Photoshop Trial: How to Get a Free Editing Time Slot in 2024

By Ann Young 13 days ago, Photoshop Tips

Previously, users could test the functionality of Photoshop for 30 days, but the company reduced that period to 1 week. So, if you bump into an offer to use a trial version for almost a month, double-check it, as the info is either outdated or fake.

Fortunately, you can still get Photoshop trial version without violating the law. The process takes about 5 minutes and is absolutely straightforward.

How to Get Photoshop Demo

opening photoshop

As I said earlier, you can surely download a Photoshop trial version. It is available for 7 days.

After a week, Adobe will offer you the opportunity to continue using Photoshop by selecting one of the plans and buying a subscription. In order to get Photoshop free trial version for 7 days, follow these steps:

STEP 1. The first step is to visit the official Adobe website.

STEP 2. Sign in or create an Adobe ID account.

STEP 3. Go to “Creative & Design” and choose “View all product”.

STEP 4. Among all the software options, find Photoshop and click “Start Free Trial”.

STEP 5. Choose a suitable plan (Photoshop Plan or Creative Cloud All Apps Plan).

STEP 6. Click “Continue”.

STEP 7. After the trial period expires, you need to choose the payment plan. In general, there are 3 variants: Monthly ($34.49/mo), Yearly (billed monthly) ($22.99/mo), Yearly (billed upfront) ($263.88/yr).

STEP 8. Specify your email. Just enter your valid email address. It will be tied to Adobe account and Ps. If you already have an Adobe account, skip this step.

STEP 9. Provide payment information. You can use Photoshop trial version for a week and the company starts withdrawing money from your card only after the indicated period ends. The company asks for your payment info at this stage to prevent the possible use of a trial version several times.

STEP 10. Download and install Creative Cloud. You will be suggested to download Adobe CC, which is obligatory for smooth Photoshop operation. The company provides all guidelines.

STEP 11. Download and install Photoshop from Creative Cloud. Once you have Creative Cloud installed on your computer, look for Photoshop in the list of apps and initiate downloading. Wait several minutes for the process to finish.

Warning: Be very attentive while selecting a suitable plan. The monthly plan is the most expensive, but it appeals to users with the possibility to cancel the subscription at any time. Annual and annual prepaid are cheaper, but you need to sign a yearly contract, which may scare off some users.

Photoshop Trial vs Full Version

Trial Full


7 days

Photo retouching


Adobe apps integration

Cloud Storage




One of the cool features of Photoshop is its ability to manipulate composition. You can crop and resize images without distorting their proportions, ensuring the perfect balance in your photos. And with adjustment layers, you can make multiple edits without altering the original image, giving you the freedom to experiment and fine-tune your creations.

Photoshop is a master at retouching. Using this photo editing software, you can remove skin blemishes, whiten teeth, and even change eye colors. It's like having a virtual makeover studio at your fingertips.


adobe photoshop interface

There are several ways to get a good discount on a monthly or annual subscription for Photoshop for Mac, as well as for Windows. If you are a student or a teacher at any official educational institution, you have a small bonus.

You can save up to 60% of the total Photoshop price of the selected subscription. In order to receive a Photoshop student discount, you must be at least 13 years old.

If you aren’t a student or a teacher, do not be disappointed. Adobe makes interesting discount offers very often.

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Want Photos Edited by Experts?

Get in contact with our service and let experts handle the expert processing of your photographs if your Photoshop trial has ended and you are unwilling to pay any more. 

Moreover, Adobe often makes promotions or discounts on a particular product or a plan. This usually happens during holidays. For example, there are often New Year's and Christmas discounts.

I highly recommend you to subscribe to their email newsletter, to learn about all their promotional offers, including Adobe Black Friday deals and Adobe Creative Cloud discounts.

System Requirements: 2024 Version

Operation System Windows 10 64-bit (version 22H2) or later;
LTSC versions are not supported;
macOS Big Sur (version 11.0) or later
Processor For Windows: Multicore Intel or AMD processor (2 GHz or faster processor with SSE 4.2 or later) with 64-bit support
For Mac: Multicore Intel or Apple Silicon processor (2 GHz or faster processor with SSE 4.2 or later) with 64-bit support
Storage 20GB of free disk space; more space is needed to download content
Monitor resolution 1280 x 800


Photoshop deserves many complimentary words for its rich toolset and abundance of features. However, not all users can afford to pay the subscription cost. If you belong to this group, and Photoshop trial version is no longer valid, you can select free Photoshop alternatives for your work.

GIMP – Open-Source

gimp interface photoshop trial

GIMP is a powerful open-source photo editor that allows for a flexible working process. The program stays on par with Adobe Photoshop and can satisfy the needs of people interested in drawing, website design, and graphic design. Here you can embellish your graphic elements with special effects and use tools reminiscent of those available in Photoshop.

Krita – For Drawing

krita interface photoshop trial

Krita is a multifunctional open-source program that has a huge selection of handy options, such as layer management, brushes, filters and masks, the possibility to select a palette based on different color schemes, and more. Thus, it can easily compete with top-tier analogs and serve as a great replacement for Adobe Photoshop trial versions.

Photopea – Web-Based

photopea interface photoshop trial

Those switching from Photoshop trial version to this software will easily grasp what is what. The program supports all popular import and export formats, PSD included. Frankly speaking, Photopea lags behind Photoshop when it comes to the variety of instruments, but it can still satisfy basic needs and even handle some advanced tasks.

FREE Bonus Tools

free photoshop actions collection

Using these Photoshop filters, you can give your photos a professional look in a fast way. Just select a specific action, apply it to a picture, and wait several seconds for Photoshop to apply the effect. The collection consists of mesmerizing actions developed with modern trends in mind.


  • • What is the duration of Photoshop demo?

A trial version is valid for 7 days. It works perfectly on Windows and Mac platforms. After the test period expires, you need to switch to a paid version or look for a replacement.

  • • Is it possible to make Photoshop trial version work free forever?

Actually, you can’t use Photoshop free completely forever. There is no legal way to do it.

  • • Is Photoshop completely free for students?

No, Photoshop isn’t free for college students but they can take advantage of a 7-day free trial. What’s more, students can enjoy up to 60% of the initial prices.

  • • Can I use plug-ins with the Adobe Photoshop trial free?

Yes, you can use plug-ins with the Adobe Photoshop trial version. This includes the Camera Raw plug-in, which you can download separately from Adobe's website. Once you download Camera Raw, you can install it as a plug-in in Adobe Bridge or as an outside module in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Ps.

  • • Why should I keep away from Photoshop hacked versions?

This is a really wrong thing to do, as you risk damaging your system, which means losing sensitive data. Besides, you can be fined or even imprisoned by downloading of hacked versions of Photoshop.

  • • Does Photoshop have a free trial for multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the Adobe Photoshop trial on multiple computers for photo editing. However, you'll need to download and install the software on each device separately.

  • • Is technical support available during the Adobe Photoshop demo?

Yes, technical support is available during the Adobe Photoshop trial. You can contact Adobe's customer support team for assistance with any issues you may be experiencing.