15 Best Engagement Photographers to Follow in 2024

It takes a high level of photography skills and years of experience when it comes to taking engagement photos. If you are looking for the best engagement photographer who can take stylish and beautiful photos of the ceremony, check out this list of the most experienced professionals offering their services on the market today.

1. Joanne Leung

Location: Los Angeles

Joanne Leung is a highly professional photographer based in Los Angeles. She has been taking wedding and engagement photos for years and has a background in photojournalism.

joanne leung engagement photographer portfolio

Her engagement photography stands out for picturesque landscapes that she uses as a background.

joanne leung engagement photographer sample of work

She captures all the details of an engagement ceremony, which makes her photos true keepsake items that a couple will cherish forever.

2. Savannah Chandler

Location: Denver

Savannah Chandler is a talented engagement photographer who enjoys taking photos of magical landscapes and capturing a true beauty of an environment.

savannah chandler engagement photographer portfolio

She specializes in engagement narrative photography and knows how to tell a love story of a couple in the most engaging way possible.

savannah chandler engagement photographer sample of work

Savannah prefers working with natural light and often takes photos during the golden hour.

3. Elizabeth Messina

Location: NYC

According to Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Martha Stewart & Brides, Elizabeth is “One of the most influential photographers of our decade.”

elizabeth messina engagement photographer portfolio

She has her own signature style and takes intimate portraits of romantic couples. Besides taking photos of women, she works in a variety of other genres, such as boudoir, engagement, maternity, and wedding photography, which makes her the best engagement photographer who specializes in different areas.

elizabeth messina engagement photographer sample of work

She does everything to make a couple relax and feel special on their important day.

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4. Alex Shevchik

Location: Los Angeles

Alex is an experienced wedding photographer who also often takes engagement photos.

alex shevchik engagement photographer portfolio

Thanks to his background in studio and reporting photography, he knows how to document an important event and tell a romantic story in an engaging way. All his works have a unique feel.

alex shevchik engagement photographer sample of work

The photographer knows how to capture a strong bond between two people and portray genuine emotions.

5. Lily Szabo Photography

Location: New Jersey, NYC, and Pennsylvania

Lily Szabo mostly takes photos of couples in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. She has a distinct photography style and knows how to focus on details that make photos truly unique.

lily szabo engagement photographer portfolio

The photographer emphasizes clothing, facial expressions, or other features that make a couple who they are.

lily szabo engagement photographer sample of work

She never takes overly staged photos and enjoys capturing candid moments of pure happiness.

6. Sarah Falugo

Location: Los Angeles, Venice

Sarah is an engagement photographer with a creative approach who specializes in engagement and wedding photography. She never uses basic solutions.

sarah falugo engagement photographer portfolio

Instead, she carefully selects a location to ensure that your photoshoot will be truly memorable. For instance, she knows great locations in Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

sarah falugo engagement photographer sample of work

In Europe, she likes taking photos in Italy since this country is perfect for conveying a romantic atmosphere.

7. RichardBFlores Photography

Location: New Jersey

Richard Flores is famous for taking high-end photos with a well-thought-out composition and appealing poses. Since he has advanced photo editing skills, his photos look stylish and elegant without appearing overly edited.

richardbflores engagement photographer portfolio

He captures important moments in the most memorable way and uses different kinds of lighting to ensure that your photos will turn out to be great regardless of the shooting location. Richard is a professional with years of experience so you can entrust him the task of taking your engagement photos.

richardbflores engagement photographer sample of work

Besides, he knows a lot of cool couple photo ideas and often uses unusual poses and handy props for his photos. The photographer knows great locations and can give you useful tips on what to wear for your photo session.

8. Christian Oth

Location: NYC

Christian Oth is a famous photographer who works with top stars and takes photos for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. He takes stylish fashion and wedding photos for glossy magazines.

christian oth engagement photographer portfolio

What makes him one of the best engagement photographers is his photojournalistic approach, which allows him to capture natural and yet glamorous pics.

christian oth engagement photographer sample of work

The photographer has years of experience in various photography genres and takes photos worthy of the best glossy magazines’ pages.

9. Ashley McKenzie

Location: Denver

I have huge respect for photographers who enjoy being creative. Ashley McKenzie works with different light conditions, experiments with framing and staging to take stunning pictures.

ashley mckenzie engagement photographer portfolio

Her images always tell a story and convey a unique atmosphere of a place.

ashley mckenzie engagement photographer sample of work

She knows how to take both playful and moody pics, depending on clients’ needs. Besides, Ashley likes implementing cute engagement photo ideas.

10. Liz Andolina Photography

Location: NYC, New Jersey

Liz Andolina is known for the exquisite style of her photos. She takes pictures of romantic couples and focuses on framing to make them look more refined and elegant.

liz andolina engagement photographer portfolio

The photographer also takes beautiful portraits of brides. She experiments with composition and knows how to capture important details. Liz mostly works in NYC and New Jersey. I truly admire her unique style.

liz andolina engagement photographer sample of work

Her photos have a fashion-magazine look. She uses natural light to capture the inner beauty of her models. If you want to get stylish photos, make sure to contact this photographer.

11. Lulan Studio

Location: Los Angeles

Lulan Studio is known for its wedding photos. While it’s based in Los Angeles, its photographers also work in the areas nearby.

lulan studio engagement photographer portfolio

They provide, wedding, elopement, engagement, and portrait photography services. After contacting this agency, you will be assigned a photographer. The company has a straightforward work approach and communicates with its clients to clarify all the details of an order.

lulan studio engagement photographer sample of work

Its team includes experts who know how to take attention-grabbing photos and capture the best moment of an engagement or a wedding day.

12. Sylvie Gil

Location: Available worldwide

Sylvie enjoys taking photos of beautiful weddings and engagements across the globe. She has been providing professional photography services for over 15 years.

sylvie gil engagement photographer portfolio

If you are looking for photographers for engagement, keep in mind that she worked in the fashion industry so she pays attention to the details when taking pictures. Sylvie knows how to use the best angles and capture a magical atmosphere of the most important day in the life of a couple.

sylvie gil engagement photographer sample of work

She works with medium format film, which allows her to take soft-grain photos.

13. Terralogical

Location: Available worldwide

Terralogical is a team of talented photographers from Bali that shoots weddings and engagements all over the world. They take breathtaking photos that evoke strong positive feelings.

terralogical engagement photographer portfolio

The photographers know how to capture the best moments of the engagement. Instead of taking trendy pics, they shoot professional images that will look great for years to come.

terralogical engagement photographer sample of work

Even when they take posed photos, their images look natural and have a strong dynamic feel.

14. Igor Demba

Location: Sweden

He enjoys taking creative engagement photos and knows how to make people feel comfortable in front of a camera.

igor demba engagement photographer portfolio

As an avid traveler, Igor enjoys the opportunity to take wedding and engagement pictures in various locations across the globe and learn more about people and cultures. He finds inspiration in beautiful vistas and likes capturing genuine feelings and emotions.

igor demba engagement photographer sample of work

Besides, he knows a lot of creative couple poses and provides his clients with useful tips on how they could look better in a photo.

15. Diktat Photography

Location: Bali

Diktat specializes in taking photos in picturesque locations, with beautiful sunshine filling the frame.

diktat engagement photographer portfolio

He knows how to capture a bond between two people and take heart-warming photos. After studying graphic design in Denpasar, he fell in love with photography and fully dedicated himself to this career.

diktat engagement photographer sample of work

In 2010, he started providing professional photography services and quickly gained the trust of his clients.