Twig And Olive Lightroom Presets Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 9 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Even if you don’t have any prior Lightroom experience, you will easily figure out how to use Twig and Olive Lightroom presets to edit several photos at once in one click. These effects are perfect for enhancing photos taken at midday or golden hour. Give your pictures a bright, airy look and make colors softer by adding a matte finish.

Twig and Olive Lightroom Presets Collections

In this article, I reviewed the best presets for creating a consistent-looking Instagram feed and building a professional photography portfolio. They are compatible with Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom CC, Lr 4, 5, and 6. Use them to enhance RAW and JPEG on Windows and macOS. To apply them, you might also need to learn how to install presets on Mac & Windows.

Fernweh North

twig and olive presets fernweh north

Number of presets included: 15

Twig & Olive created these effects for those who are looking for a universal solution for every time of the year. Use them to adjust tones and edit greens in your pics. These presets are perfect for golden hour photography. They allow you to add a matte finish and reduce shadows. If you are engaged in portrait photography, use these effects to fix the WB and add contrasting colors to emphasize your subject.

Fernweh South

twig and olive presets fernweh south

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 15

With these Twig and Olive presets, you can edit your pictures in one click. Use them to reduce dark shades or make your images less overexposed. You can experiment with various presets from this collection to highlight specific tones, adjust brightness, and make colors more saturated. Use them to add contrast, make reds deeper, and enhance skin tones by making them warmer. These presets are especially important for anyone interested in engagement photography.

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twig and olive presets wanderlust

Number of presets included: 15

To make your works stand out, use these effects to add soft, velvety tones to your pictures. You can use these presets to adjust brightness without removing shadows completely. You can use this collection for wedding and outdoor family photography.

These filters make colors more saturated and add light to pictures. Whether you like deep matte or creamy shades, in this collection, you will find everything you need to embellish your midday pics with light effects. It’s a great option for anyone interested in aesthetic photography who wants to give their photos a timeless look.

Pastel Matte

twig and olive presets pastel matte

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 15

These Twig and Olive photography presets are perfect for those who enjoy experimenting by applying a variety of filters to their pictures. You can add light and adjust brightness, make green colors slightly muted, create a dark atmosphere, or apply bright effects to tweak colors.

Each preset can be further customized. You can select the most suitable option for fashion photography and urban photography.

Spring Gem

twig and olive presets spring gem

Number of presets included: 15

Use this bundle if you want to add velvety tones to your pictures to give them a softer look. These Twig and Olive presets are perfect for wedding portraits and other photos with dim light. Twig & Olive often apply them to photos taken in the late winter through spring and summer to make colors richer and adjust sharpness.

These presets are the most suitable for those who are interested in lifestyle photography and travel photography.

Harvest Matte

twig and olive presets harvest matte

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 18

If you prefer taking photos during the golden hour, at sunrise or sunset, these effects will come in handy. Use them to embellish pictures with natural light. They will help you create a surreal atmosphere by making tones warmer and adding a matte finish.

By adjusting the color temperature, you can enhance the light in photos and make it more realistic. Besides, you can add an orange tint to the skin. These presets gently highlight warm tones in sunrise and sunset photos.

Sleepy Matte

twig and olive presets sleepy matte

Number of presets included: 15

This bundle is a must for anyone engaged in toddler and newborn photography. These effects make colors softer and add a matte finish. Use them to embellish pictures taken in a studio or outdoors. They will add nice creamy tones without making the colors look artificial. It’s better to apply them to evenly lit pics.

Floral Matte

twig and olive presets floral matte

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 18

Photographers who don’t have advanced high-end retouching skills can quickly enhance their photos by adding these presets. Use them to adjust contrast and add pastel tones.

If you want to capture the most cherished moments in the life of newlyweds, try implementing the best newborn photo ideas and use these effects to give your images a matte finish. The presets from this collection are suitable for photos taken at any time of the year. They will add highlights and floral tones to your images to create a vintage atmosphere.

LUX Film

twig and olive presets lux film

Number of presets included: 18

Make your pictures slightly darker and give them a moody feel. This is a second bundle created by Twig and Olive for photos taken with different lighting. Use it for pictures taken right before sunset or on rainy days.

If you take photos during the golden or blue hour, use these effects to give them a darker vibe. These presets are suitable for making images more atmospheric. They are perfect for images taken in soft, natural lighting.

Botanical Matte

twig and olive presets botanical matte

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 20

After taking pictures outdoors, with a lot of greenery in the background, you might need to enhance them by adding mint and citrus shades or floral hues. This is one of the most useful collections on this list as it’s suitable for main photography types. Whether you want to create a dark and moody effect or make your photos lighter, this is a perfect option for adding depth to your images.

Moody Matte

twig and olive presets moody matte

Number of presets included: 19

These Twig and Olive presets were created for making photos moody and attention-grabbing. You can make tones more saturated as well as add highlights, deep matte and creamy shades to your images. This collection includes airy and light presets suitable for enhancing pictures taken during midday.

Noor Film

twig and olive presets noor film

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 22

When taking photos outdoors, it’s impossible to predict weather and choose the right light conditions. Use these effects for giving them a soft W&B glow, adding highlights and adjusting tones. These Twig and Olive presets are perfect for blue and golden hour pictures.

If you have never used professional photo editing software before and are wondering how to get Lightroom for free, download a trial version from the official website and use these filters to transform your pictures.

Terra Film

twig and olive presets terra film

Number of presets included: 22

Photographers who specialize in taking photos at the seaside or in the forest can use these presets to add soft pastel tones to their pictures and make them look more sensual. Use these effects to highlight the main subject and make the background slightly blurry. Photographers who specialize in couple photography also often use them when post-processing their pics.

Be Bold

twig and olive presets be bold

Price: $75
Number of presets included: 30

If you know how to work with deep, rich tones, try using these effects to make your pictures even more eye-catching. They will help you add deep black tones with a caramel tint and edit amber mid-tones by making them lighter. In this collection, you will also find black-and-white presets that will turn your images monochrome by adding silver or graphite tones.

Film Love Vol. I

twig and olive presets film love vol1

Number of presets included: 17

To make your image more detailed by adjusting contrast, apply these effects with honey tones. They allow you to add mesmerizing highlights to your pictures and give them a deep matte look. This basic set consists of basic presets for adjusting the blacks and whites, contrast, brightness and shadows, which makes them a great option for daily use.

Film Love Vol. II

twig and olive presets film love vol2

Price: $50
Number of presets included: 17

With this collection, you will easily achieve an old-movie look when editing your pictures. Besides, you can use these effects to adjust contrast, create stunning black-and-white images, or add soft, hazy tones to your photos. As the result, your shots will look like scenes from an old movie. These presets will look also great if you apply them to images taken during the golden hour.


twig and olive presets daydream

Number of presets included: 21

What makes these effects stand out is that they add bright spots of colors to bleak photos and create a light, dreamy atmosphere. If you prefer bold colors but want to stylize your images, add these vintage effects to fully transform the mood in your photos. Twig & Olive subscribers who specialize in wedding photography often use the effects from this bundle.

Sweet Light

twig and olive presets sweet light

Price: $50
Number of presets included: 24

These Twig and Olive Lightroom presets were created to making your images lighter. Even if you took your photos in poor light conditions, you can still give them a warmer look by adding subtle pink tones. These effects are especially useful for newborn and travel photographers. Add a matte tone to make the skin texture look smoother.

Warm Film

twig and olive presets warm film

Number of presets included: 20

This set will come in handy for professionals who know how to use dark colors to make their photos more stylish and elegant. Use these effects to raise the contract and add highlights to dark areas of your photos.

For a better effect, you can also tweak colors in your pictures by experimenting with coffee tones and creating a soft, matte look that will make your photos stand out among images with bright and tasteless colors.

Rustic Matte Vol. II

twig and olive presets rustic matte

Price: $50
Number of presets included: 18

This collection allows you to give your images a warm, vintage feel by making colors richer and more saturated. These presets create a film grain effect. Use them to subtly enhance your photos without making them look overly edited. Professional photographers apply these effects when they want to make blacks deeper and add a soft matte tone to their pictures.

Twig and Olive Presets on Instagram

twig and olive presets on instagram

Username: @twigandolive
Genre: portrait, family, lifestyle, wedding, newborn photography
Followers: 99K

hese professionals know that it’s important to use social media for photographers, such as Instagram. On their page, you will find plenty of samples of their works. These photos have been enhanced with the help of their presets, including the effects from the Twig and Olive collection.

I really like the way their Instagram feed looks like. All the photos are well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Here, you will find plenty of creative photography ideas for your future photos.

Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets collection fixthephoto

If Twig and Olive presets seem to be too expensive, you can replace them with this collection created by the FixThePhoto experts. They can be used as an alternative to Twig and Olive effects. With them, you can edit your photos in a similar style without paying a dime.