Free Concrete Texture Photoshop

If you are interested in getting high-quality Concrete Textures for Photoshop, these Free Textures will be a good choice. The FixThePhoto team has created a great collection of flawless textures and offers you to download them completely for free. These Concrete Textures can be used for various kinds of photos, illustrations, designs, as backgrounds, etc., so feel free to experiment. These textures are suitable for professionals and beginners because they are fully customizable and user-friendly! Using them, you will make your artworks stylish, unique and interesting.  

Textured Concrete #1 "Mixed"

Looking for qualitative and interesting patterns to make your photos stand out? Try concrete textures Photoshop files and you will be pleased with the results.
concrete textures photoshop free

Concrete Tile Texture #2 "Bare"

This concrete texture Photoshop filter is perfect for urban photos and outdoor portraits. It will give them a truly special look.
concrete texture photoshop download

Poured Concrete Texture #3 "Cracked"

With this Photoshop concrete texture, you can add a special atmosphere to your pictures and make them more stylish and modern.
photoshop concrete texture picture

Stained Concrete Texture #4 "Distressed"

If you are looking for unusual backgrounds, these concrete patterns Photoshop files are just what you need.
concrete patterns photoshop images

Red Concrete Texture #5 "Smooth"

Using this concrete texture, you can add more volume to your illustrations and make them attention-grabbing.
concrete texture bundle

Light Concrete Texture #6 "Spotted"

This concrete pattern Photoshop texture is ideal for those, who want to add a gentle “concrete” feel to their designs.
concrete pattern photoshop set

Brown Concrete Texture #7 "Reinforced"

Use this free concrete texture as a background for your photos, designs, illustrations and make them pop!
free concrete texture

Dirty Concrete Texture #8 "Noisy"

These concrete textures will work great with plain images, adding an interesting touch to them.
concrete textures free

Concrete Texture Bundle #9 "Turmoil"

The concrete floor texture will make your designs more prominent and impressive. A perfect choice for ecommerce photos.
concrete floor texture download

Concrete Texture Picture #10 "Coarse"

Use this concrete wall texture for the background of your photo or design and you will see amazing changes in a matter of a few seconds!
concrete wall texture picture

Concrete Photoshop Texture #11 "Rough"

If you think your images look boring, you have a great chance to change it. Use the concrete floor textures to make your photos unique.
concrete floor textures images

Concrete Textures #12 "Cement"

You can use this concrete slab texture as a background in your designs, for ads, project designs, flyers, etc. It will make all your artworks stand out!
concrete slab texture bundle

Concrete Grunge Texture #13 "Rugged"

With this concrete seamless texture, you can add a slight old look to your images and get that vintage feeling.
concrete seamless texture set

Broken Concrete Texture #14 "Worn Out"

The concrete brick texture is one of the most interesting options in this set and can be a great addition to your image editing tool collection.
concrete brick texture get free

Hi Res Concrete Texture #15 "Lined"

The seamless concrete texture is very popular among creatives and is used for all kinds of artworks. The results will impress you!
seamless concrete texture free

Concrete Crack Texture #16 "Smooth"

Add the white concrete texture to your images and make them lighter and more vibrant. Just a few seconds and you’ll have gorgeous pictures with a flawless background.
white concrete texture download

Cracked Concrete Texture #17 "Ancient Traces"

The concrete paving texture is another variant of a pattern for backgrounds that will make your artworks look interesting and professional.
concrete paving texture picture

Black Concrete Texture #18 "Old Wall"

If your real estate photos look dull, you can easily fix it by using this concrete flooring texture. It will add a nice dark concrete effect.
concrete flooring texture images

Grey Concrete Texture #19 "Drops"

Do you want to impress your viewers with a top-quality image? Use the polished concrete texture as a background and get realistic results!
polished concrete texture bundle

Old Concrete Wall Texture #20 "Chaotic Scratches"

If you want to add a vintage look to your artworks, use this tileable concrete texture!
tileable concrete texture set

Concrete Floor Texture #21 "Dark Surface"

Download this perfect concrete ground texture and use it as a background. This texture comes in high resolution and the edited picture or design can be easily used for printing.
concrete ground texture get free

Seamless Concrete Texture #22 "Motion"

Don’t miss a chance to improve your images using this concrete floors texture! It will look awesome as the background of any photo.
concrete floors texture free

White Concrete Texture #23 "Horizontal Lines"

Doubting if the cement effect will look good in your photos? Get this cement floor texture, try it in your images and you’ll definitely love it!
cement floor texture download

Concrete Ground Texture #24 "Roughness"

Need a nice and unique background for your design? Why not try this cement ground texture? It will give your project a great look!
cement ground texture picture

Cement Floor Texture #25 "Little Islands"

If you think that the cement effect in the background is too obtrusive, you have to try this concrete pavement texture. You are sure to change your mind!
concrete pavement texture images

Wet Concrete Texture #26 "Grain"

This wet concrete texture is a nice way to improve your image and bring it to a whole new level! Highly recommended for editing architecture photos in the raining weather.
wet concrete texture bundle

Concrete Wall Textures #27 "Breach"

Don’t know how to enhance your images? Use this concrete tileable texture and watch how it changes your photo in seconds. You will love the results!
concrete tileable texture set

Cartoon Concrete Texture #28 "Squares"

With these concrete wall textures, you can create gorgeous images that will stand out from the crowd.
concrete wall textures get free

Old Concrete Texture #29 "Bumps"

Download this polished concrete floor texture and add it to your collection of picture editing tools. It will be helpful for your further work!
polished concrete floor texture free

Concrete Surface Texture #30 "Wavy"

These seamless concrete textures can turn any image into a masterpiece within a few mouse clicks.
seamless concrete textures download

Concrete Pattern Texture #31 "Black & White"

Looking for some daring backgrounds to impress your clients? Check out this polished concrete texture or download the whole bundle.
polished concrete texture picture

Concrete Panel Texture #32 "Golden"

Doubtful whether a tiffany blue background is a great option for your designs? Experiment with this concrete tiles texture and see if it really works.
concrete tiles texture images

Free Concrete Texture #33 "Snow Covered"

Dark and gloomy backgrounds are not your regular choice? Apply this concrete column texture and you will get the results you haven’t expected.
concrete column texture bundle

Smooth Concrete Texture #34 "Peach Color"

Designed in one color gamut, this concrete sidewalk texture will not distract viewers from the main subject.
concrete sidewalk texture set

Concrete Texture Png #35 "Brown"

Pink and gray ‒ a perfect combination to create a cartoon concrete texture. Check out this option and share your impression.
cartoon concrete texture get free

High-Res Concrete Texture #36 "Shades of Grey"

This emerald-green concrete slabs texture is a perfect fit to complement your images and projects.
concrete slabs texture free

Hi-Res Photoshop Textures #37 "Dramatic"

Add some dramatic touches to your designs! This seamless concrete floor texture will ideally cope with this task.
seamless concrete floor texture

Hi-Res Photoshop Images #38 "Ocean Touch"

Use this cement seamless texture and see whether it would work with your designs!
cement seamless texture picture

Photoshop Overlay #39 "Pinky"

This dark concrete texture is a must-have for all professional designers. Download the tool and use it for your projects.
dark concrete texture images

High Resolution Textures #40 "Velvet"

Looking for some unobtrusive effects to make viewers focus on the main element in the frame? This old concrete texture is exactly like this.
old concrete texture bundle

Cement Textures #41 "Amber"

Would you like to add some amber tones to your works? Apply this concrete surface texture and your images will acquire a gorgeous look.
concrete surface texture set

Photoshop Background #42 "Ink in Water"

Having applied this concrete pattern texture, you will add contrast to the frame and make the image more noticeable.
concrete pattern texture get free

Old Red Concrete Textures #43 "Sand Quarry"

This concrete panel texture will transform an ordinary image or illustration into a masterpiece in a quick way.
concrete panel texture free

Rough Concrete Texture #44 "Cracked Surface"

Tired of all those colorful effects? Use this concrete texture background and see whether it is suitable for your designs.
concrete texture background

Smooth Cement Texture #45 "Gentle Glow"

Being very smooth and unobtrusive, this old concrete wall texture may become a perfect tool to make viewers concentrate on the key details.
old concrete wall texture picture

Concrete Background #46 "Concrete Wall"

If you are looking for some decent dark backgrounds to complement the composition, you are lucky to find this collection. This concrete road texture will highlight even the smallest details.
concrete road texture images

Concrete Texture Png #47 "Dungeon"

Being an almost sole-colored effect, this black concrete texture will fit any photography genre.
black concrete texture bundle

Wall Concrete Texture #48 "Coal Seam"

Don’t miss a chance to experiment with this concrete background texture! Use it as a background for interior or product photos.
concrete background texture set

Floor Concrete Textures #49 "Ancient Tunnel"

Get inspired by this grey concrete texture! Use it for your projects and achieve fantastic results in a quick way!
grey concrete texture get free

Seamless Textures #50 "Moonlight Track"

Have you tried all the possible dark backgrounds and now want to test something slightly more colorful? Start with this concrete finish texture and add blue tints to your artworks.
concrete finish texture free

Dark Concrete Texture #51 "Hazy Quartz"

Think that brown is not the best option for your designs? Check out this smooth concrete texture or download the whole collection.
smooth concrete texture download

Concrete Textures #52 "Charcoal"

Stepped away from business a little and don’t know the modern photography trends? Check out this concrete texture PNG bundle and stay on top!
concrete texture png picture

Photoshop Texture #53 "Dark Rock"

Impress your clients and attract new ones using this high res concrete texture collection!
high res concrete texture images

Photoshop Overlay Textures #54 "Mysterious Traces"

Want to create something extraordinary but nothing comes to your mind? Use this high resolution concrete texture with your favorite pictures and see what you can get!
high resolution concrete texture bundle

Old Concrete Textures #55 "Black Agate"

Gray backgrounds are not as hopeless as they seem at first sight. If you still hesitate, test this concrete grunge texture and decide whether you need it in your toolbox.
concrete grunge texture set

Beautiful Textures #56 "Mountainous Terrain"

Think that gray backgrounds are not a good idea for your Instagram page? Experiment with this grunge concrete texture first, since you never know what your followers will like.
grunge concrete texture get free

Black Concrete Texture #57 "Brown Leaks"

None of your effects is suitable for a current project? Pay attention to this broken concrete texture ‒ perhaps, that is exactly the solution to your problem!
broken concrete texture free

White Concrete Texture #58 "Moss"

Use this hi res concrete texture and you are sure to impress your followers with seamless outcomes.
hi res concrete texture download

Textured Pictures #59 "Sandpit"

Tried dozens of dark backgrounds but none of them is suitable for your project? Pay attention to this concrete crack texture ‒ perhaps you need a warm background, not a cold one?
concrete crack texture picture

Photoshop Textures #60 "Peat"

There are so many various backgrounds that you don’t know which one to choose? Download this cracked concrete texture and you will get a universal tool.
cracked concrete texture images

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Black Textures #61

Download these black textures and use them to make your designs, photos or illustrations look amazing! Highly recommended as a background for product images.
black texture

Free Scratch Overlays #62

Need some catchy scratch textures? Look through this collection and choose some tools for your designs.
download scratch textures

Free Rain Overlays #63

Looking for some professionally-designed rain texture backgrounds? If yes, this collection is exactly what you need. Using the tools, you will add special romantic touches to your works.
rain texture

Free Marble Textures #64

If you are looking for marble texture effects to make your images more dramatic, make use of this bundle to cope with the task in a matter of seconds.
marble overlay

Free Gold Textures #65

Would you like to make your images luxurious and extravagant? Then you really need this collection. It will help you create trendy gold background images that your clients will definitely admire.
gold overlay images

Stone Textures #66

If you have never worked with stone backgrounds, it’s time to change the situation. Apply this cool stone texture and your image will be transformed in several mouse clicks.
stone texture

Free Dirt Overlays #67

Feel that your designs lack colors and mood? Experiment with this dirty overlay and see how they can change your works or make them dramatic.
dirty overlay

Free Wood Textures #68

Don’t miss the opportunity to try these cool wood textures! They are universal and absolutely easy to use.
wood textures

Leather Texture #69

With this cool leather texture, you will bring novelty to your designs and make them original and stylish. Highly recommended for cloth photo editing.
leather texture

Free Glitter Textures #70

A unique offer you simply can’t miss ‒ top-notch glitter texture effects in one bundle! Surprised? Check out the whole set and use the tools to create magic designs!
glitter texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

Create a special atmosphere in your artworks, using these grunge texture backgrounds. Add dramatic and vintage vibes in several clicks.
grunge texture

Old Paper Textures #72

Applying this old paper texture, you can enhance your designs faster than ever! This is the fastest way to make your designs vintage.
old paper texture
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