45 Couple Photo Ideas for Love Story, Engagement, Wedding Photoshoot

Couple Photo Ideas

Romantic and crazy couple photo ideas and inspiration for couples and photographers, including: basic and unusual poses, photo props, destinations, and "what to wear" for your couple photoshoot. Perfect couples photography ideas for engagements, weddings or anniversaries.

45 Cool Couple Photo Ideas

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Are you looking for the best couple photo ideas? Look through this list of 45 best couples photoshoot ideas that will be useful for any occasion and couple.

1. In the Bed

couple poses in the bed

You are actually not aiming for something sexy but rather intimate and caring. Just let them talk, joke, show tenderness towards each other while you take shots of their sincere emotions.

2. Date Night

night couple photo

Follow them on the date but do not choose something traditional, like the movies or a restaurant. Go out somewhere with picturesque views like a local festival or amusement park when the sun is setting.

3. Selfie Sweethearts

creative couple selfie ideas

Who said you can’t have a selfie in a wedding album? Not me! Use your creative vision to choose a nice-looking background, then let them do the actual work with a camera on a timer. This is one of the couple photo ideas that will definitely add fun and get them more relaxed for the later shots.

4. Body Language

couple picture ideas poses

Don’t shoot portraits or faces, concentrate on the couple’s bodies and their body language. Holding hands, standing close to each other and other similar couple photography poses may show how a man and a woman really feel, even more than their faces do.

5. Warm Embrace

couple photography poses

Another one of the couple photo ideas, when you feel that they are not relaxed enough for something as intimate as a kiss, is a hug. Everyone feels less tense in front of a camera when they only have to embrace each other.

6. Heart to Heart

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Bring in all the hearts that you can. A heart-shaped pillow? A balloon? Bring them on! One of the best couples photography ideas is to give them a balloon to hold during a kiss and make the image romantic or a little playful.

7. With Pillows

couple photoshoot outfit ideas

If you are looking for some fun, simple and natural-looking ideas for couples pictures, start your love story photoshoot in the morning. You can take some romantic shot of the two lovers waking up or ask them to go for it and start a pillow fight!

8. Dancing Stars

couple photoshoot near me

A little movement will help the couple relax and give you some dynamic shots. Crank their favorite music up and let them move to their hearts’ desire and get moving with the camera yourself.

9. Lover’s Gaze

couple photography

I love asking a couple to do this in order to trigger any emotional reaction. They can start rolling with laughter, crying – it doesn’t matter, the shots will be invaluable.

10. Grab a Bite

couples photoshoot themes

Do you remember that iconic scene from Lady and the Tramp? Having the couple share a romantic meal together can bring out all sorts of emotions, especially if you choose a place that is somehow significant.

11. Adrenaline Junkies

couple photoshoot outfit ideas summer

This is one of the more unusual couple photo ideas as romance and sports isn’t a combination that you generally think about. However, if the couple is keen on adventures, you can make use of it. When adrenaline rushes through their blood, they will act in the most natural way.

12. Retro Romance

couple photoshoot poses

Interested in the 50s, 60s or 70s? You can create an unforgettable and fun couple photoshoot style with just a few props, like an old camera or suitcase and vintage clothes. You can also add filters and effects at the image post-processing stage for that retro feel.

13. Common Hobby

couple photo idea

A great couple photography subject can be their common hobby. If they both love cooking, set up a romantic scene in the kitchen. Take several shots of them doing something together, like baking or making a delicious salad.

14. Authentic Moments

couple photoshoot style

Spying on your neighbors with a camera is bad, but spying on the couple is awesome! No one can truly relax in front of a camera, so look out for those genuine moments between the lovebirds while they don’t see you.

15. The Getaway

fun couple photoshoot ideas

Invite the couple to a new place. It could be anything, from a sight popular among tourists to some undiscovered locations in their own city. Try to capture them learning something new and your images will have a different couple photoshoot style and get a breath of fresh air.

16. Piano

creative couple photo idea

Just imagine a field, sheet music and two lovers. Having a piano in the frame creates many interesting opportunities for shots at different angles. If you choose a retro instrument, the photos will get that beautiful vintage flair.

17. Little Things

matching outfits for couples pictures

“The devil is in the details,” they say. I cannot agree more! By bringing the camera close to the small things, like a piece of jewelry or a single flower from the bouquet, you will make the couple appear more connected with each other.

18. Near Water

couple photo idea near water

Being near the water on a sunny day is magical. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, spring or any other season. Shots taken near water are always enchanting, don’t need any special props or outfit ideas for couples photoshoot.

19. Colorful Chalk

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On a warm sunny day, you can use such a simple kids’ ‘tool’ as colorful chalk. With its help, you can add elements to the real world drawn on pavement, walls or anything else.

20. Blossoming Garden

beautiful couple photo pic

Blossoming gardens and fields are equally perfect for a wedding or a love story photoshoot. The abundance of colors and flowers, picnic on the emerald grass and bright sun will be perfect for unforgettable pictures.

21. With Horses

best couple idea

Horses are noble and graceful animals. Riding a horse will make your image look more elegant and sophisticated. You can either choose “Western” as one of the couples photoshoot themes or stick with a more traditional love story vibe.

22. Among the Trees

couple picture View Picnic Basket Prices

A photoshoot in the park is suitable for any season. You can have a picnic or simply stroll among the beautiful trees. In any case, you get natural photos full of tenderness.

23. At Sunset

romantic couple idea

Can you think of anything more romantic than a sunset? I can’t either! A photoshoot during this time will definitely give you the most sensual shots.

24. Holi Paints

great couple photo View Holi Paints Prices

The traditional gulaal paints used during the Indian Holi festival can be a great love story photoshoot idea.

25. Black and White Photoshoot

black couples photoshoot ideas

These shots possess a certain level of mystery, they stir our imagination and creativity. I think that a black and white love story shoot is like a novel full of secrets below the surface.

26. Blind Folded by Her

couple portrait ideas

The groom can’t see the bride in her dress on the wedding day, right? Why not use this superstition and turn into playful, fun and simply one of the best wedding poses? Give the bride the blindfold and let her cover the groom’s eyes. What a great way to start a wedding story!

27. The First Look

couples photoshoot ideas

If you want to capture genuine emotions of admiration, then you must get the shot of the groom looking at his future wife for the first time in her dress. If the couple is willing to do this, you can take really intimate shots in private. Among wedding poses photography ideas, this rightfully stands out as the most romantic.

28. Kiss

cute couple photos ideas

This isn’t something you should start with. Let them relax and get used to you following them. You can approach this shot with a different mood. If they are laughing, the image will be fun and sincere. Covering them both with a veil will make the shot more romantic.

29. Photo Frame

creative couple photography ideas View Photo Frame Prices

To use this idea, you will need a large photo frame or any object that will look similar. Personally, I love using windows for this kind of shots. Let them both hold the frame at the same time and take shots at different angles.

30. The Typography Prop

couple photoshoot ideas outdoor

Typography props can be fun and original if they are used creatively. Move around to capture different angles of the couple, ask them to move and change their position.

31. The Shoulder Rest

poses for couples photo shoots

One of the great couple portrait ideas is to ask the bride to put her head on the groom’s shoulder. I usually take wide-angle shots of this pose so that I can capture the beauty of the bride’s dress and her train. If you prefer close-ups, however, make sure to use backlight, as it will help soften the image.

32. The Forehead Kiss

wedding poses list

The kiss on the forehead is a great alternative to the kiss itself, especially if the couple is too tense and nervous to have a natural-looking kiss photo. I’ve noticed that in such shots the bride gets that necessary boost of confidence, which is then noticed throughout the whole photoshoot.

33. First Dance Together

cute couple poses for instagram

The first dance is just as important as the first kiss. I usually like asking the couple to do a practice dance during the photo session. Why should you wait for the reception? As a result, I get shots of two happy and relaxed newlyweds and they get a stunning photo in their album.

34. The Hand Kiss

couple photoshoot themes

Most of the girls were crazy about Disney cartoons and princesses when they were small. What could be a better way to imagine that a bride is Snow White or Cinderella having her Prince Charming kissing her hand!

35. Photo in the Woods

marriage couple photo style

One of the greatest couple photo ideas is to use the setting to add drama to the shot. Offer the couple to go to a location in the forest or in the field. Let them walk away from you, holding hands and talking about something to look more intimate. Don’t forget about the rule of thirds to create the perfect composition.

36. Lying in the Grass

wedding poses ideas

Another one of the couples pics ideas is to use nature to your advantage, ask the couple to lie on the grass. To make the photo look more artistic, make them look away from each other while still having their heads touch. I also like when the eyes are closed so that it looks like they are dreaming about each other.

37. Under the Rain

couple poses for wedding photography

Bad weather? Have it play by your rules and make the most of it. Raining? Not a problem! Just ask the groom to hide the bride under his jacket and you will have a beautiful shot.

38. The Walk

traditional wedding photo poses

When two people are walking, they just can’t look unnatural. If you are shooting on a special location, like a beach or near a river, ask them to walk and talk. You must move quickly in order to take as many shots as you can.

39. Shadows in the Umbrella

wedding poses examples

Another prop perfect for a couples photoshoot is an umbrella. My favorite way to use it is actually at night! Have the couple stand behind the umbrella with bright direct light behind them. As a result, their silhouette will appear on the umbrella and the shot will be amazing!

40. The Relaxed Gaze

unique wedding photography poses

Just ask the groom to sit in an as natural, comfortable and relaxed pose as possible. The bride can then lean on him or sit very close. Once they are relaxed, ask them to talk or play with some props so that you could have a shot of them lovingly looking at each other.

41. Get Organized

couple photo tips

Don’t forget that you need to plan your photoshoot in advance, otherwise you may come across unwanted problems and surprises. Get yourself a Planner and start writing down the outfit ideas, finances, location and prop ideas along with possible wedding posing ideas you like.

42. Communicate with Photographer

couple photography tip

When you’re planning a photoshoot, it’s important to talk to the photographer about everything you expect. For the best result, you should discuss the possible couple picture poses ideas, a location you want, and any props you wish to have.

43. Rely on Your Photographer

how to take couple photo

I love hearing what the couple wants to do and what they want me to do as their photographer. However, it is also important for me to be able to give my opinion. As a professional, I have a lot of experience and will know if the idea you have in mind or a couple photoshoot style you’ve chosen is going to work or not.

44. Order Prints

print photos

Having a digital copy of your pictures is wonderful but losing that CD is very easy. So I always advise ordering at least one print that you can display somewhere in your home. A good idea is to think about how your photos will be displayed (on a wall, a mantelpiece or in an album) before ordering.

45. Outsource Photo Editing

couple photo editingcouple photo editing

So that your couple photos looked even better, I would recommend using the services of professional photo retouchers.

Color correction and other kinds of photo retouching will be done at the highest level.

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Freebies for Editing Couple Photos

All couple photo ideas are brilliant, but you need some photo editing to make them look even better.

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This free Photoshop action is one of the best we can offer for portrait editing. By intensifying the highlights, you will make the details in the image stand out.

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This action is excellent when you want to enhance the greens in your photo. It will work with grass, leaves or mountains but will not affect the skin tone.

Free Lr Preset "Sunny Day"

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This free Lightroom preset will add a warm yellow tint to your images. It looks gorgeous in wedding images that are light and bright. The preset won’t work with evening shots.

Free Lr Preset "Pure"

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This is our universal Lightroom preset for portrait photos. It will soften the darks in the background and add the effect of split toning. It is perfect for couples photos.

Free Overlay "Yellow-White"

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This bokeh effect overlay will look great in the evening and night shots where the background is blurred or doesn’t feature distinct objects.

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