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Adobe Lightroom CC 2022
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Want to know how to get Lightroom for free? Let’s find out 2 legal ways of how to download Lightroom free in 2022, as well as the secret dangers of piracy and review the best Lightroom free alternatives.

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Free Lightroom Benefits:

  • Built in file management/cataloging system
  • Easy photo organization with collections and galleries
  • Non-destructive editing that saves file data
  • Easy and fast syncing of image editing steps
  • Lightroom Presets
  • Easier than Photoshop


  • Can this Lightroom free trial work both on macOS and Windows?

Yes, it is.

  • Can students expect a discount after using a free trial?

Yes, all students, teachers and involved in teaching activities have the right to receive a discount for any Creative Cloud production. This discount is up to 60%.

  • Is Lightroom Trial the full version of the program?

Yes, this is a full version of the program, equipped with the same photo editing functions as the latest Lightroom version.

  • Where can I get Adobe Lightroom for free to my phone?

Unfortunately, you can use this version of the program only on the desktop. However, you can get acquainted with the full list of mobile products of Adobe on their website.

  • How to get Lightroom for free without registering in Creative Cloud?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Now any Adobe products are available only with the Creative Cloud membership, including Lightroom. Each user can choose their own personal subscription, which will consist of Lightroom or several other apps.

There are various types of subscriptions, ranging from subscriptions for students, teachers, individuals and entrepreneurs to personal plans for photographers and institutions.


Another Way to use Adobe Lightroom Free

Any user can now independently and completely free of charge download the Lightroom mobile version. You just need to download free Lightroom CC from the App Store or Google Play.

Lightroom CC Mobile 2022

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Iphone App Store

download from google play

lightroom cc interface

Lightroom CC Mobile Pros:

  • Lightroom mobile presets
  • Fairly fast syncing
  • Can choose to sync only over Wi-Fi
  • Basic set of color correction features

You can use the mobile app without a subscription and Creative Cloud membership, but your cloud box will not be available for synchronization with other devices.

However, all other features, tools and image editing functions are preserved. The program works in the same way as Lightroom CC desktop.

Insecurities of Using Pirated Lightroom Version

Unfortunately, now there are a number of serious dangers that can become your reality if you use pirated versions of computer programs. Not all of them are obvious, therefore they represent a hidden danger.

  • This is Punishable by Law, since it is Illegal

Respect other people's copyrights or the law will make you respect them forcibly. The penalty for using pirated programs starts from $1,500.

  • Forget about Customer Support

From the first point of view, the free use of pirated versions can seem quite a pleasant saving of your money, but think that no one can fix the errors that arise when working on such software. This is very unreliable, especially for photographers, for whom Lightroom is one of the means of earning money.

  • No Updates

One of the main advantages of original versions of the product is instant access to the latest updates. The manufacturer can fix some errors, add additional functions and all this will automatically come to your version of the product.

With a pirated copy, you will be deprived of the latest updates, and attempts to join the official system can lead to a significant penalty.

  • The Worst Option is Computer Crash

Most often it happens that in packages with pirated copies there are also files of viruses, adware or any other malicious software that can make adjustments to your account, block access to the Internet, control your browser or, worst of all, harm your computer at a deeper level.

5 Best Free Lightroom Alternatives

The image editors I’ve featured here let you adjust contrast, brightness, levels, saturation, sharpness, and tonality to achieve the results you imagined when you shot the picture. They also offer tools for cropping and rotating images, but if you’re looking for image retouching and healing brush tools, use Photoshop free.

1. RawTherapee

rawtherapee logo USE RAWTHERAPEE FREE
  • Non-destructive photo editing
  • Export to other photo editing programs
  • Batch processing
  • Sometimes it lags

The main mission of RawTherapee is the editing of RAW files (as well as TIFF and JPG), followed by the possibility of synchronizing the picture with other software that deals with additional photo editing.

In addition, a professional set of tools makes it possible to change a large number of parameters, adjust the white balance, add brightness, and create new color solutions. It is convenient to save the old settings as a preset, which can be used for future images. You can process images separately or apply the same settings to several groups of images at once.

2. Chasys Draw IES

chasys draw ies logo USE CHASYS DRAW IES FREE
  • Excellent RAW format support
  • Packed with image editing tools
  • Interface can be confusing

Chasys Draw IES can be successfully used as a photo editor and convert files in one click and without additional preparation. It perfectly copes with the role of the application for taking photos and videos directly from your computer. You can create icons, animations and other interesting things with this program.

3. LightZone

chasys draw ies logo USE LIGHTZONE FREE
  • Vector-based selection tools
  • Non-destructive photo editing
  • Require a free account

Another great alternative to Lightroom is LightZone. In order to download it you need to register an account on the official page of this program.

The main format, which is convenient for using in this program is the format of RAW (and its analogs). You can apply additional filters on the image, change its color tonality, play with the depth of shadows and the color of the light spots. In addition, the program has a vector tool that gives you great functionality in image editing.

4. IrfanView

chasys draw ies logo USE IRFANVIEW FREE
  • RAW format support
  • Batch edit
  • Interface not always intuitive

A very convenient functionality and converter. It is worth noting that IrfanView is one of the longest-running programs on this list, since it began development 20 years ago.

You can use IrfanView as a free storage - limitlessly add photos, edit them, add tags, as well as monitor already created libraries of files.

5. Daminion

dominion logo USE DAMINION FREE
  • Affordable price
  • Protects your content from damages
  • No Mac support

Daminion is a large server for storing and sharing photos. This program is often used by groups of developers and editors who work together. You can upload and edit a photo, and also provide access to it for other users from your group and be able to work together to develop the selection.

Free Lightroom Presets

If you use Lightroom Classic CC, you probably know about the presets. These are settings designed by professional retouchers, which may significantly change your photo in one click. Download one of the following Free Lightroom Presets to make your photos look amazing in several clicks.

Free Lightroom Preset "Fashion Contrast"

free lightroom preset free lightroom preset

Give your studio portrait fashion photo color correction. Make colors vivid and clear, remove unnecessary yellowness and greenish tints in several seconds.

Free Lightroom Preset "Film Apple Juice"

free lightroom preset free lightroom preset

Give your outdoor photos a charming film and warm touch. Don’t worry if there are too much shadows, apply this free Lr preset and make your model’s skin look perfect and soft.

Free Lightroom Preset "Matte Contrast Warm"

free lightroom preset free lightroom preset

Want to give your photos that popular matte effect? Download this preset and give your portraits a charming and professional color correction in several clicks. No you don’t have to play with Lightroom sliders.

Download Lightroom CC free

lightroom cc free

Any photographer engaged in photo editing needs a special software for color correction and raw image editing.

You can buy Lightroom CC, use other legal ways to receive it for free, do editing in alternative programs or you can use the services of professional photo editing services and forget about image enhancement problems at all.

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