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Free Stone Texture Pictures

"Would you like to download seamless stone textures for Photoshop completely free of charge? If yes, FixThePhoto team offers you such a chance. A stylish collection of image editing tools for Photoshop that will easily enhance your designs and make them beautiful. Although the tools are mainly designed in cold black and gray colors, there are also bright brown and red effects. These stone textures for Photoshop may be used as universal backgrounds but still, the success of the design depends on the creator. So don’t miss the opportunity to impress the viewers with extraordinary projects!"

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Free Stone Textures

stone texture free

Stone Texture #1 "Worn Gray"

This classical stone texture seems too simple at first sight, but when you use the tool ‒ your design will shine with new shades. Check out how it works with your designs.
stone wall texture download

Stone Wall Texture #2 "Natural Black"

This stone wall texture looks very natural in the photo. Use it in your designs and you will organically connect the background with the main objects.
stone texture background bundle

Stone Background #3 "Dirty Rock"

This effect is very dark and quite an aggressive one. However, being appropriately applied, this stone texture background will highlight all the details of your design.
free stone texture png

Free Stone Texture #4 "Brown Flat"

Tired of black and gray stone backgrounds? Check out this brown free stone texture that may be used to create posters, visiting cards, banners, etc.
white stone texture set

White Stone Texture #5 "Blue Tint"

Have never seen white rock backgrounds? Try this white stone texture and check whether it is suitable for your projects. Apply it to different designs to get interesting results.
stone texture hd image

Hi-Res Stone Texture #6 "Heavy"

Diversify your photo editing toolkit with this stone texture HD file. It will boost the contrast in the picture and highlight all keys details.

stone textures pictures

Stone Textures #7 "Deep Grey"

Even if you think that you will never need stone textures, don’t neglect this bundle. Save the whole collection and someday, they will come in handy.
texture stone free

Ps Texture #8 "Abstract"

Don’t know to diversify the background? Check out this texture stone effect and download the whole bundle. Getting something new is never a bad idea.
stone background texture

Stone Background Texture #9 "Rough"

Think that stone effects are too gloomy to attract clients? Experiment with this stone background texture and your designs will become recognizable among followers.
stone texture free bundle

Stone Texture Free #10 "Smooth Grey"

It is a stone texture free plugin that may easily blend with colorful ones but at the same time, it is an ideal tool to focus on the main subject. A great option to design signs, logos, etc.
black stone texture png

Black Stone Texture #11 "Simple Minimalistic"

To create a catchy design is quite a challenge so specialists spend hours experimenting with various effects. Use this black stone texture and you will cut down the time necessary to create a qualitative product.
red stone texture set

Red Stone Texture #12 "Red"

Searching for a bright and catchy tool to make your works really distinguishable? Save this red stone texture and you will bring the necessary effect to your projects.

hd stone texture image

Hd Stone Texture #13 "Natural Cut"

If you want to create a high-definition design, this texture is exactly what you need. Check out this HD stone texture and highlight even the slightest details in the shot.
free stone wall texture pictures

Free Stone Wall Texture #14 "Uneven"

Trying to find decent free textures? Install this free stone wall texture and look through the whole collection. Your toolkit definitely lacks these effects.
wall stone texture free

Wall Stone Texture #15 "Charcoal"

Go creative and use stone textures in your workflow! Start with this wall stone texture. It is a perfect option for extraordinary projects.

textures stones download

Textures Stones #16 "Concrete Wall"

FixThePhoto professionals have designed free textures stones files that will help bring your projects and designs to the next level. Don’t miss the chance to install unusual effects completely for free.
stone texture png bundle

Stone Texture Png #17 "Dungeon"

Being user-friendly, these creative textures are suitable both for amateurish and professional designers. Download the stone texture PNG and enjoy the design process to the fullest!
rock stone texture png

Rock Stone Texture #18 "Coal Seam"

Can’t pick up a cool background for your site? Check out these rock stone texture effects prepared by FixThePhoto experts.
gray stone texture set

Gray Stone Texture #19 "Ancient Tunnel"

If there are no stone backgrounds in your collection, it’s time to add them to your toolkit. This gray stone texture can ideally complement your collection.
old stone texture image

Old Stone Texture #20 "Moonlight Track"

If you are not sure whether you need stone effects and don’t want to spend money on the tools that will just occupy the memory of you PC, start with this free old stone texture bundle.
white stone wall texture pictures

White Stone Wall Texture #21 "Hazy Quartz"

Stone backgrounds seem uninteresting to you? Use this white stone wall texture and create an unusual project in several mouse clicks.

stone pattern texture free

Stone Pattern Texture #22 "Charcoal"

Are you an ambitious designer looking for captivating textures? Work with this stone pattern texture and see if it fits your projects.
natural stone texture download

Natural Stone Texture #23 "Dark Rock"

Would you like to impress your followers with realistic effects? Then this natural stone texture is exactly what you need. It looks really true-to-life and will harmonically blend with the composition.
dark stone texture bundle

Dark Stone Texture #24 "Mysterious Traces"

Don’t know how to improve your website and make it stay out among others? Apply this dark stone texture and you will get the desired results.
grey stone texture png

Grey Stone Texture #25 "Black Agate"

This grey stone texture will make the shot more dramatic and voluminous. Perhaps this texture is exactly the element your project is missing.
green stone texture set

Stone Texture #26 "Mountainous Terrain"

Surprised to see a green stone texture? Stone textures aren’t necessarily black and gray. Scroll till the end and you will discover more stunning tools.
black stone wall texture image

Black Stone Wall Texture #27 "Brown Leaks"

Even if black is not your favorite color, have a closer look at this texture. This black stone wall texture is helpful with a broad array of projects. Anyway, you never know how the tool will show up in the design.
tile stone texture pictures

Tile Stone Texture #28 "Moss"

With the help of stone backgrounds, you will not only attract new clients but also save much time. This tile stone texture will turn your ordinary designs into something catchy and unusual in a matter of seconds.
wet stone texture free

Wet Stone Texture #29 "Sandpit"

Textures with water drops bring some freshness to the design, don’t they? Apply this wet stone texture and check whether this principle works in your case.
stone block texture download

Stone Block Texture #30 "Peat"

Here is a collection of free stone textures that might become cool backgrounds for websites and blogs. Start with this stone block texture and enjoy the results.

blue stone texture bundle

Blue Stone Texture #31 "Black & White"

Would you like to emphasize some architectural details in your photos or illustrations? Then this blue stone texture will be a real find for you.
stone pattern png

PS Stone Pattern #32 "Golden"

This stone pattern features a high level of detail so that it can be used even by professional Photoshop artists. Hurry up to get it right away!
brown stone background set

Brown Stone Texture #33 "Snow Covered"

Looking for a catchy brown stone background to give your photos a stylish look? Then this Ps texture will come especially in handy.
rough stone texture image

Rough Stone Texture #34 "Peach Color"

This rough stone texture is a perfect option for architecture-related projects. Such a rocky surface will definitely attract viewers’ attention.
stone brick texture pictures

Stone Brick Texture #35 "Brown"

If your project requires an extraordinary and stylish background, this stone brick texture will be an excellent option to choose.
stone wall textures free

Stone Wall Textures #36 "Shades of Grey"

Would you like to explore all the boundaries of your creativity? Then using stone wall textures will be a wise idea.

broken stone texture download

Broken Stone Texture #37 "Dramatic"

Wondering how to add an atmospheric and artistic look to your projects? Try this broken stone texture to create remarkable designs.
old stone wall texture bundle

Old Stone Wall Texture #38 "Ocean Touch"

Want to emphasize the beauty of old buildings in your works? Get inspired by this old stone wall texture and create a piece of art.
stonewall texture png

Stonewall Texture #39 "Pinky"

This stonewall texture can be a great background for various projects. It can be used for web design, business cards, flyers, posters, postcards, and even more.
stone walls texture set

Stone Walls Texture #40 "Velvet"

Transform your works into vivid and creative designs with this stone walls texture. It will add depth and dimension to your projects in no time.
stone brick wall texture image

Stone Brick Wall Texture #41 "Amber"

This stone brick wall texture is a useful tool to have in a personal arsenal. It will help you create elegant elements or atmospheric backgrounds while adding a creative touch to your works.
textured stone pictures

Textured Stone #42 "Ink in Water"

Accomplish all your creative goals in several clicks using this textured stone pattern. With this professionally-designed tool, creating stone elements will be a breeze.
stone siding texture free

Stone Siding Texture #43 "Sand Quarry"

From flyers and posters to banners and websites, this stone siding texture will allow you to enhance any project and give it a distinctive look.
stone background image download

Stone Background Image #44 "Cracked Surface"

Searching for a realistic stone background image? This tool will help you not only to express your artistic vision but make your artworks instantly noticeable.
seamless stone texture bundle

Seamless Stone Texture #45 "Gentle Glow"

Ever wondered how to add a subtle grungy look to your designs? This seamless stone texture can become an extraordinary visual component in your works.
stone tile texture png

Stone Tile Texture #46 "Mixed"

You can always find unusual patterns created by nature and stones are no exception. Using a stone tile texture in your artworks can give them a fantastic visual appeal.
seamless stone textures set

Seamless Stone Textures #47 "Bare"

Seeking for natural-looking seamless stone textures? This option is solid and realistic enough to bring an elegant feel to your works.
stone floor texture image

Stone Floor Texture #48 "Cracked"

This stone floor texture is vastly popular among many digital artists. Just use it for any project, and it will definitely become your go-to tool.

tileable stone texture pictures

Tileable Stone Texture #49 "Distressed"

If you properly use this tileable stone texture, it will highlight details in your works while boosting the visual appeal of your designs.
sandstone texture seamless free

Stone Flooring Texture #50 "Smooth"

This option is an invaluable asset for any digital artist. You can apply this sandstone texture seamless pattern to different backgrounds and create impressive and appealing designs.
high resolution stone textures

Smooth Stone Texture #51 "Spotted"

Are you in search of high resolution stone textures? Being rather universal, this one is great for layering and combining with other kinds of textures to give your artworks a finished look.
stone wall seamless texture

Stone Tiles Texture #52 "Reinforced"

Want to improve your designs? Replace an ordinary background with this stone wall seamless texture, and your work will shine in a completely new way.
stone flooring texture png

Slate Stone Texture #53 "Noisy"

This stone flooring texture can be used for backgrounds, as overlays, or as a fill for your unique design elements. Use it to give your works a distinctive finishing.
smooth stone texture set

Granite Stone Texture #54 "Turmoil"

This polished and smooth stone texture is suitable for any design. It can greatly complement anything, from web design to flyers or social media posts.
stone tiles texture image

Stone Tile Floor Texture #55 "Coarse"

This stone tiles texture is a powerful asset in the toolbox of any digital artist. Create a mind-blowing stone effect in a matter of a minute!
slate stone texture pictures

Stone Ground Texture #56 "Rough"

This slate stone texture features a dramatic blend of deep colors. It will certainly make your works recognizable and more appealing.
granite stone texture free

Yellow Stone Texture #57 "Cement"

Enliven your designs with this granite stone texture. The combination of this first-class tool and your creativity will leave your viewers in awe.
smooth stone wall texture

Paving Stone Texture #58 "Rugged"

Sick and tired of ordinary backgrounds? With this smooth stone wall texture, you can create striking designs that everyone will admire.
stone tile floor texture bundle

Sand Stone Texture #59 "Worn Out"

Want to bring a more sophisticated look to your designs? Go creative and use this stone tile floor texture to enhance your outdoor-related projects.
stone ground texture png

Brown Stone Texture #60 "Lined"

How about personalizing your works with this professionally-designed stone ground texture? Apply it to your designs, and they will definitely achieve a new fresh feel.

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

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black texture

Black Textures #61

Emphasize drama in your photos by creating a sharp contrast between a subject and background. Use this black texture as a background and make your subject stand out.
download scratch textures

Free Scratch Overlays #62

Want to add some minor blemishes to the frame? With these scratch overlay textures, you won’t overlap the foreground but create a pleasant retro atmosphere in the image.
rain texture

Free Rain Overlays #63

If you want to add realistic water drops to a picture as if someone splashed water all over the frame, this rain texture will be a perfect tool for that.
marble overlay

Free Grass Textures #64

With a great surface detail and a splash of color, this grass texture can enhance your pictures and give them a natural vibe. It brings so much life to the photos that you will be just amazed.
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Free Gold Textures #65

This gold background texture can add a touch of elegance and gloss to your works. Use it in your designs to improve them in an instant.
marble texture

Stone Marble Textures #66

This high-quality stone marble texture looks luxury, gorgeous, and mysterious. Feel free to experiment to create astonishing photos or designs.
concrete textures

free Concrete Textures #67

How to make outdoor images prominent and attention-grabbing? With this concrete texture, you will achieve a necessary effect without any hassle.
cool textures

Free Cool Textures #68

Want to produce engaging visual content and attract the audience? These cool textures will help you create unique works and express your artistic talent.
water texture

Water Texture #69

If your beach images require a bit of color boost, then this fantastic water texture is just what you need. It will help establish a summer and joyful atmosphere in your photos.
glitter texture

Free Glitter Textures #70

This glitter texture is a universal tool that will help you enhance your fonts or backgrounds. It will transform an ordinary image into a striking one!
grunge texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

Are you on the lookout for a grunge texture to give your photo a beautiful vintage vibe? Save this option or browse the entire collection to make your works noticeable!
old paper texture

Old Paper Textures #72

This paper texture makes you remember those good old days. So, hurry up to use this effect to make your images memorable and eye-catching!