Dust Overlay Textures Free

Use a free dust overlay designed by FixThePhoto to create vintage photos or add realistic snow to your photos in several clicks. Add a little noise, scratches, and minor damages that will carefully make your picture look older and give it an old fashion look. The dust overlays won’t spoil your photos anyway, on the contrary, this effect will add mood and atmosphere, sometimes lightness and informality. Add some dust, glowing particles or clouds to your photos. You will get incredible images after using any free dust Photoshop overlay of the set. We offer you 458 beautiful overlays that will add sparkling fountains, Bokeh effect, galactic spirals or thick fog to your pictures

Photoshop Dust Texture #1 "Snow Pellets"

This white dirty lens texture is suitable for practically all kinds of images and designs. Its dust particles are so tiny that they will beautifully blend into the composition and won’t be so noticeable at first glance.
dust texture and overlay free picture

White Dust Texture #2 "White Particles"

This overlay is better than any dust overlay app to create a worn-out look in the shot. Some of the dust particles are evenly spread across the overlay, others are chaotic. When combined, they produce a realistic dust effect.
dust textures with overlays photoshop

Dust Photo Texture #3 "Small Scuffs"

With this png dust effect, you can add artifacts on an image in the form of small scuffs. Use it for pictures and designs with a not so busy background and foreground in order not to distract attention from the main subject.
dust texture overlay

Dust Film Texture #4 "Vintage"

Imitate a film grain in your projects by applying this light dust texture. Mind that the overall effect will be quite intense so you might need to tone it down a little bit for a seamless look.
dust texture overlays

Texture Dust #5 "Sand Dust"

Small particles in combination with larger scratches appear rather interesting and will suit plenty of photos and designs. The elements of this white dust png are distributed evenly for a more uniform final look.
dust texture and overlay on a dark

Dust Overlay Texture #6 "Tiny Dust"

The particles of this white dust on photo are scattered in a chaotic way, providing that true-to-life grain effect. Play around with the intensity in order to make the shots or designs more unique.
dust texture with overlays get now

PS Dust Texture #7 "Powder"

Compared to other dust textures, this one gives more artifacts on an image. Still, the scratches are quite prominent so the texture shouldn’t be applied to images with plenty of details.
texture dust overlay

Free Dust Overlay #8 "Noise"

If you are after a dust overlay with much noise, this one is exactly what you need. The added scratches look very authentic and contribute to the volume of the image.
dust texture overlays free

Free Dust Textures #9 "Fairy Dust"

This film dust overlay unites both scattered and grouped particles. Be careful applying the texture to the pictures with a non-solid background as the dust may steal all the attention.
dust texture and overlay picture

Dirty Texture Dust #10 "Lens Flare"

This white dust texture overlay unites both scattered and grouped particles. Be careful applying the texture to the pictures with a non-solid background as the dust may steal all the attention.
free dust with overlays ps

Black Dust Texture #11 "Dusty Surface"

Flawless dust texture for unusual designs and photo manipulations. Use this texture to make fast and invisible photo editing fast and easy.
dust texture overlay get free

Photo Dust Overlay #12 "Mystical"

With this dust and scratches overlay, you can produce a grunge lens flare-like look. The size, the intensity and the scattering of particles vary, and it creates a truly realistic noise effect.
dust textures overlays free download

Dust Texture Photoshop #13 "Scrapes"

The overlay creates a slightly dusty texture with long scratches. It can create a stylish backdrop or an interesting effect.
dust texture and overlay on a white

Pictures Of Dust #14 "Gloom"

This dense dust overlay PNG can be used to make plain backgrounds more interesting and textured.
dust texture with overlays

Photoshop Dust Texture #15 "Fantasy"

One of the more structured dust textures that is versatile and can be used to imitate various materials like fabric or metal and to give a well-worn look to the image.
texture overlay with dust

Photo Dust Texture #16 "Whimsical Pattern"

This unobtrusive dust texture overlay leaves the center clearer and helps to guide the viewer’s attention to it.
dust texture overlays ps

Photoshop Dust Texture #17 "Explosion"

A finer type of dust overlays is more versatile and can be used on many occasions. Create a special atmosphere or experiment with textures.
texture dust overlay photo

Light Dust Textures #18 "Supernatural"

This magical camera dust overlay has a unique style. It can accentuate a dreamy portrait or add some mystery to a landscape image.
dust texture overlays for photoshop

Photo Dust Texture #19 "Space Journey"

The strong film dust texture can be applied to wear out a photo or to add depth to the flat background of a portrait.
free dust texture overlay

Texture Dust #20 "Galaxy"

With this realistic dust overlay for Photoshop can easily turn a recent photo into an old frame. The well worn-out corners with cracks give it a feel of a cherished memory.
dust overlay texture photoshop

Vintage Dust Textures #21 "Starry Night"

Think your photo looks too boring? Enliven it with this Photoshop dust overlay. Add a special vintage charm to your photo without drawing much attention to applied dust textures.
dust texture on a black

Dust Texture Photoshop #22 "Windflaw"

Looking for a professionally-designed dust texture Photoshop collection? Try this option! Add realistic grains to your photos to make an amazing old photo effect.
dust textures with overlays get now

Dust Map Texture #23 "Comet"

This dust specks texture will be a perfect addition to your photo editing workflow. It generates film grain effects giving a perfect appeal to your pictures.
dust overlay with dust

Dust Overlay #24 "Night Waterfalls"

Want to make your photo more dynamic? With this dust effect PNG, you can create an interesting worn out look that will fit any photography genre. Bring strong emotions to your viewers just in several clicks.
dust texture overlays on black

Camera Dust Overlay #25 "Stars"

Want to achieve authentic dust noise effect? Then try this professional overlay! Being rather universal, this Photoshop dust effect will fit any photographic style and situation.
dust photo overlay

Dust Dust Overlay #26 "Ray Of Light"

With this filter, you will definitely enhance your photo editing prowess! This transparent dust texture is a great way to add minor damages to your picture to give it an elegant old-fashioned look.
dust texture with overlays images

Photoshop Dust #27 "Northern Lights"

Would you like to add some magical mood to your images? This dust particles texture will certainly open up huge vistas of photo editing opportunity for you.
texture dust overlay free download

Film Dust Texture #28 "Gloomy Stars"

Bring a piece of magic to your pictures using this dust noise texture. From landscape to portrait photography, you can experiment with any genre.
free dust texture overlays

Old Dust Texture #29 "Shiny Satin"

If you want to add a dirty but appealing effect to your works, this option will be the best fit. Those dust particles in pictures produce catchy effect that leaves nobody indifferent.
best dust texture and overlay

Old Texture Dust #30 "Starfall"

If you feel like adding small glowing particles to your shots in a quick way, you can apply this lens dust overlay. It looks great in outdoor photos taken late at night.
free dust overlays

Photoshop overlay texture #31 "Storm"

Create a futuristic dust effect background for your website or unique wallpapers with the help of the “Storm” texture. It allows setting the balance between highlights and lowlights.
free dust texture

Dust and scratches overlay #32 "Glass"

If you want to add hectic lines to your projects, resembling those we get on the glass surface after scratching it with a sharp object, you should use this variant of the simplest photo overlay textures.
dust textures with overlays png

Photoshop scratched overlay #33 "Film Dust"

For those admiring film photography, there is a special overlay that helps mimic that particular old film effect. You can use it in both studio and outdoor images.
texture overlay free

Photoshop old film overlay #34 "Sharp"

If you think that your photos can benefit from a bit outdated look, try applying this retro overlay. It is best suited for cityscape images, but you can experiment with other genres as well.
dust overlays download

PS scratch overlay #35 "Glass Light"

To produce the effect of a worn photo, you can use this “Glass Light” overlay. It adds extra touches to your images, making them captivating.
dust overlay on a black

Photoshop scratch texture #36 "Razor Heavy"

If you are looking for noise textures to make your images stand out from the crowd, this one may come in handy. It covers the frame with chaotic lines encouraging viewers look at the photo again and again.
beautiful dust texture

Photoshop scratch overlay PNG #37 "Fine Lines"

This is another Photoshop noise texture that can suit many artistic purposes. Whether you want to add grainy touches to your photos, create unique flyers or posters – take advantage of this tool.
overlay with dust

Photoshop scratch overlay #38 "Mixed Lines"

To produce a photo noise effect, you don’t necessarily need to defocus your camera. The easiest way to achieve that specific look is to apply the “Mixed Lines” Ps overlay.
dust texture overlays image

Scratched film overlay #39 "Razor Fine"

To add noise on photo in a realistic manner you can use this “Razor Fine” texture. It looks especially great if you want to divert attention from some distracting objects in the frame.
dust texture and overlay png

Download PS overlay #40 "Old Mirror"

The old film noise effect hasn’t lost its popularity over the years, so if you want to give a trendy vibe to your works, resort to this texture.
free dust with overlays photoshop

Photoshop scratch overlay #41 "Sun Leaks"

The scratches of this dust light overlay are of different lengths and are spread across the image in a chaotic way. Apply it to achieve an old photo effect.
dust texture overlay free

Dust and scratches texture #42 "Storm"

One of the most intense dust textures in this collection. Use it whenever you need to apply scratches all over the image but avoid adding it to images with much detail.
dust textures overlays download

Scratch overlays #43 "Movement"

This overlay combines large scratches along with smaller dust particles. These cool textures for Photoshop will be a perfect option when you want to add dynamics to the picture or design.
dust texture and overlay

Photoshop dark overlay #44 "Lightning"

Here is a PS overlay with plenty of long scratches that literally overwrite each other. Apply this dust light effect to images and designs in order to intensify the initial dark atmosphere.
dust texture with overlays get

Photoshop overlay #45 "Corrosion"

With this overlay, you can add an old film-like dust effect on pictures. It is better to use the overlay for pictures where the background isn’t full of detail.
dust texture overlay with dust

Photoshop overlay texture #46 "Depth"

One more great texture pack to produce a grunge effect in your photos and designs. The texture consists of scratches of various shapes, and it contributes to the realistic final look.
dust texture overlays dark

Photoshop scratch overlay #47 "Darkness"

If you need to add plenty of noise to the picture, it is one of the best free dust overlay options you have. As with all the similar overlays, try to avoid applying it to pictures with the busy foreground.
texture dust overlay image

Photoshop PNG overlay #48 "Lightning"

This PS overlay creates a beautiful dust effect on picture. Plenty of scattered particles together with a few prominent scratches will definitely make your shots more eye-catching.
dust texture overlays photoshop

Film photography texture #49 "Rain"

The scratches of these Photoshop textures really resemble heavy rain. If you tone down the texture’s opacity a little bit, it will perfectly match practically all kinds of pictures.
light dust texture overlay free

Download PNG overlay #50 "Moonlight"

The scratches of this old photo overlay are extreme and may even seem scary at first glance. Be careful with the overlay – it is rather peculiar and will suit only dramatic photographs and designs.
free dust overlays download

Dust Photo Overlay Free #51 "Rugged Steel"

If you use our free dust effects with this overlay, you will get a dramatic or even vintage photo in a matter of clicks. Realistic results are guaranteed if you're not an expert.
dust texture and overlay on a black

Dust Overlay #52 "Smudgy Glass"

This overlay will be a good choice for images taken in dim light with a few light sources like candles. Give your photos a magical or mystery vibe easy and fast.
dust textures with overlays get

Free Distressed Overlay #53 "Dark Drama"

Download this overlay and apply it to your black and white pictures with a dramatic atmosphere. It looks especially great if you have a bright light source on the background.
PS texture overlay with dust

Dusty Overlay Photoshop #54 "Grunge Energy"

Together with the light leak overlay, this dirt overlay is made for applying on brick or ruined buildings' walls. A great choice for street photographers.
lens dust texture overlays dark

Dusty Overlay Ps #55 "Wet Paper"

If you want a mystery photo using a book, download a lens dust png together with this overlay. This simple trick with the help you get an antique photo without damaging your books.
dust texture and overlay photo

Free PNG Overlay #56 "Dirty Style"

Being rather tiny, this natural scattering of particles holds a huge amount of power to make your photos simply wow. Just try these camera dust textures and your photos will look like never before.
dust texture with overlays photoshop

Dirt Photoshop Overlay #57 "Misty Lens"

Are you in search of a tool to simulate aged photograph prints? Then this free camera dust overlay is just what you need. It will help turn ordinary photo into artwork without any hassle!
texture dust overlay free

Dust Effect Free #58 "Earthquake"

Start really ramping up your photo editing game with this camera lens overlay. Being professionally-designed, it helps emulate a realistic film dust effect resembling those old pictures.
dust texture overlays download

Dust Overlay download #59 "Stained Force"

Make your photo look incredibly tender. These Photoshop dust textures add a few scratches and cracks that will bring a retro feel to your pictures.
dust texture and overlay on a light

Dirt Overlay Free #60 "Vintage Vibes"

Dust images are extremely sought-after among modern photographers. Keep up with trends and add an extra vintage vibe to your photos!
free dust with overlays get

More Free Photoshop Overlays by FixThePhoto

Free smoke overlays #61

Whenever you want more drama or mystery in your image, the smoke texture is always a great tool in achieving it. Here is a great collection of all sorts of smoke, from a light haze to voluminous clouds.
scratch texture overlay download

Free fog overlays #62

Some fog can easily soften the atmosphere and make the photo more touching. Select from a large variety of uniform or scattered fog textures the one that corresponds to your mood.
scratchy texture overlays on a black

Free rain overlays #63

Everyone wants to have beautiful rainy pictures but no one wants to be wet and cold. Select a fine or heavy rain texture that looks realistic, stay cozy and warm.
texture scratch and overlay get

Free star overlays #64

If you can’t capture the milky way or go where the northern lights are, it doesn’t mean you can’t use a night sky overlay to see your dream come true. Select one of these beautiful high-quality overlays.
scratched texture with overlays with dust

Free distressed overlays #65

With this distressed overlay Photoshop collection, you can add extra texture to any kind of image and make it look realistically old or intentionally shabby in a minute.
scratches texture overlay distressed

Free grunge overlays #66

If you like dramatic photography, show it in your artwork with a powerful grunge overlay texture that can look as careless or as intentional as you want.
free scratches overlays photo

Free dirt overlays #67

A well-designed dirty overlay can make any picture look more interesting and stylish with no effort on your side.
scratch texture and overlay photoshop

Free scratch overlays #68

Various dust and scratches overlays are very popular with photographers and designers and this versatile collection has something to fit any style or reach any effect.
scratch textures with overlays free

Free broken glass overlays #69

A carefully-designed cracked glass overlay is capable of bringing out strong emotion in any viewer, try it yourself with this free collection.
scratched texture overlay download

Free film scratches overlays #70

If grain and scratches used to be annoying flaws in photography, film dust has long been our favorite effect and a good selection of overlays is a must-have for any photographer.
scratches texture overlays on a black

Free film grain overlays #71

When a photo is too plain, sometimes adding a subtle film grain overlay with good color correction does the trick. Make sure to add these time-saving effects to your collection.
scratch texture and overlay get

Free haze overlays #72

A collection of Free Haze Overlays can help to emphasize the romantic and tender atmosphere in the photo without diverting attention from the main subject.
scratchy texture with overlays get
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