Creative Props for Wedding Photoshoot: Capture Love's Magic

Regardless of the style or vibe you're going for on your special day, with a set of wedding photography props, you can make your photos eye-pleasing and personalized. Moreover, if you are a bit camera-shy, having a prop provides a natural way to occupy your hands and help you feel more at ease in front of the lens.

1. Add Sparklers

Whether you're in the mood for some lighthearted sparkler antics or aiming to create eye-catching designs by sketching hearts or jotting down words with glowing lights, they're the perfect choice for adding magic to your pictures.

Using such cheap photography props, you can also make mesmerizing portraits. Just bring sparklers close to your lens (but not too close!) and ask a photographer to keep them in focus.

wedding photography props sparklers

2. Smoke Bombs to Add Colors

Colorful smoke bombs come in a range of hues. Remember to use them in a safe outdoor area.

Here are a couple of ideas for smoke bomb photography. Hold these props in a way that allows the smoke to disperse beautifully in the frame. Or position the smoke bomb just out of the frame to create a striking colored background effect.

If you don’t want to use colored smoke bombs, opt for dry ice. It produces lovely puffs of smoke and fog, adding a dreamy and mysterious touch to your images.

wedding photography props smoke bomb

3. Color Light as a Prop

Make your wedding picture captivating by introducing colored lighting. This technique allows you to focus on a couple or specific details. I recommend choosing a studio setting or a semi-dark space to achieve a more striking effect. Besides, take care of lighting in advance. Make sure to include it in your wedding photography checklist.

wedding photography props color light

4. Take Several Photos with Balloons

props for wedding photoshoot balloons

You can bring this popular wedding photo prop idea to life in many ways. For instance, throw in a colorful bunch of balloons in the background, use them to jazz up the shooting area or a car, or capture the moment when the balloons ascend into the air amid the joyous cheers of the guests.

wedding photography props balloons

You can mix and match these props with other bits and bobs to create a truly unique scene. By transforming your balloons into a beautiful wall, you will make a stylish setting for guests to take wedding photos.

5. Take Several Shots near Teepee

Using a teepee during the wedding photo session is a wonderful idea as well. Illuminated teepees in the evening or at night, look not just attractive but very intimate and romantic.

tepee wedding photography props

6. Customize Your Chalkboard

Take them to write interesting inscriptions or even wishes. For instance, you can list your partner’s positive qualities or dash off your dating history. Use colorful chalk, draw pictures, instead of just writing long stories.

chalkboard bridal party wedding props

7. Ampersand to Connect Your Stories

There are plenty of ways to get creative with this symbol. Insert it between initials, words, or photos. Or you can make a bold statement by using just this symbol as a sign of unity for your wedding or engagement photography.

ampersand wedding photography props

8. Outline the Center of Attention with Frames

To spotlight the couple, try using a classy photo frame. Take large frames with different ancient ornaments. Choose a color that will match the general gamut.

Experiment with poses or go for a kiss while your friends are holding a frame. For an extra dose of charm and sweetness, involve the kids in the scene.

props for wedding photoshoot frame

9. Create a DIY Wooden Arch

Using a wooden arch for a wedding photo session is an excellent idea. While it may require more effort and time to assemble compared to many other photography props mentioned, the payoff will be well worth it!

To pull it off, take some wood pieces, a drill, a saw, a staple gun, flowers, and a lengthy white fabric. Or you can buy a pre-made wooden wedding arch if DIY isn't your thing.

props for wedding photoshoot arch

10. Complement Your Attire with Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are perhaps the gentlest props for wedding photoshoot. The bride, her friends, and mainly all the girls look very beautiful and graceful, wearing such an accessory. These photos are better to take against the background of trees and the greenery.

props for wedding photoshoot flower crowns

11. Turn a Swing into a Floral Masterpiece

If there's a swing at the wedding spot, jazz it up with some floral decor. Attach flowers to both sides using wire.

Encourage your guests to snap inventive selfies while swinging. You can also convert it into a petite wedding photo booth, providing a space for guests to perch and strike poses with party masks or other wedding photo props.

props for wedding photoshoot swing

12. Hold Old Photos

props for wedding photoshoot old photo

Including pictures of you and the groom from childhood or snapshots of your early days as a couple. You can also opt for any other cherished memories.

old photo props for wedding photoshoot

For a heart-warming touch, consider using a photo from your parents' wedding. Alternatively, if there's a dear one who can't be present at the celebration, you can pay tribute to them by incorporating their image.

13. Spectacular Photo under Rose Petals

Is there anything more romantic than the allure of rose petals? Have someone toss them into the air as you are kissing either before or after the ceremony, and you'll capture an absolutely breathtaking moment.

props for wedding photoshoot rose petals

You can add rose petals during image editing. You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing that. In a few clicks, you can add rose petals to your photos and customize the overlay so that the image looks realistic.

14. Experiment with Flower Arrangements

props for wedding photoshoot flowers

Wedding venues are filled with flowers, so why not make them an addition to your photo session? A nice wedding photo props idea is to make a floral backdrop. Or you can simply pose with a beautiful bouquet.

wedding photography props flowers

Make use of this wedding photography tip. Plan several portrait shots with flowers in the foreground or use a bouquet strategically to hide a kiss with the groom from prying eyes.

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15. Hide under an Umbrella

props for wedding photoshoot umbrella

An umbrella serves as a symbol of providing each other shelter through life's challenges. Regardless of the weather, you and your partner will stand side by side in this journey called life.

wedding photography props umbrella

For such a pre-wedding photoshoot, you can choose a red umbrella to signify prosperity. If you go for a transparent umbrella, you and your partner can be clearly visible. Silhouette shots are also a charming option to explore.

16. Add Mystery with Masks

Reveal your hidden personality by incorporating animal masks or more traditional photography props for couples to evoke mystery.

Masks are an excellent means of visually showing the discrete facet of your character. For couples who feel timid in front of a camera, these props can serve as an excellent icebreaker or respite from being in front of the camera constantly. If you're feeling playful, you can also take a comedic turn and choose quirky masks.

props for wedding photoshoot masks

17. Be Creative with the Mirror

props for wedding photography

Mirrors create reflections that you can use to your advantage, namely to add depth and interest to wedding shots. Moreover, a mirror can symbolize everlasting love. Placing the mirror against the chest, right where the heart is, can represent the bride's presence in the groom's heart.

18. Sharing a Drink Together

props for wedding photoshoot sharing a drink

Choose any drinks you want - from childhood favorites to elegant champagnes. The choice boils down to the atmosphere and mood you want to capture. Try to use colorful cocktails and straws to create bright shots.

19. Pose with a Pet

props for wedding photoshoot with a pet

Including a pet in photos, you will receive very charming results since animals are incredibly adorable. Pick an outfit for them that matches the style, or set up a dedicated photo zone specifically for shooting with the furry friend.

20. Add Origami

props for wedding photoshoot origami

Hand-folded origami can infuse a sentimental touch into your photos. Although the folding process may take some time, the result is a delightful and splendid backdrop for your pictures.

wedding photography props origami

The most popular origami wedding props ideas are paper hearts, roses, or cranes.

21. Add Vintage Vibe

vintage wedding photography props

Vintage wedding photography props will look amazing in the shots as well. A vintage camera, for example, would be an interesting addition, especially if you love antiques. You can bring the old record player too.

22. Give Bouquets to Groom's Friends

bouquets bridal party wedding props

It has become a common thing to see the bride and her bridesmaids hold flowers. But why not try to give bouquets to the groom and his boys-team? May look very interesting, don’t you think so? There are lots of possible variants of how to use flowers to get unusual shots.

23. Capture Emotions when Opening a Bottle of Champagne

champagne bridal party wedding props

An ordinary bottle of champagne can become a really interesting prop. Splashes, wine glasses, genuine laughter will give a lot of positive emotions, and you have the opportunity to take many fascinating shots. This creative bridesmaids photo idea is easy to bring to life. Besides, it doesn’t require many costly props.

24. Play with Shadows

props for wedding photoshoot shadows

To implement this idea, you will need an object with an interesting shadow, such as a plant with oblong leaves. Direct the light so that the plant casts a shadow on your face.

wedding photography props shadows

You can also use fabric with patterns, blinds, etc.

25. Different Rides to Add Motion

props for wedding photoshoot rides

If you love riding motorcycles fast, take a photo near this vehicle, decorating it with a themed banner. You can do the same with a car, an airplane, or even a sled.

26. Create a Composition with Thematic Accessories

props for wedding photoshoot composition

For a groom, you can choose a bow tie, cufflinks and boutonniere, and for the bride - shoes, jewelry, garters, and a wreath of flowers.

wedding photography props composition

You can photograph these details either as a separate shot or with the bride or groom in the background.

27. Enchanting Foregrounds with the Long Veil

props for wedding photoshoot veil

Choose unique angles, like shooting from beneath the veil. Here's my little photography hack: if you focus on the couple, the veil in the foreground will appear slightly blurred, giving off a dreamy vibe.

wedding photography props veil

With wedding photography props like a veil, you don't have to plan out poses and angles in advance – spontaneous moments make photos more beautiful. These can be snapshots with the groom, kids, or parents.

28. Use a Sign as a Symbol of the Relationship

props for wedding photoshoot sign

In photography, signs are often utilized to represent a person's journey. This makes them a great fit for weddings to mark the beginning of one of the most serious life adventures.

wedding photography props sign

Grab a simple sign, and let your creativity flow. You can write something like "Forever is right around the corner," or choose a romantic quote or some offbeat wedding hashtag ideas.

29. Decorate Chairs in a Stylish Way

props for wedding photoshoot chairs

Chairs may be not the most captivating photography props for couples on their own, but you can drape them with flowers and add adorable quotes or your names. After that, you only need to take a seat, strike a pose, and you're good to go!

30. Make Words from Scrabble Letters

Try taking close-up photos to capture the details. Or build a composition where everyone, including you, a groom, and guests, will be involved.

If you make large letters, you can even experiment with drone wedding photography. Images taken from high above always look awe-inspiring.

scrabble letters pre wedding props ideas

31. Add Colored Sparkle with Confetti

confetti wedding photography props

It is one of the most popular and great wedding props ideas. With the help of the confetti, you may not worry about posing. Moreover, you’ll be able to take dynamic shots on the first attempt. Besides, such props are suitable for having fun! Throw confetti at each other, blow it on camera, and encourage your guests to participate.

32. Fairy Lights for Magical Photos

If you perform the photo session in the evening, it is an excellent opportunity to use the fairy lights. String them up in the backdrop for a gorgeous bokeh effect. Besides, you can hold them or better yet wrap them around you for some truly enchanting shots.

fairy lights pre wedding props ideas

33. Shared Bike Ride

bicycle wedding photography props

If you like outdoor dates, like cycling around green spaces, using a bicycle as a prop in your wedding photoshoot is a great way to bring back those cherished moments. To highlight it’s your special day, you can toss some flowers into the bike basket. To take it a step further, consider renting vintage bicycles instead of the regular ones. They bring a delightful rustic touch to the photos, elevating the overall vibe.

34. Bubbles for Outdoor Shoots

Include bubbles in your wedding photoshoot for a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere. You can ask someone to blow bubbles while you are hugging and kissing.

props for wedding photoshoot bubbles

35. Musical Instruments for a Romantic Vibe

musical instruments pre wedding props ideas

Musical instruments are one of the most amazing wedding photography props ideas especially if the couple is fond of music. Your groom can sing a serenade. The best time for a photo session is the sunrise or the sunset. To take a wedding photo at night, you should have a Softbox and several flashes in your wedding photography gear list.

36. Get Sweet Shots

sweets pre wedding props ideas

Add a touch of sweetness to your wedding photoshoot by incorporating candies or ice cream! Share a cotton candy with your soon-to-be husband or kiss behind a heart-shaped lollipop.

ice cream pre wedding props ideas

You can choose individual cones with distinct flavors that speak to your personal tastes, share a cone, feed each other, or even have some fun making funny faces.

37. Blanket for Comfy Shots

blanket pre wedding props ideas

Snuggling up under a cozy blanket with your partner can add a touch of intimacy to your wedding photos. Make sure the blanket is large enough for both of you to comfortably wrap yourselves in.

38. Romantic Shot with Floral Jars in the Background

props for wedding photoshoot floral jars

If you want to organize something really unusual, you can try to take the recycled mason jars or some other jars, fill them with small beautiful flowers and hang such decorations on the tree in the garden. Or you can hold them in your hands while posing for a romantic photo.

You can try to hang them at different distances and use colorful jars to add more bright tones to the shots. Instead of fresh flowers, you can use artificial ones to make it easier to transform them and keep them beautiful.

wedding photography props floral jars

If you're shooting in the evening, jars can be replaced with lightbulbs. Hang them to create a cozy backdrop.

39. Show that You’re Fond of Reading

props for wedding photoshoot books

If your love story is somehow connected with books, why not narrate it through photographs? The best props for wedding photoshoot will be books that complement the color scheme of your celebration, with titles that capture the essence of your relationship, or simply your favorite books.

wedding photography props books

By reaching out to a film wedding photographer, you'll get shots reminiscent of scenes from your favorite romantic movies.

40. Launch Sky Lanterns Together

lanterns wedding photography props

If there's a river near the place where you have a photoshoot, consider swapping sky lanterns for floating paper candle lights. Both bring a romantic touch, so no wonder they are so popular among soon-to-be-spouses.

wedding photography props sky lanterns

Using such props, you can take wedding portraits brimming with magical vibes.

41. Decorate the Scene with Paper Lanterns

props for wedding photography

You can capture this kind of photo either in the dark using artificial lights or in natural daylight. It all depends on the effect you're aiming for. If you want to receive a great wedding shot with paper lanterns in low light, be attentive with camera settings — choose slower shutter speeds and a low ISO.