Free Photoshop Grunge Overlay

You won’t have to spend many hours inventing or selecting something to create a grunge style on your photos. We have compiled the collection of 400+ Photoshop grunge overlays that will give your photos a fresh, stylish look. Our bundle will become an excellent source of inspiration and creative idea for retouching different pictures. The variants of experimenting are never-ending. Try different modes, “play” a little bit with grunge Photoshop overlays, add some cool grunge style to your pics. This Photoshop grunge overlay collection is wonderful for art photography. Besides, every creative photographer can use it to make her/his own style even more peculiar and interesting.   

Dark Grunge Overlay #1 "Fire Wall"

Would you like to transform your image into an old grunge photo? Then use this grunge overlay. You will be blown away by an awesome texture and a high-quality result.
grunge overlay png

Light Grunge Overlay #2 "Street Art"

Want to create a shabby effect in your photos? This distressed grunge overlay will be a perfect tool for this. Add visual interest to your pictures just in several clicks!
distressed grunge overlay image

Dirty Grunge Overlay #3 "Ink"

If you want to add some noise or several minor defects to your pictures, this PNG grunge overlay will be a perfect tool for this.
png grunge overlay download

Free Grunge Overlay #4 "Patterns"

Explore the full potential of grunge overlays by applying this filter to your images. This tool will help you turn ordinary pictures into extraordinary ones.
grunge overlays free

Ps Grunge Overlay #5 "Golden Dust"

If you're interested in creating amazing vintage or grungy effects in your pictures, download this grunge effect transparent overlay to add a unique touch to your works.
grunge texture transparent get free

Download Grunge Overlay #6 "Modern Look"

Think your photos look a bit boring? Let them shine with a new trendy look by using this transparent grunge overlay.
transparent grunge overlay dark

Get Grunge Overlay #7 "Stay Trendy"

This grunge texture overlay is a perfect tool to add a unique visual style to your projects. Make your pictures more dynamic while keeping up with the latest trends!
grunge texture overlay png

Transparent Grunge Overlay #8 "Paint Stains"

Complement your pictures with slightly visible spots and blemishes. Use grunge transparent overlay and enjoy impressive results.
grunge transparent image

Png Grunge Overlay #9 "Vintage"

Realistic retro effects are always popular among both photographers and designers. So, this grunge overlay texture can be a perfect addition to your workflow.
grunge overlay texture download

Photoshop Grunge Overlay #10 "Stylish Frame"

If you want to extend your portfolio with unique photos or develop your recognizable style, download this bokeh PNG file and start experimenting.
grunge overlay photoshop free

Hi Res Grunge Overlay #11 "Monochrome"

Creative photographers and designers can use this free grunge overlay to make their works more attention-grabbing! Such a cool grunge effect will leave nobody indifferent.
free grunge overlay get free

Metal Grunge Overlay #12 "Distressed Cracked"

Diversify your pictures with this awesome grunge pattern. Apply this overlay to your image to make it look like a magazine cover!
grunge pattern dark

Blue Grunge Overlay #13 "Masonry"

Add blue tones to your photos and make them catchy and appealing with this grunge overlay transparent picture. Just several clicks and you will be amazed by the top-notch results.
grunge overlay transparent png

Gray Grunge Overlay #14 "Brutal"

Enhance the gray shades and make your shots look more mysterious. With this transparent grunge overlay PNG, you will definitely upgrade your Photoshop editing skills.
transparent grunge overlay png image

Grunge Overlay Image #15 "Abstract Dirty Aging"

This grunge texture overlay PNG looks fantastic in any picture, giving it a graceful and a distinctive feel. Complete your composition with this filter in a matter of seconds!
grunge texture overlay png download

Grunge Overlay Photo #16 "Cinematic"

Think your pictures lack a grunge style vibe? Apply this grunge PNG overlay to your photos and upgrade your portfolio with fresh and creative works.
grunge png overlay free

Grunge Overlay Pictures #17 "Gold Painted"

Want to enhance your pictures with a natural “dirty noise” look? Then this dirty grunge overlay will come in handy. Such a realistic frayed effect will definitely make your works catchy!
dirty grunge overlay get free

Grunge Overlay Images #18 "Peeled Beige"

Would you like to produce atmospheric and grunge-style photos without any hassle? Try this grunge pattern overlay and make your shots attention-grabbing with ease!
grunge pattern overlay dark

Ps Grunge Overlay #19 "Severe"

Are you on the lookout for a professionally-designed grunge layers for your shots or designs? Get an authentic grunge-style effect with this Ps overlay!
vintage grunge overlay

Ps Grunge Effect Overlay #20 "Aging Frame"

Would you like to look at your pictures in a new way? This grunge layer Photoshop filter will not only enhance your images but will inspire you for achieving new creative heights!
grunge layer photoshop image

Get Grunge Effect Overlay #21 "Striped Colorful"

Spice up your images with interesting textures and a slightly worn-out look. This grunge overlay PNG will suit any composition and photography genre.
grunge overlay png download

Dirty Grunge Effect #22 "Cracked Paint"

Create unusual photos with this grunge background PNG overlay. Regardless of what photography style you are dealing with, this filter will make your works stand out!
grunge background png free

Grungy Effect Overlay #23 "Gold Tints"

Want to add some dirty textures to your shots? This grunge and rust overlay will certainly make your photographs more dramatic, stylish and creative.
grunge and rust overlay get free

Grungy Effect Overlay Set #24 "Vintage"

This grunge dirty overlay will add a special mood to your photography or graphic design.
grunge dirty overlay dark

Grungy Effect Overlay Collection #25 "Antique"

Want to give your shots a special vibe? This trendy grunge layer PNG will spark up any shot or illustration.
download grunge layer png

Grungy Overlay Photo #26 "Retro"

This grunge layer image editing tool will help you enhance your photo or illustration and add slight clutter to it.
grunge layer image image

Grungy Overlay Textures #27 "Polka Dot"

Add minor damages to your photos or designs and give them an old-fashioned look by applying this grunge effect overlay.
grunge effect overlay download

Grungy Overlay PNG #28 "Filled Circles"

Make the colors more intense and enhance the overall look of your photo with this professional grunge overlay PSD.
grunge overlay psd free

Grungy Overlay Photoshop #29 "Gold Stripes"

If you are all about experiments and want to make your photos extraordinary, this grunge overlay pack will surely help you along the way.
grunge overlay pack get free

Grungy Overlay for Photoshop #30 "Horror Style"

This hi res grunge overlay will add chaotic particles to your images giving them dirty and distressed aesthetic.
hi res grunge overlay dark

Grungy Effect Overlay for PS #31 "Whimsical Pattern"

If your project will benefit from harsh contrast and grainy elements, this grunge overlay picture is just what you need.
grunge overlay picture png

Grungy Effect Overlay Free #32 "Explosion"

Wondering how to create an interesting and recognizable effect in your pictures or designs? Use this grunge overlay image and enjoy the awesome textures and colors.
grunge overlay image image

Grunge Overlay Set #33 "Supernatural"

Are you interested in grunge overlay pictures? Then this overlay will certainly be to your taste. Use this filter to make your works more visually appealing.
grunge overlay pictures download

Grungy Overlay Images #34 "Space Journey"

Ever wondered how to add unique surface details to your images quickly? Use this grunge overlay for Photoshop to give a distinct look to your works.
grunge overlay for photoshop free

Grungy Overlay Pictures #35 "Galaxy"

Use this transparent grunge overlay to add a perfect balance of delicacy and retro charm to your images.
transparent grunge overlay get free

Grunge Effect for PS #36 "Starry Night"

Want to make your photos more dynamic and interesting? Apply this grunge style overlay to enhance the background and add a unique touch to your pics.
grunge style overlay dark

Grunge Effect Free #37 "Windflaw"

Add a few small particles throughout the image to make it less sharp and bright. Do it just in a few clicks with this grunge style Photoshop overlay.
grunge style photoshop overlay png

Grungy Overlay for Photoshop #38 "Comet"

Do you want to improve your night landscape with some unusual elements? Try this high resolution grunge overlay and get amazing results!
high resolution grunge overlay image

Free Photoshop Grunge Effect #39 "Night Waterfalls"

Photos seem too boring and simple? Use this dirty grunge overlay image and give your photos beautiful noise.
dirty grunge overlay image download

Grunge Effect Collection #40 "Stars"

Create stunning grunge overlay pictures with this high-quality overlay. It will add the effect of a starry sky to night landscapes and portraits.
grunge overlay pictures free

Grunge Collection #41 "Ray of Light"

Use this beautiful grunge overlay to create a romantic atmosphere or add tenderness and warmth to your photos.
beautiful grunge overlay get free

Grunge Overlay #42 "Northern Lights"

Looking for a professionally designed overlay to make your photos pop up? Experiment with this grunge effect filter to turn your ordinary pictures into breathtaking ones.
grunge effect filter dark

Grunge Pattern Overlay #43 "Gloomy Stars"

Do you want your pictures to look a little gloomy and mysterious? Check out this grunge effect overlay pack and you will only need a few seconds to achieve the desired result.
grunge effect overlay pack png

Grunge Dirty Overlay #44 "Shiny Satin"

Test this grunge style overlay bundle and take your photo editing skills to the next level. With this overlay, your photos will look just awesome.
grunge style overlay bundle

Grunge Psd Overlay #45 "Starfall"

This unique grunge style overlay collection was created by a professional team to facilitate the photo editing workflow. Use this overlay to add a worn-out effect to your photos.
grunge style overlay collection

Grunge Psd Overlay With Dirt #46 "Grunge"

Looking for an easy way to add creative textures to your photos quickly? Then check out this grunge style overlay set!
grunge style overlay set free

Photoshop Overlay #47 "Old"

This grunge layer for Photoshop will give your pictures more movement and energy. Dense chaotic textures will surely attract the viewers’ attention.
grunge layer for photoshop get free

Photosop Overlay Images #48 "Wet"

Are you a fan of grunge style overlay pictures? Then this overlay is just for you! It will enhance the picture and make it visually attractive.
grunge style overlay pictures dark

Beautiful Grunge Overlay #49 "Black Soil"

Use this overlay from a professional grunge pattern collection to add dark tones to your images and make them a bit moody.
grunge pattern collection png

Grunge Photo Editing Overlay #50 "Dramatic"

Do you think your images lack drama? Then these grunge effect overlay textures will quickly and effectively save the situation.
grunge effect overlay textures images

Grunge Smoke Overlay #51 "Abstract"

This universal Photoshop overlay will make your photos more expressive, no matter what idea you are trying to implement.
photoshop overlay download

Grunge Distressed Overlay #52 "Dripping"

Would you like to get atmospheric and grunge-style photos without time-consuming image editing? Apply this modern grunge overlay to add a specific effect and mute too bright colors.
modern grunge overlay free

Grunge Distressed Images #53 "Ruined"

Use this Photoshop overlay to add dirty noise to your photos. It will help create a special grunge effect and make your pictures stand out among others.
photoshop overlays get free

Grunge Pattern Overlay #54 "Black and White"

Interested in black and white classics? Then download overlays from this bundle and turn your shots into stylish and elegant pictures with eye-catching grunge flair.
download overlays dark

Grunge Dirty Overlay #55 "Underwater"

Get free overlays to spice up your photos with professionally-designed textures. They’ll improve the background and make the overall composition more appealing.
get free overlays png

Grunge Psd Overlay #56 "Sepia"

Want to achieve perfect and flawless pictures without too much effort? Download Photoshop overlays with a sepia effect and your pictures will acquire a gentle look.
download photoshop overlays image

Grunge Psd Overlay With Dirt #57 "Rusty"

Give your photos an old-fashioned look by applying this rusty effect from our cool free bundle of overlays for Photoshop.
free bundle download

Photoshop Overlay #58 "Distorted"

Get collection of amazing Ps overlays to achieve a stylish grunge look. Try this overlay if the background requires some kind of improvement or seems too plain.
get collection free

Photosop Overlay Images #59 "Underground"

Download grunge effects and add creative voluminous textures to your pictures. They will give your pictures a distinct look.
download grunge effect get free

Grunge Photo Editing Overlay #60 "Mysterious"

This kind of overlays affects the texture and color palette by bringing cool shades to the surface. Try this overlay with night or forest shots and create a mysterious mood.
overlays dark

More Free Photoshop Overlays by FixThePhoto

Free Smoke Overlays #61

Want to give your shot a special look? Apply this grunge and metal overlay and add a thick cloud of smoke to make your picture more attractive and pleasant.
grunge and metall overlay get free

Free Fog Overlays #62

A slight haze appears after applying this overlay from our grunge and rust collection. It will give your image a feeling of lightness and airiness.
grunge and rust collection dark

Free Rain Overlays #63

This modern grunge collection is designed for various photography genres, including portrait, wedding, landscape and others. Use this overlay to create a rain effect in your photos.
mogern grunge collection png

Free Star Overlays #64

Looking for beautiful filters for your portrait shots? Then test these free grunge overlays and get incredible results!
free grunge overlays image

Free Distressed Overlays #65

Would you like to add cool grunge images to your portfolio? Try out this creative overlay to create an appropriate atmosphere and give your pictures an enhanced look.
grunge images download

Free Grunge Textures #66

This kind of grunge overlay textures is suitable if you need to darken your photos and give them a slightly dirty and distressed look.
grunge overlay textures free

Free Dirt Overlays #67

Give your photos a special vibe with one of our professional grunge dirt overlays.
grunge dirt overlays get free

Free Dust Overlays #68

This filter from our high-quality grunge overlay pack will add the “right noise” to your shots and make them a bit grainy.
grunge overlay pack dark

Free Broken Glass Overlays #69

Use this overlay to add the broken glass effect to your pictures. Thanks to these free PNG images, you will create realistic broken glass in Photoshop.
free png images png

Free Film Scratches Overlays #70

Download our collection of overlays and give your photos a stylish film look in several clicks.
download our collection image

Free Film Grain Overlays #71

Get free pictures overlays to enhance your photos. They will add an aesthetically pleasing scattering of fine particles and give the composition a soft look.
get free pictures download

Free Haze Overlays #72

Create impressive grunge pictures with this overlay. Just a few clicks and beautiful fog will appear in your outdoor shots.
grunge pictures free
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