it should be angular and defined for maximum manliness. These can be moderated by taking positioning and camera angles into consideration.

36. Build Up the Trust

Communication is very important when taking pictures in all genres and photography for weddings is not an exception as well. Your main task is to create trustful relationships so that the models feel comfortable.

It’s recommended to start with simple pictures and go to more complicated shots as the shoot progresses. Remember about visual instructions.

Don’t use complicated photographic phrases and explain the models everything in a simple, clear way. In this case, they will not feel confused but more confident about their own actions.

37. Kids Can Be Gold

traditional wedding photo poses with kids

Allow small guests to do what they like doing. They are not ready to be serious even on such a responsible day.

Let them yawn at the wedding ceremony or dance a lot. It is very significant especially if kids belong to the couple. Both the bride and groom will like such pics.

38. Take a Camera Bag

camera bag for wedding photo shoots

A handy camera bag is a must no matter how far you are going. Check out this guide on the best camera bag and select the one for your weddings photo shoots.

39. Protect Yourself and Your Equipment

You may read about insurance in many wedding photography tips. It will be beneficial for you as a shooter.

The wedding may be canceled due to weather or the lens may be damaged by some guests. Insurance will help cope with such situations and you will be able to work further.

40. Bring a Ladder or Step Stool

Fearless photographers can do their work from different places and heights because some shots get perfect only when you are a bit higher. You do not need to risk; a not very high ladder or a simple stool with several steps will be enough.

41. Arrange How to Handle “Uncle Bob”

how to photograph a wedding with props

Talk with a couple about “Uncle Bob” beforehand. Maybe they will resolve this issue by making the ceremony camera- and cell phone-free.

In this case, you will not face any unpleasant situations with “Uncle Bob” and will be able to take top-quality pictures without anybody’s interference.

42. Don’t Forget About Camera Cleaning Kit

Make sure a lens cleaning kit is always at hand for wedding day photography. This tool will help keep all significant parts of the camera clean.

As a rule, it includes a lens brush, cleaner bottle, air blower, lens cleaning pen, lens cleaning cloths and cleaning sheets.

43. See, but Don’t Be Seen

Keep an eye on the groom at the time when the bride is coming down the aisle. In this way, you will be able to capture all sweet reactions of the man when he sees the bride for the first time. Remember to stay out of the way during the ceremony so that all guests could see the couple well.

44. Pack Snacks and Water

It is not a big surprise that wedding days can be quite long and tiring. You may eat only at dinner time. So a lunch box with water is a must.

Give preference to food rich in protein to have enough energy for demonstrating numerous to take any photography for wedding. Among the best options are chocolate, peanuts, oranges and pretzels.

45. Props or No Props that is the Question

how to photograph a wedding with props

The use of props can make wedding photos more creative. All those empty picture frames, ring boxes and other similar things will add a special look to the ordinary pictures. You’d better discuss with a couple the question of possible props to avoid bringing unnecessary stuff.

46. Shoot Landscape at the Venue Before the Event

wedding photography tips on venue shots

The man and woman choose a particular venue because it appeals to them. So, you’d better take some great shots of it before the ceremony starts. These photos will become a nice addition to a wedding album.

Even little things will help you convey the general mood and atmosphere of the event. Besides, you can share some pictures with the venue owner and get some referrals!

47. Shoot Early

how to photograph a bride before the ceremony

Every wedding photography guide states that the best time to shot couple’s accessories and details is prior to the dressing process.

Exactly then, everything is untouched and has a perfect look. Ask the couple to put all the important details in one place before your arrival to save time.

48. Shoot More Outside

Natural light is a great benefit for both professional and amateur wedding photography. Get used to it and shoot outside more. It is the best way to show the area and something more than just a house with guests.

Natural light is great and it adds a pleasant warm tone to the picture. Think of the best outside locations beforehand where the lighting conditions are suitable for shooting.

49. Mind Black&White Photos

black and white wedding photography tips and tricks

B&W photos have something special about them, that’s why they never lose popularity. Very often, the basic wedding photography packages include such a service. Primarily, you have to found out the clients’ preferences and then show the pictures with a classier look.

50. Use the Reflector

The best camera settings for wedding ceremony along with the reflectors will provide incredible results. Reflectors are not very expensive and can add some dramatic effects to the pictures. As a rule, they bounce and direct the light back into the scene. They will help add fill light and let you play with it to take attractive shots.

51. Watch for the Little, Unexpected Moments

Don’t forget to capture unexpected moments. When the bride sees the shots where she is sharing a special moment with a husband or parents, a smile will appear on her face.

52. Use the Environment Around the Nuptials to the Fullest!

sunset wedding photography tips

I have one favorite trick. It is “framing”. Shoot through a crowd and focus on one thing only. Such a trick will make the viewers think they are a part of this event each time they look at pictures. Taking shots through glass, using some architecture to frame nature, people, will give a very romantic look to the photo.

53. Gather an Emergency Wedding Kit

emergency kit wedding photography tips and tricks

Prepare a wedding kit. Put pins, a wooden hanger, stain remover and other helpful things in it. Such a kit will be very useful in some situations.

54. 1/250

camera settings for candid wedding photography

One of the wedding photography tips that goes as a general rule is to keep the shutter speed in the range of 1/250 second. Of course, it can depend on the person and his/her steadiness of the hand, but 1/250 is considered to be the most suitable to capture every necessary moment.

55. Use Continuous Mode

A continuous mode is a simple key to overall success. It allows taking several identical pictures and then choosing the one where everybody looks well. In this case, it won’t matter even if some guest blinked, unlike with shooting in a regular mode.

56. Use Natural Light

lighting wedding photography tutorial

If you have a choice between artificial light and natural light, always give preference to the latter option.

However, you also should be very careful while shooting outside. Avoid places with much sunlight and move to shaded locations. Otherwise, you will get sharp and unattractive shadows.

57. Mind Camera Settings

wedding photography camera settings

During the photo session, you may get some photos with blown out areas. In order to predict and fix that, use one of the wedding photography camera settings that will flash such areas on the screen.

Thus, you will know that it's time to lower the exposure or turn off the flash, and further, any detail will not be missed.

58. Correct White Balance

camera settings for wedding reception

As a wedding photographer, you'll have to move around too much every time shooting in various wedding photography venue, so that's why you can leave the auto settings of white balance. You just won’t be able to change it all the time.

It will be much easier to make such adjustments while editing the photos and use the white dress of the bride, which has perfect white balance.

59. Take Several Wide Aperture Photos

best aperture for wedding photography

Do you share the point that wedding photos, wedding videos with the blurred background look astonishing? If you would like to take such photos, you will need a wide angle lens that if high on bokeh.

Keep in mind that the wider the aperture is, the lower the ISO will be, and accordingly the level of noise will be lower as well.

60. Use AF Servo Mode Rule

It helps to keep the focus if the object is moving or if you press the shutter only halfway. It is a great setting for the wedding photography, as people keep on moving all the time.

Al Focus mode will “concentrate” on fixed objects, but in case some object begins to move, it will turn into Al Servo mode, which will try to keep the moving object in focus while you are taking the picture.

61. Use Manual Focus for Macro Photography

camera settings for candid wedding photography

The auto focus is our first helper while taking most photographs. When it comes to macro photography, we usually shift to the manual focus.

The thing is that when you take pics of tiny things using the auto-focus, the results leave much to be desired. That is why if you want to get qualitative shots ‒ adjust the focus manually.

62. Aperture Priority

Of course, photographing a wedding, you usually adjust the aperture settings. The Shutter priority mode doesn’t give the same esthetic control, as the aperture tends to change because of the different light.

For example, if you take the couple portraits choose between f/1.4 to f/2.8 or use a high aperture value photographing the location or guests.

63. Mind Focal Length

best camera settings for wedding ceremony

What about the focal length of the wedding photograph, remember that for such small things, like wedding rings you should use macro shooting or 100mm, for portrait photos of the bride and groom, or the guests you should use 85mm, and for the whole wedding holiday 35mm is the most suitable variant.

64. Take Sharp Group Shots

camera setting for wedding photography

While making the group photos, think carefully about the selection of f-number. F/2.8 will not suit you, as every object in your photo has to be clear and sharp. The f-number will depend on how many people are in the photo, as well as how many layers are there.

If you have a wide angle lens, you will need at least f/5.6 and preferably even more. Here the ISO will come to help you. Experiment with the light, ISO, shutter speed to achieve desirable group photos.

65. Don’t Overdo with Grain & Noise

You know that together with raising the ISO, the noise level also rises. Sometimes you cannot avoid grainy photos, when, for example, you are shooting in the dark church.

You can decrease the noise by adjusting the exposure of the camera, and it will be undoubtedly better than increasing the exposure during photo editing as you will get even more noise. Remember that sometimes it is better to have a noisy photo than a blurry one.

66. Three Little Words

Ask the couple to describe their “Big Day” using only three words. Then, remember these words and try to reflect them in your photographs.

For instance, if they mention “fun” ‒ try to capture the funny moments. In case the wedding is associated with romance, don’t miss the sweetest moments of the day.

67. Use the Benefits of Golden Hour

best camera settings for golden hour portraits

Really fearless photographers manage to photograph the couple at the sunset. The colors and tones are superb. You will get very romantic and warm photos with the help of the natural light. Mind these tips for wedding photography if you want to take romantic couple shots.

68. Create a Wedding Photo Booth

photo booth wedding photography tips
tips for wedding photography photo booth

A wedding photo booth is creative, original, and also funny. Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity to get pictures of the guests capturing genuine smiles and sincere feelings.

The thing is that people are more relaxed when there is no photographer in front of them. By the way, a photo booth is a great attraction for everyone.

You just leave it and the guests will use it as they want. To construct the booth, you may use some old equipment, like DSLR and a laptop.

69. Include Loved Ones in Interesting Ways

Mind that relatives and friends are also looking forward to seeing wedding shots. For example, if friends or relatives are present before the ceremony when the bride and the groom do the last preparations, you may incorporate them into the photos.

Ask a bride’s sister or her friend to help put some jewelry or zip up the wedding dress. Speaking about the groom, you may ask the best man to fix the boutonniere, tie or put on the suit jacket. These are universal wedding photography tips that help get great shots.

70. Get on the Dance Floor

evening portrait photography tips

If you were hired to shoot a wedding, you are not only a service provider but also a full-fledged guest. So, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in all events of the reception and capture unique moments. For instance, you may get on the dance floor and become a part of the party.

71. Take a Break

If you see that things going on around you start getting on your nerves ‒ take a break. Of course, if you are continuously photographing a wedding for 8+ hours, you may become irritated and nervous.

72. Use the Wind

wedding photography tips with wind

If the weather is windy, pose the people facing the wind and get great shots. For example, wind gusts may add great dynamics to the wedding dress. However, don’t forget to cover the camera from the wind while changing the lens. It will help protect it from dust.

73. Smile More

If you smile to the people, they smile in response. Try to make eye contact. Don’t hide behind your camera.

74. Don’t Shoot People While Eating

One more advice from our wedding photography tips concerns eating. Don’t shoot people having meals. As a rule, nobody looks great while doing that and nobody will say “thank you” for such shots.

75. Don’t Stick to the View Screen

Don’t view every newly-taken shot. In the view mode, you lose the battery charge and are distracted from what’s actually happening around. It’s better to view the material during the breaks. Delete only those photos that you won’t definitely use.

76. Promote Yourself

To achieve success in this sphere, you are to continuously advertise yourself on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

Moreover, don’t forget about wedding competitions. It is also a great chance to gain wider popularity. Submit the shots you are proud of to the magazine or sell them to the stock photography website.

Mind that in order to publish or sell wedding shots of the newlyweds and the guests, you must ask them to fill out a model release form.

77. Always Keep an Eye on Grandparents

wedding photography tips and tricks

Unfortunately, shooters often forget about grandparents at the wedding. Actually, it would be great to show their affection and communication with other guests.

Believe me that these photos are really of great value since all of us understand that our time with them is more limited than with other relatives.

78. Wear a Wristwatch

It’s not a secret that weddings photo shoots require sticking to the precise schedule since all the parts of the reception go one after another.

As a wedding photographer, of course, you are to control the time to capture all the important moments. I recommend having a wristwatch. Having a watch, you will control the time without being distracted from the shooting process.

79. Take Care of Your Style

Create a convenient portfolio with galleries for each user of your site to view your pics and get an idea about your photo style, prices, and geography. Make the site as simple as possible and highlight the most important thing ‒ your pictures.

80. Ask Your Couple to Recommend You

Don’t hesitate to ask the couple to recommend you to their acquaintances. Perhaps, one of their friends is currently looking for a wedding photographer.

Moreover, you may also show your wedding images to them and prove your professionalism. If the newlyweds are satisfied with the images and the videos, they will certainly do it for you.

81. Preview Images

Provide your clients with some wedding photographs not long after the “Big Day”. There is no need to give the images you are going to include in the wedding package. The newlyweds will be happy even to have the non-retouched photos.

82. Provide Fast Turnaround

If it is possible, try to cope with image retouching as quickly as possible. Don’t send the photographs 10 minutes before the deadline.

If the clients see your care and attention, they are likely to use your services again and again. For example, hire you for birthdays, anniversaries or simply recommend to their friends having a wedding soon.

83. Tag Other Vendors on Social Media

Tag all the wedding vendors on Instagram when you post a picture. In such a way you will keep an eye on their activities, and they will also see your publications from time to time.

84. Create Online or Printed Wedding Albums

One more way to remind about you as a wedding shooter is to create and sell wedding albums. Original photo albums will successfully complement your main activity.

85. Make Backups of ALL Your Images

Wedding day photography requires special care and attitude. The thing is that your clients must be sure that you keep their shots secure and private. It is a core principle of a professional shooter.

Moreover, you should remember that under no circumstances you can lose their photographs. Never. When you get home, don’t forget to immediately upload your shots from the SD card to the external hard drive in order not to get into trouble.

86. Sort Out the Images

When you send your client about 1000 images and even more from the weddings photo shoots, take care of the customer and sort out the photos into groups.

Put the pictures capturing the bride’s morning, groom’s preparations, ceremony, walk, decorations and details, dinner, and the evening dances into different folders.

Moreover, if the wedding shots are grouped according to the tags, you may quickly send them to other wedding vendors ‒ stylists, decorators, a wedding attendant, florists ‒ they are looking forward to getting the pics as much as newlyweds are.

87. Grand Exit

wedding photography tips and tricks

Each wedding reception is ended with the grand exit. It is a traditional walk of a bride and a groom as a married couple.

The guests form a corridor for the newlyweds, sprinkle them with confetti or glitters. Mind that you are for sure to take images of the exit, which is not an easy task, actually.

88. Slow Down

Remember that there is no need to hurry while photographing a wedding. You may simply take hundreds of plain shots interesting to no one. The reception may go very quickly but your task is to keep calm and capture the best moments.

Slow down, take a deep breath and you will definitely get the photos satisfying both your clients and your own professional requirements.

89. Same-Day Slideshow

You may also create a short same-day slideshow to interest the guests and also advertise your services. It’s not difficult and doesn’t take much time ‒ use a series of photos going well together.

90. Learn From Each Wedding You Do

Even if you do all the preparations and read all the possible info on the net on weddings photo shoots, your first wedding gig is not going to be the perfect one. Analyze all the fails and try to avoid such mistakes photographing for another wedding.

Remember that no one was born a professional shooter ‒ everything comes with practice.

91. Use a Trusted Photo Editing Software Program

Photographing a wedding and image post-processing are two basic components of a shooter’s work. When you have the images taken, it’s time to get down to photo editing.

We recommend using Lightroom or Photoshop to improve photos. These are universal image retouching programs suitable for amateurs and professional users.

92. Don’t Overload With Wedding Photo Editing

One of the sufficient wedding photography tips and tricks is to follow the simple way of photo editing. You do not have to chase the modern trends of photo retouching, because they will vanish as fast as they appear, and the classic look of the photos may last for years.


93. Crop Images When Needed

One more recommendation from our wedding photography tips list relates to cropping. You should always crop the images if you need to.

If it happens that there is too much unnecessary space in the image or distracting details appear on the edges, crop them. Cropping the image, you manually highlight the important objects or people.

94. Use Clone Tool to Get Rid of Flaws

photo editing wedding photography tipsphoto editing wedding photography tips
Order Wedding Photo Retouching $2 per image

No bride wants her photos of the wedding to be imperfect. A problem, in this case, can be redness, pimples, small wrinkles, black circles and much more.

On the other side, be very careful when using it, you can easily overdo the face, thereby making the image unnatural. Using this tool in Photoshop is one of the most common wedding photography tips for beginners.

95. High End Retouching Photoshop Actions

tips for wedding photography post productiontips for wedding photography post production
Download High End Retouching Photoshop Actions

Successfully combining these two tools gives you the ability to create the perfect image, even if the source material was very difficult for any photo editing.

The fact is that the Dodge tool gives you the opportunity to highlight areas that do not have the inner radiance, and the Burn Tool makes it possible to reverse the much-lightened sections of the photography and snatch out the details that were exposed.

96. Correct Color Vibrancy

There is nothing strange in that you sometimes get not very bright images, as if the lens of your camera is covered with plastic or simply dirty. Sometimes the color tone of the image may be disturbed and some other colors will appear, for example, the photo will start to give off with yellow or blue.

One of the best wedding photography editing tips, in this case, will be the use of Color Vibrancy.

97. Use Sharpness Tool

tips for wedding photography retouchingtips for wedding photography retouching

If you use the wedding photography tips and tricks of professional photographers, you know that the greatest photos are candid, they create an atmosphere and convey real emotions. And with these pictures, one of the most horrible problems is related, it is the blurriness of the image.

Use Sharpness Tool to correct this defect, but do not overdo or the image can turn out to be a cartoonish one.

98. Apply Frequency Separation

tips for wedding photography post productiontips for wedding photography post production

Ideal skin is simply necessary for portraits of the bride and groom. Frequency Separation is a wonderful technique that will help you achieve an even skin tone when editing photos.

Professionals also advise this technique to handle other parts of the image, from the dress, ending with the sky and flowers. This is one of the easiest wedding photography editing tips, which even a beginner can use.

99. Offer High-End Photo Retouching

high-end wedding photo retouchinghigh-end wedding photo retouching
Order High-End Photo Editing $10 Per Photo

This technique is difficult and requires practice. It combines a huge number of techniques, the main task of which is maximum accuracy when working with pixels.

This photo editing is suitable for those photos that should look perfect, without any visible drawbacks. It can be used in advertising, photographs for magazines and in the wedding photography, which makes it possible to print these images.

100. Send a “Thank You” Note

When you sent the pictures to your clients, they are always satisfied, as the work seems to be done. But don’t forget about one more thing ‒ a “Thank You” note. You should thank your clients for the opportunity to provide them with your photo services.

There are various ways to do that. Buy some cards in the store or design your own original ones. There is no right or wrong way of doing it ‒ it’s up to you how to express gratitude to your clients.

Wedding Photography Tips: Tips by Pro’s

Dylan Howell’s wedding photography tip:

Dylan is from Portland, Oregon. He works in different countries trying to tell wonderful love stories of his clients. To reveal the incredible natural beauty and true feelings through the wedding photography is his main goal.

Candice Cusic’s wedding photography tip:

Candice specializes in different family celebration images and wedding photos. She does not like to shoot lots of similar pictures with identical smiling faces. In the wedding photography tips for brides, she emphasized that the greatest photos can be shot in the natural situations, when they are not specially prepared or stage.

Chrisman Studios’ wedding photography tip:

Those couples, who want to have their wedding photography gallery in documentary style, offer Chrisman Studios services. A talented videographer and 4 creative photographers will satisfy all the requirements.

Jonas Peterson’s wedding photography tip:

Jonas is a top wedding photographer who has been working in the industry for many years. If you visit his website, which he has started in 2008, you will understand why he is so appreciated and honored. And his additional brilliant beach wedding photography tips are unique and exciting.

Pranjal Kumar’s wedding photography tip:

The amazing team of people, who really love and admire their work, is known not only in India. Candid Shutter’s goal is to shot everything in its beauty. They are famous not only for their Indian bridal photography but for the passionate attitude to everything they do. Candid Shutter’s main principle is to be yourself and keep authentic.

Gabe McClintock’s wedding photography tip:

World famous Gabe McClintock is one of the most honorable specialists in portrait photography. If you wish to find out some interesting and useful wedding photography tips, you can learn them on his website.

Laura Babb’s wedding photography tip:

Creative English photographer is known for her documentary approach. Working not only in the UK but in different countries around the world, she takes unique playful images which incredibly real. Laura is sharing her ideas about light in her tip above.

Hafenliebe Wedding Photography’s wedding photography tip:

German highly experienced team Hafenliebe prefers to deal with destination and intimate weddings as well as elopements. For those who want to learn wedding photography, two members of this professional team are ready to give some pieces of advice in their interview for Looks Like Film.

Dan O’Day’s wedding photography tip:

He is said to be a top wedding photographer. His vivid and filled up with unstoppable energy images can show you the whole story full of emotions, beauty, and happiness of the occasion.

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