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Free Overlay Textures with Scratches

This is a free set of Scratches Overlays for Photoshop, which will be perfect if you want to create stylish images fast and easy. If you want to make your image look old-fashioned, a little careless, or imperfect, then these free scratches overlays are exactly what you need.  Use them in Photoshop to add such an effect to your photos in several clicks. Mind that it won’t go well with all genres of photos. We don’t recommend using it with wedding photography, studio portraits, landscape or product shots (unless you have some creative ideas in mind). Scratches overlays will be great for sports photography, event photography, urban portraits, street photography, etc. In any case, this collection will be useful for beginning or expert photo retouchers alike.

free dust overlays scratches


598 Free Scratch Overlay Textures Includes:

scratch texture overlay free

Photoshop Scratch Overlay #1 "Storm"

Does your photo look too bright or sharp? Then apply this scratch overlay. It will slightly reduce flashy tones and add a drop of vintage effect to your picture.
scratch textures overlays download

Dust and Scratches Overlay #2 "Glass"

Want to make your pictures look a little old? Test this dust and scratches plugin to add the right textures and visual effects. It will hide small imperfections and make the photo more attractive.
scratched texture and overlay on a black

Photoshop Scratched Overlay #3 "Film Dust"

Are you interested in good old film shots and want to create your own collection of vintage photographs? This scratch overlay is just what you need. A few small specks of dust and scratches will give the desired effect in just a few clicks.

scratches texture with overlays get

Photoshop Old Film Overlay #4 "Sharp"

Focus on the details and draw attention to the subject with a few sharp lines in your picture. This old film overlay looks incredible with different types of photos.
scratch texture overlay with dust

PS Scratch Overlay #5 "Glass Light"

Test out this dust and scratches overlay to make your images softer. The effect of shabby glass will reduce sharpness and make the picture more eye-catching.
scratchy texture overlays vintage

Photoshop Scratch Texture #6 "Razor Heavy"

Do your photos lack some zest? They look too modern although you want to create an atmosphere of "good old days"? Then experiment with this Photoshop overlay and get impressive results.

texture scratch and overlay photo

Photoshop Scratch Overlay PNG #7 "Fine Lines"

Use this scratch overlay PNG if you need to focus on the center of the picture. Thick lines in diagonal corners will do the trick and you will get the desired look of the old film.
scratched texture with overlays photoshop

Photoshop Scratch Overlay #8 "Mixed Lines"

Enhance the foreground of your picture with this dust and scratches PNG filter. Shabby textures and various lines give a worn effect to your images.
scratches texture overlay free

Scratched Film Overlay #9 "Razor Fine"

This overlay is useful if you need to age a photo or hide small flaws. Apply this scratched film texture add vintage traits to the pictures.
free scratches overlays download

Download PS Overlay #10 "Old Mirror"

Add some drama to your images by applying this old photo overlay. This universal plugin is suitable for both studio and outdoor photos.
scratch texture and overlay on a black

Photoshop Scratch Overlay #11 "Sun Leaks"

Make pictures more intriguing and attractive using this film scratch overlay. Small scratches scattered throughout the image will give the desired effect.
scratch textures with overlays get

Dust and Scratches Texture #12 "Storm"

Need to add vintage style to your photos? Achieve the desired result with the dust scratches plugin. It will enhance the foreground and make the whole picture more interesting.

scratched texture overlay with dust

Scratch Overlays #13 "Movement"

Want photos to look more dynamic and eye-catching? Thanks to this PS scratch overlays you can add some chaos and drama to the images.
scratches texture overlays vintage

Photoshop Scratch Overlay #14 "Lightning"

Looking for a professionally-designed scratch overlay? Then test out this amazing filter. Adding some tiny lines, it will help you turn an ordinary picture into a real masterpiece!
scratch texture and overlay photo

Photoshop Overlay #15 "Corrosion"

Would you like to include film-styled images in your family photo album? This universal scratched overlay imitates the old film textures and provides the desired result.
scratchy texture with overlays photoshop

Photoshop Overlay Texture #16 "Depth"

Choose this film overlay for Photoshop if you need to add a portion of trend scratches to your photos. Try this plugin with portrait and city shots.
texture scratch overlay free

Photoshop Scratch Overlay #17 "Darkness"

This scratch overlay for Photoshop will give your pictures a peculiar moody atmosphere by adding some scuffs and dust particles.
scratched texture overlays download

Photoshop PNG Overlay #18 "Lightning"

Need to add more action and dynamism to your photos? Applying this PNG overlay you will turn a boring picture into a captivating image.
scratches texture and overlay on a black

Film Photography Texture #19 "Rain"

If you need to reduce color saturation or hide too bright color palette, this scratch overlay will certainly come in handy.
free scratches with overlays get

Download PNG Overlay #20 "Moonlight"

Are you a fan of vintage style and want to give your images a worn effect? Then download this vintage photo texture to add some scuffs and make your pictures look older.
scratch texture overlay with dust

Download Photoshop Overlay #21 "Rocks"

Add special vintage charm to your photo without spending too much time on image editing. This type of free Photoshop textures and overlays will cope with small flaws and enhance your picture.

scratch textures overlays vintage

Texture Overlays for Ps #22 "Chaotic swirk"

This PS overlay will add scuffs of varying intensity along the edges of your picture. Use it to add a vintage atmosphere with a focus on the central subject.
scratched texture and overlay photo

Photoshop Scratch Overlay #23 "Traces"

This plugin adds a lot of different scratches throughout the picture, weaving them into a thick web. Use this film photography texture if you aren’t interested in clear details.
scratches texture with overlays photoshop

PS Scratch Overlay #24 "Broken Glass"

Give your picture a cracked or scratched glass effect. This Photoshop scratch overlay will help you touch history and create an appropriate mood.
scratch texture overlay free

Photoshop Overlay #25 "Spotty Surface"

Feel free to experiment with this scratch overlay if you want to get a unique and creative picture. Tiny curves and spots will give your photo lightness and airiness.
scratchy texture overlays download

Photoshop Overlay #26 "Claw"

This powerful old film grain texture is perfect for improving a plain foreground for portraits and other genres.
texture scratch and overlay on a black

Old Photo Texture for Ps #27 "Distortion"

Make your photo look incredible. This film noise overlay adds a few scratches and cracks that will bring some retro tones to your photos.
scratched texture with overlays get

Dust and Scratches Photoshop #28 "Abrasion"

Do your pictures need a portion of tenderness and romanticism? Use this PS overlay with scratch to create an atmosphere of warmth and love.
scratches texture overlay with dust

Film Scratch Overlay #29 "Hectic Lines"

A few small scratches and dust particles will give any modern image a sense of vintage and old times. Get overlay with scratch to turn your pictures into real art in just a few seconds.
free scratches overlays vintage

Photoshop Overlay #30 "Curlicue"

Use this best overlay to enhance your photo and give it a delicate vintage touch. It does not overlap the main scene of the photo but gives a special zest.
scratch texture and overlay photo

Scratched Texture #31 "Snow Pellets"

Searching for a stylish overlay with scratches that will look perfect over the background or foreground? Then try this texture to make your photos pop up.
scratch textures with overlays photoshop

Scratches Texture #32 "White Particles"

Would you like to make your photos memorable? Use this black scratch texture to add a little mystery and appeal to your pictures.
scratched texture overlay free

Scratch Texture #33 "Small Scuffs"

A great and versatile type of textures with scratches that can help you imitate a worn-out photo or a textured wall.

scratches texture overlays download

Scratchy Texture #34 "Vintage"

If you need an interesting way to imitate an old photograph this PS texture is a great option.
scratch texture and overlay on a black

Texture Scratch #35 "Sand Dust"

When you need a subtle texture overlay, this will look good on any type of picture.
scratchy texture with overlays get

Scratched Texture #36 "Tiny Scratches"

This intense Photoshop overlay can be used to create an energetic or romantic atmosphere on an image.
texture scratch overlay with dust

Scratches Texture #37 "Powder"

The scratched overlay can be used to create interesting and mesmerizing effects or convey a sense of motion.
scratched texture overlays vintage

Free Scratches Overlay #38 "Noise"

Searching for a versatile film overlay for Photoshop that will be looking equally good over the background or foreground? Here is a stunning option!
scratches texture and overlay photo

Scratches Textures #39 "Fairy Dust"

This inspirational scratch overlay for Photoshop is capable of producing many stunning effects.

free scratches with overlays photoshop

Texture Scratches #40 "Lens Flare"

Use this stylish PNG overlay over a simple picture and see it makes its magic. Amazing choice for creative manipulations.
scratch texture overlay free

Black Scratch Texture #41 "Dusty Surface"

Need a scratch overlay that will realistically imitate an old photo? Add this simple but natural effect to your collection.
scratch textures overlays download

Photo Scratch Overlay #42 "Mystical"

A beautiful vintage photo texture with a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. Amazing choice for weddings and romantic photoshoots.
scratched texture and overlay on a black

Scratch Texture Photoshop #43 "Scrapes"

One of the most interesting free Photoshop textures and overlays is bound to strike creative minds with new ideas and visions.
scratches texture with overlays get

Pictures of Scratches #44 "Gloom"

This powerful PS overlay is perfect for improving a plain backdrop for portraits.
scratch texture overlay with dust

Photoshop Scratch Texture #45 "Fantasy"

A skillful image editor or designer can easily make this film photography texture resemble a variety of materials on a picture.

scratchy texture overlays vintage

Scratches Texture #46 "Whimsical Pattern"

The Photoshop scratch overlay creates an unobtrusive effect, dulling away the excess of details and helping the viewer concentrate on the subject.
texture scratch and overlay photo

Photoshop Scratch Texture #47 "Explosion"

A great scratch overlay that can be used for various joyful effects. Amazing choice for dramatic photoshoots.
scratched texture with overlays photoshop

Scratches Textures #48 "Supernatural"

This stunning old film grain texture has a beautiful smoke effect that altogether creates a rather mystical atmosphere.
scratches texture overlay free

Photo Scratches Texture #49 "Space Journey"

This film noise overlay with a strong texture is perfect for making the background more striking.
free scratches overlays download

Texture Scratches #50 "Galaxy "

Looking for a free scratches and stains effect that would look realistic on a photo? Check this one out!
scratch texture and overlay on a black

Vintage Scratch Textures #51 "Starry Night"

Searching for a texture resembling wood? Check out one of these stylish scratches textures and apply it to your dramatic images.
scratch textures with overlays get

Scratch Texture Photoshop #52 "Windflaw"

For a vintage look, you need to have on the texture scratches or specks of dust, and the latter look beautifully on this overlay.
scratched texture overlay with dust

Scratch Map Texture #53 "Comet"

To give a surface or the entire photo a distressed look, try this black scratch texture.
scratches texture overlays vintage

Scratch Overlay #54 "Night Waterfalls"

Can you think of a photo scratch texture that would look equally good on a romantic photo or a brutal portrait? Consider this one.
scratch texture and overlay photo

Scratches Overlay #55 "Stars"

With a light dust and scratch texture Photoshop can help you make all sorts of beautiful effects.
scratchy texture with overlays photoshop

Dust Scratches Overlay #56 "Ray of Light"

Pictures of scratches and particles of dust become the most useful overlays for editing photographs in many genres.
texture scratch overlay free

Photoshop Scratches #57 "Northern Lights"

Put a delicate Photoshop scratch texture over a photo to give it a touching vintage air. Simple, easy, fast and free!
scratched texture overlays download

Film Scratched Texture #58 "Gloomy Stars"

Do you need a romantic scratch texture? Try this one over couple photos and see how it transforms your dull photos.
scratches texture and overlay on a black

Old Scratches Texture #59 "Shiny Satin"

A photographer can never have enough scratch textures in his/her collection and this one is a worthy addition.
free scratches with overlays get

Vintage Texture Scratches #60 "Starfall"

This rough scratched texture will look great on a strong and emotional male portrait or sport photos as well.

More Free Photoshop Overlays by FixThePhoto

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scratch texture overlay download

Free Smoke Overlays #61

With a slight haze and scratches texture, you can create all sorts of mysterious or romantic effects on photographs in a second.
scratchy texture overlays on a black

Free Fog Overlays #62

High-quality fog textures are possibly the most versatile instrument that can improve a photo of any genre and create unexpected effects.
texture scratch and overlay get

Free Rain Overlays #63

If you need a rain texture that looks real, you know how hard it is to find one. Here is a small collection that will astonish you.
scratched texture with overlays with dust

Free Star Overlays #64

With a pretty night sky overlay, you can spruce up a dark landscape or create a dazzling background.
scratches texture overlay vintage

Free Distressed Overlays #65

In this distressed overlay Photoshop collection, you will find great textures that can be used to edit images or improve designs.
free scratches overlays photo

Free Grunge Overlays #66

This grunge overlay texture pack is designed for bold and powerful images that will captivate and impress viewers.
scratch texture and overlay photoshop

Free Dirt Overlays #67

With a good dirty overlay, you can do so many things it is impossible to count them. See for yourself.
scratch textures with overlays free

Free Dust Overlays #68

Various dust and scratches overlays for photographers and designers of all genres. Get this seamless collection of overlays for realistic results!
scratched texture overlay download

Free Broken Glass Overlays #69

Whether you have a silly family picture or a deep portrait, a well-made cracked glass overlay will skillfully emphasize the mood.
scratches texture overlays on a black

Free Film Scratches Overlays #70

The most requested effects are film scratches and these are an absolute must-have for your working kit.
scratch texture and overlay get

Free Film Grain Overlays #71

Are you searching for a realistic film grain overlay? Give your outdoor photos a mysterious and dramatic effect just in several clicks.
scratchy texture with overlays get

Free Haze Overlays #72

Who would ever think that Free Haze Overlays could be so well-made that even professionals use them?