Free Gold Overlay Textures

A collection of professional Free Golden Textures for Photoshop for photographers and designers, who want to play around with different looks and styles, present their works in an artistic environment and attract viewers’ attention to their projects. Conveniently arranged in one pack, these Rose Gold Textures can cover most of your artistic needs, providing stunning results without much effort on your part. Using them, you can create a perfect design or photo manipulation in several clicks or go further and customize the texture to personalize the design, etc.   

Reflective Gold Texture #1 "Foil"

Grab this gold texture if you want to add gloss to your works and make them recognizable among hundreds of other projects.
high resolution gold texture

Rose Gold Metal Texture #2 "Sand Texture"

Extend your portfolio with original designs. This gold foil texture will help you create an eye-catching masterpiece in a matter of seconds.
metallic gold foil texture

Gold Foil Texture Free #3 "Sparkles"

Decorate invitations for a party or create eye-pleasing greeting cards using this gold leaf texture. Amazing results are guaranteed.
rose gold metallic texture

Free Gold Foil Texture #4 "Wall Paint"

If you need a consistent gold foil background for your project, this one can help. If needed, you can customize the size.
gold foil texture background

Gold Texture Photoshop #5 "Glitter"

This gold texture background creates an interesting and luxurious look, so if it is something you want to bring to your designs, don’t skip this texture.
gold metal texture design

Photoshop Gold Texture #6 "Big Foil"

Bring a trendy touch to your artwork with this gold foil texture free. Your followers will absolutely admire such a beautiful design.
gold metal texture seamless

Rose Gold Foil Texture #7 "Middle Foil"

You can create multiple creative projects, design posters and flyers, make postcards and more with this gold texture free sample.
free rose gold foil texture

Rose Gold Texture Free #8 "Shiny Foil"

If you are looking for gold textures, this one is definitely worth considering. It boasts high resolution and may come in handy in a variety of situations.
rose gold foil texture free

Gold Photoshop Texture #9 "Party Glitter"

Finding a metallic gold texture isn’t an easy task, so make sure you downloaded this quality texture for future use.
gold foil texture photoshop

Free Rose Gold Texture #10 "Wrinkled"

Another great golden texture for professional artists. It can be used for website design, greeting cards, invitations, and more.
golden background photoshop

Gold Pattern Photoshop #11 "Edgy"

Do you want to impress your audience with a one-of-a-kind design? This free gold foil texture can help you realize even c crazy ideas.
gold foil pattern photoshop

Gold Overlay Photoshop #12 "Blurry"

If you are on the lookout for a gold metal texture to add extravagant feel to your photos or designs, this tool may help bring the idea to life.
seamless gold foil texture

Rose Gold Texture Pack #13 "Minimalistic"

Looking for a cutting-edge background for your artwork? This free gold texture is sure to exceed your expectations.
rose gold metallic texture

Rustic Gold Background #14 "Gradient"

Spice up your works with this gold metallic texture at no extra cost. Sounds amazing? Don’t waste time and download it right now.
rose gold texture seamless

Photoshop Gold Effects #15 "Golden Paper"

This seamless gold texture looks awesome regardless of the project you use it for. If you think that your work looks boring, feel free to use this texture.
gold pattern for photoshop

Black and Gold Texture #16 "Gold"

Gold foil backgrounds are in trend nowadays, so if you want to attract more clients to your works, make sure you have this texture in your toolkit.
metallic gold in photoshop

Gold And Black Texture #17 "Sand"

A gold metal texture designed to help you add some glow and style to your ecommerce images.
gold textured backgrounds

Metallic Gold Texture #18 "Ornament"

This rose gold texture is ideal for photos and designs with a hint of romance. But you can experiment with other works as well.
free gold foil texture background

Gold Metallic Texture #19 "Granules"

The light warm yellow color of this gold metal texture seamless option is bound to brighten up your projects.
gold foil background free

Seamless Gold Texture #20 "Desert"

This free rose gold foil texture has been downloaded multiple times for all sorts of creative purposes, so discover its full potential for your own project.
rose gold foil texture

Gold Foil Backgrounds #21 "Crepe Paper"

This is a great metallic gold background texture for advertisements and leaflets if you want to immediately attract people’s attention with design.
gold metallic textures

Gold Metal Background #22 "Sun"

These gold metal Photoshop textures are meant to give a unique and stylish look to all your designs just in several simple clicks.
metallic gold texture

Gold Texture Seamless #23 "Peel"

This is a kind of gold texture Photoshop for vintage-style projects. If it is something you are doing right now, why not test this texture?
textured gold background

Gold Seamless Texture #24 "Shiny Glare"

Searching for beautiful textures that can work perfectly for your creative endeavors? This gold flake texture can deliver ideal results in a quick way.
gold textured background

Free Gold Backgrounds #25 "Traces"

If you aspire to create mesmerizing designs, but lack experience in the sphere, use this Photoshop gold texture, as it is absolutely beginner-friendly and makes each art piece looks stunning.
golden texture photoshop

Gold Foil Background #26 "Gems"

Have you ever tried using gold textured backgrounds? Think that they are too complex to work with? Try this one and you’ll understand that you’re wrong.
gold texture background

Golden Metal Texture #27 "Tin Foil"

Wonderful free gold textures that can satisfy both newbie and professional designers. Use them if you need to attract clients’ attention to particular sections of your website or for other creative tasks.
free gold textures download

Free Gold Background #28 "Creases"

This golden metal texture was created with glamour and richness in mind, so be attentive while adapting it to your needs.
golden metal texture images

Antique Gold Texture #29 "Pleasant Rustling"

Make instant changes to your projects with the help of this gold foil texture background. It may be used for a fashion website or online store, personal blog, etc.
gold foil texture background free

Gold Leather Texture #30 "Gold Powder"

Add a trendy and luxurious feel to your designs by dint of this textured gold background.
textured gold background pictures

Shiny Gold Textures #31 "Pop of Color"

With this gold paper texture, you can add a sparkle to your photos or templates and give them a special look.
gold paper texture get

Rusted Gold Texture #32 "Purple Sparkles"

Use this seamless gold foil texture to enrich your photos with soft and romantic colors and attract viewers’ attention.
seamless gold foil texture download

Metallic Gold Paper #33 "Gold and Sparkly"

This gold foil overlay will help you create a photo of your dream by adding intense gold shades to it.
gold foil overlay images

Gold Metal Texture #34 "Multicolor"

Rose gold foil textures are another interesting texture to make photo manipulations and make them gentle at the same time.
rose gold foil texture free

Gold Flake Texture #35 "Fiery"

This texture gold background will help you create expressive and atmospheric designs.
texture gold pictures

Free Gold Textures #36 "Festival of Lights"

With this gold paint texture, you can create stylish and trendy pictures and make your portfolio truly stunning.
gold paint texture get

Gold Paper Texture #37 "Burst of Purple"

This old gold texture will give your photo a slightly vintage look, so if it’s something you need, download it straight away.
old gold texture download

Gold Paint Texture #38 "Dispersed"

This rose gold foil texture free overlay can be used with any image, giving it a gentle and warm look.
rose gold foil texture free images

Rose Gold Textures #39 "Bright Glimmer"

If you want to impress your followers with your creativity, this gold foil texture Photoshop overlay can come in handy.
gold foil texture photoshop free

Metal Texture Gold #40 "Mystery"

This gold texture seamless sample will help create original postcards, festive designs, posters, etc.
gold texture seamless pictures

Gold Texture Paper #41 "Flickering"

If you want to bring your artworks to a whole new level, this rose gold texture free overlay will do all the job for you.
rose gold texture free get

Gold Foil Textures #42 "Red Sparks"

With this gold Photoshop texture, you can create unique and unusual designs and impress your viewers.
gold photoshop texture download

Shiny Gold Texture #43 "Golden Glow"

Thanks to this gold textured background your photos and designs will look fresh, modern and appealing.
gold textured background images

Gold Background Textures #44 "Blue Glimmer"

Create gorgeous artworks using these rose gold textures. They will add a sophisticated look and a special vibe to them.
rose gold textures

White Gold Texture #45 "Radiating"

These free gold foil textures are helpful for those creatives looking for interesting backgrounds for their designs.
free gold foil textures pictures

Gold Foil Texture #46 "Vintage Pattern"

These shiny gold textures will add gloss to your photos and make them unforgettable for all your followers.
shiny gold textures get

Gold Leaf Texture #47 "Blank Grey"

If you want to create original art projects, these gold foil textures free overlays are exactly what you need.
gold foil textures free download

Gold Texture Free #48 "Retro"

This free gold foil texture is sure to give you wonderful results. Use is for invitation cards, flyers, posters, etc.
free gold foil images

Free Gold Texture #49 "Shabby Chic"

If you want to give a new look to your designs but don’t know how, this metallic gold foil will come to the rescue!
metallic gold foil free

Rose Gold Texture #50 "Sepia Look"

With this metal texture gold overlay, you can bring all your brave and unusual ideas into life and be sure you will succeed!
metal texture gold pictures

Gold Foil Overlay #51 "Pinky Shades"

This gold seamless texture will perfectly fit as a background for any type of photo or design.
gold seamless texture get

Real Gold Texture #52 "Realistic Folds"

If you are open to new ideas for your projects, this golden texture Photoshop overlay can impress you!
golden texture photoshop download

Dark Gold Texture #53 "Folded Brown"

With this free rose gold texture, you can create amazing designs and add them to your portfolio.
free rose gold texture images

Old Gold Texture #54 "Fashion Retro"

Using this gold texture paper overlay, you can add more volume to your pictures and make them stand out.
gold texture paper free

Gold Foil Swatch #55 "Recycled"

If you want to try something new for your designs, consider using this gold pattern Photoshop plugin.
gold pattern photoshop pictures

Gold Foil Effect #56 "Twice Folded"

Using these gold foil textures, you can create awesome photos and attract more potential clients.
gold foil textures get

Shiny Gold Paper #57 "Grey Tints"

This reflective gold texture will be an ideal background for any type of artwork. Try it out and you will be pleasantly surprised!
reflective gold texture download

Gold Background #58 "Folded Crafty"

This free gold background will fit photos, different designs, cards and more. Use it and you will not regret!
free gold background images

Golden Texture #59 "Crinkled White"

Do you want to be in trend? This gold overlay Photoshop texture will help you achieve that. Use it and get a catchy look in your projects.
gold overlay photoshop free

Download Gold Texture #60 "Grunge Crumpled"

The gold watercolor texture is a special tool, which you can use to create vibrant and stylish designs.
gold watercolor texture pictures

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Free Smoke Overlays #61

This smoke texture is suitable for slightly dark pictures and will add a special mystery to them.
smoke texture free

Free Scratch Overlays #62

These scratch textures will give your picture a bit worn-out look as if it was slightly damaged over the years.
download scratch textures

Free Rain Overlays #63

This rain texture will add a fresh and romantic atmosphere to your picture and make it look like as if it was really taken in rain.
rain texture

Free Star Overlays #64

The star overlay will make your photo look special by adding bright stars to them.
star overlay

Free Fog Overlays #65

Fog overlay images always look mysterious, so if you want to get the same effect in your photos, apply this overlay.
fog overlay images

Free Grunge Overlays #66

This free grunge overlay adds a vintage look to pictures or design templates. Highly recommended for antique works.
grunge overlay

Free Dirt Overlays #67

This dirty overlay will work well with outdoor or urban photos, giving them an interesting look.
dirty overlay

Free Dust Overlays #68

These dust and scratches overlays will be helpful if you want to give your pictures an old-fashioned look.
dust and scratches overlays

Free Broken Glass Overlays #69

This cracked glass overlay will help you realize your craziest and most unusual ideas and get a stylish photo.
cracked glass overlay

Free Concrete Textures #70

Use this concrete texture for photos taken outdoors. It will look especially great in the cityscape and travel shots.
concrete texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

The grunge texture can help you add a shabby look to your photos or website design.
grunge texture

Free Paper Textures #72

This old paper texture can suit different types of photos, designs, graphic projects giving them dramatic accents.
old paper texture
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