Free Grass Texture Photoshop

FixThePhoto team is ready to present you with a wonderful collection of Free Grass Photoshop Textures. With 60 different options available, you are sure to enhance landscape, real estate, wildlife or nature photography and make it more professional-looking. Our grass textures will perfectly satisfy the needs of any creative designer. Regardless of whether you are a novice or expert – you will definitely put these textures to good use. Each texture in the collection is of high resolution, so it won’t end up being too stretched out or blurred in your pictures or designs.

Grass Texture #1 "Meadow"

The grass in this grass texture is slightly trampled, which contributes to a more natural look. While it won’t be a perfect fit for spotless real estate shots, it is suitable for nature photographs.
grass texture free

Seamless Grass Texture #2 "Lawns"

This stylized grass texture stands out with its sunlit and shadowed areas combined. That’s why it will greatly complement any picture or design.
stylized grass texture png

Grass Seamless Texture #3 "Green Path"

The color of this seamless grass texture is already so saturated that you don’t need to fix anything at the image post-production stage. Just import and adjust the texture – that’s it!
seamless grass texture bundle

Photoshop Grass Textures #4 "Soil"

Do you need a grass seamless texture where grass blades are clearly visible and are shot in macro? Here is one of the best options.
grass seamless texture images

Seamless Grass Textures #5 "Bushy"

One of the most vibrant grass textures in this bundle. Aside from grass itself, the texture features a few occasional leaves or flower petals – just what you need for a true-to-life effect.
grass textures set

Green Grass Texture #6 "Green-Fodder"

This option belongs to seamless grass textures that look like they are straight out of a cartoon. The saturation here is quite intense, so you might need to tone it down a bit.
seamless grass textures

Grass Texture Tileable #7 "Grassplots"

A highly detailed green grass texture that is suitable for macro shots of flowers, insects and other natural phenomena.
green grass texture download

Grass Textures Seamless #8 "Forest Grass"

Apply this grass texture tileable overlay to portrait shots taken from above, with the model lying on the ground, especially if you aren’t satisfied with the original look of the grass.
grass texture tileable pictures

Grassy Texture #9 "All Shades of Green"

Searching for grass textures seamless files that are also quite elaborate? Then pay attention to this option, it will beautifully blend into all kinds of nature or landscape compositions.
grass textures seamless free

Seamless Texture Grass #10 "Footpath"

Yellow grass textures may also come in handy if you wish to imitate the effect of a slightly sun-bleached grass in shots or designs.
yellow grass textures png

Grass Tileable Texture #11 "Thick"

This grassy texture has enough thickness to cover up the unwanted details or elements in the picture. An excellent option for shots taken out in nature – in the field, forest, etc.
grassy texture bundle

Tileable Grass Texture #12 "Emerald"

This seamless texture grass is prominent for its gorgeous deep green shade. Don’t apply it to sunlit shots, otherwise, the unnatural effect is guaranteed.
seamless texture grass images

Grass Texture Tile #13 "Smooth"

Still haven’t found a perfect grass tileable texture? The color of this texture isn’t too bright or too dark and will suit a wide variety of shots and designs.
grass tileable texture set

Grass Tile Texture #14 "Lawn"

Apply this tileable grass texture to images that feature large spaces, like a meadow or an entire hill. Play around with its brightness and saturation to achieve the necessary effect.
tileable grass texture collection

Wild Grass Texture #15 "Fresh"

Those who deal with real estate photography editing will definitely make use of this grass texture tile. It is rather neat and will greatly replace an unkempt lawn.
grass texture tile download

Green Lawn Texture #16 "Tended"

The grass in this grass tile texture features both brighter and slightly deeper parts. Use it for images with the not so striking contrast between a sunlit and a shadowed area.
grass tile texture pictures

Grass Floor Texture #17 "Sunlit"

Due to its shade, this wild grass texture will mostly suit shots taken during sunset or in the golden hour. Remember that you can always deepen its color for a moody effect.
wild grass texture free

Free Grass Texture #18 "Summer Feel"

The grass blades in this lawn texture are rather long and will greatly complement photographs taken in the field or the forest.
lawn yard texture png

Grass Field Texture #19 "Abundant"

Add this grass floor texture to portraits and other kinds of pictures where you want the background to be out of focus. Mind that the foreground of the texture will remain detailed and clear, but you can always adjust it as well.
grass floor texture bundle

Dark Grass Texture #20 "Solid"

This free grass texture is rather vibrant and will instantly steal all the attention. If that’s the look you are striving for, pick this option. If not, just tone down the saturation.
free grass texture images

Grass Texture Free #21 "Lush"

This grass field texture is so crisp that it immediately brings you back to clear summer days. It is mainly meant for macro shots but may work with other types of photography after some tweaking.
grass field texture set

Grass and Dirt Texture #22 "Tender"

The shade of this dark green grass texture is just perfect – not too bright and not too intense. Feel free to use it for real estate images without adjusting its color.
dark green grass texture collection

Dirty Grass Texture #23 "Forest Green"

Apply this grass texture free overlay whenever you feel like adding a pop of color. Note that the grass in the texture is quite flat, so it will suit shots taken from above only.
grass texture free download

Dark Grass Texture #24 "After Rain"

Since the major part of this grass and dirt texture is blurred, it appears rather peculiar. Be careful applying the texture as it may not fit into the composition properly.
grass and dirt texture pictures

Grass Block Texture #25 "Vivid"

Are you after a high-res dirty grass texture? Consider this option then. For an authentic dirty effect, try adding an appropriate overlay or blending this texture with another one.
dirty grass texture free

Seamless Grass Texture #26 "Juicy"

As this dark grass texture can be described as flat, it is a perfect fit for real estate or nature photographs shot from a drone.
dark grass texture png

Natural Grass Texture #27 "Mellow"

Similar to the previous option, this grass block texture is suitable primarily for shots taken from the top angle. The overall shade of the grass is uneven, thus it will add more realism to the shot.
grass block texture bundle

Free Grass Textures #28 "Thriving"

A wonderful free seamless grass texture for wide-angle photography. For a natural effect, it is better to apply the texture to photographs shot in bright sunlight.
free seamless grass texture images

Dirt and Grass Texture #29 "Dense"

Can’t seem to find a natural grass texture that will help bring your creative ideas to life? Experiment with this option and see what results you can get.
natural grass texture set

Yellow Grass Texture #30 "Bountiful"

One of the best free grass textures for your real estate projects. If it is way too wide to your taste, you can always zoom it in, preserving the quality.
free grass textures collection

Brown Grass Texture #31 "Outburst"

Give your landscape shots a unique and original look with this dirt and grass texture. It will perfectly complement your image and turn it into a real masterpiece.
dirt and grass texture download

Grass Texture Image #32 "Explosion"

Create a warm atmosphere in your pictures in just a few seconds. Apply this yellow grass texture and get incredible soft images.
yellow grass texture pictures

Grass Ground Texture #33 "Scattered"

Looking for a top-class tool to expand your photo editing capabilities? Try this brown grass texture and enhance the background of your pictures.
brown grass texture free

Autumn Grass Texture #34 "Centered"

This grass texture image will help you add artistic touches to your shots. Experiment with this texture and diversify your family album with beautiful autumn photos.
grass texture image png

Ground Grass Texture #35 "Splash"

Achieve a natural and eye-pleasing look of your pictures with this grass ground texture. It is great for real estate photos or other kinds of outdoor shots.
grass ground texture bundle

Dry Grass Texture #36 "Calm"

Want to reduce the saturation of a photo and mute too bright tones? Try this autumn grass texture to get the desired soft effect.
autumn grass texture images

Grass Texture #37 "Powdery"

Do your pictures lack original textures and patterns? Consider applying this ground grass texture to enhance the overall aesthetics of your photo.
ground grass texture set

Realistic Grass Texture #38 "Crisp"

This dry grass texture looks really amazing when it is combined with forest, park, field photographs or other types of nature shots.
dry grass texture collection

Repeating Grass Texture #39 "Pastel"

Get crisp and high-quality shots with an incredibly attractive background. Use this grass blade texture to improve the contrast and clarity of your pictures.
grass blade texture download

Textured Grass #40 "Dunes"

Apply this realistic grass texture to make your outdoor portraits stand out from the rest. This texture is universal and can be used in various genres of photography.
realistic grass texture pictures

Patchy Grass Texture #41 "Velvety"

Highlight the main subject with an interesting and creative pattern. This repeating grass texture will make the image more vibrant and brighter.
repeating grass texture free

Photoshop Grass Texture #42 "Wave-like"

Enhance your illustrations with natural elements. Add textured grass to improve the overall look of the pictures and make them more captivating.
textured grass png

Looping Grass Texture #43 "Sunkissed"

Need a powerful professional tool to polish your photos? Then try out this patchy grass texture and refine your outdoor images in the shortest time.
patchy grass texture bundle

Simple Grass Texture #44 "Pale"

This long grass texture perfectly fits both portraits and landscape photos. You can easily modify it taking into account your style and needs.
long grass texture images

Grass Texture Png #45 "Creamy"

Are you a fan of wildlife photography? Then this forest grass texture will perfectly complement your photo editing arsenal.
forest grass texture set

Green Grass #46 "Mighty"

The vertical elements of this tiling grass texture will expand the background and give the images a complete look. Download it and start experimenting.
tiling grass texture collection

Transparent Grass Png #47 "Hollow"

This grass blades texture looks incredible with black and white shots. Use it to give your photos an elegant, classic twist in just a few clicks.
grass blades texture download

Grass Png Texture #48 "Splendid"

Looking for a universal option to enhance your photos? Then you are lucky to stumble upon this large grass texture that can turn an ordinary photo into a masterpiece.
large grass texture pictures

Repeatable Grass Texture #49 "Crackling"

Creating your own macro photography album? Then this grassy field texture will probably come in handy for you. It will add color and variety to any picture.
grassy field texture free

Desert Grass Texture #50 "Noble"

Apply this repeatable grass texture to give your images a soft and delicate look. It harmoniously complements landscape shots, making them breathtaking.
repeatable grass texture png

Tiled Grass Texture #51 "Detailed"

The grass faded in the sun can look aesthetically beautiful and stylish. Get the desired effect without any troubles by using this desert grass texture.
desert grass texture bundle

Grass Terrain Texture #52 "Reserved"

Have a look at this tiled grass texture. It can be a great choice for those photographers who want to make their designs more intensive and vibrant.
tiled grass texture images

Hi-Quality Grass Texture #53 "Rugged"

Choose this grass terrain texture if your photos lack specific charm and uniqueness. It works great with nature pictures as well as other photography genres.
grass terrain texture set

Free Grass Texture #54 "Raw"

Use this high quality grass texture to emphasize the central subject while correcting small imperfections in the background. Get this texture and create professional-looking photo projects.
high quality grass texture collection

Grass Texture Images #55 "Uneven"

Get the top tool to enhance your photos. This grass texture high resolution will allow you to achieve visual improvement of your photos, without losing their natural look.
grass texture high resolution download

Grass Lawn Texture #56 "Pink Scratches"

If you need to give your photos a special mood without any effort, then check out this cartoon grass texture. The picture will acquire a few dark tones and shades.
cartoon grass texture pictures

Photoshop Texture #57 "Archaic"

Do you need help implementing your crazy ideas for a new photo project? Take a chance and download this stunning blue grass texture to get eye-catching photos.
blue grass texture free

Free Textures #58 "Tanned"

This Photoshop grass texture adds a chaotic pattern to your shots. It gives pictures vibrations and dynamism, turning them into true works of art.
photoshop grass texture png

Texture Png Images #59 "Pure Grey"

A bright color palette and incredible structural elements make this looping grass texture a great choice for both professionals and amateurs.
looping grass texture bundle

Free Png Images #60 "Coarse"

If you are looking for a cool but simple grass texture for your photos, then pay attention to this option. It will immediately enhance any image composition.
simple grass texture images

More Free Photoshop Textures by FixThePhoto

Black Textures #61

This top-level black texture will add volume to your image and make it more attractive. Experiment with color saturation to get the best results.
black texture

Free Scratch Overlays #62

Thick scratches will help age your photo and give it a worn-out look. Use this kind of scratch textures to create stunning vintage shots and designs.
download scratch textures

Free Rain Overlays #63

Failed to take portraits shot in rainy weather? Download this rain texture and achieve the desired effect without getting wet.
rain texture

Free Marble Textures #64

This green marble texture can be a great backdrop for product, jewelry or other genres of photography. Give the picture a refined and stylish look with this texture.
marble overlay

Free Gold Textures #65

Make your photos shine and radiate luxury by applying this top-quality texture. Create impressive gold background images in a few seconds.
gold overlay images

Stone Textures #66

This cool stone texture will help you create an atmosphere of mystery and transform your boring photos into incredibly interesting and attractive ones.
stone texture

Free Dirty Textures #67

Use this dirty overlay if you need to fade colors and hide small background flaws. A unique pattern and creative structure will make your photos remarkable.
dirty overlay

Free Wood Textures #68

Would you like to include cool wood textures in your workflow? Then download this bundle and start making wonders in the world of photography.
wood textures

Water Texture #69

Add wonderful waves to your shots by applying this water texture. It will allow you to realize a lot of amazing ideas for both portrait and nature photos.
water texture

Free Glitter Textures #70

Enhance your fashion shots with amazing gold participles scattered throughout the background. You can also use this glitter texture with portraits or other shots.
glitter texture

Free Grunge Texture #71

This grunge texture will be an unusual addition to many of your illustrations. Subtle changes will do the trick and turn the picture into an attractive piece of art.
grunge texture

Old Paper Textures #72

Create an impressive design with a background resembling a crumpled letter. Achieve such an appealing effect with this old paper texture.
old paper texture
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