Free Paper Texture for Photoshop

In order to create a successful design of a printed ad, invitation or business card or enhance the photo, you need to spend time photographing and then more than one hour editing or retouching. Service FixThePhoto designed old paper texture packs for Photoshop to achieve excellent results much faster.

All designers need a paper texture for Photoshop. Such textures are universal in application. In this Photoshop old paper texture collection 10 different variants of paper are presented, such as vintage, classical, and embossed paper.    

PS Old Paper Texture #1 "Clarity"

Apply this paper texture to improve your image with retro touches and make it original. It will harmonically supplement an overall composition.
old timey paper effect

Newspaper Texture #2 "Soft Yellow"

If you are interested in old paper texture, this newspaper effect is exactly what you need. Apply it right now and the viewers will feel the smell of old newspaper pages watching your pics.
stained paper texture

Vintage Paper Texture #3 "Classic Pink"

It’s not a secret that vintage effects are always in trend, so don’t miss this old paper background. It is a great chance to make your photos look even more stylish.
aged paper effect

PS Paper Texture #4 "Vintage"

It is one more tool for newspaper texture lovers. Use this paper overlay and your photos will impress everyone!
old looking paper texture

Paper Textures Photoshop #5 "Saturated"

It is a vintage paper texture that will help you enhance pics in Ps. In several mouse clicks, you will get a background that will leave no one indifferent!
yellow old paper texture

Grunge Paper Texture #6 "Natural"

Looking for something extraordinary standing out from others? Apply this paper texture Photoshop overlay and you will get cool results!
yellow vintage paper texture

Old Paper Background #7 "Bright and White"

Don’t miss the chance to test this vintage paper background! This tool will definitely change your workflow and attract more clients.
old paper background texture

Vintage Paper Background #8 "Faded"

Add this paper texture background to your toolbox and effectively use it in the future! Vintage touches will make a good image even a better one.
aged paper texture

Paper Texture Png #9 "Warm and Gentle"

Even if you have no idea how to apply this grunge paper texture, don’t miss this tool and add it to your collection. Remember that one day it might greatly help you out!
photoshop paper texture

PS Old Paper Texture #10 "Colored"

Would you like to achieve aged paper effect and make your image a memorable one? If yes, this old paper PNG is exactly what you need. Apply it and the results will impress you!
old paper photoshop texture

Old Paper Photoshop Texture #11 "Beige Crumpled"

Check out this paper texture PNG and successfully apply it in your workflow! Several clicks will add a desired background to your images.
high res paper texture

Free Old Paper Texture #12 "Pastel"

Looking for a worthy free paper texture? Check out this overlay and you will see that cool tools are not necessarily paid ones.
grainy paper texture

Old Paper Effect #13 "Blue Vintage"

This paper texture free also belongs to those overlays enhancing your photos with some old touches. Feel free to experiment ‒ apply it to various images and see how it works!
high resolution paper effect

Photoshop Paper Effect #14 "Classic"

Would you like to make your photo look like an old one? It’s not a problem with this aged paper texture! Use it in your workflow and enjoy the results.
old paper photoshop effect

Free Old Paper Background #15 "Crafty"

Using this worn paper texture, you will easily improve your footage in several seconds! It will make your photographs original and catchy completely free. Don’t miss this effective tool!
old paper png

High Quality Paper Texture #16 "Vintage Pattern"

Hesitate whether grunge paper background is stylish and cool? Check it applying this high quality texture to your images! Don’t be afraid to experiment with overlays you have never used before.
free paper texture

Old Fashioned Paper Texture #17 "Blank Grey"

Isn’t impressed by aged paper textures? Let this old looking paper overlay change your mind. Use this tool and the results will surprise you.
grungy paper textures

Free Paper Textures For Photoshop #18 "Retro"

Trying to find some original paper overlays? If yes, you are lucky to come across this bundle. Test this old paper texture free and you will not apply paid tools anymore! Great effects are available for free!
hd old paper texture

Old Brown Paper Background #19 "Shabby Chic"

If you’ve never applied paper backgrounds, it’s time to change the situation. Start with this paper textures Photoshop and you will not regret it!
get paper texture

Old Timey Paper Textures #20 "Sepia Look"

Add a retro vibe to your images and designs with this yellow paper texture. It is crumpled mostly on the sides, so you may add it to images with the busy foreground.
shiny old paper texture

Paper Texture Images #21 "Pinky Shades"

A rather minimalistic white paper background texture. As it doesn’t feature many crumples, it is perfectly suitable for all kinds of pictures and designs.
old paper textures

Old Paper Texture White #22 "Realistic Folds"

With this distressed paper texture, you can add a bit of color to your shots and designs. The crumples here aren’t so prominent and won’t distract attention from the initial idea.
old paper textures free

Vintage Newspaper Texture #23 "Folded Brown"

A wonderful and realistic aged paper background. Remember to use it with moderation as it is rather crumpled and highly detailed.
ancient paper background

Free Paper Texture Background #24 "Fashion Retro"

This Photoshop paper texture features rather voluminous crumples that will add a unique flair to any image or design.
wet paper texture

Distressed Old Paper Texture #25 "Recycled"

This textured paper background is perfect for adding that slightly worn-out look to pictures and designs. The crumples here aren’t so intense but still produce a grunge effect.
textured paper backgrounds

Grungy Old Paper Texture #26 "Twice Folded"

A remarkable stained paper texture. Apply it to pictures and designs that lack color and don’t feature plenty of details.
photoshop paper textures

Yellow Old Paper Texture #27 "Grey Tints"

With this free old paper texture, you can add more volume to your image or design. It has almost no crumples and is a perfect fit for busy foregrounds and backgrounds.
old brown paper background

Free Old Paper Texture #28 "Folded Crafty"

A great advantage of this old paper texture PNG is that it isn’t too orange or to yellow. It is sand-colored and will beautifully blend into any composition.
paper patterns photoshop

Grungy Paper Texture #29 "Crinkled White"

The most intense old paper texture Photoshop in this collection. Its crumples are quite vivid, the texture itself features some noise so apply it sparingly.
paper texture overlay photoshop

Old Time Paper Background #30 "Grunge Crumpled"

Here is a white and crumpled high res paper texture. Use it with pictures and designs that lack volume and interesting elements.
old paper texture

Old Fashion Paper Texture #31 "Concrete Wall"

Apply this paper textures background whenever you need to make images or designs more vintage-looking. The texture is very crumpled so be careful using it or just tone down the opacity.
photoshop texture

Old Paper Background Texture #32 "Dungeon"

This grainy paper texture will add a pleasant pop of color to your pictures and designs. Besides, it features some noise and contributes to a grunge effect.
grungy paper texture

Paper Texture Psd #33 "Coal Seam"

Here is another hi res paper texture for all the fans of noise and a worn-out look of images. Mind that it can make the initial image or design whiter.
paper texture for photoshop

Paper Texture For Photoshop #34 "Ancient Tunnel"

This option is more on the muted side compared to other paper effect textures in the collection. It is rather universal and will suit different types of shots and designs.
old timey paper texture

Old Looking Paper Background #35 "Moonlight Track"

This old timey paper texture is sure to add that old-fashioned look to your images and designs. The paper here is in small squares and appears rather unique.
ancient paper texture

Old Sheet Of Paper #36 "Hazy Quartz"

You will love this vintage paper PNG texture for its gentle overall look and slight crumples that don’t distract but complement the initial idea of the picture or design.
old paper texture png

Old Paper Texture Png #37 "Charcoal"

Here is a stained old paper texture PSD file that can become a versatile background effect on many types of images.
get old paper texture img

Background Paper Texture #38 "Dark Rock"

If you need some interesting free paper textures, try this collection to imitate crumpled and creased paper sheets.
free old paper texture picture

Paper Background Textures #39 "Mysterious Traces"

Many effects can be recycled to imitate a paper textured background and this versatile pattern has a great resemblance to rough cold-pressed paper.
old paper texture download

Paper Texture High Resolution #40 "Black Agate"

Use this subtle texture paper background to create school albums or other designs related to education.
old paper texture free

Photoshop Old Paper Texture #41 "Underground"

Download this HD paper texture to imitate roughly pressed sheets or any other items with a similar pattern.
old paper texture for photoshop

Free Old Paper Textures #42 "Dark Grunge"

If you need a distressed paper texture HD effect, here is a very versatile option that can be used in many backgrounds.
old paper texture effect

Old Paper Effect Photoshop #43 "Abstract"

In case you need some old paper textures with character, try this high-quality overlay and use it any Photoshop version.
old paper background

High Resolution Paper Texture #44 "Red Dry Cracked"

If your design lacks a well-made vintage poster texture, this overlay will give just the right look to it with little effort.
old paper texture overlay

Ancient Paper Texture #45 "Dark Marble"

It is hard to find a high-quality old paper texture background that has such a strong character and yet looks realistic, download this collection.
old paper texture get free

Old Paper Textured Background #46 "Paint Strokes"

Try using this ancient paper background on your project as an experiment and see how different the vibe will be.
grungy paper texture photoshop

Grungy Paper Textures #47 "Space"

It is hard to find something creative among textured paper backgrounds so this effect is really a treasure for those who need eye-catching designs.
best paper textures

Dirty Paper Texture #48 "Crinkled Grey"

This antique paper texture is a beautiful imitation of an old, crimpled and stained sheet. Highly recommended for dramatic shots.
old timey paper overlay

Wet Paper Texture #49 "Black and White"

Get this high resolution paper texture and make your designs more interesting and captivating.
ps paper texture

Free Old Paper Texture #50 "Concrete Floor"

If you are collecting realistic Photoshop paper textures, make sure to download this effect of a creased and distressed sheet.
photoshop old paper texture

Photoshop Paper Texture #51 "Mixed"

Take a look at this peculiar damaged paper texture, it would certainly provoke viewers’ interest if applied well.
photoshop old paper background

Aged Paper Texture #52 "Bare"

Do you need to mimic old textured paper with cracks and creases? Here is a stunningly natural effect.
photoshop gamaged paper texture

Download Photoshop Paper Texture #53 "Cracked"

If you need a very subtle and delicate old paper effect, this one won’t disappoint you.
yellow paper texture

Get Paper Texture PNG #54 "Distressed"

Designers often need to imitate vintage looking paper and this overlay will do the job beautifully and save your time.
download old paper texture

Photoshop Old Paper Effect #55 "Smooth"

Download this overlay to make satisfying old texture paper designs or creative photo manipulations.
get damaged paper texture

Old Yellow Paper Texture #56 "Spotted"

If you are working on an old paper effect Photoshop project, try this overlay to save some time.
download damaged paper texture

Download Photoshop Texture #57 "Reinforced"

On this paper texture white streaks and stains create an interesting effect that can be used creatively by designers and image editors.
download paper texture for photoshop

Grundy Photoshop Paper Texture #58 "Noisy"

Are you searching for high-quality free old paper textures? Get this delicate overlay and search for more on the website.
photo editor paper texture

Old Vintage Paper Texture #59 "Turmoil"

With this paper texture old, worn-out sheets can be created in simple clicks.
paper texture

Free Photoshop Paper Texture #60 "Coarse"

For a distressed and yellowed paper texture, you can use this overlay and make a few necessary alterations in a few moments.
old time paper background

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Free concrete texture #61

Do you need a versatile concrete and old paper background textures? This collection will become your favorite one
free old paper background

Free fog overlays #62

Are you searching for an old paper textured background that will look soft and subtle? Try to apply this fog overlay for a magical look.
high quality paper texture

Free rain overlays #63

Take a look at this unusual streaky paper texture for Photoshop, doesn’t it inspire creative ideas? Together with rain overlays it makes amazing compositions.
old fashioned paper texture

Free grunge texture #64

Many ways can be used to create an old looking paper background and these grunge overlays have an interesting charm to it.
free paper textures for photoshop

Free scratch overlays #65

If you need a vivid scratch paper texture, try applying this collection of overlays.
free old paper texture

Free stone texture #66

Some stone and grungy paper textures are multi-purpose and can mimic many surfaces, which is great if you want to downsize your collection of overlays.
old timey paper textures

Free dirt overlays #67

This soft dirty paper texture can have many uses in design and image editing in Photoshop.
paper texture images

Free dust overlays #68

Dust paper background textures that won’t attract too much attention are hard to find so save this one for later use.
old paper texture white

Free broken glass overlays #69

Do you need a bold paper texture high resolution overlay? Try this interesting imitation of inward folds or scratches together with broken glass for drama.
vintage newspaper texture

Free film scratches overlays #70

Do you need a gentle Photoshop texture that will add some substance to the surface but not distract from the main subject? Try these film scratches.
free paper texture background

Free film grain overlays #71

Decent film grain and wet paper textures are hard to find so be sure to save these overlays to your collection.
distressed old paper texture

Free haze overlays #72

With this washed-out and haze ancient paper texture, you can make backgrounds more interesting and yet unobtrusive.
grungy old paper texture
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