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Free Cool Photoshop Textures

FixThePhoto team has created a collection of Free Cool Textures for Photoshop, which you can download on our website. All the textures are fully customizable and grouped into thematic collections. They can help professional and beginning photographers, freelance designers, online store owners, bloggers and other creatives amaze their clients and followers with trendy, beautiful and elegant visual content.

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Free Cool Textures Includes:

cool textures free

Cool MetallicTextures #1 "Grungy"

Searching for top-quality cool textures to bring a distinguishable look to your designs? Here is a wonderful metallic texture to start with.
cool texture download

Cool Wool Textures #2 "Distressed"

To create a captivating art project is not an easy task, but if you have a cool texture at hand, the process becomes a breeze. This one adds gentleness and warmth to your images.
cool photoshop textures set

Cool Leather Textures #3 "White Brick"

If you feel like bringing organic, fresh and natural vibes to your digital content, you can use Leather Cool Photoshop textures.

cool textures for photoshop bundle

Cool Denim Textures #4 "Granite"

These are cool textures for Photoshop, which you can use for the background of an online store or fashion blog. You can go creative and use them for more non-standard projects.
cool wall textures collection

Cool Paper Textures #5 "Water Drops"

These cool wall textures are easy to use, but they help bring a more sophisticated and practical look to your works. Highly recommended for realtors and real estate photographers.
interesting texture pictures

Cool Wall Textures #6 "Tropical"

How about personalizing your photos with the help of an interesting texture? Here is the set of tools that allow accentuating the main idea of your images in a very elaborate way.

colorful textures free

Cool Gritty Textures #7 "Bleached"

Sometimes using colorful textures can liven up your content attracting even more people to your work. If this sounds like something you need, hurry up to download this collection.
cool wall texture download

Cool Water Textures #8 "Crumpled Paper"

Finding a cool wall texture isn’t a real problem, but if you need professional water textures with a gentle transition from deep to light blue shades, download this collection.
modern textures set

Glass Textures #9 "Scuffed"

Those on the lookout for modern textures for all sorts of projects will definitely appreciate this nicely-crafted collection.
cool wood texture bundle

Cool Grass Texture #10 "Flicker"

Have you downloaded a cool wood texture and now are looking for grass effects to complement your designs? Don’t pass by as there is a nice tool that can suit your needs.
cool texture backgrounds collection

Cool Tiled Texture #11 "Skin"

If you think that your images look too plain, try adding cool texture backgrounds to them and see how the overall scene changes.
cool blue patterns pictures

Photoshop Textures #12 "Bricks"

Use cool blue patterns to decorate your website, create original presents for family members or friends, make gift certificates for returning clients and highlight the most important sections of your blog.

pretty textures free

Cool Textures #13 "Plank"

Many websites feature pretty textures, which over time turn out to be of a poor quality. If you want to use only the best artistic effects, you should download these high-res textures.
unique textures download

Download Free Textures #14 "River Bank"

FixThePhoto experts have designed unique textures, which may help both beginner and professional artists create one-of-a-kind projects to level up their business.
magazine textures set

Cool Textures Bundle #15 "Crumpled Paper"

If you are engaged in mass media and need magazine textures for your current project, stop browsing the net and download this bundle of top-notch tools.
cool wool textures bundle

Cool Textures Images #16 "Gold Powder"

Apply one of these cool wool textures to add a golden shine to your pictures and designs. An outstanding look is guaranteed!
cool background textures collection

Cool Textures Set #17 "Wrinkled"

Searching for cool background textures? Here is a stunning texture with gold that will give your images and designs a luxurious feel.
cool texture background pictures

Get Free Textures #18 "Tin Foil"

Another cool texture background with the gold foil. The texture is quite detailed, use it sparingly as it may steal all the attention.

cool texture templates free

Cool PNG Textures #19 "Creases"

Among cool texture templates, this one looks pretty unique, with a bright yellow tint. Apply it to shots and designs that lack a pop of color.
cool beauty textures download

Free Cool Background #20 "Pleasant Rustling"

It is one of the cool beauty textures that will make the image more voluminous and dynamic. Don’t apply it to images with an already busy foreground.
high quality textures set

Cool PNG Bundle #21 "Blue Tint"

If you are after high quality textures with stone, try this one. Its blue color is sure to attract attention and make the picture or design more appealing.
wood paper texture bundle

Photoshop Textures #22 "Heavy"

A wood paper texture that looks rather unusual due to pale orange brush strokes. Use it to bring more creativity into the shot or design.
cool blue texture collection

Cool Photoshop Set #23 "Abstract"

A cool blue texture to realize the craziest ideas you have in mind. Its dark blue color and abstract patterns will make the image more enigmatic and mysterious.
cool modern textures pictures

Free Cool Textures #24 "Natural Cut"

One of the cool modern textures that will suit only specific themed projects. Mind that it may add undesired volume to the picture or design.

cool colorful textures free

Cool Texture Bundle #25 "Uneven"

What would you say to cool colorful textures like this one? Its appealing color and overall look will surely make any picture more unusual.
cool hi-res textures download

Cool Art Textures #26 "Rustic"

One of the best and cool hi-res textures for rustic-styled images and designs. It is highly detailed so remember to use it in moderation.
cool black textures set

Cool Sky Texture #27 "Old Tree"

If you still don’t have cool black textures at your disposal, start with this collection. It will diversify the composition of the picture, making it more eye-catching.
free cool textures bundle

Cool Dirty Texture #28 "Parquet"

Try one of these free cool textures to add a slightly distressed look to images and designs. It is rather universal and will greatly blend into any composition.
download cool textures collection

Cool Textures #29 "Dark Tree"

Download cool textures like this one to make your pictures and designs catch the eye of the viewers. A stunning result is guaranteed!
photoshop textures pictures

Photoshop Textures #30 "Grey"

These Photoshop textures are perfect for adding the rusty effect to shots. When used as a background, they enhance the image detail.

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Do you want more Free Photoshop Textures? Check out what we have.

black texture

Black Textures #31

A black texture is an ideal way to contribute to the dramatic mood of the picture or add a missing element to the design.
download scratch textures

Free Scratch Overlays #32

With the help of scratch textures, you will give your images that edgy flair or just produce more noise in the image on purpose.
rain texture

Free Rain Overlays #33

Feel like the rain in your shot isn’t prominent enough? Or you just want to add rain to the shot for a moody atmosphere? Either way, a rain texture will come in handy.
marble overlay

Cool Marble Textures #34

The marble texture is a must-have for everyone who deals with product and still life photography. It will serve as a beautiful background for shots that feature a single object.
gold overlay images

Free Gold Textures #35

You never know when you might need gold background images. They are perfect for giving the images and designs that luxury vibe and extra shine.
stone texture

Cool Stone Textures #36

A qualitative cool stone texture is another thing to add to your toolkit. Use it whenever you wish to make the building or the surface in the image or design more realistic.
dirty overlay

Free Dirt Overlays #37

A dirty overlay will help you apply an awesome grungy effect to the picture or design within a single click. Remember to tweak the overlay’s opacity to achieve a natural look.
wood textures

Cool Wood Textures #38

If you want to see whether a wooden surface will look great with your product or still life shots, get these cool wood textures and begin experimenting.
leather texture

Cool Leather Texture #39

The cool leather texture isn’t an easy thing to find since not all of them have high resolution. This texture preserves its high quality even when zoomed in.

concrete texture

Free Concrete Textures #40

Using a concrete texture, you can add the urban vibe to the shots and designs. The bundle features both minimalistic and more intense textures.
grunge texture

Cool Grunge Texture #41

With a grunge texture, it is possible to make the overall atmosphere of the image darker, moodier and more dramatic in a really creative way.
old paper texture

Cool Paper Textures #42

Are you a designer who is on the lookout for the realistic old paper texture? Pay attention to this bundle, it will definitely satisfy your needs.