Free Wood Texture Photoshop

This collection of Free Wood Photoshop Textures will enhance your designs and illustrations in several clicks. Using these free wood patterns tools you can create ads, posters, cards or digital image manipulations that will look realistic and flawless. The bundle features 230 Wood Textures suitable for various themes and photos. Although the majority of these wood Photoshop textures are done in brown colors, each background is unique offering various shades of brown. There are some gray and B&W options. The bundle is diverse that each artist will find something useful.

Free Wood Texture #1 "Rust"

Do you need a rusty wooden background to complement the scene? Try these textures wooden effects to amaze viewers with unconventional results!
wood texture pictures

Raw Wood Texture #2 "Bronze"

A great background to imitate an old wooden fence. Experiment with this brown effect or try some white wooden texture instead. The selection is rich indeed.
wooden texture download

High Quality Wood Texture #3 "Dark Beige"

Having looked through numerous backgrounds but failed to find something really worthy? Pay attention to this free wood grain texture imitating a construction with nails.
wood textures free

Dark Wooden Texture #4 "Walnut"

Are you in search of calm and relaxed backgrounds not to shock viewers with bright and saturated colors? Then check out this tree wood texture.
dark wood texture png

High Resolution Wood Texture #5 "Burnt"

This is a cool smooth wood texture effect, which can be easily combined with other textures from this kit. Download the entire pack and see what mixes look the best.
wood texture background set

Textures of Wood #6 "Stump"

A perfect tool to highlight contrast in the frame. This white wood texture might become your indispensable helper in the working process.
white wood texture bundle

Vintage Wood Texture #7 "Dark Planks"

Download this wood table texture and see how it can diversify your regular designs. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as it can come in handy for a variety of projects.
wood table texture images

Seamless Wood Wall Texture #8 "Vintage Wardrobe"

Being extraordinary and eye-catching, this free wood texture is not a universal background for all kinds of pictures but if used appropriately, it will bring great results.
free wood texture pictures

Old Wood Table Texture #9 "Cherry Wood"

Searching for some traditional wood backgrounds? Use this black wood texture and see whether it can suit your particular project.
black wood texture download

Glossy Wood Texture #10 "Pink Tints"

Would you like to make your images cool and stylish? This wood plank texture will perfectly blend with any composition.
wood plank texture free

Dirty Wood Texture #11 "Auburn"

Professional designers and photographers are constantly looking for new textures. Add this wooden board texture to your toolbox and start experimenting.
wooden board texture png

Nature Wood Texture #12 "Monochrome"

Can’t find an original wood wall texture? There is good news for you ‒ this effect will distinguish your designs from the rest.
wood wall texture set

Pine Wood Textures #13 "Charcoal"

These texture wooden effects will add deepness and volume to your designs. Install this option and look through the entire collection.
texture wooden bundle

Outdoor Wood Texture #14 "Amber"

This wooden wall texture may be used in various projects and designs, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try different combinations!
wooden wall texture images

Desk Wood Texture #15 "Spice"

Want to extend your toolkit with some free wood textures? Few of available on the net are really qualitative, so download only proven textures by FixThePhoto.
free wood textures pictures

Fine Wood Texture #16 "Rustic"

It is a very detailed and realistic wood texture that will harmonically complement your collection.
textures wooden download

Log Wood Texture #17 "Old Tree"

A perfect wooden texture to use in object photography. However, don’t stick solely to this genre and experiment with the effect as you wish!
white wooden texture free

Hi Res Wood Texture #18 "Parquet"

Add these neutral background wood textures and create cool designs within seconds! They are helpful with most design tasks.
free wood grain texture png

Old Wood Textures #19 "Dark Tree"

Your design projects will absolutely benefit from this dark wood texture! Keep browsing the collection and download other tools right now!
tree wood texture set

Bright Wood Texture #20 "Grey"

It is one of those gray timber effects that will personify your works and designs. Save this wood texture background and look through the whole collection.
smooth wood texture bundle

Dark Wooden Texture #21 "Tawny"

Don’t like dark effects? This table wood texture will definitely change your opinion. Find a suitable composition for this background and the results will be cool indeed!
table wood texture images

Natural Wood Texture #22 "Peanut"

If you are looking for some natural wood effects, have a closer look at this option. This wood boards texture will enhance any shot making it deeper and more intense.
wood boards texture pictures

Dark Wood Textures #23 "Faded"

Get this wooden texture free right now! Use it as a background for your website, creative blog or for other projects, as it is super universal and handy.
wooden texture free download

Wood Texture #24 "Ginger"

Being warm and saturated, this texture woods overlay is ideal for outdoor images and landscape shots. Bring summertime vibes to your photos in a matter of click!
texture woods free

Wood Surface Texture #25 "Taupe"

If you are tired of vertical or horizontal wood planks, using this tool, you can create diagonal wooden texture wallpapers that will diversify your designs.
wooden texture wallpapers png

Wood Backgrounds #26 "Sore"

It is a cool wood board texture that looks absolutely natural. Download the tool and look through the entire bundle for more artistic effects.
wood board texture set

Varnished Wood Texture #27 "Clay"

This wood background texture features some scratches on the planks, which look a bit grungy. Use this tool and create exquisite retro pics!
wood background texture bundle

Seamless Wood Texture #28 "Shadow"

This rustic wood texture is a great alternative to all those brown wood backgrounds. If you are sick and tired of brownish tools ‒ save this gray effect!
rustic wood texture images

Old Wood Plank Texture #29 "Pumpkin"

A nice warm effect to improve any image and design! Check out this royalty free wood texture and don’t forget to save it in bookmarks!
royalty free wood texture pictures

Light Brown Wood Texture #30 "Seaweed"

Blue wood texture effects are not as popular as brown/black ones, but you’d better try this original tool. It is a dark wooden texture that will add contrast and make the composition more intense.
blue wood texture download

White Wood Texture #31 "Mighty"

Want to enhance your nature or outdoor-related projects? This wooden desk texture will help you do it in a matter of minutes!
wooden desk texture free

Black And White Wood #32 "Hollow"

Are you on the lookout for high-quality wooden textures? Enhance your website, branding assets and other digital projects with this first-class Ps texture.
wooden textures png

Pine Wood Texture #33 "Splendid"

Are you a digital art designer who is looking for an excellent wooden table texture? You’ve come to the right place! This texture will be a perfect addition to any project!
wooden table texture set

Seamless Old Wood Texture #34 "Crackling"

Would you like to achieve a realistic wood effect in your works? Then this wood walls texture will be a real find for you.
wood walls texture bundle

Oak Wood Texture #35 "Noble"

This polished wood texture will help you create the most impressive designs. Whether you are going to add it to your website interface or business cards, you will be amazed by great results!
polished wood texture images

Wood Texture #36 "Detailed"

Turn your design into an interesting masterpiece with lumber texture! Feel free to use it for any project that needs an urban feel.
lumber texture pictures

Painted Wood Texture #37 "Reserved"

Showcase your product or design in a new way by using this background wood texture and enjoy amazing results.
background wood texture download

Dark Wood Texture #38 "Rugged"

Textures are an important part of any design! So, give your digital project a distinct touch with these wood texture images.
wood texture images free

Exterior Wood Texture #39 "Raw"

Want to improve your designs with rough and scrubbed elements on the wooden surface? This red wood texture is designed specifically for that!
red wood texture png

Plank Wood Texture #40 "Uneven"

Enhance your outdoor designs like never before with this oak wood texture! Achieve a realistic effect without any hassle.
oak wood texture set

Seamless Wood Texture #41 "Pink Scratches"

Bring your digital projects in the spotlight by incorporating this pallet wood texture into your workflow.
pallet wood texture bundle

Seamless Wood Textures #42 "Archaic"

Ever wondered how to create a catchy layout for your project? Use this wood pattern texture and leave your audience in awe!
wood pattern texture images

Wood Texture High Res #43 "Tanned"

Add a rugged and uneven wooden pattern to your artwork by using these top-notch wooden texture images.
wooden texture images pictures

Painted Wood Texture #44 "Pure Grey"

This brown wood texture accurately displays the wood surface. It will come especially in handy if you are working on a nature-related digital project.
brown wood texture download

Wood Texture Seamless #45 "Coarse"

This large wood texture features a polished and detailed wood surface, allowing you to add a neat and clean look to any digital project.
large wood texture free

Wood Texture Oak #46 "Black & White"

Are you in search of first-class oak wood textures? Then consider this option to bring your designs to perfection!
oak wood textures png

High Res Wood Texture #47 "Birch-like"

This wood grain texture will complement your designs with interesting shapes and patterns. A realistic look will be preserved.
wood grain texture set

Wood Grain Texture #48 "Ragged"

If you are a Photoshop artist, you will find this white wood texture background quite useful in your work.
white wood texture background bundle

Wood Texture Pattern #49 "Pelted"

Being perfectly patterned with a natural-looking wooden surface, this dark wood texture background will bring a mysterious look into your designs while facilitating your workflow.
dark wood texture background images

Old Wooden Texture #50 "Shabby"

This white painted wood texture features crisp detail and interesting pattern. It will definitely benefit any outdoor design project.
white painted wood texture pictures

Old Wood Texture #51 "Scuffed"

Searching for wood texture walls? This one has a complex pattern and sharp details which makes it suitable for professional use.
wood texture walls download

Wood Facade Texture #52 "Matured"

Add a unique appeal to your projects by enhancing some elements of your design with this texture of wood.
texture of wood free

Orange Wood Texture #53 "Old but Gold"

Add this textured wood background to your workflow to convey all your creative ideas! Just in several clicks, your artwork will acquire the right look and feel.
textured wood background png

Red Wood Texture #54 "Ornate"

Royalty free wood textures are sought-after among both web-designers and digital artists. So, why not use this texture in your work?
royalty free wood textures set

High Res Wood Texture #55 "Elaborate"

If you want to generate a rustic wood effect, don’t skip this seamless dark wood texture. It will allow you to make your projects more professional-looking.
seamless dark wood texture bundle

White Wood Texture #56 "Neat"

This cut wood texture resembles real wood grain. Apply it to your designs and achieve a seamless and natural-looking effect.
cut wood texture images

Seamless Wood Texture #57 "Timeworn"

This wood log texture imitates a pattern of cracks on the old cracked log. A great element to incorporate into your design.
wood log texture pictures

Black Wood Texture #58 "Scratchy"

If you want to use a realistic and natural-looking background for your outdoor designs, try this green wood texture.
green wood texture download

Rustic Wood Texture #59 "Scruffy"

This dark brown wood texture has a natural look and a great level of detail. Apply it and create a stylish background for your designs.
dark brown wood texture free

Brown Wooden Texture #60 "Rough"

Although this is a rather rough wooden texture, it doesn't look too intrusive. So, feel free to use it for any design or illustration.
rough wooden texture png

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Black Textures #61

If you want to add black patterns to your photos and impress your viewers with unique backgrounds, use this universal black texture.
black texture

Free Scratch Overlays #62

Don’t feel like scratch textures are a perfect fit for your project? Try this one and you will definitely change your mind!
download scratch textures

Free Rain Overlays #63

Rainy weather tends to keep most people inside. But it is not a problem for dedicated photographers as you can always use this rain texture for your photos.
rain overlay textures

Free Marble Textures #64

Are you in search of some marble backgrounds to incorporate into your artwork? With this marble texture, your photos and designs will achieve an absolutely new and vivid look.
marble overlay

Free Gold Textures #65

Add a luxury look to your works and emphasize essential elements of the composition with these gold background images.
gold overlay images

Stone Textures #66

Looking for a cool stone texture to draw the viewers' interest with catchy and exclusive backgrounds? Try this option and get amazed with the results.
stone texture

Free Concrete Textures #67

This concrete texture will give your works a unique grunge feel. So, hurry up to download it and start experimenting right away!
concrete textures

Free Cool Textures #68

Ever wondered where to get cool textures? Stop browsing other sites and resources as here you can find everything you need.
cool textures

Water Texture #69

Use this professionally-designed water texture to add a crystal clear turquoise water to your photos and make them more striking.
water texture

Free Glitter Textures #70

Express your artistic vision and make your creative works shine like never before with this glitter texture.
glitter texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

This grunge texture will allow you to achieve an extraordinary vintage atmosphere in your shots. So, don't hesitate to incorporate it into your workflow.
grunge texture

Old Paper Textures #72

Apply this paper texture to complement your pictures with spectacular retro touches that won't leave anybody indifferent.
old paper texture
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