Free Lightroom Presets Wedding Photography

Download these universal Lightroom Wedding Presets to improve your images and make them beautiful without tiresome wedding photo retouching. You can use these original wedding filters in the full Lightroom desktop version as well as for LR Mobile. Download this package of 10 Lightroom Wedding Presets free of charge and your image editing workflow will become easier and twice faster.

Lightroom Presets Wedding #1 "Cold Wind"

lightroom presets wedding

Wedding Presets #2 "Sunny Day"

free lightroom presets wedding

Lightroom Preset Wedding #3 "Contrast"

lightroom wedding presets

Lightroom Wedding Preset #4 "Cloudy"

wedding presets

Free Wedding Preset #5 "Matte Effect"

wedding lightroom presets

Lr Presets Wedding Photography #6 "Soft Skin"

free lightroom presets for wedding photographers

Free Wedding Presets for Lightroom #7 "Greenery"

wedding presets lightroom

Free Lightroom Presets Wedding #8 "B&W Essential"

free wedding lightroom presets

Lightroom Wedding Presets #9 "Vintage Style"

wedding preset

Best Wedding Lightroom Presets #10 "Warm Filter"

wedding preset lightroom

Wedding Photography Presets #11 "Classic"

free lightroom wedding presets

Lightroom Wedding Presets #12 "Contrast"

best wedding lightroom presets

Wedding Lightroom Presets #13 "Saturation"

lightroom preset wedding

Wedding Preset Lightroom #14 "Sepia"

free lightroom presets wedding photography

Wedding Presets Lightroom #15 "Wind"

lightroom wedding presets free

Wedding Lightroom Presets Free #16 "Sun Flares"

wedding lightroom presets free

Wedding Lightroom Preset #17 "Matte"

wedding presets lightroom free

Wedding Presets Free #18 "Cold Shadows"

lightroom presets for wedding

Lightroom Preset Free Wedding #19 "Old Style"

wedding photography lightroom presets

Free Lr Presets for Wedding Photographers #20 "Cinematic"

lightroom preset wedding

Wedding Presets Lightroom Free #21 "Nature"

wedding preset lightroom free

Free Lightroom Presets Wedding #22 "Fall"

lightroom wedding preset

Lightroom Presets Wedding #23 "Vintage"

best wedding presets

Free Wedding Lightroom Presets #24 "Style"

free wedding presets

Wedding Preset Lightroom Free #25 "Sharpening"

wedding lightroom preset

Wedding Presets for Lightroom #26 "Pure"

lightroom presets wedding free

Lightroom Wedding Presets Free #27 "Fashion"

free wedding presets for lightroom

Wedding Photo Lightroom Presets #28 "Bright"

lightroom wedding preset free

Lightroom Presets Wedding Free #29 "Pink Glasses"

wedding photography presets

Lightroom Preset for Wedding #30 "Best"

lightroom preset for wedding

Wedding Lightroom Presets #31 "Brighten"

free wedding preset

Wedding Preset #32 "Darken"

lightroom preset wedding

More Free Lightroom Presets: by FixThePhoto

We offer you a set of 450 Lightroom Wedding Presets. It is possible to apply these filters to various wedding images (engagement, couple, wedding party, etc.) and fix color, lighting, and other problems connected with overexposure. All free lightroom presets weddings are universal and can be easily adjusted for your photographs. Enhance your wedding pictures, get rid of small light flaws in just a few clicks with these amazing best wedding lightroom presets.

Free Lightroom Wedding Presets #33

lightroom wedding preset free

Free Lr Presets Wedding Photography #34

wedding photography presets

Lightroom Presets for Wedding #35

lightroom preset for wedding

Wedding Photography Lr Presets #36

free wedding preset

Best Wedding Presets #37

lightroom preset wedding free

Free Wedding Presets #38

free wedding preset lightroom

Lightroom Wedding Preset Free #39

wedding photo lightroom presets

Lightroom Preset Wedding Free #40

lightroom presets wedding photography

Free Wedding Preset Lightroom #41

wedding presets free

Wedding Presets #42

lightroom preset free wedding

Why Should you Use Free Lightroom Presets Wedding

Even after the most successful wedding shootings, photographers need much time to enhance the photographs – make photo culling, color correction, and basic photo editing. To reduce the time you spend on picture editing, we have prepared for you a special bundle of Free Lightroom Presets Wedding. The bundle consists of LR presets for outdoor and indoor photos, a black and white plugin, Lightroom presets VSCO, LR vintage filters and more. Lightroom Wedding Presets compatible with all versions of Adobe LR including LR Mobil.

If you are still hesitating, check out the pros of professional Lightroom presets wedding we provide:

  • Saves time. By using LR plugin you can immediately make your image 85-90% edited. Sometimes using presets is enough to give your photo a professional look and turn it into a stunning masterpiece!
  • Variety. Wedding presets will provide you creative possibilities that will let you lay on various styles and see which is suitable for a particular picture or the entire photo shoot.
  • Full customization. All the wedding presets Lightroom can be easily customized and the changes happen just in few seconds.
  • Batch image editing. The ability to edit several photos at the same time by using synchronization is one of the most significant advantages of LR. The combined use of ready-made Lightroom wedding presets and batch editing allows you to speed up the process of photo color correction and achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

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