Free Black Photoshop Textures

Download and use these Free Black Textures for Photoshop as beautiful backgrounds or if you need to fill layers with black patterns, etc. Create remarkable and seamless designs and photo manipulations using our Free Black Textures. Save your time and boost your productivity. No matter you are a designer or photographer, you are free to experiment with these textures and see how they work with your projects. These Black Textures for Photoshop will help you implement the most creative ideas easy and fast.  

Black Texture #1 "Skin"

Would you like to impress the viewers with a catchy textured background? Apply this Photoshop black texture and see how it will transform your shot or design.
photoshop black texture free

Black and White Texture #2 "Old Desk"

Don’t like black textures at all? Why don’t you try this black and white collection and see how it works in the frame?
black textures download

Black Texture Seamless #3 "Map"

Looking for some retro backgrounds to incorporate into the frame? Apply these black scratchy textures and your images will gain an absolutely new look.
black scratchy textures images

Gold and Black Texture #4 "Bricks"

Don’t miss this option since vintage black texture effects are always trendy! Test this background in your workflow!
vintage black texture picture

Red and Black Texture #5 "Strokes"

If you want to incorporate brushstrokes into the frame, this black background texture is exactly what you need. It will enhance any design, making it even more catchy and unusual.
black background texture photoshop

Vintage Black Texture #6 "Plank"

Not sure that wooden boards will suit your pictures? Download this black texture background, apply it to your images and don’t hesitate anymore!
black texture background free

Glossy Black Texture #7 "River Bank"

This black metal texture will divide the photo into two parts ‒ light gray and dark gray. Use it to highlight important elements of the composition.
black metal texture download

Grunge Black Texture #8 "Crumpled Paper"

Need some catchy cool backgrounds? Check out this bundle and apply the best black leather texture effects to your images and designs.
black leather texture images

Black Paint Texture #9 "Ancient Cave"

Think that this black marble texture is too detailed and will distract the viewer from the main subject? Try it first and then make your conclusions.
black marble texture picture

Black Floor Texture #10 "Drained Terrain"

Although this black paper texture is not a universal one, it may successfully work with some specific shots. Experiment and you will get decent results.
black paper texture photoshop

Matte Black Texture #11 "Floor"

This black wood texture will definitely enrich your toolbox! Download it without hidden payments to make your designs more dramatic.
black wood texture free

Black White Texture #12 "Clay"

If you don’t know how to improve your shots, this black and white texture might be helpful. Apply it to several pics and see where it works better.
black and white texture download

Black Wall Textures #13 "Emptiness"

If you put this background aside because it’s too dark and gloomy, we recommend looking closer. This black grunge texture might be a great tool to highlight certain details in the frame.
black grunge texture images

Black Matte Texture #14 "Seaweed"

Want to improve your photographs with a unique background? Download this black stone texture and you will get great results in several seconds.
black stone texture picture

Black Texture Paint #15 "Darkness"

If you are a fan of dark backgrounds, this option may interest you. Use this black texture seamless overlay and make your clients admire your works!
black texture seamless photoshop

Cool Black Textures #16 "Cinder"

Apply these cool black textures and make your images stand out from the rest.
cool black textures free

Black Wall Texture #17 "Rust"

Think that you have enough b&w textures to improve your pictures and designs? Then try applying this black and white texture background and enchance your followers at first sight!
black and white texture background download

Dark Grey Textures #18 "Snakeskin"

Add this black texture high resolution effect to your collection and productively use it in your workflow!
black texture high resolution images

Cool Black Texture #19 "Mural"

This dark grey textured background will not distract the viewers and make them focus on the main subject in the frame.
dark grey textured background picture

Free Black Texture #20 "Wall"

It is a perfect texture to attract the viewer! Download this high quality black background and make your photos original and stylish.
high quality black background photoshop

Dark Black Texture #21 "Scuffs"

Download this dark grey texture background and see how it will change your photos and designs for the better.
dark grey texture background free

Black Blue Texture #22 "Fresh Paint"

Would you like to improve your pics with a background similar to a newly brushed floor? Apply this black floor texture seamless overlay and your pictures will receive a completely new look.
black floor texture seamless download

Black Texture PNG #23 "Bark"

Think that a dark gray texture background looks gloomy and not interesting in the frame? Experiment with this option and be ready to marvel at gorgeous results.
dark gray texture background images

Blue Texture PNG #24 "Illusion"

If you don’t know how to make your projects stand out among others, just add this dark grey background texture and it will do its work.
dark grey background texture picture

Black Effect Texture #25 "Bubble Wrap"

Can’t find aesthetic black backgrounds? Check out this bundle and choose something for your project.
aesthetic black backgrounds photoshop

Black Textures #26 "Damaged Surface"

If you are bored with your regular photo editing or design tools, check out these textured black backgrounds. They will not leave you indifferent.
textured black backgrounds free

Black Texture Image #27 "Tiling"

Apply these black textured backgrounds and you will get great results in a matter of seconds.
black textured backgrounds download

Black Wallpaper Texture #28 "Fence"

Try this black textured background and change the overall look of your design or image in several mouse clicks.
black textured background images

Black Patterned Texture #29 "Dirty Spots"

This textured black background may be exactly what you need to complement your photograph or design project.
textured black background picture

Fortnite Black Textures #30 "Mesh"

These black and white textures are very easy to apply. Just tweak their opacity for an optimal result, and your projects will turn into unique works of art.
black and white textures photoshop

Black and Grey Textures #31 "Concrete Wall"

A glossy black texture like this one can improve a plain background or cover an inappropriate one in a second, looking equally good in any genre.
glossy black texture free

Black Texture Seamless #32 "Dungeon"

This dark textured background looks like a natural stone and can create a uniform and stylish background for any photo or design.
dark textured background download

Black and Blue Texture #33 "Coal Seam"

If you prefer your textures black and white variants, here is a beautiful one that looks natural and interesting and yet not too intrusive in a photo.
textures black and white images

Red and Black Textures #34 "Ancient Tunnel"

If you need some very mild dark background patterns to give a gentle touch of texture to any surface, this one should do the trick.
dark background patterns picture

Blue and Black Texture #35 "Moonlight Track"

Here is a natural textured dark background with a blue tint that looks great and would suit a marine-themed project.
textured dark background photoshop

Black Gold Images #36 "Hazy Quartz"

This background black texture with large beige marble veins could be a useful imitation of tables or other surfaces for product photography.
background black texture free

Black Textures #37 "Charcoal"

In search of high-quality dark background textures? Here is a great one and you can find more in other collections.
dark background textures download

Black Stone Textures #38 "Dark Rock"

Searching for a high-quality black and white texture to resemble a natural stone? How about this texture? If you like it, there is more in the bundle.
black and white texture images

Photoshop Textures #39 "Mysterious Traces"

Do you need a versatile dark texture background? Download this texture and enjoy the results.
dark texture background picture

Black Wallpaper Texture #40 "Black Agate"

It is hard to find a black texture wallpaper that would look so much like some natural stone surface. Make sure to save it.
black texture wallpaper photoshop

Seamless Black Texture #41 "Mountainous Terrain""

This texture black and white rocky surface is so mild and versatile that you can adapt it absolutely to any image.
texture black and white free

Black and Blue Texture #42 "Brown Leaks"

This mild and homogenous black wallpaper texture with a tint of brown can help you create a special atmosphere in your images.
black wallpaper texture download

Red and Black Textures #43 "Moss"

Do you want an interesting black patterned texture to make a photo more striking? Download this texture for seamless results.
black patterned texture images

Blue and Black Texture #44 "Sandpit"

Don’t worry about Fortnite black textures, just save this nice and realistic effect to your collection.
fortnite black textures picture

Gold and Black Texture #45 "Peat"

There are many black and grey textures but you can hardly find something more realistic and versatile, so don’t forget to save it.
black and grey textures photoshop

Red and Black Texture #46 "Mixed"

This black texture seamless option can work for a variety of projects just be open to experiments.
black texture seamless free

Grunge Black Texture #47 "Bare"

If you don’t want a striking black and blue texture but are looking for something light and unobtrusive, here is a great option.
black and blue texture download

Black Paint Texture #48 "Cracked"

There are many red and black textures in the stone section but if you need something very light, get this effect and look for more here.
red and black textures images

Black Floor Texture #49 "Distressed"

This is a nice blue and black texture resembling stone. You can use it for designs related to real estate.
blue and black texture picture

Matte Black Texture #50 "Smooth"

Are you looking for a smooth silver or gold and black texture? Here is one very silvery option, look for more in the collection.
gold and black texture photoshop

Black White Texture #51 "Spotted"

Sometimes photographers need a bold red and black texture, other times a delicate white one is required. Find anything you want here.
red and black texture free

Black Wall Textures #52 "Reinforced"

This grunge black texture is classical and creates a very particular dramatic atmosphere. Get it and experiment.
grunge black texture download

Black Matte Texture #53 "Noisy"

This washed-out black paint texture could be very useful where you need to cover imperfections of your urban background.
black paint texture images

Black Paint Texture #54 "Turmoil"

A simple black floor texture like this overlay can find many kinds of applications in the hands of a skilled designer or image editor.
black floor texture picture

Cool Black Textures #55 "Coarse"

This matte black texture with veins in a porous stone is very easy to apply and tune up for a particular effect.
matte black texture photoshop

Free Black Texture #56 "Rough"

A black white texture like this one is interesting and yet unobtrusive, which is a great reason to save it for future use.
black white texture free

Download Black Texture #57 "Cement"

Do you need realistic black wall textures that look like distressed cement? There are plenty of textures apart from this one in the collection.
black wall textures download

Images Black Texture #58 "Rugged"

Searching for a distressed black matte texture? Here is a wonderful variant!
black matte texture images

Picture Black Texture #59 "Worn Out"

This black texture paint plugin has a washed-out look and shows parts of the wall beneath it. Great for edgy or brutal portraits.
black texture paint picture

Photoshop Black Texture #60 "Lined"

Need some cool black textures that show something better than just a cement surface? This one is just for you.
cool black textures photoshop

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Cool black textures #61

This blue ice or smoke texture can turn a plain photo into a striking one with no extra effort.
cool black texture free

Free scratch overlays #62

A collection of scratch textures for realistic designs, illustrations, photo manipulations, and website templates.
download scratch textures

Free rain overlays #63

Finding a decent rain texture is quite difficult for every artist. Get this one and several more from the collection and forget the struggle.
rain texture

Black marble textures #64

Have a look at this beige marble texture. Isn’t it mesmerizing? Surely you’re thinking of how you can use it already.
marble overlay

Free gold textures #65

Who wants some abstract gold background images? This is a striking one. See what else is there in the collection.
gold overlay images

Black stone textures #66

Do you want a dark and homogenous black stone texture? Try this one and see many more alternatives on the website.
stone texture

Free dirt overlays #67

A dirty overlay is a necessary tool in image editing and design since it can help emphasizing or disguising certain elements with minor effort.
dirty overlay

Black wood textures #68

Searching for realistic black wood textures? This one is rather light but there are darker ones in the collection waiting for you.
wood textures

Black leather texture #69

A high-quality black leather texture is an irreplaceable tool in any designer’s kit, make sure to save this for future projects.
rain texture

Free concrete textures #70

This simple concrete texture can cover up ugly urban backgrounds or add a touch of style to a regular studio photo.
concrete texture

Black grunge texture #71

With a classical grunge texture, you can do such an incredible number of things that no other effect is capable of. Test it yourself.
grunge texture

Black paper textures #72

A very mild old paper texture can be exceptionally useful for a graphic or web designer.
old paper texture
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