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Free Bokeh Effect Overlay Textures for Photoshop

Our collection of free bokeh overlays for Photoshop will help you enhance the mood of your photography. It consists of Bokeh overlays of different sizes, hues, and layouts. It should be noted, that different Photoshop bokeh overlays will suit different backgrounds. They can easily be applied to all of your projects and are most commonly used for web design, invitations, card-making. Add some magic to your photos with the help of free bokeh overlays for Photoshop elements. Regardless of the genre of your photography, they will beautify your images in a single click!

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438 Free Bokeh Overlay Textures Includes:

bokeh overlays png

Bokeh Overlays #1 "Lights"

One of the most beautiful boken overlays to create a captivating photo with a pleasing background. Apply it to nighttime photos to achieve a wow effect.
bokeh overlay photoshop pictures

Bokeh Light Effect #2 "Motion View"

Fill the background with colorful circles, using this bokeh overlay Photoshop filter. It is easy to use and can turn a common photo into extraordinary one.
heart bokeh overlay images

Free Bokeh Overlay #3 "Smooth Lights"

The heart bokeh overlay is ideal for wedding, engagement and couple photos if you want to highlight the romantic mood of the occasion.
bokeh light overlay background

Photoshop Bokeh Overlay #4 "Holiday"

If you think that the background of your image is too monotonous and want to add some dynamics to it, feel free to use this bokeh light overlay scattering shiny lights across the frame.
transparent bokeh overlay download

Light Overlays For Photoshop #5 "Party"

Using a transparent bokeh overlay is the best way to decorate your shots with whimsical figures without diverting attention from the key element of a photo.
gold bokeh overlay free

City Lights Texture #6 "City Sparks"

If you feel like adding a city vibe to your outdoor images, make use of this gold bokeh overlay.

bokeh photoshop bundle

Lighting Background #7 "Yellow-White"

To create boken Photoshop effect, you need to devote some time, though the outcome is not always as you intended. Not to risk, just apply this overlay.
add bokeh to photo set

Blurry Lights On Images #8 "Fall"

How to add bokeh to photo, so that it looks balanced and eye-pleasing? Download and use this overlay to achieve that pop look without much effort on your part.
bokeh prism effect

Bokeh Light Effect #9 "Mirror Glows"

A bokeh prism effect can help make any image eye-catching even if the original file had nothing special. Don’t believe? Then use this overlay and check by yourself.

bokeh png collection

Bokeh Lights Background #10 "Unfocused"

If you want to extend your portfolio with unique photos or develop your recognizable style, download this bokeh PNG file and start experimenting.
white bokeh pictures

Bokeh Lights Overlay #11 “Rose Petals”

Not many photographers know how to produce a white bokeh look, and those capable of doing it are praised for their skills. Want to add such an effect to your works? Then use this trendy overlay.
bokeh overlays collection images

Photoshop Bokeh Overlay #12 “Red Wine”

One of the most popular tools in the bokeh overlays collection. Wedding photographers and those organizing romantic photoshoots should definitely add it to their arsenal.

bokeh photoshop background

Bokeh Texture #13 “Purple Dream”

If you are struggling with creating bokeh in Photoshop and fail to achieve a professional result, you can simply download this overlay and forget your troubles.
bokeh overlay download

Bokeh Blurry Texture #14 “Sun Path”

Add bokeh overlay to your images if you want to make them dreamy and a bit extravagant. Such a whimsical combination of colors is suitable for many photos.
bokeh overlay free

Light Bokeh Overlay #15 “Whimsical Illusion”

This bokeh overlay works great with any kind of photos ranging from portraits to wedding shots, and embellish them with an amazing glow.
free bokeh overlay bundle

Photoshop Bokeh Effect #16 “Centerpiece”

If you are searching for a free bokeh overlay to make your photos gorgeous and captivating, this option may fully satisfy your needs.
bokeh overlay free set

Bokeh Sparkle Images #17 “Lambent”

Creating a photo that you can confidently put on a display is not an easy task, but using this bokeh overlay free, you can easily achieve the necessary result.
free bokeh overlays collection

Free Bokeh Sparkles #18 “Rainbow”

A complete set of free bokeh overlays to turn images with a boring background into jaw-dropping works of art.

photoshop bokeh overlay png

Bokeh Overlay Pictures #19 “Light Strobes”

Enhance your outdoor and studio photos by adding incredible light patterns and awesome tones with the help of this Photoshop bokeh overlay.
bokeh lights overlay pictures

Free Bokeh Overlays #20 “Winding Track”

Add an extra mesmerizing light touch to your indoor scenes, bringing more focus and depth to the foreground using this bokeh lights overlay.
bokeh overlay png images

Transparent Bokeh Overlay #21 “Catchy Marks”

Emphasize the beauty of your outdoor shots with this handy bokeh overlay PNG file, turning them into authentic masterpieces.
light bokeh overlay background

Prism Bokeh Effect Overlays #22 “Joyful Dance”

Save time on editing your images, using this light bokeh overlay. It will fill your photos with rows of dancing lights harmoniously interlaced into a single composition.
bokeh png overlay download

Prism Bokeh Overlays #23 “Garland”

Adding a bokeh effect to your photos has never been easier. Use this bokeh PNG overlay to make it in Photoshop in several clicks.
bokeh overlays free

Free Bokeh Overlay #24 “Night Lights”

Add warmth to your photographs in literally no time, using bokeh overlays available in a variety of shapes and colors.

bokeh overlay photoshop bundle

Glitter Bokeh Overlay #25 “Pink Imprints”

Complement your scenes with pink shiny particles in just seconds. This bokeh overlay Photoshop can help your creative instinct take the reins, ensuring your works will stand out from the crowd.
heart bokeh overlay set

Bokeh Overlay #26 “Splashes of Champagne”

Make your workflow faster and results more original with the help of this heart bokeh overlay.
bokeh light overlay collection

Perfect Bokeh Overlay #27 “Shiny Halo”

Amazing bokeh light overlay to use instead of a vignette on your wedding or couple photos. Highly recommended for Christmas photoshoots.
transparent bokeh overlay png

High-Res Bokeh Overlay #28 “Bubbles”

Download this transparent bokeh overlay in gentle purple tints for enhancing maternity studio photos and giving your close portrait a magical touch.
gold bokeh overlay pictures

Bokeh Photo Overlay #29 “Juicy Apricot”

Fed up with gold bokeh overlays and need something trendy? What about fire bokeh? Try this overlay for dramatic photographs.
dark bokeh overlay images

Bokeh Photoshop Overlay #30 “Beads”

Use this magical dark bokeh overlay to achieve a professional close portrait photo as if it was taken on the expensive portrait lens.

light bokeh overlay background

Bokeh Overlay #31 "Romantic Light"

A perfect choice for Saint Valentine's day photos. Download this light bokeh overlay for free and make your couple photos even better in several clicks.
blue bokeh overlay download

Free Bokeh Overlay #32 "Gentle Touch"

Together with blue bokeh overlays this gold bokeh creates an effect of city lights. Use them if you're doing color correction of the photos taken at the China Town.
photoshop bokeh overlay free

Bokeh Overlay Free #33 "Angel’s Glare"

Add a festive touch to your photos, posters, designs, etc. with the help of this flawless Adobe Photoshop bokeh overlay. Fully customizable and comes in high resolution.
bokeh overlay images bundle

Free Bokeh Overlays #34 "Warm Glow"

Create realistic bokeh overlay images taken at night. This overlay is recommended for event photos that are taken outdoors with lamps, candles, and other small lights.
bokeh png overlay set

Photoshop Bokeh Overlay #35 "Mysterious"

Having downloaded this bokeh png overlay, you can add flawless and interesting light effects for your photos having no experience in photoshopping.
white bokeh overlays collection

Bokeh Lights Overlay #36 "Shining Miracle"

If you are searching for warm white bokeh overlays, then this festive version might gain your fancy.

lighting background for photoshop png

Bokeh Overlay Png #37 "White Sparkles"

Here is a versatile lighting background for Photoshop that can bring up the mood of any portrait.
blurry lights on images pictures

Light Bokeh Overlay #38 "Golden Hour"

Everyone likes seeing blurry lights on images but not many know how to achieve them. Don’t struggle, get a high-quality free overlay.
bokeh light effect images

Bokeh Png Overlay #39 "White Shimmering"

Searching for a warm bokeh light effect that will add sensuality to a portrait? You will fall in love with this one.
bokeh lights background background

Bokeh Overlays #40 "Loving Hearts"

With these bright energetic bokeh lights background creates a great mood without becoming the center of attention.
bokeh lights overlay download

Bokeh Overlay Photoshop #41 “Sun Leak”

Play with this neon-pink bokeh lights overlay and see how much it can change the perception of any image.
photoshop bokeh overlay free

Heart Bokeh Overlay #42 “Blue Glow”

This cheerful but versatile Photoshop bokeh overlay deserves being saved in your collection. Use it in pictures where the general mood needs to be lifted.

bokeh texture bundle

Bokeh Light Overlay #43 “Miracle”

With this interesting and cold bokeh texture, you can do many creative things to brighten up simple studio portraits.
bokeh blurry texture set

Transparent Bokeh Overlay #44 “White”

Such a realistic bokeh blurry texture with cold lights is hard to find so make sure to download it. Whenever you use it, no one will know it’s added at the picture post-production stage.
blue bokeh overlay collection

Gold Bokeh Overlay #45 “Grain of Sand”

Do you want a pink, green or blue bokeh overlay to match a particular style or item in the photo? Get this one and many more for free on the website.
bokeh patterns png

Bokeh Overlays #46 “Neon”

Do you like large, slightly faded bokeh patterns that will not eclipse the main subject but emphasize it instead? Here is the perfect one.
photoshop overlay pictures

Bokeh Light Effect #47 “Hectic”

This Photoshop overlay with an empty center will produce a striking effect in the background.
bokeh overlay pictures images

Free Bokeh Overlay #48 “Lemon”

Most bokeh overlay pictures are either white or yellow so this bright effect will be refreshing and eye-catching.
bokeh texture background

Photoshop Bokeh Overlay #49 “Starry Night”

Searching for a unique bokeh texture? Try finding a match to this beautiful overlay that can be toned up or down to look more energetic or tender.
bokeh background download

Perfect Bokeh Overlay #50 “Love”

A large-scale but rather tender bokeh background will be perfect for a sensual couple photo or a romantic portrait.
bokeh blur overlay free

High-Res Bokeh Overlay #51 "Christmas Tree"

This pretty and realistic bokeh blur overlay can find its way into any photo you wish to improve with a light touch.
overlay textures bundle

Bokeh Photo Overlay #52 "Multicolored"

Are you looking for subtle and natural-looking overlay textures? Here is one, save it and search for more on the website.
photoshop images

Bokeh Photoshop Overlay #53 "City Lights"

You don’t need to know much about using Photoshop to be able to apply this high-quality free overlay as a background, check for yourself.
photoshop overlay collection

Bokeh Overlay #54 "Night Mood"

How many purposes can you find for this dreamy Photoshop overlay? Make it a challenge and surprise yourself with countless great results.
bokeh overlay bundle png

Free Bokeh Overlay #55 "Gold"

The most prominent option in this bokeh overlay bundle. This bold effect will help you make a statement with your image.
bokeh texture set pictures

Bokeh Overlay Free #56 "Party Lights"

This blurred bokeh overlay is such a great and promising tool that you will want to get the whole bokeh texture set just for this one.
free bokeh overlays images

Free Bokeh Overlays #57 "Home Illuminations"

Have you ever seen free bokeh overlays of such high quality? They are realistic, well designed and interesting, like this star effect.
download background

Ps Bokeh Overlay #58 "Magic Moments"

Don’t want to download countless overlays to only use them once? This is a versatile effect that can be used over and over without anyone realizing it.
get free textures download

Bokeh Lights Overlay #59 "Golden Miracles"

Don’t know where to get free textures that would look decent? Start with this one and you will soon pack your PS full with great overlays.
download photoshop overlays free

Bokeh Overlay Png #60 "Let It Snow"

If you want to download Photoshop overlays for all intents and purposes, start with this beautiful bokeh and see what else you like in the collection.

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