Free Fog Overlay Textures

What to do if you cannot photograph a real fog, but really want? A set of free Photoshop fog overlays from our team will help give your photos some mystery and drama by creating a photorealistic fog. With these filters you can create a fog in Photoshop on any photo in just a few minutes. The fog gives the photos an atmosphere of mystery and helps to hide the unattractive background. Using these Photoshop mist overlays is the easiest and fastest way to make a fog. Do you want to create a high-quality photo with fog on the background, but you do not have enough time? No problem, because our Photoshop fog overlays allow you to create the desired result almost instantly. Instead of long and monotonous photo retouching, use our overlays in different versions for your photos to be more diverse and spooky.  

Fog Texture Png #1 "In the Woods"

Use this fog overlay to add a mysterious atmosphere to the shots. The applied fog is of varied intensity and appears very natural.
fog overlay free

Fog Overlay Png #2 "Dramatic Look"

As the name indicates, this free fog overlay Photoshop filter is suitable for the cases when you wish to emphasize the drama in the photographs.
free fog overlay photoshop pictures

Free Fog Overlay Png #3 "Mist"

Download free fog overlay and apply it to shots taken on a cloudy day. The fog will occupy the major part of the frame so use it accurately.
download free fog overlay images

Fog And Rain Overlay #4 "Mystical Haze"

This fog overlay Photoshop filter is a perfect fit for landscape shots. To achieve a more natural effect, add the overlay to shots where much of the sky is visible.
fog overlay photoshop pic

Fog Photoshop Layer #5 "Forest Mist"

A mysterious-looking Photoshop fog overlay. Play around with its opacity to blend the fog into the composition seamlessly.
photoshop fog overlay download

Foggy Texture #6 "Translucent Smoke"

This option is among the most intense fog overlays. The fog is beautifully spread all over the frame so apply it to images with a non-busy background.
fog overlays free

Fog Effect Png #7 "Light Mist"

Get one of these free fog overlays for Photoshop to emphasize the gloomy weather in photographs.
free fog overlays for photoshop

Fog In Photoshop #8 "Hidden Place"

A remarkable free fog overlay for themed portrait shots. The fog appears chaotic and is sure to bring more mystery into the shot.
free fog overlay images

Photoshop Fog Effect #9 "Shimmer"

Excellent addition to your collection of fog overlays for Photoshop. Use it to produce the effect of gradually dissipating fog.
fog overlays for photoshop pic

Rain And Fog #10 "Before the Sunrise"

This foggy overlay is uniform, doesn’t have any distracting details so it is appropriate for practically all kinds of pictures.
foggy overlay download

Fog Image #11 "Gloomy Day"

This fog overlay for Photoshop will occupy the entire frame. It features a lot of white areas so don’t apply it to overexposed shots.
fog overlay for photoshop free

Fog PS Overlay #12 "Autumn Mist"

One of the best free fog overlays for gloomy landscape photographs. Add it to pictures where the lower part is darker than the upper one.
free fog overlays pictures

Fog Textures #13 "Morning Fog"

This fog and rain overlay is more on an intense side, with the bright white spot in the center. Use it for images that have a not so busy foreground.
fog and rain overlay images

Fog Rainy Textures #14 "Cloudy Sky"

With this fog effects overlay, you are sure to diversify ordinary shots taken on a gloomy day.
fog effects overlay pic

Foggy Texture #15 "Mystical Weave"

If you feel like your shot lacks drama, it is one of the most suitable fog overlay textures to apply. The effect seems quite intense so be careful with it.
fog overlay textures download

Fog Effect PS #16 "Light Haze"

Use this fog overlay for Photoshop to produce an effect of a fog approaching a certain place. You might need to tone down the opacity for a realistic effect.
fog overlay for photoshop free

Download Fog Overlay #17 "Catchy"

The effect of this fog and mist overlay is rather gentle and won’t distract the attention from the composition of the shot.
fog and mist overlay pictures

Get Fog Texture #18 "Darkness"

Create fog in Photoshop with the help of this texture. It will surely contribute to the moody atmosphere of the shot.
create fog in photoshop images

Free Fog Overlay #19 "Dense Veil"

Apply this overlay to produce a fog effect on picture. The fog here is rather heavy so don’t forget to tweak its opacity.
fog effect on picture pic

Foggy Effect PS #20 "Hidden World"

One of the best free fog textures if you don’t want the fog to occupy the majority of the frame, only a small part.
free fog textures download

Fog Overlay Jpg #21 "Bushy Fog"

An excellent fog mist overlay in case you need to cover up unwanted elements in the foreground of the shot.
fog mist overlay free

Fog Texture Png #22 "Predawn Cover"

If you download fog overlay, especially this one, it will be impossible to go overboard with the effect. It adds the slightest fog to the lower part of the frame.
download fog overlay pictures

Fog Overlay Png #23 "Gentle Cloud"

In case you like pictures with fog effect that isn’t so intense, you definitely need to try this overlay.
pictures with fog effect images

Free Fog Overlay #24 "Sea Smoke"

The smoke in this kind of fog overlay images really resembles the sea and produces a gorgeous immersive effect.
fog overlay images pic

Fog and Rain Overlay #25 "Invisibility"

Wish to add a bit of fog to the upper part of the shot? Then it is one of the greatest fog textures to download.
fog textures download

Fog Photoshop Layer #26 "Arctic Air"

A wonderful fog Photoshop overlay to apply to shots taken in winter. It may suit autumn and spring pictures as well, depending on the intensity of the effect.
photoshop  overlay free

Foggy Texture #27 "Fairy-tale Mood"

This beautiful fog texture for Photoshop is a must-have for all portrait photographers who often organize themed photoshoots.
fog texture for photoshop pictures

Fog Effect Png #28 "Obscured Background"

Here is one of the fog photo textures that will help you distract attention from undesired details in the background.
fog photo textures images

Fog in Photoshop #29 "Wavy Mist"

This fog pictures overlay will add deep realistic fog to images, emphasizing the overall dramatic atmosphere.
fog pictures overlay pic

Photoshop Fog Effect #30 "Feathery Fog"

Apply one of these fog and mist textures to immerse the subject of the shot in gentle and natural-looking fog.
fog and mist textures download

Rain and Fog #31 "Warm"

A stunning fog rainy overlay for creating that melancholic fall mood in landscape and cityscape shots.
fog rainy overlay free

Foggy Texture #32 "Jungles"

Use this texture to produce an incredible Photoshop fog effect within one click and add the mysterious flair to images.
photoshop fog effect pictures

Fog PS Overlay #33 "Wet"

This overlay is a great way to achieve fog pictures if you didn’t manage to capture fog on camera and want to add it at the picture post-production stage.
fog pictures images

Fog Textures #34 "Pouring"

Apply this fog PNG texture to contribute to the overall depth and put emphasis on the main subject or idea of the shot.
fog png pic

Fog Rainy Textures #35 "Summer Rain"

This transparent fog overlay will look absolutely stunning in pictures taken in rainy weather and will complement the dark and gloomy skies.
transparent fog overlay download

Foggy Texture #36 "Fall"

Want to add some mystery to the frame? Check out this foggy effect on picture to understand how it works.
foggy effect on picture free

Fog Effect PS #37 "Cold Atmosphere"

If you don’t know how to diversify your workflow, this tool is a must-have for you. Download fog effect and enhance your works!
download fog effect pictures

Download Fog Overlay #38 "Storm"

Looking for some mist effects to enhance your pics? Check out these Photoshop overlays.
photoshop overlays images

Get Fog Texture #39 "Before the Rainbow"

Hesitate that fog effects may improve your images? You will never know till you try it yourself. Test this fog overlay PNG and you will be impressed by the results.
fog overlay png pic

Free Fog Overlay #40 "Dreary Mood"

Download this free fog overlay PNG and enhance your photos in several mouse clicks.
free fog overlay png download

Foggy Effect PS #41 "Dense Clouds"

If you are a fan of enigmatic effects, this tool will interest you! Apply this free smoke overlay to make your followers admire your creations.
free smoke overlay free

Fog Overlay Jpg #42 "Deep Fog"

Feel that your images lack some originality and creativity? Don’t miss this white smoke overlay and your photographs will stand out from the rest!
white smoke overlay pictures

Fog Texture Png #43 "Sweet Smoke"

Think that you’ve already tried all the possible image editing tools and effects? Apply these mist overlays and add fog effect to your photos.
add fog effect images

Fog Overlay Png #44 "Silver Grey"

Think that all fog effect overlays look similar in the frame? Test this tool and decide whether you need it in your toolbox.
fog effect overlays pic

Free Fog Overlay Png #45 "Faint Mist"

Apply these beautiful fog textures and you will enchant viewers at first sight!
beautiful fog textures download

Fog Texture Png #46 "Hazy"

This tool will add slight mist to the frame making it unique and extraordinary. Experiment with the fog texture PNG and the impressive results are guaranteed.
fog texture png free

Fog Overlay Png #47 "White Puffs"

Would you like to achieve a darkness effect in the photo but don’t know the best way to do that? Don’t worry since this fog overlay PNG can help with the task.
fog overlay png pictures

Free Fog Overlay Png #48 "Mystery"

Add mist to your composition with this free fog overlay PNG! Apply this effect and your image will receive a completely new look in several mouse clicks!
free fog overlay png images

Fog and Rain Overlay #49 "Purple Grey"

Apply this fog and rain overlay to see how it can transform your ordinary photo.
fog and rain overlay pic

Fog Photoshop Layer #50 "Grey Mist"

Smoke effects are always trendy and eye-catching, aren’t they? See it for yourself using this smoke texture for your projects.
smoke texture download

Foggy Texture #51 "Storm"

Think that mist effects are out-dated and too gloomy? Check out this fog Photoshop layer and I’m sure you will change your mind.
fog photoshop layer free

Fog Effect Png #52 "Glass"

If you are bored with your regular photo editing tools, test the bundle of mist overlays and add fog to a photo making it original and unusual.
add fog to a photo pictures

Fog in Photoshop #53 "Film Dust"

If you don’t know how to make your projects unique, add fog on the photo and that’s it.
fog on the photo images

Photoshop Fog Effect #54 "Sharp"

Have checked dozens of Internet pages looking for some photo editing tools? If yes, you are lucky to come across this bundle of rain and fog effects.
photo editing tools pic

Rain and Fog #55 "Glass Light"

If you are looking for Photoshop tools, you came to the right place. Here is a collection of Ps fog textures that can nicely improve your outdoor photos.
photoshop download

Fog Image #56 "Razor Heavy"

Need cool fog textures to improve your pics? Here is a nice bundle, so check the sample transparent images to see how they work.
transparent images free

Fog PS Overlay #57 "Fine Lines"

Apply these Ps textures and get mysterious and attention-grabbing fog overlay pictures.
fog overlay pictures pictures

Fog Textures #58 "Mixed Lines"

Disappointed with paid effects and don’t want to spend money on similar products? Check out our fog overlay free collection and test each effect.
fog overlay free images

Fog Rainy Textures #59 "Razor Fine"

Our free textures have helped many photographers and designers create stunning artworks, so don’t miss your chance to boost enlarge your portfolio with original works.
our free textures pic

Foggy Texture #60 "Old Mirror"

Texture images are everywhere on the net these days. Check out these free smoke overlays and effectively use them in your workflow.
texture images download

More Free Photoshop Overlays by FixThePhoto

Free smoke overlays #61

Our smoke texture effects would evoke your creativity in several mouse clicks! These tools will not only enhance your images but also help generate new creative ideas.
fog texture overlay download

Free scratch overlays #62

Try these scratch textures and make your works eye-catching in a matter of seconds.
fog texture overlays on a black

Free rain overlays #63

Being rather simple and ordinary, these rain textures may significantly change the overall view of your design. Experiment with it and the results will impress you.
texture fog and overlay get

Free star overlays #64

Looking for some romantic and relaxing effects to add to your shots? Check out this night sky overlay and, perhaps, it is exactly what you need.
fog texture with overlays with rain

Free distressed overlays #65

Feel that your images lack something? Perhaps this distressed overlay Photoshop will help you get the desired results.
fog texture overlay download

Free grunge overlays #66

Grunge overlay textures look cool in the frame, so download this tool and impress your clients with catchy photos.
free fog overlays photo

Free dirt overlays #67

Are you ready for new and extraordinary effects? If yes, try this dirty overlay and enjoy the stunning results.
fog texture and overlay photoshop

Free dust overlays #68

Would you like to test dust and scratches overlays? Do it right now using these free tools.
fog textures with overlays free

Free broken glass overlays #69

Think that the cracked glass overlay is something trivial? Test these tools and see how they can change your images.
foged texture overlay download

Free film scratches overlays #70

Apply these overlays and diversify your photos with vintage film scratches! Don’t miss the opportunity to impress the viewers with original retro effects.
fog texture overlays on a black

Free film grain overlays #71

Enrich your toolbox with something new and extraordinary! This film grain overlay will improve your images saving much time and boosting productivity.
fog texture and overlay get

Free haze overlays #72

Free Haze Overlays are very easy to use and guarantee cool results in several mouse clicks.
fog texture with overlays get
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