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If you want to use Krita FREE legally but don’t know how to do that the right way, read this article. You’ll discover the answers to all the popular questions about using this software, learn how to get it for your PC absolutely for free, and I’ll also tell you about some alternative programs that aren’t inferior to Krita in any way.

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Krita FREE Benefits

  • Supports RGB, CMYK, Lab, and Grayscale color modes
  • Layer, masks, and channel support
  • Loads of filters with a real-time preview screen
  • Plenty of brushes for artists (with parameter settings)
  • Can import new brushes
  • Stabilization when drawing with a brush (if your hands are shaky)
  • Texture creation (duplicating objects on the canvas)
  • Pseudo-limitless canvas that doesn’t have a border
  • Customizable pop-up quick-access menu
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Can open and save files in a PSD format


  • Can I get Krita Free without lags and spam?

Krita was created as free software by the KDE community, which believes that all artists deserve to have access to professional tools. You can purchase the program on Windows Store if you’d like to give monetary support to the developers and ensure Krita gets even better in the future.

  • Why does getting Krita online cost money on Steam or the Windows Store?

The version of Krita found on the aforementioned platforms remains a free and open source program and is identical to the one offered at the company’s official website. The only reason it’s offered at a price there is to give people a chance to support the software development and further improvement. The money the program “earns” isn’t enough to make someone rich, but it does allow 4 developers to work on Krita full-time.

  • Am I allowed to use Krita for commercial purposes?

Of course. All the projects you create with Krita art programs belong to you. As the owner, you can freely distribute and sell your work as you want since the GPL license is applied to the app’s source code.

Artists are free to use Krita to earn money in any way possible, design studios can create concept art, textures, and visual effects, game designers can use their art for commercial games, and scientists and students can use the program for their needs as well.

  • What’s a good place to find Krita tutorials?

The developers prepared a ton of guides for you to learn how to use both the basic and more advanced Krita digital painting tools. All of them can be found on the company’s site.

  • Is there a Krita mobile free version that I can use?

Sadly, currently, there is no mobile version of this program.

  • Do I need to register to get a trial version?

No, the company doesn’t demand that.

Another Way to Use Final Cut Free

Even though Krita has always been a free program, there are still different pirated versions surfacing around the web. Many websites offer program installers with a supposedly activated PRO version that you don’t have to pay for.

However, downloading such files leads to all kinds of negative consequences, which I will describe below.

The Risk of Getting the App that Doesn’t Work

A small risk of downloading a cracked version of a specific application is getting an inoperable file or even completely unrelated ad-ridden software.


When downloading a pirated Krita program, you risk getting a plethora of viruses on your PC, which will damage its performance. You can even receive ransomware viruses that will block your computer and delete all of your files if you don’t pay up.

Responsibility for Law Breaking

If you are caught for using a cracked program, you’ll receive a written notice and a fee of $1000 for breaking a software license by installing and running illegal software on your device. Worst-case scenario, you can even be imprisoned for 5 years.

Free Krita Alternatives

Krita art software is one of the many programs used by graphic designers and illustrators of various proficiency levels. Here I have prepared a list of programs that are suitable for both PCs and your smartphone. Moreover, they are completely free and offer similar functionality to Krita.

1. Corel Painter

corel painter logo
  • Constant updates
  • Dozens of tools that imitate real drawings
  • Convenient UI
  • Upgrading is quite expensive
  • Hard to learn
  • Requires a modern PC

Corel is one-of-a-kind software. It’s been on the market for almost 3 decades and was developed for artists to help them express themselves. With so much experience behind their backs, it’s no wonder Corel keeps constantly improving.

This program is loved by many artists as it allows them to implement any idea they have from simple sketches to mind-blowing digital painting portraits.

If you’re still unaware, this program is known for realistic media emulation, meaning it imitates actual brushes and different types of paint, while producing true-to-life results.

When it comes to functionality, Corel Painter is best known for its brushes. The base program includes more than 900 of them and you can buy even more as needed. Purchases can be made inside the software and you can create bundles that include the exact brushes you want for additional convenience.

2. MyPaint

mypaint logo
  • Open source code
  • Loads of brushes
  • Simple UI
  • Easy to use
  • Brush smoothening
  • Symmetry tool
  • Hotkeys differ from the standard ones
  • Cancel function needs to be slightly improved

MyPaint is a so-called semi-professional option for artists, and so requires a certain level of skill. Its UI is very minimalistic: other than the digital canvas, the default interface only shows a set of brushes and a couple of buttons for bringing up the most commonly used functions.

That being said, you can open additional panels for setting and selecting colors, and working with layers.

Other than the traditional tools included in such free drawing programs (pencil, spray can, oil and watercolor paints), MyPaint comes with an entire set of unusual brushes.

You can spice up your drawings with trendy pixel graphics or by using the slightly forgotten calligraphy. Any brush in this pixel art software can be manually adjusted in up to 10 settings to satisfy your taste.

3. Artweaver

artweaver free logo
  • Broad collection of brushes
  • Can be enhanced with plug-ins
  • Supports layers and transparency
  • Restricted number of image editing functions in a free version

Artweaver is marketed as free drawing software alternative to paid software for artists. Of course, the selection of textures and brushes isn’t all that impressive compared to competing third-party developers, but a beginner artist will still be more than satisfied.

On the plus side, Artweaver is less demanding on your hardware. For instance, a quick test drawing that consists of a couple of dozens of strokes only took up 30MB of RAM.

The main strength of this program (and its greatest weakness) it the high pencil sensitivity, which is immediately noticeable when creating any kind of drawing.

Artweaver was obviously optimized for digitizers with accurate cursor positioning, which leads to jagged and angled strokes when using a mouse. Things aren’t any better with other tools: oil paints, pastels, and chalk – using them is very difficult when you’re just getting started.

4. PaintNET

paintnet logo
  • Available for free
  • Beginner-friendly and convenient UI
  • Plethora of handy features and effects
  • Loads of plug-ins
  • Restricted brushwork
  • Lacks Burn and Dodge

Just like the name, the program’s UI reminds a standard drawing tool built into the OS. However, functionality-wise PaintNET is far more advanced. This free digital art software is perfect for drawing three-dimensional models, moving objects, and transparent structures.

Thanks to its simplicity, PaintNET is the perfect fit for beginning artists. Additionally, it offers great performance even on low-end devices. PaintNET supports layers and has a large number of effects. It has tools for blurring, modeling, increasing the sharpness and lowering noise.

If needed, the functionality can be expanded with plug-ins. Besides, this free drawing program allows receiving scanned images and improving them.


gimp logo
  • Free
  • Customizable functions
  • Impressive selection of features and tools
  • Compatible with numerous file types
  • Functional packed to a minimum

This terrific open-source software is a great choice for artists on a budget, who are looking for more advanced tools. GIMP is so versatile that it can be used either as a basic drawing program, pro-level retouching software, photo converting tool, or batch editing soft, depending on the user’s needs and skills.

A huge upside of this product is its amazing versatility as GIMP is compatible with Mac, Windows, and even Linux. It supports the majority of popular image formats, much like premium image editors, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. It’s even compatible with PSD file although layers may be unreadable.


These free Krita graphic design tools will help you work in the program and achieve great results in a couple of minutes. Even a beginner can easily install and start using these freebies.

Geometric Shapes

geometric shapes for krita free geometric shapes for krita free

With the help of this overlay, you can create geometric shadows in your illustration that will make the work more interesting and realistic. This tool is perfect for portraits.

Soft Pastel

soft pastel for krita free

Apply this effect if you want to receive incredibly delicate and stylish images. This watercolor overlay will make the edges of the image darker, while the center of the piece will be covered with a virtually transparent haze.

The Milky Way

milky way for krita free milky way for krita free

If you’re into landscape art, the offered overlay will become the perfect tool for decreasing the time you spend drawing a starry sky. In just a couple of steps, your sky will become filled with bright stars.

Cloud Brush

cloud brush for krita free cloud brush for krita free

If you don’t want to draw the viewer’s attention to a clear sky, but simply want to add some clouds to the background, then this free brush will be your irreplaceable assistant.

Smoke Brush

smoke brush for krita free smoke brush for krita free

With the help of this brush, you can add quite realistic smoke to your images. The added smoke appears from the left part of the image and is created by subtle strokes, composed of both semi-transparent and thicker areas. You can use the smoke for any genre as long as you don’t go overboard.

Download Krita Free

krita free forever

You can easily download and install Krita free version in a matter of minutes to learn the program’s functionality and start creating amazing artworks. The software is easy to learn and is suitable for both beginners and professional artists.

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