Free Marble Texture Pictures

FixThePhoto team designed professional Marble Photoshop Textures to bring creative and unique vibes to your design projects. All textures are available in high resolution and can be adjusted to suit your original ideas. You are sure to find a beautiful effect in this collection for your web and graphic designs, as there is a huge variety of elegant and stylish options. These textures look very realistic imitating the tiniest details of a marble surface. Downloading this pack of marble Photoshop textures, you may start investigating new facets of a design sphere and bring to life your boldest ideas.

Marble Texture #1 "Black & White"

Such a beautiful marble texture with a wavy pattern brings a sophisticated look to your designs and can become an ideal background for jewelry online store.
marble texture set

Marble Floor Texture #2 "Golden"

Marble textures with intricate details always look captivating and make people look more attentively at them. So if you want to attract attention to a certain item, you should place it on such a marble background.

Photoshop Marble Texture #3 "Snow Covered"

Such a marble texture background without sharp transitions of shades is perfect for websites, posters, presentations and blogs.
marble texture background picture

Marble Pillar Texture #4 "Peach Color"

Apply a texture marble effect to your designs if you think they look too monotonous and can benefit from a slight color boost.
texture marble free

Liquid Marble Texture #5 "Brown"

Add a magical touch to your artsy blog or decorate the background of the website using this stylish marbled texture.
marbled texture download

Yellow Marble Texture #6 "Shades of Grey"

This marble stone texture brings warmth and a sense of joyfulness to your designs, so you may be sure they look absolutely alluring.
marble stone texture images

Purple Marble Texture #7 "Dramatic"

If you are searching for the stone marble texture that looks unique and mesmerizing, you should have a closer look at this tool.
stone marble texture hi res

Blue Marble Textures #8 "Ocean Touch"

A gray marble texture looks a bit gloomy and should be applied with accuracy. Why not try this blue texture and add some azure shades to your artworks?
gray marble texture set

Marble White Texture #9 "Pinky"

The white texture of marble can produce an exhilarating effect, so if you searching for something of the kind, don’t waste time and download this texture.
texture of marble bundle

Gold Marble Texture #10 "Velvet"

If you think that the result you get after applying a white marble texture looks a bit plain, you can make it truly noble complementing the effect with gold touches.
white marble texture picture

Brown Marble Texture #11 "Amber"

Those admiring the classical style in design, will undoubtedly appreciate the black marble texture. But you can achieve even more spectacular results mixing it with this brown marble effect.
black marble texture free

Light Marble Texture #12 "Ink in Water"

Not every free marble texture works the way it is intended, so you’d better use this tested and approved tool to be sure that your effort won’t go in vain.
free marble texture download

Dark Marble Texture #13 "Sand Quarry"

If you want to extend your toolkit with top-notch marble texture free effects, investigate this hand-crafted collection, as there are many worthy options.
marble texture free images

Black Marble Texture #14 "Cracked Surface"

In addition to the demanded gold marble texture, this bundle contains many other effects that can make your art look pop.
gold marble texture hi res

Blue Marble Texture #15 "Gentle Glow"

There is hardly a designer, who would refuse to get a mesmerizing marble texture HD plugin, which allows adding alluring patterns to the background in a matter of seconds, so use your chance to download one.
marble texture set

Marble PS Pattern #16 "Gentle Violet"

This dark marble texture can have a calming influence, so if you want people to experience this particular feeling while looking at your visual content, don’t hesitate to use this tool.
dark marble texture bundle

White Marble #17 "Moody Black"

Some designers like experimenting with several textures, and if you are one of them, you can start by mixing a white and a pink marble texture, which can become wonderful wallpaper for your PC.
pink marble texture picture

Marble Floor Texture #18 "Orange Peel"

Are you on the lookout for a Hi Res marble texture that can assist you in many different situations without distorting the initial ideal of your design? This one is perfect for the task.
hi res marble texture free

Marble Wall Texture #19 "Thunder"

This high resolution marble texture can be both soothing and inspirational, magically improving the mood of the entire composition.
high resolution marble texture

Marble Texture #20 "Azure Dream"

This marble wall texture is ideal for creatives in need of realistic and eye-pleasing effects that can highlight the naturalness of the design.
marble wall texture images

Gold Marble Texture #21 "Light Brown"

A cracked marble texture is meant to bring a bit shabby look to your images and designs, so if this isn’t something you want to achieve, try applying gold marble textures.
cracked marble texture hi res

Marble Texture Hd #22 "Dark Chocolate"

A green marble texture can work perfectly as a wallpaper for your PC or smartphone, as a background for an eco-friendly online store or blog about healthy eating.
green marble texture set

Dark Marble Texture #23 "Blue Strokes"

Designers opt for moody shades, like a brown marble texture, when they want to create a somber look in their works. Download this tool and test whether it can help you with your project.
brown marble texture bundle

Pink Marble Texture #24 "Cookies"

If you create logos that contain both images and inscriptions, this marble texture high res plugin can serve as a simple, non-distracting background, which is ideal for this type of project.
marble texture high res picture

Hi Res Marble Texture #25 "Lightning Strike"

“Free marble textures” is a frequent Google request, but very few of them can compete with professional tools included in this pack. If you don’t want to waste time on poor-quality effects, download this collection.
free marble textures free

Marble Stone Texture #26 "Cracks"

Give you images a classical look using the black and white marble texture. Editing has never been easier.
black and white marble texture

Texture of Marble #27 "Sweet Melon"

A black marble texture has a sleek look and can be used as a background for a poster, flyer, or banner.
marble texture black images

Cracked Marble Texture #28 "Hole"

A light marble texture can be a valuable addition to your toolset and will make a wonderful pair with a cracked texture frequently used while developing designs of mobile apps.
light marble texture hi res

Green Marble Texture #29 "Cells"

The green color is very soothing, which makes it an ideal fit for numerous projects. You can even go further and combine it with marble floor textures, which guarantee an ethnic look.
marble floor textures set

Brown Marble Texture #30 "Black and White"

Designers believe that a blue marble texture looks refreshing and pleasant, which is actually true. But if you are after earthy shades in your designs, a brown marble texture is your ideal option.
marble floor textures set

Marble Background #31 "Smooth"

Give your photos a classic, stylish look with this marble floor texture. A subtle pattern can make the background more spectacular in a few seconds.
marble floor texture picture

Marble Texture Pattern #32 "Ancient Traces"

Check out the benefits this stunning black and gold marble texture gives you. Your images will look professional and flawless with this universal tool.
black and gold marble texture free

Photoshop Texture #33 "Old Wall"

You can use this texture with a wide variety of shots – from portraits to interior photos. Start experimenting and get wonderful textured marble images.
textured marble images

Beige Marble Texture #34 "Drops"

Add this white marble floor texture to your photo editing toolset and appreciate its benefits. Use it if you need to give your photo a complete look.
white marble floor texture images

Photoshop Pattern #35 "Chaotic Scratches"

Even small cracks can make your pictures visually more interesting and attractive. Try this marble texture tile to enhance your ordinary shots
marble texture tile

Background Textures #36 "Dark Surface"

Looking for an original marble texture? Then try this high-quality option. After applying it, your background will become more perfect and eye-catching.
marble texture painting set

High Resolution Texture #37 "Motion"

Would you like pictures to look richer and more elegant? Then do not waste time and experiment with this amazing red marble texture.
marble tiles texture bundle

Free Marble Textures #38 "Horizontal Lines"

This marble tile texture makes the background more even and uniform. As a result, you get centering on the main subject and the foreground of your image.
marble tile texture picture

Textured Marble #39 "Roughness"

Choose the professionally created green marble tile texture to add eye-catching elements to your photos. It is easy to use and customize, so it suits even beginners.
green marble tile texture

Seamless Textures #40 "Little Islands"

This texture will help you create fantastic photo projects. Play around with the adjusting of this texture marble tile to get the most powerful results.
green marble tile texture

Repeating Marble Texture #41 "Grain"

Don’t miss the chance to apply unique patterns to your illustrations. This cream marble texture will help you add stunning artistic touches.
cream marble texture images

Marble Texture #42 "Breach"

This seamless marble texture will add a little volume and movement to your images. Use it if it seems to you that the photo is too simple and flat.
seamless marble texture hi res

Photoshop Background #43 "Squares"

This marble texture seamless overlay is a wonderful choice for urban shots. A few dark tones and shadows will bring a special atmosphere to the image.
marble texture seamless set

High Quality Textures #44 "Bumps"

Do not have enough ideas on how to make your photos more impressive? Try our black marble texture seamless file to give your inspiration a boost.
black marble texture seamless

Textures For Photoshop #45 "Wavy"

This marble texture Photoshop plugin can be easily customized for your goals and needs. Try experimenting with contrast or saturation and you’ll get a great picture.
marble texture photoshop picture

Marble Texture #46 "Concrete Wall"

Pay attention to this marble white texture and get a great opportunity to improve your images as fast as possible. Don’t forget to customize the intensity for better results.
marble white texture free

Marble Floor Texture #47 "Dungeon"

Want to have a white marble texture seamless plugin in your image editing arsenal? Then download this incredible background and benefit from its use.
white marble texture seamless

PS Marble Texture #48 "Coal Seam"

Classic patterns never go out of style. Try combining this marble texture white with your pictures and get exquisite and sophisticated artwork.
marble texture white images

Marble Pillar Texture #49 "Ancient Tunnel"

If you still don’t have Photoshop marble textures at your disposal, check out this beautiful background. Its unique color and overall look will make any image unusual.
photoshop marble texture hi res

Liquid Marble Texture #50 "Moonlight Track"

This grey marble texture will help you implement the boldest ideas. Its dark shades and abstract patterns will give your image a mysterious and enigmatic look.
grey marble texture set

Yellow Marble Texture #51 "Hazy Quartz"

Use this white marble seamless texture to realize your modern photo projects. Remember that the original image may become lighter with this background.
white marble seamless texture

Purple Marble Texture #52 "Charcoal"

Professionally designed repeating marble textures are a must-have in the image editor’s toolset. Use it when you need to make the surface in the photo more realistic.
repeating marble texture picture

Blue Marble Textures #53 "Dark Rock"

This seamless black marble texture goes well with many designs. Try applying it to the projects with vibrant saturated elements for stunning contrast.
seamless black marble texture free

Marble White Texture #54 "Mysterious Traces"

What about trying this seamless white marble texture with product shots taken in your studio? Adjust transparency according to your needs and enjoy the result!
seamless black marble texture free

Gold Marble Texture #55 "Black Agate"

Give your photos a moody and mysterious feel applying this black marble seamless texture. Just a few mouse clicks and your pictures will look more dramatic.
black marble seamless texture images

Brown Marble Texture #56 "Mountainous Terrain"

If you are interested in quality seamless marble textures, then this one may be a great option for you. It will change your image a little, making it catchier.
seamless marble textures hi res

Light Marble Texture #57 "Brown Leaks"

Take a few seconds to adjust this marble seamless texture to your photo and get a fantastic result. Check out other backgrounds from our collection!
marble seamless texture set

Dark Marble Texture #58 "Moss"

This marble floor texture seamless plugin may seem a little tricky and is not suitable for all types of photos. Use it if the shots look too flat.
marble floor texture seamless

Black Marble Texture #59 "Sandpit"

Try this seamless marble floor texture if you want to make the shot more diverse and extraordinary. It looks especially good with photographs taken outdoors.
seamless marble floor texture picture

Blue Marble Texture #60 "Peat"

Try this seamless marble floor texture if you want to make the shot more diverse and extraordinary. It looks especially good with photographs taken outdoors.
seamless marble floor texture picture

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Free Black Textures #61

The horizontal lines of this black texture will add visual appeal to your pictures. Use it to enhance the image with the help of natural elements.
black texture

Free Scratch Overlays #62

Would you like to download powerful scratch textures to expand your image editing capabilities? This texture will come in handy for both professionals and amateurs.
download scratch textures

Free Rain Overlays #63

Do you want to add a raindrop scattering to the photographs? Get this rain texture to give your shots a romantic mood.
rain overlay textures

Free Grass Textures #64

Does spring grass look dull and lifeless? Then fix this situation with this top-notch grass texture. It perfectly suits a wide range of photography genres.
marble overlay

Free Gold Textures #65

Create a stunning gold background images’ album with this wonderful texture. It will give your images a portion of brilliance, make them look gorgeous and rich.
gold overlay images

Stone Textures #66

A simple cool stone texture is a perfect choice for editing architecture and real estate photos. Apply it and you’ll get the results you haven’t expected.
stone texture

Free Concrete Textures #67

Download this stylish concrete texture to improve your background. It will make amazing changes in your photos and they’ll acquire an interesting and professional look.
concrete textures

Free Cool Textures #68

This is one of the most popular cool textures among photo editors and designers. Use it if you want to achieve a soft creamy image in a vintage style.
cool textures

Water Texture #69

This versatile water texture has thousands of downloads. You can apply it to romantic couple images or portrait shots, as well as to various nature pictures.
water texture

Free Glitter Textures #70

Let your photos shine with new colors after applying this magnificent glitter texture. Add an atmosphere of joy and fun to your shots just in seconds.
glitter texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

Using this high-quality grunge texture, you can easily turn a plain background into a more interesting but not distracting one. Try it with your cityscape shots!
grunge texture

Old Paper Textures #72

Check out this soft-pink paper texture and successfully use it in your workflow! It is suitable for wedding, engagement, newborn and other photo genres.
old paper texture
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