Free Leather Texture for Photoshop

Our professional team has designed a bundle of 10 Free Leather Photoshop Textures. If you are a designer or are dealing with fashion, product or still life photography editing, these tools are a definite must-have. The textures feature various leather patterns and come in different colors to help you bring all your creative ideas to life. You can customize and adjust any texture to your taste – regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced photo editor/designer. Moreover, all these free leather textures have high resolution so you can zoom them in and don’t worry about quality loss.  

Leather Textures #1 "Dark"

If a high-quality leather texture is something you are looking for, try this option and you will be amazed by results!
leather texture free

Gray Leather Textures #2 "Antique"

This Photoshop leather texture imitates the look of real leather and gives out a feeling of luxury and refinement.
photoshop leather texture bundle

White Leather Texture #3 "Blue Grunge"

Would you like to make your design project unique and memorable with an interesting leather background? Then grab this Ps texture!
leather background set

Leather Seamless Texture #4 "Vintage Book"

Whether you are going to create a unique pattern for your project, interface design or 3D texturing, download leather textures and achieve impressive results!
download leather texture pictures

Distressed Leather Material #5 "Movie"

Think your artworks or designs are too boring? Enliven your projects with this free leather texture and make them more attention-grabbing!
free leather texture download

Leather Texture Photoshop #6 "Grid"

This gray leather texture is a real finding for those, who want to improve their designs and give them a luxury touch.
gray leather texture seamless

Quilted Leather Texture #7 "Green Tints"

Would you like to stand out from the crowd of designers and make your projects pop? Then try this leather seamless texture to give a distinct touch to your designs.
leather seamless texture images

Orange Leather Texture #8 "Traveler Magazine"

Want to incorporate a distressed leather material into your designs? Then this Ps texture will come in handy!
distressed leather material free

Beige Leather Texture #9 "Black"

This leather texture Photoshop filter is designed to give a grunge touch to your works. It will enrich any design and make it more elegant.
leather texture photoshop bundle

Leather Texture Overlay #10 "Pressed Effect"

Are you a Photoshop artist who wants to give your works some luxury allure? Being quite universal, this quilted leather texture may be a perfect addition to your workflow!
quilted leather texture set

Cracked Leather Texture #11 "Mossy"

This well-designed and highly detailed orange leather texture with a unique pattern will beautify any design project or illustration.
orange leather texture pictures

White Leather Texture #12 "Chocolate Brown"

This beige leather texture contains many details. While having a rather complex structure, it looks rather clean and refined.
beige leather texture download

Light Leather Texture #13 "Albino"

If you want to add a sense of chic and glamor to your artworks, this leather texture overlay will be especially useful!
leather texture overlay seamless

White Leather Background #14 "Coal"

Want your designs to stand out from the crowd? Bring more creativity to your works with this cracked leather texture.
cracked leather texture images

Pink Leather Textures #15 "Red Velvet"

Add this white leather texture to your arsenal to realize your artistic ideas! Just several clicks and your project will acquire the right mood.
white leather texture free

Leather Texture Mat #16 "Indigo"

If you are working on the app interface or any other type of graphic design, you can create a stylish modern effect using this light brown leather texture.
light brown leather texture bundle

Dark Leather Texture #17 "Tanned Beige"

This catchy but still subtle white leather background will seamlessly blend into any design making it stylish and more appealing.
white leather background set

Seamless Leather Texture #18 "Pinkish"

Looking for a perfect addition to your texture library? With this pink leather texture, you can bring your projects to the new creative heights!
pink leather wallpaper pictures

Patent Leather Texture #19 "Rosewood"

Are you in search of a soft and classy leather texture mat? This one will be a great option regardless of the type of project you are working with!
leather texture mat download

Dark Leather Wallpaper #20 "Gingerbread"

With this dark leather texture, you will make your works moody and elegant. The texture is catchy and extraordinary with its detailed and realistic pattern.
dark leather texture seamless

Cow Leather Texture #21 "Iron"

If you want to enhance your logos, interfaces, website backgrounds and other types of design, this seamless leather texture will be a great option.
seamless leather texture images

White Leather Textures #22 "Navy Blue"

This patent leather texture has become a growing trend in the world of digital art. So, why not incorporate it into your workflow?
patent leather texture free

Brown Leather Texture #23 "Army Green"

How to turn an ordinary design into fantastic artwork? Use this dark leather texture to set up the right mood for your project!
dark leather bundle

Leather Fabric Texture #24 "Cinnamon"

Sick and tired of dull backgrounds? This cow leather texture will definitely jazz up your designs.
cow leather texture set

Leather Background #25 "Olive Green"

Are you on the lookout for premium-quality white leather textures? This one will give your works a consistent look!
white leather textures pictures

Grey Leather Texture #26 "Shadow"

Want to create a stylish brown leather background? Make use of this texture to bring your ideas to life.
brown leather background download

Suede Leather Texture #27 "Cocoa"

Use this leather fabric texture for creating impressive design elements even if you’re an amateur.
leather fabric texture seamless

Tileable Leather Texture #28 "Burgundy"

Searching for a highly detailed football leather background to boost your designs? Then this texture is worth paying attention to!
football leather background images

Black Leather Pattern #29 "Copper"

Want to create a leathery text effect in your design? This grey leather texture will allow you to achieve the desired results!
grey leather texture free

Leather Background #30 "Coffee"

Bring your creative ideas to life with this suede leather texture! Add an unusual visual effect and distinct touch to your designs!
suede leather texture bundle

Crocodile Leather Texture #31 "Cotton"

Looking for a top-quality tileable leather texture? Try Crocodile leather texture and you will be pleasantly surprised with the achieved photos!
tileable leather texture set

Leather Bump Texture #32 "Linen"

With this black leather pattern, you will be able to achieve creative photos and impress all your viewers!
black leather pattern pictures

Photoshop Leather Pattern #33 "Lycra"

This leather texture background will make your pictures look rich, intense and stylish. Give this pattern a try and you won’t regret it!
leather texture background download

Leather Texture White #34 "Dark Green"

This crocodile leather texture will work great for backgrounds and give your photos a sense of style and uniqueness.
crocodile leather texture seamless

Yellow Leather Texture #35 "Violet"

Use this leather bump texture to add a special mood to your pictures. It will suit any type of photography. Try it and see for yourself!
leather bump texture images

Leather Texture #36 "Macro View"

With this Photoshop leather pattern, you will make your artwork interesting and recognizable. Don’t miss such a great chance!
photoshop leather pattern free

Red Leather Texture #37 "Grey"

If you like experiments, this leather texture white sample is definitely for you. Just a few clicks and you will have amazing pictures!
leather texture white bundle

Seamless Leather Textures #38 "Textile"

Using this yellow leather texture, you will create a modern, trendy and expressive artwork and attract everyone’s attention to it.
yellow leather texture set

Leather Png Texture #39 "Clear Pattern"

With this leather texture background, you will be able to add a special atmosphere to your photos.
leather texture background pictures

Black Leather Texture #40 "Beige Cloth"

This red leather texture will suit all types of photography and designs. Simply add this texture to the background and your photo will have a whole new look.
red leather texture download

Blue Leather Background #41 "Blush"

If you need qualitative and interesting seamless leather textures for different design projects, this one will definitely be to your taste.
seamless leather textures seamless

Purple Leather Texture #42 "Berry Violet"

This leather PNG texture is for those who enjoy creating bright and unusual designs and artworks. Try it and be ready to get impressed!
leather png texture images

Dark Brown Leather #43 "Denim"

If you are searching for a black leather texture to add to the background of your design, this one is exactly what you need. It will make your artworks pop!
black leather texture free

Green Leather Texture #44 "Electric Blue"

If you want to give your designs a new look, you can do it using this blue leather background. It will add a nice texture and volume to your artworks.
blue leather background bundle

Brown Leather Texture #45 "Grape"

Make your pictures and designs lively using this purple leather texture! Just in a few seconds, you will have a modern and professional-looking result.
purple leather texture set

Gold Leather Texture #46 "Underground"

Would you like to create one-of-a-kind templates and photo manipulations? If yes, then this dark brown leather texture will help you achieve it.
dark brown leather texture pictures

Black Leather Textures #47 "Dark Grunge"

This green leather texture with a gorgeous pattern will look beautiful in every image or project design.
green leather texture download

Leather Black Texture #48 "Abstract"

Use this brown leather texture to make your dark pictures more intense and inspiring! It will add a nice effect of real leather.
brown leather texture seamless

Shiny Leather Texture #49 "Cracked"

Turn your boring images into bright and glowing masterpieces using this gold leather texture!
gold leather texture images

Light Leather Texture #50 "Marble"

These professional black leather textures will help you create outstanding images without spending too much time and effort.
black leather textures free

Free Leather Texture #51 "Paint Strokes"

This leather black texture will make your images more detailed, textured and contrasting. You can freely use it for all kinds of designs and images.
leather black texture bundle

Red Leather Textures #52 "Space"

Want to add a spark to your photo and make it more colorful and vivid? This shiny leather texture will come to the rescue and do all that for you.
shiny leather texture set

High Resolution Texture #53 "Crinkled Grey"

This light leather texture will be perfect if you want to add just a hint of leather to your artwork and avoid too many details and sharpness.
light leather texture pictures

Rough Leather Texture #54 "Black and White"

With this free leather texture, you will have the opportunity to bring your creative ideas to life and get positive feedback from your clients.
free leather texture download

Black Leather Texture #55 "Concrete Floor"

These red leather textures were created for photographers and designers who value creativity and unusual approach to their artworks.
red leather textures seamless

Brown Leather Textures #56 "Sepia"

Use this leather texture high resolution overlay to make your designs more appealing and luxurious. This pattern will add a sense of taste and style to them.
leather texture high resolution images

Soft Leather Texture #57 "Rusty"

If you like highlighting details and working with the volume in photos, this rough leather texture will be ideal for you.
rough leather texture free

Leather Texture #58 "Distorted"

Do you want to know how to turn a plain and uninteresting image into a piece of art? Try this smooth black leather texture and get a dream photo!
smooth black leather texture bundle

Hi-Res Keather Texture #59 "Underground"

These brown leather textures will suit both advanced and beginning designers and bring their images to a new level!
brown leather textures set

Dark Leather Texture #60 "Mysterious"

This soft leather texture will add a slight leather effect to your image, making it vibrant, seamless, and gentle at the same time.
soft leather texture pictures

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Black Textures #61

Want to diversify your typical backgrounds? This black texture will help you do that easily and fast.
black texture

Free Scratch Overlays #62

With these scratch textures, you can bring more life into your artworks and make them stand out!
download scratch textures

Free Rain Overlays #63

Create an amazing rain effect with these rain textures. Your photos will look natural as if they were taken during the real rain.
rain texture

Free Marble Textures #64

If you wish to add a gentle marble effect to your image, try this marble texture. It will help you achieve a beautiful photo or design within seconds.
marble overlay

Free Gold Textures #65

If you want to add warmth to the shot or design, consider using one of these gold background images as a texture. It will give your designs gorgeous gold shades.
gold overlay images

Stone Textures #66

This cool stone texture will be ideal for photographs taken outside on the urban background. It will make them more atmospheric.
stone texture

Free Dirty Textures #67

Using this dirty overlay, you will be able to make your images more unusual and creative. It will be suitable for different types of photos and designs.
dirty overlay

Free Wood Textures #68

These cool wood textures will add a slightly old look to your images and give them that authentic feel.
wood textures

Water Texture #69

If your goal is to create a romantic and natural photo with soft and warm colors in the background, this water texture will be the best choice for you.
water texture

Free Glitter Textures #70

Are you into bright and colorful images? Add some shine to them with this glitter texture. Make your photos sparkle and glow like never before!
glitter texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

Add a vintage look to your images with the help of this grunge texture. Using it, you will create a stylish old-looking photo in a matter of a few seconds.
grunge texture

Old Paper Textures #72

The old paper texture will look great in the background of any picture or design, adding an authentic look and a special mood.
old paper texture
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