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Free Water Photoshop Texture

We’ve designed a large collection of Water Textures for Photoshop that can become a perfect addition to your arsenal, especially if you’re a travel photographer or blogger. Our collection features beautiful water textures that can make your images look more serene, fun, inviting or even dramatic, depending on which option you choose. With 30 Water Textures available for download, finding an appropriate look for your image is incredibly easy. The textures are highly customizable and suitable for graphic designers and photographers.

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Free Water Textures Includes:

water texture free

Water Photoshop Texture #1 "Azure"

Enhance your beach and sea photos with this high-quality azure water texture and make them even more eye-catching.
water texture photoshop download

Water Texture #2 "Sun in Water"

Add water to the background of your images with this water texture free to create a charming, summertime atmosphere.
photoshop water texture images

Deep Water Texture #3 "Miracle"

If your summertime travel photos need a bit of magic, then these azure water textures with beautiful sunlight traces are the perfect tool for the job.
water textures photoshop set

Running Water Texture #4 "Paradise"

If you want to add a tropical heaven feel to your blog images or use crystal-clear water as a background for a postcard, calendar or pamphlet, this ocean water texture will blow you away.
water pattern photoshop bundle

Lake Water Texture #5 "Dream"

This lake texture of water is suitable for everything. From improving the water in your beach photos to being used a background for ads or website headers.
water textures pictures

Water Map Texture #6 "Waves"

This is a must-have water texture background with little waves if you want to establish a bright, cheerful mood.

free water texture pack

River Water Texture #7 "Threads"

Do you need seamless water textures for your ad campaigns or travel photographs? This one should definitely do the trick.
textures water free

Black Water Texture #8 "Ripple"

Want to add a texture with water drops that looks natural and calming? You’re in luck to find this water texture set.
water textures free download

Cool Water Texture #9 "Drops"

Ripples on the water always have a relaxing, meditating effect. If that’s the mood you’re going for, download this water surface texture.
water texture set

Photoshop Textures #10 "Sea Surface"

This is another water overlay Photoshop texture that can serve as the perfect background for all sorts of travel ad campaigns.
texture of water set

Free Water Textures #11 "Deep Dive"

Finding a free high-quality water texture PNG with ripples isn’t exactly easy, so add this tool to your collection and unlock new design possibilities.
textures of water bundle

Download Textures #12 "Sun Touches"

Sunny textures water overlays are ideal for creating an uplifting, cheerful atmosphere in your photos so don’t skip this effect.

water texture pack pictures

Free Textures #13 "Light Blue"

Add a sense of relaxation and serenity to your content with the help of this seamless ocean texture.
water texture free pack

Get Water Texture #14 "Splashes"

There’s no better way to convey the freshness and energy of summer than with a water pattern Photoshop plugin like this one.
underwater texture free

Water Fall Texture #15 "Relaxed Mood"

Convey the mood of ultimate relaxation with this seamless water texture that will make viewers feel as if they’re in a tropical paradise.

seamless water texture download

Aqua Texture #16 "Underwater World"

Amaze your viewers with this vibrant underwater texture that opens up a lot of possibilities for your designs.
underwater textures images

Water PNG Texture #17 "Crystals"

This mesmerizing cartoon water texture with eye-pleasing azure colors is a fantastic choice for travel images that need a hint of magic and mystery.
ocean water texture set

Water Splash Texture #18 "Sea Creatures"

If you want to brighten up your backgrounds and are a fan of maritime themes, this is one of the first textures of water you should download.
water texture png bundle

Water Drops Texture #19 "Fantasy"

Complement your graphic design projects with this captivating black water texture that pulls in the viewer and adds a subtle note of fantasy.
water texture background pictures

Ocean Water Texture #20 "Rough Sea"

Need to convey the rough, unbending nature of the sea? Then this free water texture should be right up your task.
water seamless texture pack

Dirty Water Texture #21 "Cruise"

This somewhat dirty water texture is a great choice if you want to use a more realistic and natural-looking background for your travel designs.

seamless water textures free

Photoshop Water Texture #22 "Sea Foam"

The water textures Photoshop plugins like this one portray the power and beauty of the ocean while still being subtle enough to serve as a background.
under water texture download

Water Pictures #23 "Storm Power"

From all the options featured in this water texture pack, this one is the best conveying that mysterious, exciting feeling of an upcoming sea storm.
water surface texture images

High Res Water Texture #24 "Ocean Song"

The ocean speaks to many people and your images can reach them too if you decide to download this Photoshop water texture.
cartoon water texture set

Water Textures #25 "Gentle Movement"

Add the feel of tranquility to your content with water textures free as these small waves will do wonders to make an image more eye-catching.
water overlay photoshop bundle

Free Water Texture #26 "Breeze"

This water seamless texture can be a terrific addition to your design toolkit, especially if you’re looking for something minimalistic and calming.
seamless ocean texture pictures

Water PS Textures #27 "Before the Storm"

Add depth and creativity to your illustrations and images by using this seamless water texture with small waves that make it more dynamic.
dirty water texture pack

Water Textures Free #28 "Indigo"

If you’re looking for a water texture Photoshop overlay with the perfect deep blue color, you’re not going to find a better tool than this one.
seamless water texture free

Water Texture Packs #29 "Tiny Bubbles"

Underwater textures always have a beautiful color but sometimes they lack a visual hook. This option solves that problem by adding tiny cute bubbles.
black water texture download

Texture of Water #30 "At Water Depths"

The perfect way to add depth and elegance to sea-themed designs is to use this high-resolution under water texture.

pool water texture images

Textures of Water #31 "Blue Sky"

Would you like to add slight blue tones to your projects? This pool water texture is designed exactly for such purposes! Apply it and evaluate the results.
water reflection texture set

Water Texture Set #32 "Brush Strokes"

Use this water reflection texture and your images will acquire gorgeous sea-color brush strokes.
pool water textures bundle

Water Texture Free #33 "Brown Wood"

Looking for unique pool water textures? Check out this free option and apply it to impress your followers and clients.
sea water texture pictures

Underwater Texture #34 "Storm"

Not sure whether stormy textures are a good idea for your design? Try this sea water texture and see if it is really so.
water texture backgrounds pack

Seamless Water Texture #35 "Teal Blue"

Avoid water texture backgrounds because you had the unfortunate experience of using them? Perhaps, it’s time to try them one more time. Check out this option!
pond water texture free

Underwater Textures #36 "Faded Red"

If you want to add brightness to the frame, this pond water texture is exactly what you need. Apply it and be ready for impressive results.

high res water texture download

Ocean Water Texture #37 "Multicolored"

Don’t like bright backgrounds? Check out this high res water texture and it may change your attitude to colorful catchy textures.
water overlays bundle images

Water Texture Png #38 "Green"

Complement your pics and designs applying this water overlays bundle! Download this free texture in 1 click.
water backgrounds set

PS Textures Collection #39 "Splashes"

These water backgrounds will make the viewers feel calm and relaxed. Apply them in your workflow and your clients will admire the results.
seamless water background bundle

Best Water Textures #40 "Glow"

Never used water textures in your workflow? There is a first time for everything. Test this seamless water background and share your impressions.
waterfall texture seamless pictures

Dark Water Textures #41 "Purple Haze"

If you don’t know whether water textures will suit your designs, test several options and see the results. Start with this universal waterfall texture seamless overlay or download the whole bundle!
water texture map

Textures of Water #42 "Moody"

Diversify your projects and designs with these water texture map effects!
pool water backgrounds free

Photoshop Water #43 "Chaos"

Do you have a collection of must-have image editing tools? Not yet? Begin with these pool water backgrounds ‒ each professional should have them at their disposal.
water surface photoshop download

Free Textures #44 "Turquoise"

Download these water surface Photoshop textures and you will improve your shots and designs in several mouse clicks!
sea water background images

Seamless Texture #45 "Pink Dream"

If you enjoy water textures, this option might interest you. This sea water background will add dreamy shades to the frame.
underwater backgrounds set

Water Surface Texture #46 "Warm"

Think that underwater backgrounds are not suitable for your projects? Test these textures and see how they will transform your designs.
backgrounds ocean bundle

Water Reflection #47 "Jungles"

Looking for new textures to enrich your toolbox? Experiment with these backgrounds ocean ones and make your images even catchier!
aqua pattern texture pictures

Sea Water Texture #48 "Wet"

This aqua pattern texture will professionally enhance the shot or design in several seconds!

aqua texture pack

Ocean Water Texture #49 "Pouring"

Would you like to get acquainted with water textures but don’t know where to start? Check out this aqua texture option and you will see how effective it is.
black water background free

Running Water #50 " Freeze Motion"

This black water background isn’t exactly what you were looking for? Then try applying this texture and be ready for gorgeous results!
water high res texture download

PS Textures Bundle #51 "Fall"

Apply this water high res texture and your photo, design or templates will gain a completely new look.
cool backgrounds water images

Textures for Ps #52 "Cold Atmosphere"

Impress clients with stylish effects! Try these cool backgrounds water textures and your designs will not go unnoticed!
water backgroud set

Free Textures #53 "Storm"

Water background textures will improve any image or design, won’t they? If you still hesitate, check out this collection and the results will impress you!
water fall texture bundle

Free Textures #54 "Before the Rainbow"

Incorporate water drops into the frame, making the composition stylish and creative. Apply this water fall texture and great results are guaranteed.
dark water texture pictures

Get Free Textures #55 "Dreary Mood"

An attractive dark water texture to add to your toolbox. It will be a perfect fit for your designs!
flowing water texture pack

Water Texture #56 "Heavy"

No matter what photography genre you deal with, this flowing water texture is a great choice for the majority of images.
water texture black and white free

Water Images #57 "Falling"

This water texture black and white filter is a real find for creative professionals. Apply it and you will make any project better.
water splash texture download

Get Textures #58 "Storm"

Feel free to experiment with this water splash texture! Use it to implement the most creative ideas.
waterfall texture images

Blue Water #59 "Isolated"

It is one of the most universal waterfall texture options that successfully works in any photo manipulation and design.
still water texture set

Water for Photoshop #60 "Bokeh"

Use this still water texture and improve your designs with minimum efforts!

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Black Textures #61

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Stone Textures #66

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Leather Texture #69

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