Twig and Olive Presets

Twig and Olive Presets

Twig and Olive presets are professional Lr filters that will help your account in social networks acquire a unique style. Almost all Lr presets of this company are characterized by warm shades and matte finishing, which together create a dusty photo effect that is popular nowadays.

twig and olive presets

I will test and review a Twig and Olive phenomenon, review each pack and preset, and offer 3 FREE Twig and Olive alternatives.

Twig and Olive Presets Full Review

Twig and Olive Photography is a world-known photo studio located in Madison, Wisconsin. They are primarily engaged in wedding, family and newborn photo genres. The guys from Twig and Olive team have devoted many years to photography and now they organize various workshops, meetings, seminars to share their knowledge.

Be Bold Lightroom Presets

twig and olive presets Download Lightroom Presets

Price: $75

If you want to realize your boldest ideas, these presets with deep blacks and soft matte tints will come in handy. Mostly, Instagram bloggers and fashion shooters like these plug-ins because of matte finishing they can add to the shots, but I recommend trying these Olive Twig presets even if you specialize in other photo genres.

Actually, the kit comprises truly universal presets that beautifully enhance any photo, either it is taken outdoors or in a studio. Still, don’t think that the result you get will be identical to the one you can see above, since every photo has specific characteristics such as lighting, temperature, etc.

The pack comprises B + W Rash, B + W Tortuga, B + W Wishes, Dew, Envy, Fall Warmth, Farm fresh, Froth presets.

Botanical Matte Lightroom Presets

twig and olive botanical matte

Price: $75

Variety makes life so interesting! That’s the main idea of Botanic Matte presets from Twig and Olive Photography who tried to include so many different filters into one kit. Here you will find a couple of light and airy plug-ins, muted greens, dark and moody presets, as well as colorful and clean effects. Similar to many other Twig and Olive presets, they go well with images taken during Golden Hour and with an open shade.

The collection includes B&W Midnight Iris, B&W Silt, Azalea, Brambleberry, Cactus Fern, Celosia, Citrus, Clover, Elderberry presets.

Film Love Lightroom Presets

twig and olive film love Download Lightroom Presets

Price: $75

Trying to imitate the film grain, photographers get while shooting with Fuji Pro 400h or Kodak Portra, the Twig and Olive group created this bundle. Shooters use these plug-ins if they want to add a vintage vibe, deep blacks and soft matte to their images.

Downloading this set, you get B&W Fog, B&W Haze, B&W Mist, Adore, Adore More, Bee Balm II, Blue Film, Chai, Cherry Pie presets.

Floral Matte Lightroom Presets

twig and olive editing

Price: $75

These Lightroom presets suit images taken in any season. Still, you can achieve the best effect if you use the kit for outdoor cloudy days and Golden Hour photo sessions.

The bundle consists of B&W Cosmo, B&W Viola, Aster, Begonia, Bluebell, Camelia, Crocus, Dahlia, Freesia presets.

LUX Film Lightroom Presets

twig and olive products

Price: $75

Add a bit of dark and moody tones to your images. Actually, this is the second collection of presets from Twig and Olive Photography that was intentionally designed for various types of lighting – sunset, post-sunset, rainy, cloudy days, etc.

The presets work absolutely gorgeous with Golden & blue Hour as well as atmospheric and gloomy pictures. Don’t use them for photos taken in harsh or artificial lighting.

The set comprises B&W Granite, Blaze, Cider, Copper, Dusk, Harvest, Lollie, Maple, Plume presets.

Moody Matte Lightroom Presets

lightroom presets for portraits Download Lightroom Presets

Price: $75

Make your shots catchy and moody with the help of these presets. Every filter of this digital Twigs bundle adds rich tones with a bit of light ranging from deep matte to soft creamy shades to your photos. There are also several airy and light effects that are perfect for midday images.

Developers included Bliss, Campfire, Dune, Fall Fields, Flame, Hazy Matte, Heavy Matte, Island, Mellow presets into this collection.

Noor Film Lightroom Presets

best lightroom presets

Price: $75

While developing this set of professional Lightroom presets, Twig and Olive digital artists tried to cover as many types of lighting as possible – from sunset to gloomy ones.

Such presets will become a great finding for specialists, who practice rain photography or enjoy shooting at sunrise and sunset. Never use Noor Film LR presets for images taken at noon or under studio lighting.

The pack includes B&W Coals, B&W Steam, Bask, Brilliance, Drift, Embers, Gloss, Glow, Kindle, Lumiere presets.

Sleepy Matte Lightroom Presets

professional lightroom presets

Price: $75

These are the best Lightroom presets for newborn and studio images. Use them to add warm shades with a bit of matte to highlight the tenderness and innocence of the baby age.

The collection consists of B&W Grin, B&W Snooze, Cling, Clouds, Cozy, Daze, Dream, Lush presets.

Terra Film Lightroom Presets

twig and olive terra film

Ready to mix film grain and catchy colors? Then you will definitely like this pack full of Twig and Olive Terra Film presets each with certain mood and character.

The set comprises B&W Smoke II, B&W Storm, Breeze II, Cloudy, Corona, Cream II presets.

Twig and Olive Photography

twig and olive photography

Twig and Olive's main activity is photography, while selling presets and other photo editing plug-ins is the additional business. Mainly, they specialize in portrait and wedding shooting.

Their creative works in the portfolio have the same effects as the ones you get with the presets. Processing of almost all images is made in a matte style, which beautifies photos. The composition accentuates the shooting location. In most cases, these are interesting natural objects.

Twig and Olive Coupon Code

The only available coupon for Twig and Olive products is the one distributed through the company's podcast. It is a 30% discount on any product on the site. This is a great offer form Twig and Olive Photography in terms of content promotion, because additional discounts and coupons always attract people.

Twig and Olive Workshop

On Twig and Olive site, there are several interesting workshops that can be useful to the photographer of any professional level.

Business e-Workshop

business twig and olive workshop

Price – $200

This is an ideal option for newbie photographers, who want to learn more about building a legal business, gaining experience, attracting clients, etc.

This Business e-Workshop covers all these issues and provides helpful guides, templates and other things necessary to start and promote your photography services.

Children and Families e-Workshop

children twig and olive workshop

Price – $300

You are unlikely to find a more detailed Children and Families e-Workshop available on the net. This one is created to help shooters boost their image editing skills, get valuable experience, communicate with clients, develop business, etc.

In addition to standard videos and guides, Twig and Olive Company offers a more personalized approach to advertising your services. Actually, this is a comprehensive workshop that includes all the information you can find in narrowly-focused seminars.

Wedding e-Workshop

wedding twig and olive workshop

Price – $400

If you specialize in wedding photography, you will find this Twig and Olive workshop very helpful. It is structured in such a way, that both beginner photographers and their professional colleagues may choose a suitable topic about image editing, strategies of attracting new clients, ways of promoting services, and more.

The workshop also includes training tutorials and video guides subdivided into several categories. All this makes the process of professional development very productive.

Free Twig and Olive Presets Alternatives

Don’t get upset if you can’t afford to buy Twig and Olive presets, as FixThePhoto team has prepared high-quality analogs for you. These are filters with a soft matte look, so check out the samples below to choose something to your taste.

Free Lr Preset “Nature”

If you want to make your images warmer, have a look at this preset. It is a wonderful alternative to Sleepy Matter presets with crushed blacks and a tone curve that gives your shots a vintage mood by highlighted dark areas.

It is one of the best Lightroom presets Instagram as it helps improve the skin tone in a matter of seconds.

Free Lr Preset “Beauty”

If you are looking for Floral Matte analog, you will be glad to download this FixThePhoto preset absolutely free of charge. It alters the coloring of the shot, corrects white balance and makes greens more saturated.

The entire photo acquires matte finishing. Both shadows and highlights are boosted. It is an awesome match for landscape and portrait images, as there appears a gentle red-orange tint on the model’s skin.

Free Lr Preset “Clouds”

Trying to achieve the same effect as Botanical Matte filter from Twig and Olive offers, you can use this free alternative. It affects shadows, making them less intense, improves clarity and vibrance.

As a result, your pictures will look warm and vintage. In also comes in handy if you intend to imitate a film by decreasing sharpness. While accentuating certain details, be attentive as there may appear halos.

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