Free Photoshop Grunge Texture

The mixture of free Photoshop grunge textures and common photos can fulfill this task in a very creative manner. You have to feel the Grunge style, it is a dimension of frightening and powerful emotions. The carefully chosen grunge texture for Photoshop makes a regular picture “shadowy”, dreamy and amazing. These textures make a portrait more dramatic and touching. Are most of your photos drab? Apply this grunge Photoshop texture pack and add some mystery and depth to your pics! To make your work smooth, FixThePhoto is glad to present free grunge texture Photoshop - dark, dirty, old, and gloomy effect.  

Grunge Texture For Photoshop #1 "Sepia Rain"

This grunge texture can help emphasize the subject of your photography and create a powerful atmosphere.
grunge texture free

Dark Grunge Texture #2 "Dark Turquoise"

The most versatile of the free grunge textures, it can become a nice background or decorate any design.
free grunge textures download

Grunge Background Image #3 "Old School Desk"

If you need captivating grunge textures, this option might satisfy you.
get grunge textures

Dirty Grunge Texture #4 "Frosted"

If you need a free grunge texture that could fit an image of any genre, here is the best option.
free grunge texture png

Grunge Effect Background #5 "Dirty"

This grunge texture PNG can be useful when you need to make something look older or add more texture to a plain surface.
grunge texture png image

Grunge Textures #6 "Horror"

This stylish and unusual white grunge texture can spark up any plain portrait or simple design.
white grunge texture

Free Grunge Textures #7 "Black & White"

Here is a simple and unobtrusive grunge background texture that can be used in any image.
grunge background texture free

Photoshop Grunge Textures #8 "Monochrome Paints"

This grunge texture HD file will become your favorite tool in the whole collection, bringing gentle patterns to your works.
grunge texture hd download

Free Grunge Backgrounds #9 "Distressed"

Searching for a dark grunge texture with a clear center? Try this one and you will want nothing else.
dark grunge texture get

Photoshop grunge texture #10 "Dramatic"

Do you need a dramatic and powerful grunge texture background? Here is one that most users like for such purposes.
grunge texture background png

High Res Grunge Texture #11 "Spider Web"

With a grunge distressed texture like this one, you can easily make a plain background more interesting but not distracting.
grunge distressed texture image

Grunge Texture Image #12 "Shabby Wall"

Stylish grunge texture backgrounds that don’t look unsettling are hard to find so make sure to save this well-made one.
grunge texture backgrounds

Dirty Grunge Texture #13 "Haze"

If you like repetitive grungy textures, this option ill surely suits your tastes.
grungy textures free

Grunge Metal Texture #14 "Whirlwind"

With this grunge texture black picture, the background will be covered with linear streaks.
grunge texture black download

Blue Grunge Textures #15 "Islands"

It is hard to find bold and daring grunge patterns like this one so don’t lose it.
grunge patterns download

Grunge Effect Background #16 "Mist"

Replenish your collection with subtle grunge background textures like this one to make sure you have simple and versatile options.
grunge background textures png

Grunge Photoshop Texture #17 "Scuffs"

This HD grunge texture is perfect for covering boring or unsuitable backgrounds.
hd grunge texture image

Gray Grunge Texture #18 "White Marks"

A well-made grunge PNG texture like this one will fit any image that requires a dramatic atmosphere.
grunge png texture

Grunge Texture Png #19 "Scratches"

If you need cool grunge backgrounds that don’t look like a mess, here is a great one.
cool grunge backgrounds free

Cool Grunge Textures #20 "Cracked Glass"

If you are looking for grunge textures HD pictures, save this texture and browse the collection for more.
grunge textures hd download

Photoshop Overlay #21 "Smoke Clouds"

A collection of original grunge templates is a must-have for any image editor or designer. Start your personal one with this overlay.
grunge templates get

Photo Grunge Texture #22 "Darkness"

With this grunge filter Photoshop texture, you can turn any pain surface into something interesting in a minute.
grunge filter photoshop png

Grunge Texture #23 "Silhouettes"

With a high-quality grunge texture Photoshop picture, you can create one-of-a-kind artwork with minimum effort.
grunge texture photoshop image

Free Grunge Textures #24 "Hindrance"

An implicit high res grunge texture can improve any image without distracting viewers from the main subject.
high res grunge texture

Best Grunge Textures #25 "Distortion"

Simple Photoshop grunge textures like this one are the most popular with all retouchers and designers due to their versatility.
photoshop grunge textures free

Photoshop Grunge Textures #26 "Gloomy"

Looking for a simple grunge texture for Photoshop? Try this one and find many more on the website.
grunge texture for photoshop download

Photo Texture #27 "Old Fabric"

Even the biggest grunge texture pack is never enough for those, who work with images so keep enlarging your collection here.
grunge texture pack free download

Photoshop Textures #28 "Explosion"

A simple grunge Photoshop texture is all you need to turn a boring backdrop into a stylish one.
grunge photoshop texture png

Grunge Texture Image #29 "Faded"

With seamless and interesting grunge textures Photoshop pictures, image editing turns into a fun and quick process, check it on your own.
grunge textures photoshop image

Dirty Grunge Texture #30"Whimsical Spots"

Make sure you save this universal Photoshop grunge texture to your collection for fast batch image editing.
photoshop grunge texture white

Grunge Metal Texture #31 "Vintage Pattern"

Looking for a stained background to create an original worn-out effect? Check out this Photoshop grunge filter. Be sure it is the texture you were looking for.
photoshop grunge filter free

Blue Grunge Textures #32 "Blank Grey"

Adds slightly blue shades to your image, making it creative and stylish. Apply this grunge texture high res filter and the results will impress you.
grunge texture high res download

Grunge Effect Background #33 "Retro"

An excellent high resolution grunge texture to add to your collection. It will be a perfect fit for a great number of images and designs.
high resolution grunge texture get

Grunge Photoshop Texture #34 "Shabby Chic"

Agree that the grunge background will suit any composition? Use this Ps texture and make your images unforgettable.
grunge background png

Gray Grunge Texture #35 "Sepia Look"

If you are looking for something extraordinary and eye-catching, this grunge wall texture will be of interest to you. It creates an effect of an old wall and doesn’t distract attention from the main objects in the frame.
grunge wall texture image

Grunge Texture Png #36 "Pinky Shades"

One of the most universal free grunge backgrounds that will perfectly complement your images and designs, making them more vivid.
free grunge backgrounds blue

Cool Grunge Textures #37 "Realistic Folds"

No matter what photography genre you are dealing with, this metal grunge texture may come in handy. Apply it to add cool shades to the picture and make the composition complete.
metal grunge texture free

Overlay For Photoshop #38 "Folded Brown"

Even if you already have dozens of Photoshop overlays, this option won’t go amiss. It is a free grunge background that will diversify your pictures.
free grunge background download

Photo Grunge Texture #39 "Fashion Retro"

Considering that grunge wall textures are always in trend, you shouldn’t miss this texture. It is a great way to improve your images with minimum efforts.
grunge wall textures

Grunge Texture #40 "Recycled"

Undoubtedly, this option is a real find for grunge texture lovers. Use this grunge background HD picture for your images and you will be impressed with the results.
grunge background hd png

Free Grunge Textures #41 "Twice Folded"

Don’t think that grunge textures really make a difference? Apply one of these grunge backgrounds free and see how it works in the frame!
grunge backgrounds free image

Best Grunge Textures #42 "Grey Tints"

Test this grunge texture wallpaper and see whether it works in the photo! It is a great opportunity to diversify your shots with minimum efforts.
grunge texture wallpaper blue

Photoshop Grunge Textures #43 "Folded Crafty"

Think that grunge textures aren’t trendy anymore? Check out this grungy metal texture and experiment with it! Perhaps, you will change your mind.
grungy metal texture free

Photo Texture #44 "Crinkled White"

If you can’t decide what photo texture to choose, start with this grunge background image. Apply it and see whether it effectively works with your images.
grunge background image download

Photoshop Textures #45 "Grunge Crumpled"

Aren’t you fond of grunge Ps backgrounds? Think that they are outdated and don’t work anymore? Test this dirty grunge texture and evaluate the results.
dirty grunge texture get

Grunge Texture Image #46 "Worn Gray"

Think that dark textures will distract the viewer’s attention from the main object? You can’t be sure till you apply it. Test this grunge metal background and see how it behaves in the frame.
grunge metal background png

Dirty Grunge Texture #47 "Natural Black"

Can’t find worthy blue grunge backgrounds to complete your photos? Perhaps, this dirty grunge texture is exactly what you need.
blue grunge backgrounds image

Grunge Metal Texture #48 "Dirty Rock"

Being rather aggressive, this texture may surprise you in the frame. Apply this grunge effect background to your images and, perhaps, it will become your favorite one.
grunge effect background

Blue Grunge Textures #49 "Brown Flat"

This catchy grunge Photoshop background is a perfect opportunity to improve your photographs and make them truly memorable!
grunge photoshop background free

Grunge Effect Background #50 "Blue Tint"

If textures in your toolbox do not impress you anymore, it’s time to enrich your collection! Try this gray grunge background and you will not regret it.
gray grunge background download

Grunge Photoshop Texture #51 "Heavy"

Use one of these Photoshop textures and see how it will transform your images and designs! In several clicks, you will achieve the desired results.
photoshop textures get

Gray Grunge Texture #52 "Deep Grey"

Your images look plain and simple? Add this free Photoshop texture to create an eye-catching look.
free photoshop texture png

Grunge Texture Png #53 "Abstract"

If you want to download grunge texture effects, this is one of the best options. Check out the entire collection and choose more of them to effectively use in your workflow.
download grunge texture image

Cool Grunge Textures #54 "Rough"

Hesitate whether grunge textures can become an ideal choice for your photos? Apply this grunge effect texture and see if the created look is exactly what you need.
grunge effect texture blue

Photoshop Overlay #55 "Smooth Grey"

Use this free Ps texture to the fullest and achieve impressive results in several seconds!
free ps texture free

Photo Grunge Texture #56 "Simple Minimalistic"

Want to download grunge texture free? It is one of the best options to consider, but check out the entire bundle and enrich your collection.
download grunge texture free download

Grunge Texture #57 "Red"

Download this hi res grunge texture completely free of charge and turn your images into masterpieces in several clicks.
hi res grunge texture get

Free Grunge Textures #58 "Natural Cut"

Even if blue is not your favorite color, don’t reject this blue grunge texture at once. Depending on the initial picture, it may behave in different ways.
blue grunge texture png

Best Grunge Textures #59 "Uneven"

Think that you’ve tried all the possible textures? Then get this Photoshop grunge texture, see the results and you might want to test the whole bundle.
photoshop grunge texture image

Photoshop Grunge Textures #60 "Charcoal"

If you still don’t have a grunge texture picture in your collection, pay attention to this one. It will help hide slight drawbacks and focus on the main idea of the photo.
grunge texture picture

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Free smoke overlays #61

Looking for smoky effects to add the mystery to the frame? This metal grunge texture will successfully cope with this task.
metal grunge texture pictures

Free fog overlays #62

Want to create a foggy effect? Apply this overlay and your grunge pictures will be covered with enigmatic mist in one mouse click.
grunge pictures

Free rain overlays #63

Grunge Photoshop textures are becoming more and more popular among users. Don’t miss the chance to download one of these great rain effects completely for free.
grunge photoshop textures

Free black textures #64

Black is always stylish, isn’t it? Create contrast in the frame using one of these metal grunge textures.
metal grunge textures download

Free distressed overlays #65

Feel that dark colors are too powerful and divert the viewer’s attention from the main objects? Try one of these free grunge textures! Black and white are beautifully combined and create a relaxing effect.
free grunge textures

Free grunge overlays #66

Download grunge textures and bring your images to the new level! Experiment with various overlays and you will get the results you haven’t expected.
download grunge textures

Free dirt overlays #67

Don’t worry that these grunge wall textures might aggressively influence the frame. They will just add the dirt effect and hide minor defects.
grunge wall textures

Free dust overlays #68

If you are not tired of dust overlays, we have something interesting for you. Get grunge textures for free and add dust particles to the shot.
get free grunge textures

Free broken glass overlays #69

If you are an ambitious shooter who is not afraid to experiment with catchy overlays, this option is for you! These broken glass overlays are one of the best free grunge downloads found on the web.
free grunge downloads

Free Dirt Textures #70

Get Photoshop textures from FixThePhoto to make your images more unusual. Seamless and high resolution Dirt Textures for dramatic photography.
get photoshop textures

Free concrete texture #71

Do you know that concrete effects are also in trend? Download these Photoshop textures free and make your designs unique and stylish.
photoshop textures free

Free stone textures #72

Download Photoshop textures and you will save much time and boost your productivity! These free stone textures will greatly complement your images and designs.
download photoshop textures
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