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Photoshop Dirt Textures

These Photoshop Dirt Textures are absolutely free to download and apply. Import them to Photoshop and apply to achieve interesting picture manipulations, text effects and more. For instance, you can blend these dirty textures with portraits and get that stunning vintage look. If you want a smooth and seamless result, apply the texture to the picture and play around with different blend modes to see which one suits best. Thanks to these dirty textures, an eye-catching effect within a few clicks is guaranteed! These Photoshop Dirt Textures provide you with that realistic look you are striving for. Besides, you may use the textures as a background for your graphic design projects.

free dust overlays scratches


Free Photoshop Dirty Textures Includes:

dirty black texture

Photoshop Dirty Texture #1 "Underground"

Add this free dirty texture to your street and city shots to create the right mood and atmosphere.
dirty yellow texture

Dirty Black Texture #2 "Dark Grunge"

Your pictures seem too simple and unattractive? Apply this black dirty texture to focus on the subject and give the image a bit of mystery.
dirty black and white texture

Dirty Yellow Texture #3 "Abstract"

If clear details are not important for your photo or you want to impress everyone with an incredibly creative abstract picture, then this dirty texture for Photoshop is just what you need.

dirty black and yellow texture

Dirty Black and White Texture #4 "Cracked"

Do you want to make your background more eye-catching and add dynamicс to your photo? Then apply one of the best free dirty textures and enhance your picture with just a few clicks.
dirty white and yellow texture

Dirty Black and Yellow Texture #5 "Marble"

Give your pictures red and brown shades creating a peculiar effect of marble texture. Apply one of these dirty Photoshop textures to create a specific sandstorm look.
dirty black background image

Dirty White Texture #6 "Paint Strokes"

This type of Photoshop dirt textures will make the background of your images more intriguing and exciting.

dirty yellow background texture

Dirty Black Background #7 "Space"

Lacking something in your photos? Check out this Photoshop dirt texture to give your photos a more unique and professional look.
dirty black and white background

Dirty Yellow Background #8 "Crinkled Grey"

Looking for interesting effects for images that enhance the background but don’t distract from the main subject? This PS dirty texture will be a great choice for you!
dirty black and yellow background

Dirty Background #9 "Black and White "

This awesome texture will help you hide all the minor flaws and create gorgeous PNG dirty images.
dirty white and yellow background

Dirty Background #10 "Concrete Floor "

Need a powerful texture to enhance your photos? Use this black dirt texture to give your images a dramatic effect.
ge free dirty texture photoshop

Dirty White and Yellow Texture #11 "Dusty"

Applying this background dirty texture, you will add an attractive scattering of dust particles throughout the image and make it more pleasing to the eyes.
dirty textures for photoshop

Dirty Texture Photoshop #12 "Retro Paper"

Want to create the effect of old paper? Then try this popular texture for concrete dirty images and get great results.

dirt textures fop photoshop

Dirty Textures for Ps #13 "Smooth Elegance"

This wall dirt texture makes a minimum of changes to your image. At the same time, it softens the image and gives it a more delicate look.
dirty yellow pictures

Dirt Photoshop Textures #14 "Album Coziness"

Looking for a nice texture for wedding photos? This free dirty texture gives the picture a slightly wrinkled look, adds pink and beige tones to create a romantic atmosphere in the picture.
dirty photoshop background

Dirty Vintage Pictures #15 "Good Old Days"

If you are looking for a powerful texture to create a vintage-looking image, then test this one to photoshop dirty images faster.
dirty photoshop textures

Dirty Background #16 "Smudgy Memories"

Get this high-quality PS dirt texture to make your photos look stylish and elegant and bring them to a whole new level.
dirty PSD texture free

Dirty Photoshop Textures #17 "Blast"

This PNG dirty texture is suitable for various types of photos. It beautifies the background, making slight changes to the picture’s texture.
download dirt for photoshop

Dirty Psd Texture #18 "Touch Of Elegance"

This soft texture is useful for those who want to add airiness to their pictures. Check out these black dirty images and get impressive results.
photoshop dirt picture

Dirt for Photoshop #19 "Bleak Glamour"

This background dirt texture gives your images a slightly crumpled paper look. It does not affect the color palette and keeps most details clear.
photoshop dirt texture

Photoshop Dirt #20 "Rustic Fairytale"

Use this concrete dirty texture to add subtle structural lines and bends and turn your picture into a real artwork.
photoshop dirt png

Photoshop Dirt Texture #21 "Grunge"

This wall dirty images texture will help you create interesting and unusual photos. It can also serve as a great background for your pictures.

get dirt png pictures

Photoshop Dirt Png #22 "Shabby"

This free dirt texture will add a slightly old look to your photo and give it a special vibe in several clicks.
dirt png textures

Dirt Png Images #23 "Modern"

As the name says, this Photoshop dirty texture will give your pictures a modern and stylish look by adding a grainy effect.
dirt ps texture free download

Dirt Png Textures #24 "Brown"

With this PS dirty images texture you will be able to create unique photos by adding a slightly worn effect coming from the bottom smoothly to the top.
dirty texture free

Dirt Distressed Texture #25 "Dark"

If you are looking for a PNG dirt texture with a grainy effect, this is what you need. Despite a darkened background, your photo will look soft.
transparent dirty texture

Dirty Texture Free #26 "Scratched Wall"

This white dirty texture will be perfect for those who have dark images and want to diversify the background with bright white scratched spots.
dirt texture png

Transparent Dirty Texture #27 "Bright"

With this background dirty images texture, you will be able to make your background more intense and prominent.
dirty concrete texture

Dirt Texture Png #28 "Grit"

This is a concrete dirt texture that gives your background an effect of a cracked surface. It will look good with any type of photos.
beautiful dirty wall texture

Dirty Concrete Texture #29 "Contrast"

This is a basic wall dirty texture using which you will make your photo original and give it a subdued look.
dirty white texture

Dirty Wall Texture #30 "Portrait"

Add a special mysterious atmosphere to your photos or designs using this free dirty images texture.

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dirty concrete textures

Free Concrete Texture #31

These dirty concrete textures are for those who are open to experiments and want to create something unusual.
dirty photoshop texture

Free Fog Overlays #32

With this dirty Photoshop texture, your plain background will look interesting and remarkable. The fog effect will suit different kinds of pictures.
photoshop dirt textures

Free Rain Overlays #33

Add a romantic feel to your photos using these Photoshop dirt textures. The results will impress you.
grunge dirt textures

Free Grunge Texture #34

If you are interested in grunge dirt textures, this one will definitely be to your taste. Use it to add visual appeal to images.
dirt and scratch textures

Free Scratch Overlays #35

These dirt and scratch textures will add spontaneous lines to the background and make your photo more vivid and expressive.
dirt stone textures

Free Stone Texture #36

These dirt stone textures are ideal if you want to create a retro look in your picture. Perfect for photos taken outdoors.

dirt vintage textures

Free Dirt Overlays #37

With these dirt vintage textures you will be able to achieve stunning photos and attract everyone’s attention.
dust and dirt overlays

Free Dust Overlays #38

These dust and dirt overlays are for creative artists who value creativity and like grainy, dusty backgrounds in their photos.
glass overlays

Free Broken Glass Overlays #39

These dirty glass overlays are the most interesting ones as they create a gorgeous effect of glass shards in the background.
film scratchess

Free Film Scratches Overlays #40

These film scratches overlays are a great find if you wish to add an old film effect to a photo.
grain overlays

Free Film Grain Overlays #41

These grain overlays can help you create a beautifully textured background in a matter of several clicks.
hase overlays

Free Haze Overlays #42

If you want to get impressive photos with a blurred background, these hase overlays will work great.