How to Cancel Lightroom Free Trial and Skip Fees in 2024

By Ann Young 20 days ago, Lightroom Tips

Did you decide to use a different image editing tool instead of Lightroom and would like to cancel Lightroom trial? Or maybe you got hired by a business that already has a team plan, meaning you no longer need the trial version. Maybe you’ve decided to not deal with image editing at all anymore.

Whatever the situation, I’ve prepared a tutorial that will help you out.


Warning: In any case, Lightroom is the best software for color correction, image management, storage, and working with RAW photos. It’s one of the leading solutions developed by Adobe for photographers.

How to Unsubscribe from Lightroom Free Trial

cancel lightroom trial

The free trial is valid for 7 days and if you want to cancel a Lightroom subscription without any charges, you need to do it beforehand, otherwise, things become a lot trickier.


Warning: Remember to look at your email inbox to find a cancellation confirmation. Afterward, go back to your Adobe account page to ensure the cancellation was verified.

STEP 1. Manage Plan

You’ll find yourself looking at your account dashboard, which lets you handle your subscriptions and software downloads. Find the “Manage Plan” button and click it.

STEP 2. Plan Information

Here, choose a payment plan.

STEP 3. Cancel Plan

If that button is currently disabled, check it the next day, as Adobe is likely processing your latest payment. If that doesn’t help, reach out to the support team.


Warning: Once you’ve selected Cancel Plan, you’ll be provided with a list of reasons explaining why you decided to cancel your Lightroom plan. Pick the option that reflects your situation the best. Alternatively, pick the Other option if you want to provide a detailed explanation or can't find a fitting answer in the list.

Lightroom Trial vs Full Version

Trial Full


7 days




Color correction



Adobe apps integration



Cloud storage






Free Alternatives

Since I take my photography craft very seriously, I recently explored what free alternatives to Lightroom the market is offering right now. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality that some of them provide.

Darktable – Cross-Platform

darktable interface

Darktable is available without licensing or expensive upgrades, meaning it’s a great option for any budget-conscious user. Moreover, it allows working with a broad range of image formats and is supported by all popular OS platforms, so you can install it on any device you own.

Additionally, Darktable offers an expansive feature set that will help you get the exact results you need. The provided editing modules resemble Lightroom’s Library and Develop sections and have an intuitive UI. The main workspace features your photo, while the left and right toolbars provide a variety of tools depending on what module you have turned on.

RawTherapee – Non-Destructive Editing

rawtherapee interface

RawTherapee is supplied with an abundance of processing power and cutting-edge image editing features. This software supports non-destructive edits, allowing you to apply changes to your photos without affecting the original file.

You can use RawTherapee to conveniently adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation as well as crop and realign images. This software also has a noise reduction feature that can be instrumental in improving the quality of some photos.

Fotor – Web-Based

fotor interface

The most appealing aspect of this software is its UI. It’s very user-friendly, which is why Fotor is a fantastic option for beginners who don’t have experience working with advanced photo editing software like Lightroom. Moreover, this solution provides a variety of image editing features that allow you to increase the quality of your photos in a multitude of ways.

color correction service fixthephoto color correction service fixthephoto company

Want to Enhance Colors in Photos in 1 Click?

If you lack the time necessary to enhance the shadows, colors, white balance, and other parameters of your images manually, FixThePhoto can take care of all of that for you while adhering to your style and instructions.

Another benefit of Fotor is that you can get it for free. If Lightroom is too expensive, then this is a great free alternative that has all the basic photo editing tools you might need.

FREE Bonus Tools

free lightroom presets from fixthephoto

If you’ve decided to keep your Lightroom subscription or free trial after all, you can take advantage of this collection of more than 500 presets that have already been downloaded over 10 million times. These tools offer the quickest way to make your images look like they were edited by professional retouchers.

I also suggest learning how to add Lightroom presets on your device if you’re experiencing any difficulties or have never used them before.


  • • What is the duration of the Lightroom free trial?

You can utilize Lightroom’s full functionality for 7 days to test all the available tools and decide if it’s worth continuing to use this software going forward.

  • • What’s going to happen to my images in Lightroom if I cancel the subscription or free trial?

It mainly depends on where you’re storing your images. Lightroom Classic stores all your files on your HDD/SDD, while Lightroom CC can upload them to the cloud. If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to access the images stored on Adobe’s cloud system.

Thankfully, the software allows you to back up all your original photos on your PC for up to one year after canceling the subscription.

  • • Do I have to pay a fee for canceling the Lightroom free trial?

You don’t have to pay anything for canceling the trial. That said, if you choose to keep using Lightroom after it expires, you’ll have to pay for one of the available subscription packages.

  • • Does the market offer any worthwhile alternatives to Lightroom if I don’t like its functionality?

Of course. If you’re not satisfied with Lightroom, there’s a broad range of diverse photo editing apps like Darktable, RawTherapee, or Fotor that might be a better fit for your needs.