17 Bridesmaids Photo Ideas: Classic and Creative

In wedding photo albums, bridesmaids’ images always catch an eye with their elegance and special atmosphere. Besides, girls like sharing such shots on social networks. Photos that narrate a story can grab the views of many people. If you are on the lookout for original bridesmaids photo ideas, this rundown may come in handy.

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1. Start with Bridal Shower Photoshoot

bridesmaids photo ideas bridal shower

Taking images during a hen party is a great idea. Although the girls’ attire may not be so festive, the chances to capture sincere emotions, smiles, and laughter are really high. You will surely get many candid photos.

bridesmaids photo ideas bridal shower shoot

To highlight the importance of the moment, use such props as flower decorations and candles on the table.

2. Take Images of Girls Getting Ready

bridesmaids photo ideas getting ready

The morning wedding routine with bridesmaids can make a great scene for a photo. A hotel or bride’s room is an optimal location. To get warm and sincere images, ask girls to wear pajamas or identical morning gowns. Add beautiful flower props to make wedding photos with bridesmaids absolutely arresting.

3. Capture the Moment of Trying on a Veil

bridesmaids photo ideas veil

Even if a bride is not going to wear a veil during a wedding ceremony, this prop is worth including in a photo session. The bridesmaids can help a wife-to-be try a veil on, smooth out the fabric, or straighten it in front of a mirror.

4. Ask Bridesmaids to Help a Bride with Her Dress

bridesmaids photo ideas help

Take lively pictures of bridesmaids assisting their friend to put on a dress. They can pull up a zipper on a gown or help her with her shoes.

bridesmaids photo ideas help with dress

You can complement a composition with a floor mirror and padded stools.

5. Shoot the First Look with Bridesmaids

bridesmaids photo ideas first look

The first look photo idea works great not only for a couple. You can also capture the moment when bridesmaids see a bride in her festive attire for the first time. The main thing here is to focus on sincere emotion, smiles and even tears.

6. Create Photos with a Prewedding Toast

bridesmaids photo ideas toast

Devote some time solely to your friends, pop the champagne, and capture the scene when someone is making a toast. This is one of the best bridesmaids photoshoot ideas, as the rest of the day you will probably spend with other guests. So celebrating with your crew first is cool. This type of photoshoot can include such props as champagne glasses.

bridesmaids photo ideas prewedding toast

Popping champagne on your wedding morning can result in many fantastic photos. Getting ready for this special day, bring a bottle of champagne. Ask a photographer to make pictures of you and your bridesmaids popping this bubbly drink. Such images will surely evoke many sweet and pleasant memories.

7. Snap Bridesmaids with Flower Girl

bridesmaids photo ideas flower girl

There is no wedding without a flower girl. So involving this person in a photoshoot can help you realize cute bridesmaids photo ideas. A little beauty will definitely be delighted to partake in the shooting. Make sure to include the basket with flower petals as a prop.

8. Don’t Forget about Bouquet Details

Photograph every detail of your wedding preparation to add a special touch to images. A bridesmaid bouquet is one of these fine details that actually make a romantic and festive atmosphere. You have probably spent much time choosing flowers for your special day. So, it makes sense to take macro photos of a bouquet.

9. Capture Bridesmaids Photo with Balloons

bridesmaids photo ideas balloons

Adding some props to the shooting process is always rewarding. For example, you can pose with wedding balloons, smile sincerely or even make faces. But be sure to choose balloons that match up other décor and bridesmaids’ gowns.

10. Pay Attention to Beautiful Back Details

bridesmaids photo ideas back details

Although guests primarily concentrate on fronts and faces, a photographer should take images of updo and bridesmaids’ tender backs as well.

bridesmaids photo ideas back

When realizing such wedding photo ideas, you can take individual photos as well as group images. So think of the appropriate poses to highlight this part of the body.

11. Focus on Colored Bridesmaids’ Outfits

bridesmaids photo ideas outfits

You’ve probably spent nights thinking over the design of your bridesmaids’ dresses. So, it is a must to take images that present the beauty of these gowns next to a pure-white bridal dress.

bridesmaids photo ideas colored outfits

Keep in mind that shots featuring girls in the same-color dresses look more creative and harmonious in comparison to pics showing the bridesmaids in outfits of different colors.

12. Take a Picture with Groom

bridesmaids photo ideas groom

Wedding photos with bridesmaids usually feature a bride, but think creatively and photograph a groom instead. For instance, girls can surround a man flashing around his wedding ring.

13. Let Bridesmaids Have Some Fun

bridesmaids photo ideas have fun

Funny images with bridesmaids will add a special flavor to your wedding album. You can organize a special day or night out and capture unbridled joy and sincere emotions. Such “girls just want to have fun” moments are really precious, especially after all the stress caused by a wedding preparation.

bridesmaids photo ideas girls fun

Snapping a merry company in a relaxed environment is a much-needed part of your wedding photo session. Girls can jump on a bed, savor snacks and drinks, make faces or have a pillow fight.

14. Take a Photo Outdoors

bridesmaids photo ideas outdor

It is rather easy to take such wedding photos with bridesmaids if your celebration takes place in nature. If not, you can just spend some time in the open air while a photographer snaps shots. For instance, you can organize a picnic.

bridesmaids photo ideas outdor shoot

It doesn't matter how beautiful flowers and trees surround you - with suitable props, you will get adorable shots even in an ordinary park. Arrange a photo zone with a flower arch, blankets, baskets, and beautiful dishes.

15. Use Confetti for Bridesmaids Photoshoot

bridesmaids photo ideas confetti

Confetti is deeply associated with celebrations. Therefore, if your wedding photography style allows, include such props in a photo session. Purchase confetti that matches the color of girls’ outfits, and let them simultaneously toss or blow these tiny particles from their palms.

16. Take Shots during Golden Hour

bridesmaids photo ideas golden hour

To get photos with warm and soft light, organize your photoshoot during the golden hour. This is an hour after sunrise or before sunset when a natural light works better than the most sophisticated filters. Not to miss it, use a special reminding app like GoldenHour.One.

17. Ask Bridesmaids to Build a Living Tunnel

bridesmaids photo ideas tunnel

It is always worth experimenting with wedding photography poses to receive eye-grabbing shots. For example, ask the girls to build a live tunnel and let a bride walk through it.

Bonus Tools

bridesmaids photo ideas bonus

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