Free Rain Overlay Textures for Photoshop

Sometimes the weather can spoil your photography composition. Don't be upset. You have the chance not to get wet and have your camera moistened but, after all, with the beautiful raining effect. Just wait out the rain, make a lot of photos, come back home or at studio to use our Photoshop rain overlay free bundle. Get the most on your bad weather images with this pack that creates a rain effect for photographs in Adobe Photoshop. Don't worry to overdo with Photoshop overlays. Our free rain overlays Photoshop are aimed at creating the realistic view.  

Rain Overlay #1 "Warm"

A great sample of rain effect photo overlays, which help add realistic drips to images.
rain effect photo overlays free

Rain Texture #2 "Jungles"

If you are looking for rain effect overlays to add a special feel to your photos, make use of this one to cope with the task in an instant.
rain effect overlays download

Raining Overlay for Photoshop #3 "Wet"

If you are after an abstract effect in your pictures, but most rain photo overlays are of minor help, you definitely should try this one.
rain photo overlays texture

Rainy Textures for Photoshop #4 "Pouring"

To show the unrestrained power of a downpour, perform rain overlay free download and apply it to your outdoor shots.
rain overlay free download

Raindrops Texture #5 "Summer Rain"

An ideal rain overlay for Photoshop if you want to show special magic of summer rain.
rain overlay image for photoshop

Rain Overlay Photoshop #6 "Fall"

Great rain overlay for images taken late in the evening or at night. It will add a special appeal to your photos.
rain overlay pictures

Rain Overlay PNG #7 "Cold Atmosphere"

To make viewers feel the wild nature of rainfall, edit your images using this heavy rain overlay.
heavy rain overlay png

Rainy Texture Overlay #8 "Storm"

If you want to turn an ordinary photo into a captivating and atmospheric rain overlay image, make use of this tool.
rain overlay image free

Photoshop Rain Texture #9 "Before the Rainbow"

If the background of your photo contains many distracting elements, you can cover them with the help of this rain overlay in Photoshop.
rain overlay in photoshop download

Rain Texture Photoshop #10 "Dreary Mood"

Bring few fairy-tale vibes to your pictures, making people wonder about what is really depicted there by dint of this rain overlay pack.
rain overlay texture pack

Photoshop Rain Overlay #11 "Heavy"

If you want to highlight the movement in your images or add dynamic objects to it, this tool from the rain overlay collection will come in handy.
rain overlay effect collection

Raindrops Overlay #12 "Falling"

Doing Photoshop rain manipulation may be exhausting and time-consuming, but if you use this overlay, the process will become a pleasure.
photoshop rain manipulation

Rain Photoshop Overlay #13 "Storm"

How to achieve a realistic rain manipulation effect if you lack photoshopping skills? Apply this overlay and enjoy the result.
rain manipulation effect pictures

Rain Texture PNG #14 "Isolated"

If you are on the lookout for handy tools to edit your outdoor photos, this raining overlay is worth paying attention to.
raining overlay png

Photoshop Raindrop Overlay #15 "Bokeh"

This rain overlay transparent effect can change the atmosphere of your shot, without diverting attention from the main subject.
rain overlay transparent effect

Transparent Rain Texture #16 "Realistic"

Need a free rain overlay to extend your toolset? This one has proven to be very helpful with images of different genres, so don’t miss a chance to get it.
free rain overlay download

Photoshop Rain #17 "Wild"

This is a top-notch rain overlay free sample, which you can use to edit your portrait, couple and landscape photos.
rain overlay free texture

Rain Drop Overlay #18 "Dynamic"

One of the rain overlays aimed at creating recognizable images with a special accent on the background. Use it with different photos to get really unique results.
rain overlays effect

Rain PSD Overlay #19 "Windy"

If you want to experiment and complement your outdoor pictures with natural phenomena, start with this rain texture.
rain texture image

Rain Filter Photoshop #20 "Freeze Motion"

The best raining texture if you need to slightly diversify your photos but keep the original idea intact.
raining texture pictures

Rain PNG Overlay #21 "Snow"

Though there are many rainy textures, few of them look truly realistic. If you want to get a natural photo, apply this overlay.
rainy textures png

Rain in Photoshop #22 "Energetic"

The raindrops texture can magically change your boring photo, giving it an interesting patterned background.
raindrops texture free

Rain for Photoshop #23 "Fresh"

Those looking for a quality rain overlay Photoshop should have a closer look at this tool. It is beautiful, easy to apply and ensures great results in a quick way.
rain overlay photoshop download

Photoshop Raindrops #24 "Summer"

If you have planned a photo session on a rainy day, but the weather didn’t meet your expectations, you can use this rain overlay PNG file to create the necessary atmosphere.
rain overlay png texture

Rain on Window Texture #25 "Cross Wind"

If you want to imitate the rainy atmosphere in your photos, highlighting the contrast between inner warmth and outdoor coldness, you should apply this Rainy texture.
rainy texture effect

Raindrops Photoshop #26 "360° Effect"

Freshen up your outdoor images with the help of this Photoshop Rain texture, adding little raindrops across the frame.
photoshop rain texture image

Raindrop Photoshop #27 "Night"

This is a truly helpful Rain texture Photoshop if you don’t want to risk shooting in rain, but need that peculiar feel in your images.
rain texture photoshop pictures

Photoshop Raindrop #28 "Window"

If you are looking for a Photoshop Rain overlay to make colors in your images colder and deeper, you should definitely try this one.
photoshop rain overlay png

Rain Drop Texture #29 "Car Window"

This Raindrops overlay looks very realistic and will come in handy if you admire shooting outdoors, but can’t wait for the necessary rainy weather.
raindrops overlay free

Raindrop Texture for Photoshop #30 "Natural"

Another Rain Photoshop overlay that helps achieve that unique, moody look in your photos without having to shoot in stormy weather.
rain photoshop overlay download

Rain on Window Overlay #31 "Electrifying"

This is a super handy Rain Texture PNG, which you can apply to portraits taken against windows to emphasize the coziness and calmness.
rain texture png texture

Rain Bokeh Overlay #32 "Strike Effect"

Bring that peculiar bokeh effect to your images with the help of this Raindrop overlay.
raindrop overlay effect

Rain Effect Overlay #33 "Rainy Day"

Enhancing your image with tiny raindrops, without covering the entire frame is possible with the help of this Rain texture transparent overlay.
rain texture transparent image

Transparent Rain Overlay #34 "Storm"

If you think that the background of your photo looks uninteresting, you can try applying this Photoshop Rain overlay.
photoshop rain pictures

Rain Overlay Images #35 "Purple"

If you’ve despaired because something went wrong during your rain photo session, you can still save your images applying this Rain Drop overlay.
rain drop overlay png

Light Rain Overlay #36 "Mess"

If you want to create a stormy mood in your photos or designs, this rain PSD overlay will come in handy! Enhance the sky with beautiful lightning flashes just in several clicks!
rain psd overlay free

Falling Rain Overlays #37 "White Nightmare"

Ever wondered how to add rain in Photoshop? Now you can do it in a matter of seconds with this professional photo editing tool!
add rain in photoshop download

Rain Photoshop Texture #38 "Electric"

This tool gives an awesome effect you can expect from the best rain photo overlays. Add it to your toolkit and enjoy impressive results!
rain photo overlays texture

Overlay Textures #39 "Screaming Sky"

This rain PNG overlay creates a WOW effect. Get dynamic and mysterious photos without waiting for rain.
rain png overlay effect

Falling Rain Photoshop Texture #40 "Energy"

Wondering how to create rain in Photoshop? With this photo editing tool, you can produce unique and gorgeous pictures that everyone will admire.
rain in photoshop

White Rain PNG #41 "Thunder Energy"

Are you a landscape photographer, who wants to add a dramatic feel to your works? This rain Photoshop overlay will help you do exactly that!
rain photoshop pictures

White Rain Overlay #42 "Striking"

Want to emulate a stormy atmosphere in your pictures? This rain bokeh overlay will be a perfect tool to accentuate the beauty of such brutal weather.
rain bokeh overlay png

Rain Overlay Effect #43 "White Strikes Flashing"

Enliven your outdoor pictures with this rain effect overlay by adding beautiful lighting to the stormy sky.
rain effect overlay free

Realistic Rain Effect #44 "Ultra Visual"

Shooting during the storm is rather dangerous. If you don't want to risk, you can achieve this effect in your image using this transparent rain overlay.
transparent rain overlay download

Rain Overlay Bokeh Effect #45 "Several Strikes"

Improve the sky and intensify colors in your image using rain overlay images. Such an atmospheric mood in the photo won't leave anybody indifferent.
rain overlay images texture

Realistic Rain Overlay #46 "Thunder Strike"

Would you like to make colors in your photo colder and deeper? With this light rain overlay, you can do it in several clicks!
light rain overlay effect

Dark Rain Pattern #47 "Blitz"

If you are ready to experiment with numerous falling rain overlays, this option will definitely amaze you!
falling rain overlays image

Light Rain Photoshop Overlay #48 "Furious"

This artistic rain filter Photoshop will add a certain charm and drama to your photos. Download and apply it right now!
rain filter photoshop pictures

PS Rain Overlay #49 "Black"

Are you on the lookout for a professionally-designed rain Photoshop overlay texture? Try this tool and you will be amazed by results!
rain photoshop overlay texture png

Free Rain Overlay #50 "Binary"

Looking for high-quality overlay textures with raindrops that will suit your design? Try this option to add a realistic rain effect to your pictures.
overlay textures with raindrops free

Download Rain Overlay #51 "Electric Discharge"

Want to create raining effect in your pictures? You can easily make your shots shine through the rain just using this tool.
create raining effect download

Get Rain Overlay Textures #52 "Strong"

Think your photos need the raining effect? Use this falling rain texture to achieve an extraordinary look in your shots without getting wet and having your camera damaged.
falling rain texture texture

Hi Res Rain Overlay #53 "Bright"

Bring a moody effect to your works just in a few clicks using this white rain PNG overlay!
white rain effect png

Rain Overlay Collection #54 "Realistic"

Think the stormy weather can prevent creating stunning composition? Then don't wait until rain starts and imitate it with this white rain overlay.
white rain overlay image

PS Rain Overlay Set #55 "Mega Storm"

With this rain overlay effect, you will create a moody atmosphere in your photos with realistic feel preserved.
rain overlay effect pictures

Rain Overlay Pictures #56 "Fiery Glowing"

Would you like to achieve a realistic rain effect in your shots? This filter will not only help you create a natural-looking stormy effect but boost colors in your pictures.
realistic rain effect png

Rain Overlay Bundle #57 "Flash"

Want to add a bit of drama to your images? This raining overlay intensifies colors and gives the picture a mysterious visual appeal.
raining overlay free

Photoshop Rain Overlay #58 "Dramatic"

Make storm in your pictures more realistic and exciting with this rain overlay transparent picture. Express your photo editing flair and achieve a distinct look in your works.
rain overlay transparent download

Rain PS Overlay #59 "Natural"

Want to take a photo during the storm but are afraid of damaging your camera? With this free rain overlay, you don’t need to worry about all the inconveniences of bad weather.
free rain overlay texture

Photoshop Overlay #60 "Sudden"

Wondering how to create raining effect in your shots without much effort? Apply this overlay and achieve amazing results with ease!
raining effect

More Free Photoshop Overlays by FixThePhoto

Free smoke overlays #61

Want to add a realistic smoke to your pictures? This smoke overlay will definitely add some mystery and drama to your images.
rain and smoke overlay

Free fog overlays #62

Looking for an effective method to hide an unappealing background to your pictures? This fog overlay is designed specifically for that!
rain overlay

Free scratch overlays #63

Adding interesting scratches to your shots can give them a unique and catchy look. So, why not to use this scratch overlay?

Free star overlays #64

Make your landscape images more exciting by adding tiny shining starts! This star overlay will certainly add a magical atmosphere to your photos.
rain bokeh overlay

Free distressed overlays #65

Add an unsurpassed shabby effect to your pictures with this distressed overlay. Apply this tool and make your portfolio stand out!
distressed rain overlay

Free grunge textures #66

This grunge texture is designed to give your pictures a unique faded look and visual appeal.
rainy grunge textures

Free dirt overlays #67

If you need to create a subtle frayed effect in your shots, this dirt overlay will become an essential part of your photography arsenal.
dirty overlays

Free dust overlays #68

Adding dust particles to the picture may result in an interesting effect. So, try experimenting with this dust overlay to create something extraordinary!
rain pictures

Free broken glass overlays #69

Bring a gamma of feelings to your works just by applying this glass overlay! This is a must-have tool for any photographer and designer!
light rain textures

Free film scratches overlays #70

Mimics the look and feel of a photo taken on an old film camera! With this film scratches overlay, you can achieve an atmosphere of those good old days.
falling rain

Free film grain overlays #71

Looking for a way to give your shots an organic film effect? This grain overlay will add both an interesting texture and warmth to your works while enhancing their overall look.

Free haze overlays #72

This haze overlay will help you to achieve mystical aura in your pictures that can't be compared with anything else.
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