Free Glitter Overlay Textures

Download this universal collection of high-quality Free Glitter Textures for Photoshop. The small pack contains several silver, rose, yellow, and gold glitter textures that can be applied to all sorts of digital images from printable cards and invitations to digital images, blog backgrounds, mockups, scrapbooking materials, fonts and shapes, and many various projects. Since these sparkling glitter textures are photographs of actual foam glitter, they can look beautiful when incorporated as font or image backgrounds. All these textures can be used for free in personal or commercial creative projects.   

Glitter Texture #1 "Golden Dust"

This seamless glitter texture looks like a beautiful explosion and can save your studio from a real mess. See how natural it looks.
silver glitter background high resolution

Photoshop Texture #2 "Purple Dust"

Have you seen free glitter backgrounds in such quality? This delicate rain of glitter can make an astonishing image out of an ordinary one.
gold glitter background high resolution

Glitter Texture #3 "Party Shine"

Finding a white glitter background is no big deal but getting something decent for a foreground effect is harder. Make sure to save this one.
silver glitter transparent background

PS Texture #4 "Green Dust"

This transparent gold glitter explosion is perfect for closeups of items but can serve as a beautiful background too.
gold sparkles transparent background

Glitter Background #5 "Confetti"

This natural free sparkle background is a great addition to any toolkit because of its high quality and versatile look.
gold sparkle transparent background

PS Glitter #6 "Golden Diamond"

This rich green and silver sparkle texture is perfect for portraits of children and women in nature.
gold glitter transparent background

Glitter Textures #7 "Shimmering Magic"

A plain gold sparkle texture is the easiest to find but have you seen something so beautiful and well-made in blue? Make sure to save the effect!
gold glitter background transparent

Sparkle Texture #8 "Sunshine"

Searching for a blue, green, or pink sparkle texture? Save this one and browse through the gallery, there is a variety of colorful options.
silver and gold glitter background

PS Texture #9 "Violet Sparkles"

For certain professionals, there are never enough glitter textures for Photoshop. If you’re one of those, save this one and browse for more here.
high resolution glitter background

Gold Glitter Texture #10 "Yellow"

This rose gold glitter texture is a powerful explosion of color that can be used when you want a bright photo without deep post production.
black background with gold glitter

Rose Gold Texture #11 "Gold Confetti"

This glitter texture Photoshop tool can be used for astonishing effects. Set your imagination loose and start experimenting.
pink and black glitter background

Rose Gold Glitter #12 "Fireworks"

This sparkle texture Photoshop effect can be made more romantic or powerful with a few touches and that opens a whole scope of application.
black and gold sparkle background

Gray Glitter Texture #13 "Shining"

A warm and festive Photoshop glitter texture can create a very special mood or simply ornament an image.
gold and pink glitter background

Glitter Sparkle Texture #14 "Colorful"

This intense free gold glitter texture can look fitting in a wide range of images which is why you should save it to your collection.
pink and gold glitter background

Seamless Glitter Texture #15 "Stardust"

Want a golden glitter texture in a macro? Or a far-away silvery-blue shimmer? Start with the latter and keep browsing for other effects.
pink and gold sparkle background

Download Glitter #16 "Pop of Color"

Want a delicate colorful silver glitter texture to add a subtle non-distracting touch to your pictures? This one is just perfect.
glitter backgrounds for pictures

Free Glitter Textures #17 "Purple Sparkles"

Have you seen anything more striking than this purple on black glitter texture? The most inspiring effect.
free gold glitter digital paper

Get Glitter Textures #18 "Gold and Sparkly"

This interesting hi-res glitter texture concentrated in the center will be perfect for wedding images, female or couple photos, even child photography.
gold glitter pattern photoshop

Glitter Overlay Textures #19 "Multicolor"

If you are looking for striking and bold sparkle glitter textures, check this section starting from this multi-color swirl.
glitter textures for photoshop

Rose Glitter Texture #20 "Fiery"

Carefully applying this free silver glitter texture you can imitate a real glitter confetti explosion without the messy consequences.
free silver glitter background

Transparent Glitter Texture #21 "Festival of Lights"

This almost transparent glitter texture is a change from the common overlays you can find anywhere so add it to your collection.
transparent glitter background

Silver Glitter Texture #22 "Burst of Purple"

Do you need a centered sparkle glitter texture? These are harder to find but here is a beautiful one in a cold magenta shade.
glitter background transparent

High Resolution Texture #23 "Dispersed"

Would you like to spice up your creative designs with beautiful rose gold sparkle textures? Then hurry up to download this hi-res one!
free glitter background images

Metallic Glitter Texture #24 "Bright Glimmer"

Want to create a glitter background in your picture? This texture will definitely make every work shine bright!
gold glitter overlay photoshop

Sparkling Glitter Texture #25 "Mystery"

Looking for a professional glitter background for pictures? This texture will certainly amaze you by its quality!
gold glitter black background

Blue Glitter Texture #26 "Flickering"

Whether you are going to enhance your images or create stunning card design, this shiny glitter texture will come in handy.
gold glitter ombre background

Diamond Glitter Texture #27 "Red Sparks"

Are you on the lookout for high quality glitter textures? This one will create a distinct look in your image making it shine like a diamond.
black gold glitter background

White Glitter Texture #28 "Golden Glow"

Would you like to add a sparkling touch to your designs? With this Photoshop glitter effect, your works get an amazing look and visual appeal.
silver glitter background png

Premium Glitter Textures #29 "Blue Glimmer"

Looking for an effective way to create a rose gold glitter background in your shot? Try these textures and achieve fantastic results in several clicks!
rose gold sparkle background

Black Glitter Textures #30 "Radiating"

Want to overlay a black glitter texture on a picture? With these textures, you will create a jaw-dropping image in a matter of a minute!
glitter background rose gold

Golden Glitter Textures #31 "Foil"

Are you in search of a top-notch glitter effect for Photoshop? Stop browsing the web as you’ve just found first-class golden glitter textures!
high resolution gold glitter

Gray Glitter Textures #32 "Sand Texture"

Would you like to add a cool shiny feel to your content? This gray PNG glitter texture was designed specifically for that!
gold glitter high resolution

Glitter Sparkles #33 "Sparkles"

Searching for a flashy way to glorify your content? Then try this high resolution glitter texture. It can be used as a designing tool or decoration element for websites, design projects and more!
glitter background photoshop

Glitter Images #34 "Wall Paint"

Think your design requires an extra vibe? With this glitter texture images, you can achieve vibrant and dynamic results without any hassle.
gold glitter background free

Free Glitter Pictures #35 "Glitter"

Ever wondered how to give your designs or pictures a glassy and shimmery appeal? The most effective way to do this is to add some glitter to your projects!
free gold glitter background

Photoshop Textures #36 "Big Foil"

The glittery textures immediately draw viewers’ attention and are very eye-pleasing. So, why not use these free glitter textures for your next project?
glitter images free download

Free Ps Textures #37 "Middle Foil"

This white glitter texture will give your shots a gorgeous shiny feel making your works unique and recognizable. Apply it to any photo or design!
sparkle texture transparent

Get Photoshop Textures #38 "Shiny Foil"

There are never enough textures and having them at hand can save you a lot of time. Try this free glitter texture to spice up your projects!
gold glitter background png

Free Glitter Textures #39 "Party Glitter"

Want to add a blue shiny touch to your photos or designs! This blue glitter texture will certainly help you with that!
glitter gradient background

Download Glitter Free #40 "Wrinkled"

Use this glitter texture for Photoshop to create catchy backgrounds, captions and more!
burgundy glitter background

Photoshop Glitter Texture #41 "Edgy"

Are you in search of free glitter effects to create sparkling texts, logos or backgrounds? Just use this texture and make an ordinary project look extraordinary.
gold sparkle background png

Free Gold Glitter Texture #42 "Blurry"

Looking for a universal texture to create rose gold sparkle pictures? This pattern will work great will all kind of photographs or designs.
seamless glitter background

Seamless Glitter Texture #43 "Minimalistic"

Are you in search of free glitter effect Photoshop filter to play with? This seamless glitter texture will pleasantly surprise you!
silver glitter transparent

Golden Glitter Texture #44 "Gradient"

Glitter looks great in any type of picture! So, why not add this free sparkle images’ texture to your toolkit and use for the next project?
gold glitter no background

Golden Glitter Sparkles #45 "Golden Paper"

Are you a designer? Then you’ll find this glitter PNG texture especially useful for your work! Add sparkly elements to your projects to bring them to perfection!
rose gold glitter texture

Free Rose Textures #46 "Blue Sky"

Working with textures can give unlimited potential to designers. So, why not incorporate this colorful glitter texture into your workflow?
transparent gold sparkles

Glitter Pictures #47 "Brush Strokes"

Use these glitter sparkles to bring your works to creative heights! A variety of tiny pieces will definitely draw attention to your pictures and designs.
glitter texture photoshop

Download Glitter Effect #48 "Brown Wood"

Adding glitter effect sparkles to your designs has never been so easy! Just a few clicks and your project will achieve a fresh and vibrant look.
glitter pattern photoshop

Glitter Texture Bundle #49 "Storm"

How to turn a simple design into brilliant artwork? Use this Photoshop glitter texture to achieve a vivid and shiny effect with ease!
sparkle texture photoshop

Photoshop Glitter Patterns #50 "Teal Blue"

Create fun and glamorous atmosphere in your artwork with this gold glitter effect.
photoshop glitter texture

Glitter Backgrounds #51 "Faded Red"

Add shiny, sparkly and classy effects to your images and designs with these rose gold textures. Use your imagination and you’ll surely come up with a design that will surprise anyone!
free gold glitter texture

Glitter Texture Patterns #52 "Multicolored"

Trying to find free glitter images for your artwork? Combine these patterns with your projects and you will get a wow result!
free glitters backgrounds

Free Gold Texture #53 "Green"

Download glitter textures and transform your shots or designs like never before! Make every image unique!
golden glitter background

Photoshop Layer Styles #54 "Splashes"

Get free glitter textures to receive the most of your images! Enliven them and give the perfect finishing touch!
golden sparkle background

Sparkle Wallpaper #55 "Glow"

Want to improve your designs or photographs? With these maroon glitter textures, it will be very easy to produce breathtaking projects.
maroon glitter background

Glitter Background #56 "Purple Haze"

Want to add an extra dose of creativity to your designs? These free images texture will allow you to give your artworks a different but catchy feel!
gold sparkling background

Photoshop Background #57 "Moody"

These golden glitter textures will be a perfect addition to your workflow. Whether you are a photographer or digital artist, you will surely appreciate their high quality.
yellow glitter background

Golden Texture #58 "Chaos"

Glitter designs are very popular among photographers and content creators. Would you like to have a qualitative Ps texture in your collection? Hurry up to download it!
yellow sparkle background

Gold Glitter Overlay #59 "Turquoise"

Bring a spark of creativity to your photos! This black with gold glitter overlay will allow you to create a stylish and luster effect that everyone will admire.
silver glitter border png

Pink Glitter Overlay #60 "Pink Dream"

Bring your creative ideas to life with this gold glitter pattern! If you think your photos are too boring, you can easily improve them with this overlay.
photoshop glitter pattern

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Free Smoke Overlays #61

Give your shots a mystical mood by applying this smoke texture. Your followers will be astonished by such atmospheric images.
glitter texture download

Free Scratch Overlays #62

If you feel like your shots look too plain, you can add extraordinary visual effects to your pictures with these scratch textures.
glitter texture overlays on a black

Free Rain Overlays #63

There is no need to worry that you might get wet during the photoshoot. Just add realistic raindrops across the frame with this first-class rain texture.
texture glitter get free

Free Star Overlays #64

Add a captivating starry sky to your images with this professionally-designed night sky overlay.
glitter texture

Free Distressed Overlays #65

Use these top-notch distressed overlay Photoshop textures to create a retro atmosphere and add tenderness and softness to your shots.
glitter texture download

Free Grunge Overlays #66

Want your artworks to look a bit gloomy and mysterious? With this grunge overlay texture, you can easily achieve such an effect.
free glitter photo

Free Dirt Overlays #67

Bring depth and vintage feel to your shots with this dirty overlay. Experiment with this tool to make your pictures pop!
glitter texture and overlay photoshop

Free Dust Overlays #68

Grainy and vintage images are always in trend. Add a nostalgic feeling to your photos with the dust and scratches overlays.
glitter textures free

Free Broken Glass Overlays #69

Want to make your picture look creative and add a hint of drama to it? Then this cracked glass overlay may be a great option.
glittered texture download

Free Concrete Textures #70

Use this concrete texture to make your designs look more interesting in several clicks.
glitter texture on a black

Free Grunge Texture #71

This universal grunge texture will make your design more dynamic and expressive.
glitter texture get

Free Paper Textures #72

Add some retro touches to your works. Use this old paper texture to make viewers feel the smell of an old newspaper while viewing your images.
glitter texture get download
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